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I had now taken every single girl besides from one. Nonna. Who was currently licking mine and Katyusha’s cum off my dick. Her tongue felt really good cleaning up my glands.

After having sex with someone so tiny, the juxtaposition of having someone so thicc swallow up my dick was amazing. I slammed my dick in and out of her mouth. Her mouth pussy was one of the best in the room. I finally shot my entire load down her throat. As you’d expect she swallowed all of it like a champ.

I grabbed her by the arm and spun her around and bent her over the back of the couch. Her big bubble butt facing towards me. I grabbed both of her arms and slid my dick into her sticky hole. I thrusted my dick at the fastest pace I could muster. I couldn't help it after being unable to go my ordered speed with Katyusha

I let go of her arms do I could feel up the rest of her body. I grabbed her voicing ass, it's soft meat felt good in my paws. I then grabbed her big cow tits. They felt heavy in my hands like they could burst with milk at any second. 

“How dies it feel Nonna? It feels pretty good in your pussy doesn't it?” of course I already knew the answer but I wanted her to say it.

“My...my pussy feels so good” she said in a daze. 

I spun her around and pushed her over the couch. Her back was against the cushions and her legs were in the air. I thrusted in a downward motion. I grabbed both of her tits and kissed her. I could feel the ice cold Nonna melt in my hands.

We changed from that uncomfortable position. I placed her on my lap facing me. She bounced up and down on my shaft and pressed her tits up against my face.

“Look at that. The ice cold Nonna shamelessly shaking her hips. My huge cock must make you feel really amazing huh?” 

“Yes it does. I already know what you're going to say. Yes I will be your slave like all of those other girls.” She screamed.

“If you're so eager than I'll release my seed inside of you and claim you as mine.”

After a few more minutes of fucking non stop I finally came inside of her. My warm, thick load painted her insides. After we had both finished cumming she got off my cock and sat down next to me. 

I looked around the room. Everywhere I looked was a naked girls filled to the brim with my cum. All of these girls now belonged to me. 

Awhile later, Shizuka, Maho and Erika walked into the room. They were wearing tiny pink thongs and red love heart pasties on their nipples. They couldn't believe I had managed to pull it off. 
I was sitting down on the biggest couch. I had Darjeeling voicing on my cock again, Orange kissing me whilst standing behind me, Assame was licking my right foot clean, Kay was being fingered by my left arm, Anzu fingering herself on the floor, Yuzu was also behind me and kissing me, Momo licking my balls, Katyusha was being fingered by my left arm and Nonna was eating out Katyusha whilst fingering herself again. 

“Any room for three more?” Shizuka asked giddily 

“There's always room for more. I can continue on like this forever" and so I fucked the night away. It had only been 2 weeks of working here and I've already made a harem that's twice the size of my previous one. 

The next day all 9 of those girls walked in much happier than usual. None of the girls knew what was going on but they were happy that all of these girls were becoming happier. But as always these girls changed in more ways than one. They all had a red love heart tattoo on their left ass cheeks with their numbers written on it in cursive.
AN: that was quite a long arc. I've never written so many chapters for a series before. Anyway I'm going to move on from girls und panzer girls for a bit. I will return to them one day but I got some different plans for this story. Anyway I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you in the next one.

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