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The head nurse arc


Yame Sensei is a 36 year old teacher. He has a completely shaven head and a nice muscular figure. He's 6'1 in height and has only one goal, to turn the entirety of Hearts peak all girl academy into his personal harem. 

Yame-sensei’s first target was Shizuka Marikawa the schools head nurse. Tactically it was brilliant, not only did she have a list of all of the girls in the school but she also has all of their records and personal problems too, science she also doubles as a therapist of sorts. Plus she was no doubt one of the hottest women in the school.

So now it's time to put his plan in to action. You see, one of the things that Yame obtained over the course of his NEET days was a set of small cameras. He had used this a lot over the years to blackmail women into having sex with him.

He started off by secretly placing 3 cameras around the room that caught every angle. It took him free days to find the perfect footage. Shizuka had accidently given a student the wrong medication and paid the student not to tell anyone. 

After school, Yame knocked on the door and entered the nurses office. He had already checked the live footage on his phone to see if the office was empty except from Shizuka. He showed her the video and told her the demands.

“S-So if I have sex with you, you'll delete the video" Shizuka asked to verify.

“Yes. Now strip for me” So Shizuka removed all of her clothes until she stood in front of him completely naked. 

Yame grabbed her huge soft tits and started to kiss her deeply. Their tongues battled each other in their mouths. His hands moved from her boobs to her huge was to her already wet pussy. She was surprisingly submissive, it was almost to easy.

Suddenly he pushed her down on her back onto the bed and opened her legs. Yame unzipped his pants, revealing his huge cock and shoved his whole length into her wet, tight pussy. She found herself cum within the first minute of him furiously pounding away at her cunt. 

Yame had fucked a lot of women in his life, meanwhile Shizuka had only had sex once with a boyfriend who was pretty bad at sex. This meant that Shizuka had never felt something so good before. 

After 20 minutes of pure sex, Shizuka was reaching her 10th orgasm while Yame was just about to shoot his first huge load into her pussy. With an audible pop, Yame drew his cock out of her snatch. 

“now then, turn around, ass facing me” she complied and opened her cum soaked pussy lips.

Yame was happy she was so easy. He had a knack for telling which girls like to be dominated and she was just as happy right now as he his.

Yame rammed his cock into Her pussy once again, filling her up completely. Her moans echoed through the room as he spanked her huge ass and pulled her hair. She came on his dick once again with a fucked silly expression on her face. 

Yame had a great idea. He continued to fuck her pussy until he felt her climax rise, he then pulled out before she could cum. 

“If you want my cock than you'll have to beg for it slut and agree to be my slave.” Without any further delay, she got into a squatting position and looked at Yame with hearts in her eyes.

“Yes, please do it. Please fuck this lewd pussy with your huge dick and make this slutty nurse into your personal him toilet” Yame smiled in amusement. Of this was all it took to bring down the beautiful Shizuka Marikawa than the rest of the school should be his by the end of the semester. 

He picked her up by grabbing the backs of her knees and shoved his prick back into her virgina, making her cum instantly. He walked over to the window and pressed her face against the glass.

“ 20 years ago I lost my harem to my fat ass principle. Now I've come to this school as the only male teacher to make everyone here apart of my harem.” Shizuka was too fucked silly to understand what he said completely but she got the most of it. If he wanted a harem than a harem he shall get. 

“Yes...I w-will give you a...unh...harem master. With this...dick you could make everyone your s-sex slave in no time” Yame was pleased by her words so he started thrusting deeper into her womb and filled her up with all of his cum. Yame dropped her on to the bed to admire his handy work.

Her body was drenched in sweat, her perfect curvy body was his personal property and her cunt was filled with his cum whilst her only thought was about his huge cock. 

“D-dick pleash g-give mhore mashter. Use me more mashter” were the only lines she could say. And so to celebrate his first conquest, they fucked until morning. 

The next day, Shizuka walked into school, happier than she had ever been. No one knew why but they felt happy for her. Of course she had another thing that had changed, she had a tattoo of a red heart with the number 1 written on it. It was Yame's way of marking her as his. And soon he will impregnate her, as well as the rest of the schools women. 

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