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After I had finished with Kay I looked around the room to figure out my next target. First I saw Anzu Kadotani, who was masturbating furiously after trying to resist for so long. Next to her was Momo Kawashima, who was on the urge of breaking out into a fit of lust. On the floor was Yuzu Koyama, who was playing with her large breasts and fingering her pussy through her panties.

Right next to each other was Nonna and Katyusha. Nonna as you would expect was still able to resist the drug somehow, bit she looked to be on the edge of breaking too. Even though she was being affected by the drug, Nonna still tried to call down Katyusha. I decided to leave them be for the time being, I needed to choose the girl that wasn't resisting as much.

So who else to choose but Anzu Kadotani, the former student council president. She looked at me with complete helplessness. She had been trying to satisfy her urges for an hour now but masturbation wasn't enough for her. The loli president was on the verge of breaking.

“You look like you're struggling to resist the drug. You'll feel a lot better if you just let me have sex with you.” I said whilst pressing my dick across her face.

“I-I don't want to have s-sex with someone as disgusting you.” She stuttered as she tried to push me away.

 “Look at those other four. They're happy as my pets, their desires have been satisfied by my dick.” Anzu contemplated her choices. She obviously didn't want to have sex with me, but would she really be happier like the rest of them she had to know.

“Fine. But it's just to satisfy my urges. The moment you do I'm going to get you fired and arrested.” She said sternly. 

But before I could have sex with Anzu, Momo appeared out of nowhere and stopped me.

“I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to have sex with her. You can do whatever you want with me and the rest of them, but leave her alone.” She said in anger.

“Thank you Momo, but I've already decided to do this. Find away out of this room.” 

Me and Anzu got into the 69 position with her on top. She wrapped her small lips around my cock. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and licked up and down her clit. She was super sensitive and her confident attitude was replaced with a trembling little girl that was already cumming from a little teasing.

I grabbed her cute little ass and picked up the pace. Her tight throat felt amazing on my dick. The cute little sounds that came out of her mouth and the juices from her lower mouth was enough to make me cum. I came so much that she couldn't swallow it all and spat most of it out.

“That's no good president. You need to clean up when you make a mess" I said, forcing her down to lick the carpet clean.

After she was done cleaning up my cum, I picked her up and put her on my lap facing away from me. It was an incredibly tight fit but after opening it up a little with my fingers, she slid onto my dick like a perfectly tight pocket pussy.

I bounced her up and on my cock. She moaned and squealed in pleasure. I twisted her cute little nipples as she held onto my hands for support. It felt good to make the once prideful Anzu Kadotani turn into a little cum dump who was now constantly cumming on my dick. 

“You're really cute president. So do you want to be my little cum dump like the rest of them?” I whispered into her ear as I nibbled on it.

“I don't want to. But it feels so good" she moaned aloud. 

As soon as she said this she came again. I bent her over and bent her over the coffee table. I grabbed both of her pig tails and started thrusting harder. She became putty in my hands. When I felt her fussy on the urge of another climax I quickly pulled out. She turned to me with wet puppy dog eyes.

If you want my cock again then you'll have to tell your friends to have sex with me too" she didn't even hesitate to yell the words I wanted to hear.

“Momo, Yuzu, both of you need to have sex with this man. I need more of this cock” both Momo and Yuzu looked at her  in complete shock. If that's all it took to take away her pride then what good were their resistance? They had lost the moment they entered the room.

I rammed my dick back into her helping hole and started pounding away. She came after my first thrust and continued cumming. I placed both of my hands on her hips and pressed her face against the table. Her drool and juices were leaking everywhere. 

I continued on like this until I was on the verge of ejaculating again. I stared at Momo, she knew she was going to be next. I came deep inside of Anzu, her whole body shaked like crazy. 

“So I'm guessing your going to be my slave now too. Right?” I asked. She replied with “obviously” before passing out. I'm glad that was so easy, but now I'm moving on to someone who should be a little tougher to beat.

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