Harem king of anime

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“F-fine. Let's just get this over with.” Assame was surprisingly calm despite the drug in her system. Meanwhile, Orange Pekoe was nearly able to stand. Her growing lust and her general social awkwardness made her look like a scared kitten. 

I stripped them naked and then kissed the both of them. I enjoyed the way the both of their tongues felt against my mine. I savoured the taste of their mixed saliva. I felt up their small asses and tight pussies. Just like Darjeeling they both came almost instantly.

“I guess you want to have sex with me then? That's fine let's just get this over with.” Assame said as she presented herself to me. But I simply slapped her ass as punishment in return.

“I think you misunderstood something. I'm in charge now, you do what I say.” I said as I continued to spank her ass. “Because you tried to assume control, I'm going to punish you by fucking your friend first” 

I turned to Orange who was still shaking like a small animal. I guess I have a soft spot for girls like her, because I processed carried her over to my desk and laid her down on top. I prodded her pussy with my two fingers and gently licked her lower lips. She came yet again, cute little moans leaving her lips.

I lined up my cock against her virgin pussy and bent down to whisper into her ear.

“Are you ready? It's going to hurt a bit" she nodded in approval then we shared a kiss between each other. I slowly stuck my cock into her. Unlike all those other girls, I fucked Orange gently. This was the best way to capture her. 

“Sensei. Your cock is too big. Please slow down” her cries only fuelled my lust more. Her tight walls felt amazing around my cock. 

I grabbed her by the underside of her knee and pushed her leg up so I could go even deeper into her pussy. I love this feeling of spoiling her, the feeling of her of her tighten around my member as I put her tiny mosquito bite tits in my mouth.

“D-don't suck them like that. It feels so good but no milk will come out.” Her breathing had become erratic. 

I pushed both of her legs up against her torso and cloned up on to the desk and put her into the mating press position. 

“your penis is too big. It's going to pull me inside out” her cute little protests was the tipping point as I thrust my full mass into her tight hole and released all of my cum. 

“I can't believe you came inside of me. That means we'll have to get married now. I know I'm not the prettiest or the smartest. But please stay and marry me.” 

“Of course I'll marry you. But I'll be marry a lot of other girls too. Is that okay?” I said with a smile.

“Of course it's okay. Thank you so much Yame Sensei. I love you” she cried tears of joy before passing out. I put my jacket over her body and allowed her to get some rest. 

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