Harem king of anime

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Assame watched in awe as two of her teammates and friends had been defeated by a single cock. And said cock was still as hard as a rock and ready for another round. 

“Now then Assame, are you ready to fall like those two?” I said evily. “Now I actually have something special for naughty pets like you. Want to know what it is?” but before she could respond I opened my desk drawer and brought out a dog collar and leash. 

I placed it around her neck and forced her on her knees. Like a good dog she already knew what she needed to do and started sucking on my cock. I could tell that she was the type who loved being treated lewdly like this. 

I brought out the next item, it was a butt plug that was made to look like a dog's tail. I tried putting it in but that's when she started complaining.

“You can't put that in there. Do you know how important I am? Besides things aren't supposed to go up there.” She said angrily. 

Her self important nonsense quickly subsided when I started spanking her ass. I alternated between each cheek. Leaving red hand prints across her soft butt. 

“You're nothing but my dog now. You don't speak, walk or act like a human anymore. Got that?” she couldn't reply however, thanks to her cumming onto the carpet. “Conning just from spanking? I guess you do deserve to be my masochist dog" now that she was silent I put the plug up her rear and put made her put on the final accessory, a pair of dog ears.

I stared at her body. She was sprawled across the floor, covered in sweat. I was far from done though, so I yanked her up by the leash. If I was gentle towards Orange, than I'm sure as hell going to be rough with Assame. 

So I shoved my whole length into her pussy in one go. She moved around in pain but the feeling of losing your virginity is a one time experience for masochists like her, so I let her enjoy it as much as she can. After waiting a few seconds I went back to pounding away at her cunt. 

“So I'm going to ask you this once. Who are you?”

“M-my name is...is Assame”

“And what are you?”

“I'm a s-stupid, horny, bitch in heat.

“And who do you belong to?”

“You. This lewd bitch belongs to you.”

As a reward for her obedience I shot my cum into her pussy. Her mind blowing orgasm cake shortly after. The once smart Assame is now nothing more than a dog.

“If you are my loyal dog now, then you should have no problem with begging me like a dog to cum in your dirty asshole.” 

“Woof, Woof. Please use my dirty asshole master. Woof, use all of my holes until you're bored of them.” She said wiggling her ass at me. 

With that I took the plug out of her now gaping asshole. I lined up my dick and started thrusting into her asshole. She moaned and squealed in delight as I walked her around the room whilst thrusting into her butt. 

When we finally made it to the sitting area I bent her over the coffee table and started pounding her cunt. I looked around the room. All of the girls were either masturbating in frustration or asleep with a happy smile on their faces. 

With a final thrust I shot yet another load into her, watching as several of the girls were masturbating to us. After I had finished cumming I pulled out of her and let her collapse onto the floor. 

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