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The Special drug arc:

Currently I am sitting at my desk grading papers. That and having my newest sluts Maho Nishizumi and Erika Itsumi suck my cock under my desk. I forced them to keep vibrators in their pussies during class's so they're pretty eager to suck me off. In other words, just a normal day at school.

That's when Shizuka Marikawa the schools head nurse walked in. She walked over to me with a smile whilst holding a small case in her hands.

“Good evening, master. I've finally created the new drug you wanted” she said awaiting my approval. 

You see, I decided that basic blackmail was getting a bit boring. So I decided to have the head nurse cook up a new type of aphrodisiac for me. It makes the person who takes the drug very horny as you'd expect, but it also makes them unable to make any rational decisions and they only act on their base desire to fuck. Oh, yeah and it also works as a hypnosis drug. So if they make a decision whilst affected they'll also do it whilst sober. This means I can reduce than to nothing but cum dumps much faster. 

“Thank you, Shizuka. This is perfect. How about you stay at my house tonight as a reward.” I said watching her jump up and down in joy.

 “Thank you for being so kind master. I'll go get ready immediately.” She said skipping merely out the door.

“Now then, tomorrow you two need to call a meeting with the list of tankery girls I will give you. Can you do that for me?” I smiling down at them. They quickly replied with simple ‘yes master' and went back to serving me. 

The next day, all of girls I had asked for had turned up. Darjeeling, Assame and orange pekoe the English commanders showed up first. Then came Katyusha and Nonna of the Russian division. After was Anzu Kadotani, Momo Kawashima and Yuzu Koyama the former student council.

Finally Kay the commander of the American division showed up by herself. This was going exactly as planned. I told them all to take a seat on any of the chairs in my office and that they could eat or drink any of the things played out on the table. Obviously I had chosen their favourite snacks in order to trick them.

I waited until I was pretty sure they had all ate something to begin talking. 

“So you're all probably wondering why I brought you here today. It's because I want to make a proposition to you all.” As I was talking I watched as their facial expressions and posture changed. “I want you all to be apart of my harem plan. You will serve me forever and you will produce plenty of healthy offspring for me. Any takers?” I said with a bright smile.

“Like hell we will! I'm leaving, let's go Nonna.” Katyusha shouted. But before she could leave the room she collapsed and started to rub her thighs together. “W-what ish happening t-to me?” Katyusha said in a state of arousal. 

All of the girls watched in horror as the child like Katyusha became an adult in heat. They soon felt their own desires burn through their bodies. This was going to be fun.

“As you can all see, I slipped a new drug into your food so you won’t be able to resist me for long. Also the doors a locked and the walls are soundproof so escape is impossible. So who wants to become my new slave first?” I watched as the reality of the situation kicked in. 

The first one to volunteer was Darjeeling. “I-I nominate myself to be your s-slave. Can you let the rest of the girls go if I do?” she said trying to remain serious even though she couldn't walk straight.

“I'll think about it” was my only response.

I watched as she slowly took off her clothes, revealing her slimy smooth skin and big boobs. She had one of the largest chest sizes in the tankery girls. (For reference it goes Darjeeling, Nonna, Yuzu, Kay from smallest to largest)

I removed my own clothes. The girls watched in awe as they saw a 36 year old man who could pass of as their fathers, have a muscular figure that was easily one of the best male bodies they had ever seen. Then their eyes moved down south as they got an eyeful of my massive cock. Looks of lust, fear and bewilderment were plastered on the girls faces.

I moved closer to Darjeeling and planted my lips on to hers. We kissed as I moved my hands to her was, enjoying feeling of her A class bubble butt. Then I moved my hands down to her wet cunt. Thanks to the drug, it didn't take long for her took cum onto my fingers. She fell into my arms as the powerful orgasm tore through her.

I sat down on the couch behind me and pulled Darjeeling on top of me so she sat on my lap facing me. She raised her hips and started to slide against my tip. 

“Now what does a good pet say when she wants something?” I asked whilst cupping her cheek.

“P-please...will y-you have...sex with me" she said desperately. 

I slid my hand down her back until I reached her bottom. I then spanked her was with all of my might. The slap echoed through the room as a red mark was left on her ass.

“That's not how you ask. Try again slut" I said giving her another, less harsh slap on her ass.

“P-please...master...w-will you have sex with your slut" she said in hope that it's enough to satisfy me. 

It wasn't. Not in the slightest. I need her to degrade herself and believe that she's truly below me. So I spanked the other was cheek, leaving to large red hand prints on her ass.

“P-p-please master. Please allow this lowly slut to take in your magnificent cock into my worthless virgina. I can't hold on much longer!” she pleaded. This was enough for me So I let her transcend onto my member.

She slowly moved down my cock. Her walls clung to me tightly as her lower mouth tried adjust. When she finally hit the bottom she came immediately. I expected her to take a brake but the drug forced her to keep going. She bounced up and down my shaft. Slaps of wet flesh filled the room.

This drug was amazing. Normally, she wouldn't be able give into lust, not even for me. But thanks to this drug, the once great Darjeeling had already fallen for a mere cock. I kissed her on the lips and picked her up by the ass. I bounced her up and down and watched as her body contorted and clung to me. 

“Now then Darjeeling. How about you tell me how much pleasure you're feeling" 

“It's amazing master. It feels so good I want to always feel like this.” She responded with a fucked silly expression. 

“If that's what you want then you should become my pet too. What do you say?” 

“I'll do it. I'll be your slave. I'll be your pet. I'll do whatever you ask as long as you continue to fuck me.” With her final confession, I shot rope after rope of thick cum into her womb. 

After I had released my cum into her pussy. I paid her down on the couch and left her to rest. 

“Now then, which one of you lot want to go next.” I looked around the room. All I could see were beautiful women masturbating next to one another. “Well if there are no volunteers, I'll pick her two friends, Assame and Orange.” Both girls looked over at their leader in shock. They didn't want to end up like her, but they couldn't resist me. 

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