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Chapter 10: Life Note/ Killing all hope part 2

“Madam Life Note…Please, you have guests…Damn it!” Said the little slave girl. She was beginning to get frustrated, and I could tell because her tail would coil, and then uncoil and then twitch. I watched and almost laughed when her ears went back and she gave a small yell. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but it looked funny. Ryuk laid L on the ground and then covered what would most likely be his ear’s area, and squirmed a bit. I realized that this was probably a really high-pitched scream. I just waited.

The girl looked disappointed. Her master still sat up in her chair, not moving an inch. Ryuk walked up to the girl, “You want me to give it a try Vixen?”

I tilted my head, “Vixen, like a fox?”

The girl looked at me, “Yeah, that is my name…Vixen…” She sounded a bit sad. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but I had to guess that it was a past emotion that she would rather forget. I only watched as Ryuk walked up to the thrown.

Ryuk bowed in front of her, I wasn’t sure why really. And then he bent over her, inches away from her face. I watched as his tongue slithered out of his mouth. The wet tongue licked the master’s face and left a line.

The master woke up immediately and yelled, pushing Ryuk off of the thrown, and landing him next to me. He got up with a bit of an ache in his back.

She looked around, as if mad, and then seemed to get happy all of a sudden. She rose, standing up and looking like a queen, tall and slender.

Ryuk watched as she came down the thrown, the girl taking a knee and bowing her head as her master came past her. The ‘queen’ looked so professional. I watched as her slender figure made it’s way over to Ryuk. He stood still. Vixen watched from afar, seeing what her master was going to do next.

The queen’s hair was long; it was silver, more like white. But she was not young, nor did she look old. She looked to be a human woman inside of her 20ies. Her body was dosed in jewels, and gold. Her jaw line was short, and she looked beautiful. There was no hiding the simple fact that she was part Japanese. As she walked up to Ryuk, she was silent. He was silent.

She put her hand up to her face, where he had licked her, and then looked at her hand. She looked mad, pissed. She raised her hand up above her head, and then smacked Ryuk on the face. I didn’t think she would do it, with the form she had, I could see her slender fingers stabbing him with a knife.

Ryuk turned his head. Then he looked down at her, for she was shorter then himself. He then brought her into a hug. She hugged him back, and then, in a delicate, fragile and stern voice she said, “That is for not coming to see me sooner.”

Ryuk smiled and I could tell that no one had been hurt, and no one was mad at anyone. Ryuk let the woman drop out of his arms and he turned to L and me.

The queen looked down at us, “I see why you have come.” She looked at me the longest. Then she bent down in front of me. I could see into those eyes of hers. They were green, a gentle green. One that told of ice, and sadness. I took my eyes away from those ones, not wanting to read them. She then picked up L. I brought my hands up, to take him back, but she said simply, “Do not fear child, I will not hurt him.”

Ryuk came up behind him, “She knows what she is doing Light.” We watched.

We followed her over to the window. There was a small table, and she laid L down on it. I could now tell that his breathing was almost gone. His chest barely fell, and it didn’t seem like it wanted to rise. I stayed next to Ryuk. Vixen went over to the body and her master. She looked down at the body. She seemed to cringe. Her master gently took her shoulder and rubbed it. Wanting to calm the girl it seemed.

I watched as Life Note took from the table’s door a small knife. She cut her hand, and then placed the bleeding throb over L’s body. The hand extended over to where I had stitched him up some time ago. She pressed down and I saw his eyes open, and then him gasp for breath. I almost jumped forward when he screamed in pain. I felt Ryuk grab my shoulders and hold me down. I looked up at him, “She’s hurting him!”

Vixen looked back at Ryuk. She gave him a nod and then tilted her head to the door. Ryuk nodded in agreement. I soon found myself being dragged out the door. I pulled away from Ryuk, but he was quick and grabbed me again. I felt his strong body press against mine and I heard the screams of L again. I could feel hot tears stinging my eyes and I screamed out, “Don’t! You’re hurting him! Stop!”

Ryuk picked me up and began to grunt, as it was becoming a hassle for him to control me. He finally picked me up and then got me the rest of the way out of the door. I couldn’t help but notice the eyes of Life note as she held her hand over L. Her eyes were no longer green, but they were white, a glow coming out of them that made her face contort into pain. It was hurting her as well, it had to be.

Vixen came out shortly; Ryuk had me down on the ground. His body over mine, and he was trying to say something. I couldn’t tell though. I didn’t know why I felt the sudden urge to be by L. To want to kill Life Note for even thinking of touching him. I was yelling something, I think. Vixen was talking to Ryuk. And then I saw both of them nod at each other and then Ryuk picking me up, trying to lead me somewhere.

One of the doors to the side of the castle stairs was getting closer and closer. Soon, it was open, and I was being sent inside. Screaming, and yelling. Ryuk closed the door behind me. Vixen locking it to make sure that I would have no way of getting out.

There was nothing in this room but darkness. I couldn’t see anything. My head felt like hurting, and it seemed to say ‘kill me’ with every throb it gave off. I screamed again, not sure what I was yelling. But, then again, over my yells, I could hear his much louder. It was like a cry of pain that told me that I was the cause of it. And I was. I could hear the panic in the voice of my own…listening to him. I could hear L’s screams still. And I hated it. Passing out was the best thing I could do. I did this when my head hit against something, and hard.

My vision was blurry. Ryuk was leaning over me saying my name. I wasn’t sure how long I had been out for, but my guess was that it had been for a while. There was a pain in my head, and a small throb in my arms. I could hear no screams though. He was silent. I looked around, the room was lit. Candle’s, and wooden fires hung off of the wall. I could now see that I was chained to the wall. My arms where straight out to my sides, and my legs where chained to the wall as well. My neck was too, a metal shackle holding it back. There was something soft behind my head. My waist and my thighs and even my shoulder and stomach, where all connected to the wall by some way of chain link. I moved, tried to move that is. Found no good in it. My throat was sour too, from screaming earlier. “Where…is…L?” I asked, finding it hard to say one simple sentence.

Ryuk looked at me. He was standing in front of me, the only one in the room besides me. The room looked like a torture chamber by the way. There was no blood on the walls though. Ryuk was silent a moment. Then he said, “He is going to be all right…”

“Where is he?” I didn’t believe his words, for when he said them, he didn’t believe them himself.

His head tilted down at me and he said slowly, “Life Note can’t bring him back the way she normally can.”

I looked at him, “What?”

“You see light, when a Shinigami kills a person, all Life Note has to do is write the name down, and someone takes their place…But I didn’t kill L…You did.” Ryuk looked down at the ground a second.

“I don’t…understand…” I said.

“Light…I don’t think that Life Note can bring back L.” He said it sharply; there was pain in his words. They stabbed me. “Life Note has never brought back someone who has been killed by another human…without…” He paused and then finished, “Death.”

“Ryuk, what do you mean?” I wasn’t understanding. I couldn’t.

“Listen, I am a Shinigami. If I kill a human, and realize that I have made a mistake, then Life Note brings them back, with the exchange of someone else to take their place. YOU are a human…You kill someone, and come here…Life Note can’t just give back that life and then take someone else’s, she needs YOUR’S. You have to give up your life, in exchange for L’s. Who, might not even live to begin with.” He said, slowly.

My eyes went wide. If I saved L, then I would die. If I didn’t save L, he would die, and I would go on living, then all of this, and all of my guilt will have been for nothing, and it will go on. No. No! This was stupid. There was that other part too, “What do you mean he may not live?”

“Well, we brought him late. Life note was trying to revive him, she has to do it again, but it will be worse this time Light. You almost killed yourself with your screaming and running into walls the first time. This time, it will be much more painful.”

“Why does it connect to me?” I asked.

“Because Light…You are the one who killed him.” Ryuk looked around the room. “It will be better this time, you won’t be able to hurt yourself, that much…and you will be chained to this wall.” He looked down at me, hopefully, almost hiding from that big smile of his.

“Wait…is there any other way?” I said to him, hoping that there was.

“Yes…” He was silent. I thought he wasn’t going to tell me but he did, “The one way is to give up your life for the one you love.” He began to walk away. “The second is a fate worse then death Light.” He turned away. He reached the door and began to open it. I realized that he wasn’t going to tell me unless I asked. So I did.

“What is the second?” I said yelling to him.

“Why…Light, it’s becoming a Shinigami, of course.” He left the room. I thought I could hear him laugh. My head slumped over. For me, after seeing Ryuk, and being here, it was a fate worse then death. I couldn’t think of anything that would make this better.

Vixen came in with some thing to drink and a smile on her face. She had to be ditzy because she tripped on air and almost fell on her face, “Are you okay?” I asked her.

She smiled at me, “Yes, I am, thank you very much.” She tilted my head up and I was being forced to swallow something.

The taste was of mud or something. I wasn’t really sure. I didn’t like it, and I began to choke. She took it away, and then said, “Sorry, are you okay?”

I looked at her, then said flatly, “Oh you know…being chained to a wall is a lot of fun.”

She looked at me. She looked hurt, “No it’s not.” She looked down, as if sad.

“What do you mean?” I asked her. I seemed to be saying that a lot around here.

“My old master…he would chain me to walls, and inflict pain on me…I hated it.” She said in a small voice.

“What are you?” I asked. I didn’t know why I had asked it, I just, needed to.

“I am an angel, can’t you tell?” She smiled, face falling into a lie that be told something horrible. “I am a fallen angel. I was cursed by god, sent to hell. Then, down there, I was horribly beaten. I escaped, and came here…into this world. No other world seemed to protect me, or accept me. At first, I thought I wasn’t made for any world, even this one. But then I met Life Note. She saved me. From everything. I love her. I do.” She was silent again. She seemed to get lost in the past again, and I watched the look of happiness dance onto her face. “Now I am okay!” She smiled happily.

I thought I was going to smile to, but then I remembered all that was happening, and I could tell that it wouldn’t be right if I did. “Vixen, do you know anything about how Life Note works?”

“Hmmm…I know that she has a book that brings people back to life. I also know that only Shinigami’s can bring people back…or take them away.” She looked at me, “You aren’t trying to do anything bad are you?”

I rolled my eyes, “I am chained to a wall. I am going to reek havoc all around.” I laughed. And she understood me. She began to laugh too.

“I don’t want you to die Light.” She looked up at me, “I don’t want L to die either. I can sense that you love him.” She stood up and said to me, “I know what it is like to love without being loved. I think you will do the best thing though.” She took out from a pocket she had woven into her clothes and held it up. “I have to put this around your mouth, so that when you start screaming again, you don’t run your voice raw.” She giggled and smiled as she tied the thing around my head and in my mouth. It didn’t have a good smell to it, but the taste had nothing. Soon though, I began to feel dizzy, and knew that the smell that was coming off of the cloth was drugged, or something. I watched as Vixen left the room, a smile on her face, “Trust Life Note…She does everything for the best.” I heard her say and then leave.

It was minutes later it all began again. First thing I felt was a pain in my chest. I wasn’t sure why the pain began there, but it did. It was like being stabbed again, and I tried to scream, but it was no good. I wanted to put my hand over my heart and begin to rip away things; I couldn’t though due to the fact that I was tied up.

My arms, legs, and body pulled away from the wall. It feeling the burn and needs to do something, anything. And soon, I was screaming again. It was like a new power to me, and power that was there for this soul purpose. I was hell bent on using it too. My wrists began to bleed because of the way I had been twisting and pulling away from the wall against my shackles. I screamed again as I closed my eyes.

In the depths of this darkness, I saw them. The three of them. I could see L being held by Firota, and then the bad L, the Synthic Ta in front of L. L looked at me, his neck being almost chocked from Firota’s grip. He had another hand pressed against his waist. A little too close for comfort. I looked at the Synthic Ta. He held a knife that was lingering a little too close as well. I took a step forward, and the knife went closer to L. I stopped.

The Synthic Ta smiled as well as Firota. They both looked at me and Firota said, “You were right S, he does like this one.” Firota licked the side of his face. I growled, “Leave him alone.”

S must have been Synthic Ta because he responded with a, “Oh yes…He would do anything for this one.” He took a step closer to me. I watched L.

“What would you do for him Light?” Asked S.

I looked at L, he yelled to me, “Light, don’t do anything. Please.”

My eyes met his, “Your back!” Over come with joy, I had forgotten almost everything. Stupid as I was, I went forward. S smiled evilly and punched L with a force of pain.

L gave a strangled yell. But stopped. S looked over at me, “Awe, such a bad boy. He was so happy to hear the real L talk, he forgot all about me…” He smiled again at me.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked them. They both looked at me. Firota said simply, “I like you…” S said something that I hated even more, “You killed him. Took him from the world. Watched as he died, then tried to make up for it in ending your own life as well. Sorry sunny boy, it doesn’t always work out so well, does it? Plus, I want to see you squirm, if that means rapping you, or even killing L again, then I will do it.” His laugh was painful to me.

“Please, do anything to me, I don’t care, just leave L alone. He didn’t do anything. It is my entire fault. It is…” I said to him. Firota looked at me with his one eye, smiling he said to S, “Go have some fun.”

S came over to me. He said in a low voice, “Kneel down. I want you on your knees.”

I fell to the ground. I looked at L who was giving me a horrified look, “Stop it Light…you know this is a…” His mouth was covered by Firota’s hand.

S looked down at me, he gently touched my chin and tilted it up, “What will you give me, for L?” He asked.

“Anything.” I said simply.

“Anything?” He questioned again. Now his eyes looked at my body. I felt a cringe come over me. He knelt down and kissed me on the lips, his tongue slithering into my mouth, and then playing with mine. He finally took it back out, and I leaned forward, spitting out the vile and evil taste that now consumed my mouth. I saw L out of the corner of my eye. He was giving me this pathetic look. I didn’t think I could take it anymore. It made me want to cry.

“Awe, is the poor baby going to cry now?” I heard S mock me with the words that were like acid. I looked up at him, “Fuck you.”

“Hmmm…” He smiled. I thought of the meaning quickly and hated my self right away. He stood up again, “Light, if you do as I say, then you can have L back. Promise.”

“I don’t have to…Life Note is saving him herself.” I felt good saying this.

“Oh? Is that what you think! Haha! You do not understand it do you Light? Right now, I am the one who decides if L lives, or dies. Life Note can’t bring him back with out me releasing him from my hell. I still linger in him Light, I control him, and I can kill him.” He smiled a sickening smile, “If you do what I want you to do, I will let Life Note wake him up, and then perhaps he may live from there on…It is all your choice.” He looked around.

I hated him. He was the reason why L wouldn’t wake up, and why Life Note couldn’t revive him the first time. I banged my fists against the ground, “FINE! Damn it…Fine.” I said, tears coming down my face.

S smiled more gently. He picked up my body and then said, unzipping his pants, “Then suck me.”

I looked at him; hate was all I could think of with him. I wanted to kill him. I couldn’t though. Even if I had something that could kill him, how would L be able to live then? I reached up with my hand.

S slapped my hand away, “No hands yet Light…just your mouth.” His smile was so cruel. I took into my mouth his limp prick. I began to suck. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see L watching, trying to look away, but having Firota whisper into his ears and then seeing his eyes lock on my body, told me that he was being threatened, or my life was. I felt shame.

S let a moan escape his mouth, and I thought of a way to make not only myself, but him feel ashamed. He was proud. And if he were reduced to something weak and shameful, he would feel stupid. I smiled under the cock that was in my mouth. I began to make noises with my throat, and send vibrations of joy up to his body. He gave another moan, and I could tell that he was being pleased. I took my hand and began to play with his ball sack, letting him wither with the want to sit down.

Soon, I had him on the floor, moaning and groaning with pleasure. It was sickening for me, but I put myself into an area where, he was the real L, and I was Kira. Kira had always wanted to do this to L. From the day they met. I smiled again. I moved it in and out of my mouth now, even going at far as placing fingers into him.

S moaned and grunted louder as I became more and more absorbed in it. He gave another shrill yell as a placed in another finger, making it 3. He withered under me.

My head flew back though when he burst into my mouth. I began to spit it out, but he said angrily, “Swallow it, or no deal.” He got up, and whispered in my ear, “I will get you back for that.”

I spit out more, he smiled at me as he got up, and zipping himself up and then went over to L. “Well Light, I see that you have done what I wanted. I will give you L back.” He took out the knife, and he then stabbed L right in the heart. Where I had stabbed him so long ago it seemed. I gave another yell and I could see that this is what he had wanted.

My body flew forward and I reached for L. Not getting to him in time, but I could tell that he was just almost dead. The other two seemed to seep back into darkness, waiting till the next time we would meet. I crawled the rest of the way over to L.

I picked up his head. It felt like that day I had killed him for real. He had felt limp. I pressed my head to his. I could see him blink his eyes. At first I thought it was shock, then I realized he was still alive. His voice was faint, but I knew it was there, “Thank you Light…I love…you…too.” He was dead again. Just like the first time.

I began to cry and I realized that it was like a rerun of my life, that moment in time. For the second time in my life, I held L as he died in my arms. And I could do nothing but die.


The end of chapter 10. How did you like it? I am sorry. I just really wanted to have that in one chapter though. Hey, at least it wasn’t Firota, like it was in the original. Haha, that would have sucked, wouldn’t it? Well anyway, thanks to: Crimson2006 akari-hayashi Kiara Angel Seelenspiel Fallan Phantem elphabah Twilight Butterfly Sepsku, TheLustofkilling, Barranca everfire laineyue Thank you all again, and I hope you like it. Stay tuned for another chapter coming soon.

Asuck: A small whistle that can be turned into a small flute with power to fend off predators, monsters, and open up buildings and walls. This tool is most powerful when on the castle’s property. The castle of life note can give it immense power. There are only about 3 in the whole worlds. Life note gave one to Ryuk for winning the match and helping her during the war.

The Flute of Masters: The most powerful flute of them all. Life Note is the master of it. She keeps it with her at all times, and uses it for many things. As long as she knows how to use it, she is considered one of the most powerful beings in all of the worlds.

Synthic Ta: The same thing as a synthic only a lot more deadly. It has more of a grim spirit that possesses it. It can think, talk, act on its own. The body is almost unable to become normal again, and can loose insanity to madness. The mind becomes alive once more, causing the previous owner to fight with it over the body.


Sadness is love with a twist and a sick smile.

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