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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Death Note

Chapter 3: Too deep to bleed

I looked over at L. He stood there. I hated that. It had been a half hour since Ryuk had began his cheer of ‘we’re going home’. I had been writing in the death note. If I was leaving, I had to get this done ahead of time. When I had asked Ryuk when we might be back, he had no answer. I had also thought of a way to allow L and I to leave without being noticed for a while.

When I was thinking of a way to kill someone inside of the book, I thought of L. His cut. He needed it to be sewn. I got up and looked for my small sewing kit. I took out a needle, and some thread. The thread was a bit stronger then normal string. It was made to hold denim together. I walked over to L.

L stood there and did nothing. I grabbed the kistami and said to the Ento, “Sit on my bed.”

He obeyed. He sat on my bed; his way of sitting was not the normal odd way for himself. He sat like a normal person. I gave a sigh, “Only one more thing to remind me that you are dead.”

L tilted his head as if he were looking at me. I gave him time to sit facing me. I then pulled off his shirt. Once again, the skin was catching my attention. The whole in the skin was a bit more catching though. I threaded the needle and then let it pierce his skin. I didn’t think that I would be able to do it. The thought of sticking a needle into another person wasn’t really something I wanted to do. When I remembered that I had stuck the knife into his skin, it kind of changed the look at it. The rock lay by my side the whole time.

L just sat there. When a normal human would have flinched, or squirmed and screamed, he just sat there, allowing me to do what I was to do to him. I felt the shiver go up and down my spine. Why was it doing that though? The tingling feeling going crazy up and down. I closed my eyes and L said gently that made me jump, “Are you okay?”
I looked over at Ryuk, “Is it normal for him to do that? I thought you said that he couldn’t think on his own.”

Ryuk looked at the man and then at me, “Hmm, it would seem that he has a Qu.” He laughed.

I could only look at him, “A Qu?”

“Yes, a Qu is like a soul that possess a dead walker. It is only summoned by a shinigami like myself. But they take a lot of energy and time. They also are like Ento’s. I don’t think that they need a kistami though.” Said Ryuk.
I looked back at L. “Is he safe?” I didn’t really have a reason for this question; all I knew was that I wanted to ask it, and that I wanted an answer to my likings. He responded:

“I don’t know…He could be a fitino too.”

“Fitino?” I hated these words of confusion. I allowed for him to say, “A wondering spirit that travels the world in a haze till it can find a body to live in like a real human. He could just be one of those. Otherwise, I really have no clue.” He looked past me, and watched the dead human.

“Are you…okay?” He looked at me in a curious way. So cute. I couldn’t help but smile shyly, “I am fine.”

I was about to say something else when I realized that I had to pick up the stone and tell him that. I held it, “I am okay…” God, this was going to be a bother. I looked at Ryuk, “Is there any other way I can use this without having to hold it ever second of my life?”

Ryuk gave small laugh, “You’re a smart kid Light, use your brain.”

So I did. “If I wear it around my neck, I will have a little privacy then if I were to tie it to my wrist, or body with a cloth.” I thought of it a second. “Am I right?"

“No one cared that much before. But I suppose you do have a really good point. Just tie it, and you will have a little connection to him. If it is pressed hard against your body, it will be clearer though. So, if you did tie it, you wouldn’t be able to think about anything with out him knowing.” He gave a laugh, “Nice isn’t it?”

“Damn complicated is what it is.” I gave a sigh, “I don’t have a choice.” I finished my work on the dead walker. And I took my attention to the stone. I began to wheel thread around it, using glue and twine to get it to stay. I had the horrible dread of it coming undone, and falling. If it fell, I would have no connection to the Ento.
I dropped the rock as I was swinging it around, making sure it wouldn’t come off no matter what. It didn’t, but the twine had splintered my finger, and I had let the stone fly across the room. I thought the stone was going to crash, and then shatter into a million shards. L wasn’t having that though.

He had risen, and followed the thing through the air. Before it could hit wall and break, L caught it. He let the gem lay in his hand as he walked over to me. I looked on at him. He was amazing wasn’t he. How though?

“Haha, he is cool isn’t he?” Ryuk said in a very annoying way. “He is to keep that thing safe, as well as he can. He realized that you weren’t going to do anything, so he had to do something. After all, he would lose connection to you, and the life he clings to so dear if he lost it.” He laughed.

I gave a groan as the gem was placed back into my hand. I put it around my neck and in my shirt. It looked that this thing was never going to be destroyed. In a way, it looked good. I suppose there was one good thing about the Ento. There were many things that where yet to be cleared. I turned to Ryuk, “How do we go? I mean without my dad and the whole force noticing and then killing us, or at least me?”

Ryuk laughed, “Think of something. You have gotten away with a lot of murders so far with out a lot of my help. You can do this. Besides, I don’t really know anyway.” He took a bit out of one of the apples that I had given him to stash into my room somewhere. I wouldn’t want him to go crazy on me. That would just be another problem to add to the list of mine. I sighed, “Let me go get my clothes. I will think of something.”

The door to my room closed. I walked down to the washing machine. The damn clothes and sheets where then put into the dryer. My dad walked into the room, “I got the office to mark it as a good run through. Just next time, can you make sure that I know about it, okay Light?” My dad sounded so tired. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.
“Well, if I told you then it wouldn’t have been a test, now would it?” I gave him a smile, “I won’t ever do it again…promise.” In somewhat of a sense, I didn’t know if I could take my own words and live by them. There was no way that I could promise that. But then again, I might not have to worry about that in the future.

“Um…dad, do you think that I could go with L to see something over in the neighboring city? I mean, he wants to go, but he wants to go for the Kira case. He said that it has something to do with an old friend, and that they might know how to help with some information that he found out. He wants to go alone. I don’t think that would be very wise.” This was what I came up with. This is how I could get away, without my dad having to really worry about me. I thought that it might fail, but my dad’s reaction was a bit on the point.

“Light…It sounds dangerous, how do you know it isn’t a trap?” My dad was right, but I couldn’t let this fall, it was perfect.

“Well, there will be both L and I. You said yourself that I was good for the task force. I can help. I will help bring Kira to an end.” My words where in my own soul. They seemed to be from a different part of me. Like I was someone else, or there was someone else in me. Someone to help me. Someone to kill the real Kira. Me. I looked aside, hoping that my dad wouldn’t be able to see my face, my eyes.
“Well, if you think that Light. I just…”

“Dad…” I gave him a quick hug, “I will be fine.”

My dad seemed to think something of this. His grasp got tighter, and he seemed to not want to let go. Did he know something? Perhaps he was like a shinigami himself, he could see the future. I gave a small laugh. My dad slipped out of my hands and I allowed it. Letting him go was easy, for him the same could not be said. He seemed sad. “We were going to go today, to get a head start there.” I said.

“Okay. Tell your mom,” He said the words. I don’t think he really knew what he had just said.

“You tell her. I really don’t think that she should know. It would only be something more for her to worry about.” I walked out of the room. I heard my dad say, “You are right.”

Ryuk was already outside. I wasn’t sure what he was doing. L and I where in the kitchen. I thought to myself, gripping the stone. I had taken it off in my room and had put it into my pocket. I was now gripping it, ‘We are going to ----- and see if we can meet up with a friend of mine. He can be trusted. He has asked that I keep his identity a secret though. He has no wishes of being interviewed, or talked to by any more cops.’

L said the words in the order I had said to him. Then he bowed his head and gave a smirk, as I had told him to do, “Don’t worry. He is not someone to be suspicious of. I will take care of your son.” He smiled again.

I prayed that he wouldn’t sit down though. If he sat down, he may not sit the way I tell him to. My dad would find something odd about that. I told him in my head, ‘Make sure he lets us go, if we don’t make it out of here, I will smash the Kistami.’ I told him these words. I watched as his eyes lit up. He turned to my dad fully,
“Sir, it is time. I have to go. I will go by myself, or I will take Light with me. This is for the sake of the Kira case.” He became stern with my father. “Lives are at stake Mr. Yagami kun.”

“L, if you say that you have to do it for the Kira case, I will not stand in your way. It is my son that I fear for. I don’t need him dieing on me.” My dad gave me a shock, or at least, I pretended to be shocked. I didn’t want him to think anything.
“Your son will be fine. I will make sure of it.” L said it.

I looked at him. He looked back at me. He smiled, “Shall we go?” He began to walk to the door. I followed him out the door and said good-bye to my dad. The look my dad had on his face hinted something of sadness and loss. I didn’t have time to ask. As soon as we got out, L began to walk. I looked at him, he was following Ryuk. I walked beside him, “Do you know where we are going?” I placed the rock back onto my neck and I allowed for him to turn to me, “You threatened me with a rock?”

Ryuk seemed to laugh from above. I looked at the boy that was following the god of death above. I was about to say something, the thought of L talking on his own, that wasn’t suppose to happen was it, Ryuk said, “We are going to have to fly the rest of the way. It will only be faster if we do.

I looked at the little black book that seemed to balance in the shinigami’s hand. It was a death note; another one was dangling from a large chain on his side. I gave a shout up to him (notice that there is no one around) “Ryuk, did you bring the death note that I use?”

He gave another laugh and said, “Yes I did. You don’t want your family getting involved, do you. Besides, you have a Kira cover to keep up.” He laughed at his own joke. As if it were funny or something. I noticed that L had lingered away from me. I yelled over to him as well, “Stay close. The last thing I need is for my friends to see me with you.” In a way though, I didn’t mind if my friends saw me with him. I would be okay with it. I could live with the fact that L was by my side nonstop. I smiled to myself.

“What are you so happy about Light?” asked Ryuk. I looked up at him, “Never mind.” I looked at L then back at Ryuk. L had caught my eye, and noticed that I had been looking at him. I don’t think he knew that I was thinking of him though. I only said back to the god of death, “How do you think we are going to fly?” I already knew this answer, but then again, you could never be too sure.

Ryuk laughed again. “Well, the humans might see you, but then again, we will be going a bit faster, and maybe they won’t even notice. Then again, it is day. But anyway, you will both be riding on me. I will be able to hold your weight.” He landed near me, “But, before we do this, there is something that I want you to take while we are in the shinigami world.” He took out from one of his pockets a small blade. He handed it to me, “If you push the button, which is the dragon’s head, you get a bigger blade. It is called a Lakten. You can kill almost anything with it, and it is a good weapon to use, if used the right way.” He wasn’t laughing, nor was his face hinting that he was playing any jokes. I got the feeling that this was very important.

“So…I will only be able to use this for good, right?” I had the feeling that this was going to be the time when he tells me something like that.

“Yes.” Was all he said. I got my answer, and I didn’t like it one bit. I could use it for good. But that meant that I had to be using it in order to protect everyone. Then again, I had no idea on how to use a sword, or any weapon. I sighed, Oh well.

L stood beside me, looking at the weapon. I let him feel it. I could tell that his body shuddered as his fingers slowly stroked the Lakten. I don’t think that it was made for him to touch.

Ryuk stood now, his back to me. He said, “Light, ride on my back, you will have a better grip then the Ento. And I will carry the Ento by hand.” He let me get on, with some difficulty. We were in an alley, and had a good cover so that no human could see L and I just kind of, floating there. L allowed Ryuk to grab him around his waist. L kind of just went limp. I looked down, over the mane of the god. His hair smelled a different kind of smell. I couldn’t say what it was. But it wasn’t that bad. Nor was it sickening or anything of the sort. I looked down at L. I wanted to have him be up here with me, so that I could hold him, and make sure that he didn’t fall or anything.
Ryuk gave a small groan and asked, “Are you all ready?” He then lifted off, pushing from his feet, and his legs. His wings spreading so far, and yet not hitting any part of the building. I was watching nothing but the inside of my eyelids, hoping that I wouldn’t fall off and die.

We reached sky. The cool breeze making my head feel safe, and my senses roll. I gave a breath, the air was a bit colder, but then again, it felt fresher. I looked down at L. He was looking around, as if a child that was looking at everything with enthusiasm. I didn’t think that this could be so true though because he wasn’t a child. He wasn’t even really human. I don’t think he knew what was going on. I watched him, “Are you okay L?” I yelled out, the wind rushing past me and making my voice no more then a whisper it seemed.

Ryuk must have noticed, because he said simply, “Just talk to him with the stone. You can mind talk, remember?”

I took the stone and I said to L, “Are you all right?”

He looked up at me. I think the wind was blowing his face, but he looked like he was smiling. He said back to me, “Yes master. Are you?” He looked childish. I liked it. I wanted so much to be the one to hold him.

“Yes…I’m okay.” I felt a small tinge of illness begin to roll in my stomach. It was probably karma coming up to take its revenge for earlier. I held it in though. Not wanting to show any signs of anything out of place.

The sky seemed to break away. It got darker, and it seemed to be swallowing all of us into a darkness that was unknown. I looked down at Ryuk. “How is it that we are going into a different world?”

He laughed at me as if I were naive and silly, “The Lakten makes it possible for passage from human world, to the shinigami world. Don’t be silly now Light, you knew that, didn’t you?”

“How could I have known that?” I was questioning him. Really, how could I? But my thoughts were taken away when we reached the realm that I had been taken to, to save L’s soul. I looked at a world that seemed to be clouded with darkness. The world looked like a wasteland of death, and decay. Its trees that still stood were bare and had no life to them. There were, to my surprise other creatures that were scampering around. I looked around for a second, “The sun, where is it?”

Ryuk looked down at me, “It died years ago.” The words alone where enough to send shivers down my back. But, as I noticed that we were landing, I saw it for the first time. It was a giant monster. It looked almost like a giant horse, only it was coming at us, and waiting for us to land, so that it could kill us. I heard Ryuk say, “Uh, Oh.”

The end of chapter 3. Well, I am sorry to say this, these are no longer short chapters, now are they? I have to make them long though, because I want to get this story done in as little chapters as possible. So, that means, longer chapters. I don’t think that you all mind though. Thank you to those people who are reading this, and I hope you like where this is going. Till next time.

Definition of words:

Qu: A fake soul. A soul that is used to be a fake controller of the body that is a dead walker. It takes a lot of power for a shinigami to summon it. The fake soul has more of a mind of its own and is a lot more independent. Making it a lot more dangerous, and more capable of causing death.
Fitino: A soul that possess a dead walker, just some random soul. They are normally found in the human world. They are souls that are lost and can’t find peace anywhere.
Lakten: A shinigami weapon that can kill almost anything. It can only be used for good, and used for the right reasons.
(Synthic: When the dead walker grows a mind of it’s own, but not for the better. They get this form when they are told how they died by their killer. They go through either, sadness, anger, or jealousy, synthic is a mixture of all of them. They still do not really have a mind of their own, they only seek revenge, and hold grudge.
Synthic Ta: The same thing as a synthic only a lot more deadly. It has more of a grim spirit that possesses it. It can think, talk, and act on its own. The body is almost unable to become normal again, and can loose insanity to madness. The mind becomes alive once more, causing the previous owner to fight with it over the body.)

All these lonely days, and I can’t remember one damn thing you taught me.

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