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Chapter 9: Life Note/ when fate meets destiny 1

I held him close. What more could I do? Ryuk was sitting up in a nearby tree. My eyes had opened for the umpteenth time that night. I couldn’t sleep. L’s body wasn’t warm. It was kind of cold really. It shifted UN lifelike when I tried to stand. My foot had fallen asleep. My mind was racing.

Finally my body said to my mind, it’s time to get up. I listened to my body as I tried to stand. My face kissing ground as I took a step forward.

Ryuk was there in less then a second to come and laugh at me. He did hold me up though. I scowled up at him and hissed out, “Why don’t you do something useful and think of a way to get to this ‘life note’ faster…”

Ryuk was silent a second but looked to L and said to me, “I do have a way. We are going to fly.” His face contorted into his smile. His eyes lit up as if there were fire in them. He smiled, “Those damned Wicton’s aren’t going to stop me.” There was something in that voice. It was odd.

I looked at myself. I suddenly had a thought run through my mind. Why was Ryuk so interested in saving me? He could have just let me die. He could have just turned away. Did he really want me to kill me himself that bad? I looked on at him. He had an odd movement in him as he walked away. I rushed after him.

My hand moved up, and I ran my hand up to reach his back. As my hand hit skin, he gave a growl and turned around, as if angered. I stepped back. (I really jumped back.)
He noticed it was I. He looked a bit shy on me and said gently, “Sorry Light, I didn’t mean to…” He trailed off, not looking at me anymore.

My hands gently fell back to my sides, “Your hurt.” I said. I knew, in a way, I could sense it. I didn’t need him to tell me.

He looked at me and after a little pause he laughed and said to me, “So are you.”

I looked at him more serious, “Come on, and let me clean it.” I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do this, seeing as how there was no water, or anything safe around.

Ryuk seemed puzzled, “Why?”

I closed my eyes and gave a sigh, “You are going to get a decaying infection and then die a horrible and painful death.”

I wasn’t so sure that he lost his mind. He did forget that he was a shinigami and couldn’t die. But, there was fun in this, and I couldn’t help but give him another smile of mischief and then say, “Well, that’s one fun way to die.” I began to walk away.

Ryuk grabbed my hand and yanked me back; I fell back, landing on his chest. The cuts in my back had been numb, bed ridden it seemed. But now, they seemed to wake with a new hatred in mind. I tried to keep in the scream of pain but a little escaped. Ryuk looked down at me as I walked over to L’s body, “You are hurt too.” He let go of my wrist.

I looked back at him, “I am fine. Unlike you, I had my cuts treated.”

Ryuk looked down, “So he did cut you?”

I smiled a bit, laughing at the event that had happened for what seemed days ago, “He more like slashed me. But still, your cuts should be tended to.” He went over to where I was standing. Turning to face L and gently picking him up he said to me, “I know where water is, safe water. Will that help?”

I nodded with a bit of a glee in my voice. I said slowly, “It will be perfect.”

I leaned forward; his back was hurt bad I had guessed. He had two large cuts inside of his back, you couldn’t really see them though, and they seeped into his back. Only the hint of a thin trail of blood and the groove it had made in his back. L lay down, next to us on the ground. We were facing back to front, and I only had to reach over and I could dunk the cloth into the water and then bring it up to Ryuk’s back. Ryuk munched happily on an apple.

I let the cold water from the washcloth rest on his back a moment. He took a sharp breath in, but I could tell that there was a certain kind of calm in it. I let the cloth remain there for a moment, then I asked some questions that had been eating away at my skull like some kind of bug that came from this world. “Why did you save me, and how did you know that L wasn’t going to kill me?”

Ryuk was silent for a while, more then what I would have liked really. I ended up pressing down a bit harder down onto his back and having him go, “Yes, yes okay…” He took a rather deep breath and then said in a close voice, “To your second question, I knew he wouldn’t kill you because, I can see your life span. I know how long you are going to live Light, and how. I also know that you weren’t going to die last night.” He was quiet again. I thought I was going to have to press more information out of him again when he continued with his talk. “And to your first question…” He looked to me, turning his body and laughing, half of his face hidden my darkness, “Have you forgotten already? Remember when I said that I would be the only one to kill you? Well, I am hell bent on that being the truth.” He gave a laugh, “That is all you need to know right now.”

I felt something inside of me as I heard those words come out of his mouth. I felt anger, fear, and happiness. It was reassuring to know this. But then again, it was completely unwanted.

I was going to object, but when the sun began to come up, and Ryuk leaned back to see it, I looked as well. He whispered gently into my ear, “How does it feel to look at the sun and think that you will never get that eternal sleep that it seems to take every night?”
As I heard his words I thought them over. I said back to him, “I am human Ryuk, I will die someday.” The words sounded fake coming off of my tongue all of a sudden. I shivered, but let my hands continue to bath the cut.

Soon I found that it was soft, and looked to be healed. Well, not healed, but safe from infection. I laughed to myself, it wouldn’t get an infection, and Ryuk was a death god. He didn’t have anything to fear. It made me feel better though, knowing that he would be okay anyway.

Ryuk got up off of the rock, his wings coming out of his body and allowing them to spread as far as they would. He laughed gently. I looked at him. He looked back.

I said to him, “You ready to get going?”

He walked over to L’s body and picked it up. He walked back over to me and offered me his own back, “Yes, you ready?”

I closed my eyes and laughed, “Of course.” I hoped onto his back and waited for the sky to become my background.

The earth melted away from us, and I could feel my breath get thin once again. I smiled; the sun was yet to get any higher in the sky. I thought of nothing sad for about a second then reminded myself of L. Him lying in the arms of Ryuk and I gave a sigh. I looked over the edge of the shinigami and saw the ground below. Far below, I could see the ruined ground, and the giant monsters that were big enough to be seen from up here, running around. I gave another groan.

“Why don’t you try and relax? Get some sleep; you didn’t get that much last night since you were up all night. You are safe up here Light, I promise.” He gently purred.

I lay my head up against his warm back, his long hair tickling my face. I closed my eyes and almost eminently fell asleep.

The darkest dreams are from the ones we love.

I woke up. The sky had sunk down and seemed to be swallowed up into darkness. My mind was that of mush. It was like an abandoned tunnel. I looked around. Everyone was gone. I looked to my backside; Ryuk was nowhere to be found. I began to panic. I felt a cold chill run up and down my spin. I could feel the pain of something. I could feel…no, wait, I couldn’t…I couldn’t feel it, my heart. The beat was silent, nothing moved. I looked down.

Then I saw it, it was like a red dot on my clothes. I knew what it was with out taking off my shirt. I turned. This wasn’t real. I began to run.

I wasn’t sure where I was going. All I knew was that I was going to get away from here. I had to. I thought the forest would cover me, making me safe from anything. But I was wrong. There was nowhere safe. To prove my theory, he stepped out of the shadows of a nearby tree. I cringed back, wanting to hide.

He looked at me. I gave a smile, “Firota…” He gave a laugh.

I watched as he steeped out from the shadows and looked upon me. His full figure becoming what looked to me like the real thing. He smiled, “You thought you were gone from me, thought you could get away…” His hand reached forward and I took my step back, trying to get away from his grasp.

He let his hand fall, noticing that his grasp was never going to reach my body. But, the half hidden smile was so betraying, I thought differently to him. His words came out like acid, “What is the matter Light?” He looked sad, the shadows letting my gaze see half of that neurotic face.

“I don’t…you can’t be here…this is a dream?” I asked. I didn’t demand I couldn’t. There was no way of knowing. Anything inside of this world could be real. Firota laughed.

“Where you lied to again?” He looked down, his hands seeming to be playing a dance onto the shadows around him. “You have a spell on you…silly boy.”

I knew it. There was no other way that I could still think of him. I took another step back, a solid body being pressed against mine. I looked behind me, remembering it. “L.” I said to him.

L stood there, his eyes a pit of nothing, something that seemed to be so normal to him now. I wavered, not knowing what other way to go from here. I looked at L. My L. then my attention turned back to him…

“What do you want?” I asked him.

He laughed, “Silly boy…” His body came forward. His hands reached my body, a warmth feeling coming over me. His hands placed warmth, that sickening warmth on my face and he said, “You…” He leaned forward. His lips pressed against mine.

L was behind me the whole time, he grabbed my shoulders, pulling violently all of a sudden onto my shirt, and then tearing it off. My chest now exposed, I pulled away from Firota.

Pushing him back was easy, he was caught off guard and it was easy to turn back to L and hold him. I drew him up into a hug and said in a hushed voice, “Save me…why are you doing this?”

He looked at me. I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t see L. The one who I wanted to love, for him to love me. He wasn’t there anymore. I cringed. He smiled at this movement of revulsion and said to me in the Synthic tongue, “I will love to see your body quiver under something you hate.”

I pushed him away, letting him fall to the ground. I headed a different way. A new path seeming to open up for me. I ran down this path. The darkness swallowing my body whole. I could hear the laughter of his voice. I could even hear him say to me, “Run as fast as you like Light…that will only make you even more tired.” Firota’s voice was like a tearing sound in my body.

I looked down at the ground, it seeming to be invisible below me. I could see nothing but the cut. It was bleeding too. I looked at the whole in my chest. I thought for a second that I would never see it again. The reason because Ryuk was the one who had gotten rid of it, healing me. But now, now the haunting cut was back. A stab wound. God damn it, why now? How now? I tripped over something.

L was there in a second, his body covering mine. He pressed his lips onto mine, and I found my body locked down by his over powering hands, connecting my wrists to the ground. I gave a moan when he released his mouth. He whispered in my ear, “You know, when you and L were doing it, it turned me on…I think we should have a little fun.” He gave a laugh. I could tell it wasn’t him. It was that damned Synthic Ta. I tried to pull up, moving, shoving his body off mine. It wouldn’t work. I couldn’t move. His strong body was pressed against mine. I felt a hot tear sting my face, “Get off, please.”

He laughed at me, and then another’s laugh came out of the shadows. Firota stepped out of nowhere. I looked he said, “Ohh, hooo, my you two look cute together.”

The Synthic Ta laughed cruelly and said, “Get out of here, he is mine. You can have him next.”

Firota gave a small sigh, “You know that I will need him full of energy…” There was a kind of pity in his voice.

“Let me go!” I screamed. I kicked L in the groin. He launched back, body landing a few feet away, quivering and holding his balls. I hoped that that kick would do no damage to his real body. I would kill myself if that happened.

Firota laughed and said to L, “Hey, that looks like it hurt.” He laughed again and I got up. I began to run again.

Firota, who knew I was going to run the first chance I got, chased me. He caught me too. If I thought the Synthic Ta was bad, Firota was like the devil. He caught me and the first thing he did was press his front against my back. I could feel him on me. On my body. His hands moved gently down my body, slowly they trailed down to were my member was. I cringed.

He was so gentle though. He rubbed, feeling me up as much as he wanted.

L seemed to come out of nowhere, and he was pissed. He stepped in front of me. “To get back at you, I am going to make you enjoy this.” He laughed a bit and then seized my neck with his mouth. I moaned into it.

Firota held my arms, locked to his body, and was grasping my groin with the other hand, trying to unzip my pants. L was on the front of my body, making soft noises, and making movements that didn’t help to keep the pleasure from escalating through my body and down to my organ. I moaned again.

Firota whispered into my ear, “I like that sound, it suits you.”

L whispered into my other ear this, “I wanna hear you scream…pain or pleasure, I want to hear it.” He gently took my lips and began to suck on them, the same time, I could feel his tongue pressing into my mouth. I moaned again.

Why? “Why?” I questioned allowed so that they could hear my thoughts.

“Because,” Firota said, “We can…” He let L finish, “Because, as long as you sleep Light…Kira…You are ours.” He laughed, and Firota began the same chant of malice too.
“No…please no…can’t…you just kill me?” I asked.

Firota laughed first and then pulled out my member. He began to stroke it, “No, this is so much more fun…”

L leaned down, making sure his lips where on my nipples and began to suck them. He stopped a moment and said to me, “No, because we can’t kill you…but we can damn sure make you suffer.” He laughed, but went back to the sucking. I moaned again, taking in the soft vibrations that were coming off of the two most pleasurable spots on my body.

Firota had my erection almost complete when L said in a very calm voice, “I want to suck it.”

I was huffing now, not really remembering to breath. L sucking my dick was one of the best things I could think of right now. But tears came down anyway. I wanted L, not this person, thing. I didn’t even know what this thing was. I knew it was like, a monster, a demon, something. I just wanted L. The real L.

“Why are you crying Light? Doesn’t it feel good?” Firota asked.

L laughed, catching onto my game as fast as anything. He said aloud, “He wants the real L to suck his dick…not me.” He made a fake sound to make it sound like he was offended. He wasn’t though I could tell. He moved up to my lips. He whispered onto them, “You can have me. What is wrong with me? You can pretend that I am the real L. You can call me L…you can fuck me like I am L. And…I wont be dead like L.” He kissed me.

I think that was when I snapped out of it. I lashed out forward, hitting him in the head with my own. I gave a yell, “You or Firota could never replace L.” I gave a wild yell, and then everything went silent again.

Do you believe me when I say those words?

My eyes shot open, and I nearly fell off of Ryuk’s back. He caught me and said, “Thank god you are up Light…I could hear you moaning, and yelling, I think you were having a nightmare.”

My face lit on fire. I was having a dream. It was a dream. But this was something more then to note. This was like, something to talk to Ryuk about, because I was damned sure that he knew what the hell was going on. I decided not to ask now though. Instead my eyes set upon the thing that stood in front of us. I was like a giant…it was a giant castle.

If you have ever seen an old roman cathedral, you would think this was one of them. It loomed high into the air. It was by far the hugest thing Light had ever seen. It loomed about hundreds of feet tall, seeming to stretch and touch the sky. It was like, a heaven. It was so big, I wasn’t sure really how to tell you how big it was. Lets just say it had to have at least 60 bedrooms separated.

The building was gray, and looked to be old. Moss and large weeds grew up one side of the building, a large area of ground was surrounded by a garden, in the garden, and there were odd things. I wasn’t sure what they were. I could see cages of animals too. Human animals.
Horses were running around as well. But back to the building, It had large stain glass
windows sealed into the wall, some area’s taking up to about 8 feet tall, and 6 feet wide. Gods, and demons would reflect off of them. Gargoyles and demon’s, angels as well were looming over rounded edges of the castle. And even the entrance had angles and such guarding it. It looked magnificent in all. A glory that was so creepy, it looked, amazing. I loved it.

Ryuk’s wings curved in a little and he began to glide down to the world below. I could tell that he was trying to land. I held on tight because he had told me once that if I didn’t, I would end up flying off when he jerked trying to land. I brought him into a death grip hug.
We landed with out anyone being thrown off, but the bad thing was, was that we were inside of the castle yard. We were almost to the staircase when something began to hiss. Ryuk said Uh’ oh, and I could tell again that he had forgotten something. Had he been here before?
The hissing sound made itself appear and it was what looked to be a snake with two heads and a very long body. It was nowhere as big, or as fat as Creston looked. But it did have two times the menacing stare that I could feel bare into my body.

“Pestok. It’s a Pestok. A snake like creature that has two heads, and can kill you with only two bites. They hate everything…” Ryuk said lowly. He was still holding L. I looked at him.
“What should we do?” I asked him, hoping that he would say something that would save our lives.

He gave a small laugh, “Um, I am not really sure.” He tilted his head, “Oh, wait…” He turned his hand slowly, and looked through his bag. His eyes staying on the snakes that seemed to be getting more and more pissed off.

The snake’s color was green, and it had what looked to be a black design on its body. A bunch of constant circles, and waves, triangles, and squares, almost like a maze. It made me want to watch it forever.

Ryuk took me out of my gaze that seemed to be endless and he said to me, “I found it.” The Pestok even seemed to look at him even more intrigued. Ryuk had taken out a small whistle it looked to be. I had thought this: what the hell is that going to do?

Ryuk brought it up to his lips and blew. It looked like he was blowing hard into it. It was at that second that I realized it must have been a key, or a chaser. Because seconds after Ryuk had blown into it, the snake began to wither in pain. It’s heads waved in all directions. One of them even bashed its head up against the ground. It slithered away, seeping back into the darkness of the bushes.

I looked at Ryuk. “What is that?” I was walking up the stairs next to him, making sure that if anything more came out of the damn nothingness of this realm, that at least I would have some protection.

“It is a gift from a friend. She gave it to me for helping her with something. It will help us when we enter this castle. I think you will find it to come in handy in the future.” He looked at me, but when I went to look up at him, his head was already turned away from my gaze.

“SO, what is it?” I asked again. Seeing that he denied the fact to give me the answer.

He was silent for a moment. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell me. But then he said in a hushed voice, “Asuck.”

Just one word, or two words connected to make one. So that if a normal human said it, it would make no sense, but perfectly natural to the others that knew it. I felt like one of them.

Ryuk reached the top. He brought the small whistle up to his lips, he played something, and it was ear shattering. I could hear it! Unlike last time when he had played, I could hear it now. It was like nails on glass, or a chalkboard. It hurt. But, when he stopped, the door to the castle creaked open, and he took a step in, L still in his arms. I followed behind. The doors closed and I could feel eyes on me.

But before I go on, let me tell you a little bit how this place looked. It was huge. It looked like there was no end to the ceiling. There was though, it was made there, so that the second floor could be made. Stairs curved up, winding up both sides of the front room. In the middle, down below the top of those stairs, there was another door. It was brown, but had gold designs of birds, and dragons flying together. It was gorgeous. The whole room had it.
Giant gold designs. Silver too. They were all dragons. It was magnificent. The dragon’s looked real. They looked as if they had been caught, and then imprisoned into the walls of this room. They were huge though, too big to be real…or where they? I gave a gasp as I looked at my side. There were doors everywhere. They were on both sides of us. I had to tear my gaze away from the doors though, when all of a sudden I saw it…

It was a creature. It had to be. It was a girl. She had one eye. The other eye was covered by a cloth. The cloth was stained in red. The girl’s body was pail, but it resembled a humans. She was short, like a human, and was cute like a schoolgirl. The girl had on a white ragged skirt, along with a ragged shirt on. She had breasts. Big ones, made Ryuk look at her and laugh a little. I could tell he liked her. Her tail and her hair were the only things telling me that she was not human. Oh, and the bloodied stumps on her back. There were two of them. They looked to be places where wings might sprought out of, but there were no wings, no more anyway. The girl’s hair was long, it seemed to even grow out of her back. It was blue too.
Like her skin though, the skin was lighter. The ears were almost covered by the hair. They looked fake, but they were cute. She resembled that of a Harem girl. She had a tail, a long one, but it was above the ground, and it was more like a cats tail. Her eye was huge as well.
A crystal type of blue filling her eye with loveliness. She did look pretty though, put aside the fact that she had no eye, and her tail and the bloody stump on her back.

The girl smiled, “Hello misers Ryuk…What brings you here?” She began to walk over to us. She saw the boy in Ryuk’s arms and then looked at me. She put one and two together, and knew what was to come. She bowed her head, “Follow me Sirs.” She bowed and turned with grace. Her body swaying like a piece of cloth while she walked. Excellent curves conducting her to lead us the way.

She led us to the doors that lie below the stairs, and she opened them with one hand, turning to us as they opened. She said to us, leaving us to look into the room, “Masseur Ryuk, Madame Life Note…” She turned to the open room.

We could all see in it. A magnificent thrown was in the center of the room. Behind the thrown where huge glass windows, they over looked a yard and you could see the castle winding around into a loop from both ends, encircling that caged in area. Making a private area to look out on. It was a large room. It had pictures, and things on the window that I had only seen inside of fairy tail books, and in the ancient times. And some things that I had never seen before.

The person who was in the chair though, she was the most eye catching of them all. A slender figure, body half resting on one hand. She looked at us with little emotion in her face.
She was dosed in gold, her stomach being shone like the maid that had brought us in here.
She had gold and silver all up her wrists, and her breasts. The only thing covering her breasts in fact. Her feet were placed into Japanese slippers. They were black, and had a white rim to them. Her skin was dark, like that of Hershey’s chocolate. But it only made the gold stand out more. It complimenting the fine figure that wore it. I could see both beauty, and hate in that small figure. She looked tall up there.

“Um, Life Note…” Ryuk said in a small voice. I thought I was going to laugh. It seemed that he was bowing down to her. I had never seen Ryuk so uptight, or, afraid. But then, the most horrible sound came from the person who sat on the thrown. It was both low and disturbing. I felt odd hearing it…she had just…snored!


The end of chapter 9. O.o look every body, 8 pages. Hehe. Hey, how do you all like it so far. I can’t believe I have that many reviews already. How many of you think I should go back to writing Gorillaz stories though? I know I am working on a few. Jasmine, sorry I haven’t been making them. I will be back to it soon though. Well anyway, you have all had your first glance at Life Note. Next chapter will show you all who Life Note is a bit more. I think you will all like her, if you don’t, don’t complain. I don’t want any flamers either. I don’t like them. I would like to thank those of you who are reading and reviewing this right now. I threw some more words in for you, so stay tuned for more words in the dictionary, and be waiting for the next chapter….(9 PAGES!) thanks to these people, I have found inspiration and reasons to keep going on with this story. Thanks to all of you who are reading and reviewing this. I really appreciate it
Pestok: A snake with two heads, and is used to guard things. They are extremely poisonous, and hate everything except for their masters. They only need to bite you once to get you on the ground, withering with pain. The second bite is what really kills you. It has black and green designs on it that make its prey want to look at it for hours. This is how it keeps its prey in place, while it attacks them.

Asuck: A small whistle that can be turned into a small flute with power to fend off predators, monsters, and open up buildings and walls. This tool is most powerful when on the castle’s property. The castle of life note can give it immense power. There are only about 3 in the whole worlds. Life note gave one to Ryuk for winning the match and helping her during the war.

Life Note: A person that has a book called the life note and can bring back humans or things from the dead for a price. The price is life.

Ento: The walking dead that obey its owner.

Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.

Kinto: When the dead walker becomes too weak to go on it becomes a shell of nothing.

You speak nothing, but when you do, I know the only things you say are lies.

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