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Chapter 7: Let me die!

My first though was this: Kill me, just don’t leave me in here.

Firota had opened the door to the room. I had smelled it instantly. The smell of death, decay, and decomposing bodies. I nearly threw up. Firota had walked into the room, caring me.
Firota set me down, against a wall. I couldn’t see anything. The light was shut off, and I don’t really think this world had electricity. He only kneeled down by me, wrapped me in a cloth, mostly for the blood that was coming down from my back. It was warm in this room. I didn’t think that this room needed any more heat. Firota patted my head and then said as he walked out, “Perhaps a night in here will make you change your mind.”

I was left in total darkness. The sound of dripping coming from some place in the corner of the room. I merely sat there, listening. My mind wanted to think that something was alive in here. Logic told me something else. There was something in here…oh yes, but it wasn’t alive. I could smell it. The smell was so disgusting. I could feel my throw up coming up. I held it down, taking my mind off of it from the pain I felt in my back. It hurt so much. It was like when I went to move, the blood came down more. I gave a groan and let my back just beat on it’s own. I could hear it. A heart beat.

The beats came from my chest, and my cuts. But, that led to other things. L…He was dieing. Slowly. He was slowly going insane. The stone. I wished I had it so that I could tell L where I was. If something didn’t happen, both of us would die. L would go insane, and I would be…well, I really don’t know. I silently heaved, trying to get a normal beat in my chest. I couldn’t though. I couldn’t think of anyone but him.

I thought of those eyes, those large eyes. I thought of that smile. I thought of his awkward sitting stance. I laughed gently at that. Would he ever sit like that again? I wasn’t sure.
Would I ever sit next to him? Something inside of me longed for it. Another part told me that I would never have it. That I would always be lost. My body trembled. I would give anything for him to be happy, alive would be awesome. Alive is good. Alive is…Oh god. I felt a tear run down my face.

My body slowly slid down. My face landed on something smooth, soft, and wet. I jerked my body up fast. I let my hands slowly examine it. I pealed my hand back though when I realized that it was a body. I felt my body heave. I felt sick again. I was about to throw up when I heard something. My eyes shot open, trying to see anything. I looked around. There was nothing. I heard a low hiss sound. I stood still.

Something slithered below me. It went over my fingers, slowly. I felt the thing move on. It slithered again. I drew my hand back and I thought I heard something laugh. I listened and the laughing was there. It was low. I heard a small voice say, “Hello Light Yagami.”
My body jumped, but I was quiet. I didn’t know if I should answer this thing. I felt the slithering below me again. It felt hard, and it was kind of wet. I reached away from it, holding my hand, “Who is there?”

The slithering thing moved away and I heard the gentle voice again. It sounded fragile. It was also that of a woman’s. “I am a Cerston. I will not hurt you.” She gave a small laugh.
I moved uneasily, “What are you.”

“I am a Cerston.” She suddenly seemed to realize that I had no clue of these words. “I am a snake like creature. Do not fear, I will not hurt you. I don’t eat living things.” She gently brushed up against me.

“You feel like a stick.” I said this. I had my idea that she was a small creature.

“Haha, that my boy, is only my tongue. Do you wish to see my real body?”

My fear was deepening. That was only her tongue? If that was her tongue then she had to be at least…5 feet long. I took a gulp, “I would really rather not know.”

She laughed again, “It is okay. You will see me when your master let’s you back out. I can’t believe you didn’t see me when you entered.” There was no mock in her voice. She only stated a fact. It didn’t make me mad or anything.

“He is not my master.” I stated blankly.

“Hmm, I see. Then you must be his prisoner.” She said. I heard her sigh, “I am sorry for your predicament.”

I tilted my head, “Can you tell me anything about Firota?” I was in a very odd place; it would make me feel better to know something about this strange thing. I waited.

“Yes…I could. I will state the obvious first. Then, you can ask what ever question you want to ask…” She was quiet for a moment. Then she began,

“As you may not be able to tell, or perhaps you noticed, Firota is not full Shinigami. No, he was once human in fact.” I gasped at this, but kept my attention from the direction of the voice. “Yes, he was once human. A long time ago. But, the king of the Shinigami punished him. It is not sure what he did to be punished so, but he was. He was turned into a shinigami. Death Note ruler if you want me to call him that.” She gave a small groan, “He lost his eye because a fight over a girl Shinigami. Life note user. I really don’t know why we have them, they really have no purpose.” I thought for a second, ‘I could use one of them.’ I listened to her talk again. “Well anyway, Ryuk fought him, and Ryuk won, he took out Firota’s eye. But, after Ryuk had won, he went to go and claim his prize. The girl was gone though. She had left a note saying that she would not stand for this. That she did not believe in people fighting over a small cause.” The monster laughed gently, it sounded sad though, “Poor girl left, took almost ever single Life note with her. They all followed her. She was the loveliest, cunning, and reckless. She was everything. The only true Life Note user to make it out of the war alive. The Death Note gods stopped the war by the way.” She stopped and must have been looking around.

I myself could feel my head getting lighter and a feeling of sickness settle over me. I said to her slowly, “When you said that he was a human…how did he become a death god. I mean, I get the point where he was damned to being one, couldn’t he just like, have been killed?”

The snake was quiet. She spoke in a whisper, or hiss, “He was smart. Such a smart boy…They said that the death god feel in love with him. Maybe…I don’t really think so though. I think he just hated him with a passion. Well anyway, they had somehow gotten him to follow a Shinigami into this world. From here, he was damned to stay and become a shinigami.” She laughed again, “But, since he was a smart and cunning human, he was an amazingly awesome shinigami. He went insane from all of the power and control.”

I gave a small sigh. So much now made sense, except for, “Why is he hell bent on torturing me?”

She sounded kind of sad, yet true, “You must remind him of himself. You do have the brainpower. He had been talking about you quiet a lot.”

“How do you know all of this?” I asked, trying to strain my eyes for the first time to see her. I could see inside of the darkness, something even darker, a light shade around a long thing. It was she, it had to be. Was she really that big? It seemed her face drew up to mine, her eyes opened and for the first time, I saw the red flame of sadness wash over me, “Just trust me…” I could see it in those eyes. In the dark, they glowed, they burned. It was like fire in my head. She was looking right at me. Her eyes as big as mine, almost bigger. Her head was bigger then mine, I think. That is what my mind thought of when I saw the eyes. She was huge. Enormous. I gasped.

She went back again, closing her eyes. I looked for the red flames again, but they were gone. Long gone. I said in a shaky voice, “You…your…”

She said to me, “I am very old Light…My eyes will stay closed. Sorry for the scare.”

I turned, leaning up against the wall with some pain, “There are dead bodies everywhere.” I sighed in a cold hate for Firota. “What is the worst he could do to me?”

“You really want me to answer that?” She asked, pity in her voice.


“Then the answer is…Keep you alive…” She sounded forgiving, sad. How could she possess so much emotion? How?

I half expected that. I didn’t want to die, but then again, I didn’t want to live. L was already a cause enough to die on my own. I sighed, “Well, it seems that you know enough. I have already tried to kill myself and failed so, if I can’t do it come time and I ask you to, would you?”

She was silent for a long time. I thought of something. That during this period of time, she was thinking of my future, that some how she could see into it, as if she was looking ahead. Figuring out what she could and would tell me. I waited for her to say to me, “Okay Light…I will.” She was kind of sad sounding, and I knew that it might come to it. I only gave a smile; I had a back up plan after all. I just hoped that it would not come to it.

My head fell back against the wall and I closed my eyes, sleep was going to settle on me sometime. So I waited for it. It came.

I woke up to the sound of that door opening. My eyes were blurred, but I could tell that Firota was in front of me due to the huge shadow that loomed over me. I looked up. He smiled and bent down; he picked me up with ease and began to take me away. Out of the place with Cerston in it.

CERSTON! My eyes shot from every direction. I thought I would never see her. But, the dead bodies that lied around almost covered her. It was like a mountain. A mountain of dead bodies. Cerston was huge too. Her head was protruding from the top. She looked at me, watching, but her eyes were not open. I could tell because those eyes were not watching, nor looking at me with that intense fire stare. Her body took up half of the room. Her body was at least 23 ft long, maybe longer, her thick body was about 2 feet at the thickest point. (The center.) And her head was about the size of my body. I cringed, she could have eaten me. Devoured me in one bite. Slowly, but she didn’t. She watched me go and seemed to frown. Her black body seeping back into the darkness as the door closes. I closed my eyes for a second. I didn’t think I would see her again. It was in that moment I remembered my dad. How she had given me that almost same sad look as I walked out that door.

Firota set me on the table, looking down at me. I took a breath of fresh air, how I longed for it. It seemed like such sweet bliss as I inhaled the smell of something besides dead decaying bodies. Firota watched me but then slinked over to the back of me. He looked at the back of me, then gently touched my cuts. My back shot forward and I thought I was going to scream. He only came closer to me, holding my chest with his large hand and then placed another hand on my back. I closed my eyes as I took in a deep breath and I cringed. Firota only laughed.

“Don’t touch me.” I said lowly.

He tilted his head forward, looking at me, “I’ll touch you if I want…Have a nice chat with Cerston?” He gently let my back fall into a slow beat of anger. I let him put a new coating of something slimy on my back that came from another jar. It was cold, but felt so good. I relaxed as he smothered it onto me and rubbed it in with surprisingly gentle hands.

Firota was close to the back of my ear, “You know what else this stuff is good for?” He questioned me with a sense of thickness in his breath.

I shrugged a bit. He breathed on my neck with warm breath. It felt good and I felt my eyes close as he bit down on my ear. I gave a small gasp as I felt his teeth nibble them. He had brought his hands up and where dragging them all around my chest area. He began to send vibrations of comfort up and down my spine. I liked it. I thought of my dad, then, L.

L was like a star. He was there, yet he wasn’t. And the thoughts of him there in my head made it so much worse then anything else here.

Firota moved down to my neck, he began to pick a spot and sucked on it. I figured a hicky would form there. But it didn’t matter, I was going to die soon anyway. I felt his hands move around my body, tickling, rubbing. Groping. Firota was searching with one of his hands. It began to travel down more and more. It dipped down and began to try and sneak under my pants. I said lowly, panting, “No…Stop…” I was unsure of myself. What was there left, I had nothing, nothing to give but my body. It felt so good too.

“Why do you care?” I heard the older Shinigami rasp. It was so true, “You have no one anymore. Just let me take you…” He sounded sad a bit. I could sense something. It was like a tingling feeling in my head. It was like something that I had felt before…But what? I couldn’t remember. But I did find myself saying to Firota in a pathetic and weak voice, “Go on, take me then. I give up…I have killed, or let down everyone I love…I have nothing more.” I could feel hot tears begin to grow in the corners of my eyes. They did not fall though. They remained. I closed my eyes for a second as I felt his hand grasp me. I even gave a gasp as the cold hand clenched me.

“Let him go Firota.”

My head, Firota’s head, and I think some of the skulls all turned to the entrance of the cave. Like a ghost. Or more so, like a demon that wouldn’t die. He was there. He had his hands balled into fists, and he was glaring at Firota.

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Synthic Ta: The same thing as a synthic only a lot more deadly. It has more of a grim spirit that possesses it. It can think, talk, and act on its own. The body is almost unable to become normal again, and can loose insanity to madness. The mind becomes alive once more, causing the previous owner to fight with it over the body.

Wicton: The stage before Synthic. It starts out slowly, and slowly becomes clearer. Its goal is to become a full Synthic so that it can become more powerful. Killing it’s killer is it’s main source to live.

Synthic: When the dead walker grows a mind of it’s own, but not for the better. They get this form when they are told how they died by their killer. They go through, sadness, anger, or jealousy; synthic is a mixture of all of them. They still do not really have a mind of their own, they only seek revenge, and hold grudge.

Ento: The walking dead that obey its owner.

Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.

Kinto: When the dead walker becomes too weak to go on it becomes a shell of nothing.

Today, someone said ‘I love you’ to me. I said back, ‘Don’t waste your time, you know what will happen.’

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