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Chapter 6: My screams and his pain Kira vs. L part 1

Ryuk helped me up with one hand, and then with the other he handed me my shirt. He looked me up and down, “Are you okay?” He asked.

I looked at the cut across my stomach. It bled lowly. I could feel a light pulse begin to come through as well. I sighed, “I think it will be okay.” I only said these words to reassure myself.

Ryuk got closer and looked at it with his eyes. He was quiet for a while, but then he looked up at me and said, “I think it will be too. It doesn’t look like any of the poison is going to travel.”

I looked at him. “Poison?” I asked. I wasn’t in the mood to hear that poison was in my body.

L came near me. I looked at him. I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t figure out if he knew or not. So I allowed him to speak first. He said to me, “Are you alright master?” His hand began to slowly creep down to my stomach.

I pulled away before he could touch it. His words seemed to come out in a jumble. I thought for a second that I couldn’t hear him correctly. I knew he wouldn’t hear my words, but I said them anyway, “Who are you?!” I took on a defensive pose.

L only looked at me. He looked gentle. I don’t think he knew what I said. I glared at him and spoke more slowly, and clearly, “Who are you?”

Slowly, a smile crept upon his face. At first it looked playful, but as his eyes began to become covered by his dark hair. Then, that smile of his turned to one of acid. The look on his face seeming like one of the devils, or perhaps, like Firota’s. “Master…I don’t understand…”

I took a step back. Ryuk watched him as well. He was the one that seemed to be the most lost, but I knew that he knew what was going on. He knew the best out of all of us. He kept his gaze on both of us though. He seemed to be determined not to become between us till something exciting happened.

L stood there, “What is the matter master…something got your tongue?” His smile told me that he wasn’t himself.

“L…what are you…” I didn’t really ask. It was more of a statement.

L looked at me. He seemed to fade away at that moment. Not really being there. He smiled again though, “Well, since you seem to know that I am no ordinary Ento…I should tell you the truth then. Something that you two have been lying to me about.” He didn’t sound like L all of a sudden. He took on a voice of his own. It was more of a hiss. But it was dark. It was deep and stern. It made my backbone clench. He noticed this and said to me, “I am a Wicton.”

Another freaken’ word I didn’t know. If I had to guess though, I would say that he was evil. Due to the way Ryuk had gasped, and the way he said, “Shit.” I could tell. I turned to him. “What is it?”

L looked offended by me. He said to me in a very mocking way, “That’s right…a normal human like yourself wouldn’t know. I am a Wicton. I am one step below a Synthic. Here: Wicton: I look for the soul reason of my killer. I stop at nothing to become a synthic. From there, I become a Synthic Ta. All want to kill their betrayer.” He gave a pause when he noticed that I had no clue what was being said.

I straightened up. I began to walk over to Ryuk. I spoke lowly to him, “Is he safe anymore?”

Ryuk gave a low sigh, “Not really. He will be absorbed in killing…His killer. If he becomes the Synthic, he will be stronger, and not to mention that he will know whom his killer is. Then, if he has to, he would become a Synthic Ta. It is more deadly then he is now. He would kill without any remorse what so ever. I think he would be worse then Firota himself.”

We both looked at the person before us. He seemed to grow more and more hungry for answers. He said slowly, “This will be easier if you just tell me who my killer is.” He looked at both of us. His gaze stopped over me. “So tell me master, why is it that we are here?”

I looked at him, my head was beginning to hurt, and I could feel some blood leave my body. It was warm. I thought that the bleeding had stopped though. I looked L up and down. Wicton…damn it…what the hell was going on? How did everything go so wrong? Why couldn’t I just go and save him?

“Too bad L has to be put through all of this.” Said Ryuk.

My head turned, “What?”

“Hmm…L still is alive inside of that body. He is the same as he was. He is only fading more and more. I hate to think that he will eventually give up, and let the demon in him take over. Too bad…” He looked down at me, but had looked back at the man.

I looked at him, “L is still in there?” I didn’t notice when the Wicton had snarled out at Ryuk and said in defense, “I will destroy the human.” He looked at me. “You are my killer! Kira!” His eyes seemed to go red.

I shut my ears, holding my hands over my head, “No! No! I didn’t kill you.” I yelled these words. When I had once admitted it before, I was once again denying it. My eyes shut for a second. I saw flashes of red, blood red. It seemed like his blood. My blood…No, it was his. When it had been on me. Why? Why did I kill him…

My eyes shot open when I felt the sharp pain of a punch to my stomach. I knelt down, feeling the cut in my stomach begin to bleed more. I also gave a cry.

L was in front of me. I looked up at him. It didn’t seem like there was anyone else here. He looked down at me. He knelt down, facing me fully, “Are you my killer or not?”

I looked into his eyes. I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t say it to him. I could only look at his eyes. Those eyes that had once been alive. I cringed as a wave of pain washed over me as he slammed me to the ground.

That was when he came. I looked up, expecting to die…again. But he loomed over me. I could hear them all talk loud and clear. I heard L say, “Get out of here Shinigami. He is mine.”

Firota gave a laugh, “I don’t believe I allowed that yet.” He picked me up, those large hands picking me up. I heard L give a yell. I felt as we began to lift off. The cold night sky becoming closer. I heard as Ryuk’s beat of feathers begin to catch up.

Ryuk drew up to the side of Firota, “Let him go.” He had said, and then let a small knife of his own cut into Firota’s body. I wasn’t sure where, but I knew that it had made contact. I could feel the offbeat wings fall into a rhythm of off course flight. We were free falling, but I felt soon to be clasped again by those same strong hands, claws. He held on tight, and then, all went black.

Why? Why did I kill you? I was holding him. He was in my arms. He looked like an angel. Only, he wasn’t alive. His breath told me that he had life, but it lied to me. I held him up to my chest, my soft lips kissing his head. I could feel the cold beat of his heart as it began to slow down. He made a noise. I looked down at him, my tears falling onto him. His skin pale from loss of blood. He tried to open his eyes. Why did I kill you? Was it because you didn’t love me? I winced as I saw him open an eye. He said lowly before drifting off into a sleep that no one would ever wake him up from… “Save me…” My eyes shot open.

I opened my eyes. I looked around. I was in some sort of place. It looked like a den, or perhaps a cave. I looked to see if there was any body around. I didn’t know if Ryuk was here or not. But, when I tried to get up, and then step away from the pile of sheets I had been on, I found that my ankle was kind of SHACKLED to the damn wall. I began to pull at the shackles. Now I knew where I was. I was in HIS home. I sat down, not knowing what to really do from here. Everything had gone wrong. Everything. I pulled my knee’s up to my chest, and I let my face fall into the grove that my knees and chest had made. I felt like throwing up. L knew. He was going to die now…I knew it. He was going to be nothing, and I was going to be eaten in the most horrible way now. Or maybe he was just going to take my soul and then eat that? Who cares though. Nothing really matters. I looked at my surroundings again. There was nothing but a table, made out of skulls. A mirror from the human world, made out of skulls. A bed, with skulls around it’s banister, and sides holding it up. A pile of random skulls and bones. Looked kind of like humans’. And oh, more skull things. I cringed thinking of all the things he had to kill to get all of this stuff. How big some of these things had to be. I gave a low groan as I looked to my close side. There was a huge skull. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I thought that it blinked.

After a while though, I slowly reached over, wanting to touch the thing that had scared me half to death. I touched the top of the skull. Nothing happened. I picked it up and began to study it. It was rotting slowly, as everything in time does. I looked into those empty eye sockets and I thought of Firota. Was his one eye just one empty hole? I couldn’t remember. I slowly let the skull go back down to my side. The rags that were at my feel looked to be old and tattered. They kind of looked to be clean though. I didn’t understand that. They smelled of this world though. The shinigami world. I heard footsteps. I watched as he entered the room. He came in with something on his back. It looked to be some sort of dead thing. He didn’t seem to notice that I was awake. I observed him.

Firota was most definitely my captor. He went over to the table. He picked up something and then took the body to one of the more far corners of the cave. I watched. He threw the thing down, it landing on the ground with a heavy thud, and even a small slap. As if it where dead meat, hitting the ground. He was like a hunter with his prize. He huddled over it. Then, he stuck something into it. The thing he must of stuck into it, was a knife. I could hear as the meat ripped and the tearing of the flesh took place. I looked, wrenching my head a bit to try and get a look. Then, it hit me. He was tearing up a human corpse. I saw the hand move, making it look like it was dead. I cringed. Why not just eat me.

‘He likes to torment his pray.’ I thought I could hear Ryuk say in my mind. I don’t know why, but suddenly, I felt mad. He was ripping apart a human. A dead human though, I hoped. But, if he killed, it was for food. Or life. When I had killed, it was to make peace. There was a very big difference. I was good, wasn’t I? I listened, trying to close my eyes and imagine something else. Pretty soon though, I had to bring my hands up so that my ears didn’t have to go through the pain of listening to the ripping and tearing of the flesh.

Firota’s body slowly rose to full height. He gave a groan as he did this. Apparently being bent over for that time had made him hurt. I watched as he stood up. He gave a soft laugh. He said aloud that made me jump, “It is funny, no matter how many I kill. I can never seem to be satisfied…” He spun around, flaring down at me. Holding up something, “Nor can I ever seem to find the right one…” He threw something to me. I expected it to explode, or something. It didn’t though. It merely sat there, looking up at me. I felt my stomach churn as I realized what it was. It was an eyeball.

The eyeball looked up at me. Green the outline, black in the middle. White as the outside holding it all together. Red veins stretching all through out the white bulgy sphere. I moved away from it. It’s veins and cells still holding on to the eye. It was bleeding and I could smell the scent of blood.

Firota gave a laugh and began to walk over to me. He was covered in blood. I looked up at him. He looked down at me. His hands, the blood-ridden hands began to feel for me. I moved back. He gave a gentler laugh, “Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to kill you…yet.”

I didn’t move. So he was going to kill me. That was somewhat of a spirit brighter. I looked at the skull, “What ever, just make it quick, will you?”

He looked down at me. I didn’t know if he was thinking of my death sentence. He turned though. He began to walk over to the dead body. He picked up a piece and began to walk back over. He handed me some. I didn’t accept it though. I only looked at him and the hunk of meat repulsed. He shoved it in my face, “You hungry? You want a bite?”

I pulled my head back yet again. “No! I don’t eat human.”

He looked down at me. “You don’t eat human?” He looked repulsed himself.

“No…I don’t. You are a shinigami right? You don’t have to eat human. You only take their lives.” I asked him, as he takes the meat away from me. I was thankful for this.

He looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he said slowly, “I am not a true Shinigami. I guess I don’t know, do I?” He grinned in a most amusing way. I didn’t know if I should laugh, or if I should be creped out.

He looked back at me though. “What is your real name, Light…or Kira?” He looked at me in an odd way, as if trying to figure me out.

“Light…how did you know I was also called Kira?” I don’t believe he could have known that just because he is a shinigami.

“I knew your real name already. I just…I heard your thoughts. I can’t read minds, I just, I hear a bit of your sentences, and then I put two and two together.” He looked down a bit ashamed.

I looked up at him, “You knew I was Kira because I was thinking it?”

“Well yes. What is a Kira?” He sounded innocent. I didn’t know if he was being nice, or mocking. I decided to answer him anyway.

“A Kira is a…killer. That is the name they gave me. The…um…police. They don’t know that I am Kira though. But now L does…” I didn’t know if he understood a word I had said.

“L…that man…you love him?” He asked me.

“No…” I said to him. He looked down at me. He smiled, “If you keep lying, you will get only on my bad side. I don’t think you want that…Light.” He smiled.

“I don’t know…I do, I think…” I couldn’t finish. “Why does it matter?”

“Because I…” He turned away. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next. He walked away from me. He then looked to the pile of dead human parts. “You don’t eat human then…” He paused. “You eat honey, I watched you.” He turned, I wasn’t sure, but I think he was blushing, or something.

“Honey…you mean the thing from inside of the tree?” I asked him. He looked at me for a second then he said, “Yes.”

I leaned back, “Any reason why you shackled me to the wall?” I waited for an answer. He was halfway to the entrance and he turned to face me. That one red eye glowing at me.

“So that you can’t get away Light. So that when things get worse, you will be right where I left you...” He laughed and was gone. He was gone like the wind. Leaving me here with the smell of rotting human blood, as it gets cold and sticky. Gooey if you want to get really technical.

Firota came in as silent as he had left. I had only noticed him when I saw his tall lanky figure begin to lumber over to me. He was tall and thin. I watched him as he put a lot of the honey things onto the table. Could I live off of that? There was a lot there. He looked back at me, bringing me half of one, “I didn’t know how much you would need to live. Only half of one should fill you up. They do give you a lot of energy though.” He turned and began to walk back over to the body. I turned my head away, beginning to eat the honey thing.

I heard the sound as Firota began to drag the body away. I wasn’t sure where he was taking it. Only when he dragged it to the back, farther then I thought the cave went, did I know. I heard what sounded like a door shut. I waited for him to come back out.

He stopped near me. While he was out, he must of washed or something, because he wasn’t covered in blood anymore. I thought of the honeycomb I had been eating, was that covered in blood as well? I looked down at it. He looked over at me, “I am cleaner then that human.” He seemed offended.

“Can’t be too careful.” I said. So he could hear me. Well somewhat. I looked at him, remembering the stone, “Where is the Kistami?”

His head shot up and he looked at me. He glanced over. Then he took it out of one of his pockets. He let it come down a little. Then he said to me, showing it to me as if it were a prize. “You mean this?”

I saw the gem as it began to shin in his hand. I reached forward, as if drawn to it. But then again, if I contacted him, he would only come here and kill me. I came to the thought of: If he kills me, he kills me. I don’t mind. I would rather die by him, then by anyone else.

“You want it, don’t you? So that you can contact him…” He trailed off. He looked sad for a second, but then he looked back at me. His eye seemed to shine, “You want it…”

I watched as he slowly came forward, coming closer to my face. He breathed gently on my face. I was so frozen in fear, I wasn’t thinking of what was going on. Instead I let his lips get inches from mine. He finished his sentence. That had brought me out of the trance I had been in. He said, “Then give me your body…” I heard it. They were just below a whisper. I gave a shudder and pulled away. When my head hit the back of the cave, I gave a small yell.

Firota grew angry. He said to me, as he backed away. “You don’t want the gem?” He gave a growl.

“You ask from me something I am not prepared to give. I do not agree with you.” I said it, a bit angered by the thought that he would just assume I would let him do something to me.

He grew even angrier. He looked me up and down. Then he pulled me to my feet, his claws on his hands seeming to gently cut into my shoulder skin. The shackles didn’t help either. It only pulled at my ankle. He said this in a hissing voice, “Then take off your shirt.”

I closed me eyes, “Why?” I think I already knew the answer to this, I just don’t think I wanted to allow my self to believe it.

He gave a laugh, “So I can punish you.” He then took off my shirt for himself. Careful not to rip it or anything. Even though he had already made small cuts into it from when he pulled me up to my feet. He turned my body around; making sure that my back was to him. My arms flew up against the wall. He stopped moving for a second. I think he was getting something out of his pocket. I looked over my shoulder, seeing him made me cringe again. I knew he could fell my body shake as his grasp became more attached to me.

The hand that had been in his pocket moved in front of my face. He showed me the thing that had been taken out. It was a key! The key to my shackles I thought. He lowered his hand down to the lock. I was free in seconds. I could hear him laugh. He must of known the first thing I was going to do when he unlocked me. I had even forgotten that he could almost read my mind.

My body flew back, pushing him to the ground with some force. I jump to my right, running towards the entrance of the cave. I was about to make it, to the door and I felt his hand slink around me. No, it wasn’t his hand, it was his tail. It gripped around my waist, and then flew me back into the cave. I fell onto my back, Firota over me in seconds. I looked up at him; I didn’t think that I would ever move again. It felt like my backbone was shattered. He gave a laugh, “Well now, that was expected. Does it hurt? I hope not too much…that would make your punishment so much more worse now.” He gave another laugh and then pulled me up.

I stood there; I wasn’t sure what I could do. Should I just let him do it to me? I felt ill. No, god no. He pushed me, my stomach landing on the cave wall. My back to him, I was defenseless.

Firota came up behind me. He gently touched my bare sides with his claws. They seemed gentle, yet sharp. It also tickled, the way metal does when it touches warm flesh very gently. I held in the grotesque vulgarity that I wanted to say to him. Instead I allowed for him to draw back his hand and say gently, “I would love to be the one to mark you first.” His claws came down. It sliced my back, thick cuts coming down into my back. I gave a small yell. I didn’t know if that was what he wanted, but I wasn’t about to give it to him. He did it again, this time going the other way. Laughing as he did so at my pathetic attempts to be quiet.

“Stop.” I said so low, panting for him to stop. He took a notice to it and then lowered his hands. He said to me, his face close to my ear, “Will you do as I say?”

I gritted my teeth, “Fuck you.” I said. Why…did I say that? It only made him mad. He was about to just stick the long nails into me as if they were needles, but he seemed to remember that it would kill me. He instead lowered his hand. He looked down and laughed a bit to himself. I slid down to the ground, my support gone. I could feel the burn of those cuts. He walked away for a second. What was he going to do now? I watched him. I wouldn’t be able to get away. I could try, but who knows what the fucked up asshole would do. I could feel tears wanting to come out. I didn’t cry though. I couldn’t, not now. I watched as he brought back over some blue liquid. Poison? He knelt down in front of me. He smiled, “You may want to drink this.”

I held my mouth closed. He only looked disappointed at me. Besides the one eye missing, and the fangs, he looked like a human. I turned my head away. He only twisted my head back, and forced my jaws to let my lips part. He poured in the liquid and then clamped shut my mouth with his hand. He tilted my head back. The liquid was down and swallowed before I could spit it out. It didn’t have a taste. It didn’t have an effect right away. It seemed like water. I looked up at him, glaring mad.

“It is only for the poison. I can’t have you dieing from it, now can I?” He laughed. Then picked me up. I struggled a bit, but when he rubbed my back, the cuts seeming to rip apart, I stopped.

The end of the cave came closer. The part where I had seen him clean the body. He kept that one eye on the back of the cave. He kept walking. I suddenly realized what he was going to do. He was going to put me into the place he had put that dead body!

The end of chapter 6. Yeah…Okay, so I am still trying to think if I should make Firota and Light a pair. Well, it wouldn’t be bad, but I mean. I am really against rape. But anyway, if you really want it, I can. I can deal with out it. Haha, well I will talk to you again soon. Now I am off to make chapter 7!!!!!!!!!!!Definition time!

Ento: The walking dead that obey its owner.

Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.

Kinto: When the dead walker becomes too weak to go on it becomes a shell of nothing.

Firota: The monster that dwells in the shinigami realm and feeds on the dead, and humans. He was once a shinigami god, now he is a monster. His past is not to be given away unless the story informs it. He is now insane and torments his victims. He is said to be the cause of the war. One of the causes really.

Wicton: The stage before Synthic. It starts out slowly, and slowly becomes clearer. Its goal is to become a full Synthic so that it can become more powerful. Killing it’s killer is it’s main source to live.

Synthic: When the dead walker grows a mind of it’s own, but not for the better. They get this form when they are told how they died by their killer. They go through, sadness, anger, or jealousy; synthic is a mixture of all of them. They still do not really have a mind of their own, they only seek revenge, and hold grudge.

Qu: A fake soul. A soul that is used to be a fake controller of the body that is a dead walker. It takes a lot of power for a shinigami to summon it. The fake soul has more of a mind of its own and is a lot more independent. Making it a lot more dangerous, and more capable of causing death.

Synthic Ta: The same thing as a synthic only a lot more deadly. It has more of a grim spirit that possesses it. It can think, talk, and act on its own. The body is almost unable to become normal again, and can loose insanity to madness. The mind becomes alive once more, causing the previous owner to fight with it over the body.

Fitino: A soul that possess a dead walker, just some random soul. They are normally found in the human world. They are souls that are lost and can’t find peace anywhere.

Creston: A huge snake like reptile that lives in the body of the dead. It eats only decaying corpses. It is mostly friendly, but can be mean. It dwells in the cave of Firota.


Names are nothing of meaning. They are nearly a cover for something much worse.

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