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Well okies, this is a new one. I was planning for this one to be the last chapter, but I think I will have one more. Does anyone read the bottom of the page? If you do…you might find out something cool. Read the last chapters bottom.

Chapter 11: A taste of pain

When I was pulled out of the darkness, and came to, I saw three people looking down at me. Ryuk, Life Note, and Vixen. They all looked at me, most of them with smiles on their faces. Ryuk had a smile on his face, put it was upside down. His whole head was. I yelled at him, “They were there! They keep coming back Ryuk!”

He looked at me with question in his eyes, “You mean the Synthic, and Firota?”

“Yes, how did you know?” I asked.

“Because, that is what happens most of the time in your cause.” I was about to punch him. I didn’t though.

I found myself back inside of Life Note’s thrown room. It was light out, kind of. The sun looked to be going down. The chains where off of my body. My wrists had been cleaned. I looked over at Life Note, “Did it work?”

“Yes, because of you…it did.” She smiled and winked at me. Had she known what happened while I was passed out? I felt the answer of yes come over me when she laughed lightly. Ryuk and Vixen looked at us with a confused look. I turned my head.

There he was. He sat up on the table. He looked down, towards me. I got up slowly. He watched me. I turned and got up, my legs feeling shaky, but I still stumbled over to him. I brought him into a hug. I kissed him on his forehead like a mother to her child, “Is it you? Is it really you L?”

When I thought I wasn’t going to get an answer I did, “Yes, kind of.”

“That’s all I need to know. I thought he had killed you. I thought he did.” I said to him, whispering it into his ear.

L smiled underneath my shoulder. He said, “No, that was his way of letting go of me, I think. I am free. I am…” He sounded lost. I hugged him tighter, hoping that it would make it better, and maybe we would both wake up and be back home, at my house. I didn’t care, as long as we were back. But like reality, the horrible truth came back to me: It wasn’t over.

Life Note cleared her throat and we both looked over at her, “It is not over. L is not alive. He is merely an illusion if anything. He is there, but he isn’t. Light…You have to make the choice.”

L looked back up at me, “What is she talking about?”

I thought I was going to kill myself right there, “Your not alive yet L. It’s not you…not fully. But it will be…soon, it will be.”

Ryuk was staring at me. He had that grin on his face. They all knew what I would have to do in order to ‘switch’ with L. I bowed my head, “Can I talk to Ryuk…alone?”

Vixen looked jealous, “No fair!”

Life Note smiled, “Yes, you may.” She smacked Vixen on the shoulder and then began to walk away, motioning for L to follow.

L looked at me, then he said, “Can I stay?”

I looked down, then at Ryuk, “No…please, go.” I didn’t need him knowing anything that was going to happen. I looked down and noticed my pocket. I reached in and grabbed the Kistame. I held it tight, “Go. Follow Life Note.”

L winced, he looked to be in pain, but he ran over to them, following with a sort of hunch in his back. I smiled, he was coming back.

“Am I in trouble?” Ryuk asked me as soon as everyone left the room.

I sneered at him, “This was your plan the whole time, wasn’t it?” I glared at him.

He was silent for a little while. Then he laughed. I wasn’t that shocked. I half expected this.

My eyes closed, and I thought back all the way back to the day I had fucked up. The day I had killed Ryuzaki. I smiled, “So this whole time…You had known.”

He took a step closer, “Yes…I knew. I knew that you were going to kill L. I knew we would have to go through with this. I knew that eventually you would end up here.”

I felt angry, but I wasn’t sure what else to feel, “You…knew everything?” I wasn’t expecting that he would have known, perhaps done, not known.

“I knew, I played it through. Sorry Light…I didn’t mean to put you through it…well, some things were unplanned. Some things were.” He took another step closer, “You didn’t think that you were the only one who could think elaborately did you? You didn’t think that you could be the only one to get away with something like this?” He laughed.

“You played this out? From the beginning? You…” I felt my hands ball into fists. I reached forward, punching him in the face. “I hate you!”

Ryuk fell back; he caught himself and looked up at me. He laughed and then said, “You do have a strong punch though.”

I began to reach for him again, but I caught myself, “Why?” I paused, “Why did you do all of this?”

Ryuk blinked, “You haven’t found out yet Light? After all this time, you still haven’t found out anything…have you?”

I could tell that there was question in his voice. “What do you mean?”

“Light…all this time, I have been waiting…” He stopped in his mid confession as we could hear a yell come from outside.

Both Ryuk and myself turned to look at the door. Vixen rushed in, “Sorry to interrupt you, but it is L…He has…slipped again.”

I looked over at Ryuk, giving him the glare of death and saying with my mind, “We will finish this.” He was the cause of everything. All of my pain, all of L’s pain. All for what? All so that he could kill me? Is that what he wanted? He wanted me to die, he wanted me dead. He had befriended me this whole time, acting like a spectator, when in reality, he was calculating. All for what though? He couldn’t just want me dead, could he? He could have just written my name inside of the notebook if that were the cause. Could it be that he wanted to make sure that L was brought down with me as well?

“Light…have you made up your mind?” Life Note came up behind me.

Ryuk looked at me. His smile playing a ground of unfair foolery.

“I don’t know what to do.” I said to her. I haven’t found myself in such a way. I had never known this type of position before L had died. I hadn’t known anything to worry of. I was always the top, always ahead, now I had been fooled, and by Ryuk. I turned away, looking at L. He had been picked up by Ryuk. Ryuk was caring him over to the table and was looking down at him.

“Don’t touch him!” I yelled to Ryuk, “Leave him be!” Everyone had been a little shocked when this had happened. I didn’t really know how else to control myself anymore. I didn’t care really at the moment. I began to stomp over to him, but I felt an arm reach across and grasp my shoulder. I looked behind me.

Life Note’s body was slender and stern she said down to me, “Light, may I now have a word with you?”

I looked back at Ryuk. I didn’t know, I couldn’t tell if this was what he was expecting. I couldn’t tell if Life Note was on this whole thing as well. I sighed, “Yes.”

She turned, walking out of the room. I followed her.

The door shut behind us and I could tell that we were alone. No one could tell what words would be said from here till we got back.

We walked to the right, a side of the building I had not yet been on. We were silent. I wasn’t sure if I should ask something, or if she was going to say it. This was all like dream. A bad dream. I looked up at her, “This isn’t real. It can’t be.”

“You have been asking yourself that question the entire time you were in this realm, have you not?” She said to me.

“Life Note…” I began. She shot her hand up and held my mouth, “Shhh. I have a name, it is not that. Well, it is but I also like to be called Sukana. I mean, that is the Japanese name I was given along time ago.”

My mind was that of a blank, “Sukana. You mean like a fish?”

“A giant fish. That can eat you and swallow you whole.” Her smile was a good one, and she had laughed, but I could feel that she would swallow me whole like a giant fish.

I sighed, “Do you know what the hell is going on? I just found out that this was all a plan.”

She laughed, “I do…sorry Light. I knew all this time. Ryuk had let me in on it all a little while ago. He had come to me one day…”


Ryuk entered the room, “Sukana, I need your help.”

“Hello Ryuk. What do you need?” Sukana had asked. Her eyes looked down at Ryuk.

“A human has taken my notebook. Well, he didn’t take it, but he found it. I meant for him to. He is so smart Sukana. I want him here. Will you help me?” Ryuk had asked, looking up at her.

“Ryuk, you do know that you will be ruining a humans life…a poor boy, an innocent one at that. And besides, you do know that you are not allowed to be here?” Life Note said to him. Smiling her graceful smile.

Ryuk laughed, “You know I do not care. It matters not to me.”

“My, you are selfish. But like I was saying…You know I will do what I can.”

“Thank you Life Note.” He turned, beginning to walk away.

Life note stood, “I also say this to you Ryuk: I am in dept to you…But ruining some ones life is not my way of saying I love you.”

Ryuk laughed, “I know. But just think of how great he will be when he has come here.”

End Flashback

Sukana smiled, “I can’t tell you certain things that were said, for it may do something to the future. I am not allowed to do that.” She smiled at me, as if I would forgive her for that. I took a deep breath.

“So all you knew was that I would eventually come here…and then give my life for L?” I asked her, hoping she would give me an answer that I could work with from there on.

She smiled again, “Yes…that is right. In this castle, you will pick your fate Light Yagami. From here.” She stopped, looking down at me. There was sadness again. “I have never seen Ryuk act like this over such a person, over a human. He went all out for you…Light.” She looked away and turned a bit. I could tell that she was sad. I looked at her again, “Do you like him?”

She turned to me again. “If I liked him, you want to know what would happen to him?”

I thought a second, “Shinigami can’t have sexual intercourse.”

“Hmm, well there are ways. But the most of it is true Light. But back to the first…If I were to love Ryuk, we would have to give up a lot. Not to mention the fact that I would have to take his heart if anything went wrong.” She laughed.

“Wait…So you were the one who took Firota’s heart from him! You took it because he lost the fight against Ryuk!” I said to her. I didn’t think that it was true.

“Yes, I took it because he had lost to Ryuk. And Ryuk had not accepted me. He said, ‘I don’t love you…I am a shinigami, I can not.’ I remember those words even now.” She turned around again and began walking toward a different room. A door seemed to pop out more then ever. We drew closer to it.

She stood at the door and she paused. She turned to me, “Come inside, and see what the heart looks like.” She opened the door and we both walked in.

The room was dark, but lit almost immediately after Life Note had stepped inside. She smiled as she looked around. There was what seemed to be a bed. And above the bed, there was a heart. The heart was encased in glass, and was like a white and blue look to it. It looked like ice. I think it looked sad. The red curtains that hung over the window looked sad as well. The bed had gold rimed around it, and the room looked like that of something old and lost. There were pictures on the wall, they were of a human boy. They looked like a young man, new ones of as he grew up. I walked over to the heart; there had been two pictures on both sides. That of a really young boy, and on the other, one of a young man. It was him when he was a young kid. I looked around the room a bit. Sukana sat on the bed, gently watching things in the room as if they were going to leave or make her forget something.

I looked out the window. You could go and walk out of it, making sure that you would step out onto a balcheny and stand there. I looked out, the area around looked over a forest. It looked beautiful. It wasn’t really full, but there was something odd because every other tree or land inside of this world was dead and barren. Not here though. It was full, and looked gorgeous. There were so many things that were odd here. It made me uneasy not knowing what was going on. I turned to her, “Why?”

“Why are the trees full? Why is there grass? Why are the animals here different? It is because Light…there is magic here. Forbidden by the shinigami gods. But I don’t care. I broke away from those rules, and such a long time ago.” She smiled faintly, “I pay for it till this day.”

She got up. I watched her pick up something from a desk. It was a little book. It was black and looked to be very old. She opened a music box that played an old tune that seemed to be lost in time as it began and ended with a very melodic and sad tune. It played over and over again.

I watched as she read something from the book. I twisted my head, the look in her eyes told me that she wanted to be alone to read the book. I didn’t leave the room though. I only turned away. I went to a different book in the room. One that caught my eye a lot. I walked over to it. My hand was about to touch it when I thought better. I only looked at it. It was a Death Note. I gave a small gasp. Next to it was a book entitled, ‘Life Note.’

My body spun around. I faced Life Note. Who, was already looking at me and was ready to say something. She smiled evilly under her hair that seemed to cover up her eyes, “Go on, and ask me whose room this is. Was.”

“No.” I said slowly. I shakily took a step back, “I already know.”

Life Note, Sukana smiled, “That’s right Light, it’s his…It’s Firota’s!” She laughed and I felt an cold chill come over me. At that point I could hear his laugh in my head as well. I turned, hating everything. I knew almost everything in that moment. I was never going to escape.

End of chapter ll. Thank you everyone who have helped me with this. I hate to say this though but the next chapter is the last one. I would like to thank: Crimson2006 akari-hayashi Kiara Angel Seelenspiel Fallan Phantem elphabah Twilight Butterfly Sepsku, TheLustofkilling, Barranca everfire laineyue thenightwanderer You don’t have to finish reading the last chapter. And, I don’t think if you don’t like this chapter, or didn’t like the first, don’t read the last. Hahaaha…well anyway: since the next chapter is the last one, and, as always, I always give out a warning before the last one so: Warning: Next chapter is for those of you who know that life is not always fare. Also, sadness may happen. Have fun. Thanks for all of you on AFF who are reading this too.

Definitions: Though I don’t think you need them.

Pestok: A snake with two heads, and is used to guard things. They are extremely poisonous, and hate everything except for their masters. They only need to bite you once to get you on the ground, withering with pain. The second bite is what really kills you. It has black and green designs on it that make its prey want to look at it for hours. This is how it keeps its prey in place, while it attacks them.

Asuck: A small whistle that can be turned into a small flute with power to fend off predators, monsters, and open up buildings and walls. This tool is most powerful when on the castle’s property. The castle of life note can give it immense power. There are only about 3 in the whole worlds. Life note gave one to Ryuk for winning the match and helping her during the war.

The Flute of Masters: The most powerful flute of them all. Life Note is the master of it. She keeps it with her at all times, and uses it for many things. As long as she knows how to use it, she is considered one of the most powerful beings in all of the worlds.

LifeNote: A person that has a book called the life note and can bring back humans or things from the dead for a price. The price is life. If a human is to come to her asking for a life back, the exchange is the person who had done the killing. They have to do it with agreed terms. Not against their will. Can also be determined by the shinigami of that person, if they have one.


Oh what sadness in the Lake? When her name goes by Madina.

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