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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I don’t own DeathNote. I wish I did. But, I do own this story. Nothing that no one would be jealous of.

(sorry I didn't add these sooner, it is just I kind of forgot haha, sorry. Hope you are all still reading.)
I thought that this story was going to be a one shot. But, then someone kind of gave me a really good comment, and I think that it should be a small short chapter story. Don’t be mad. I am sorry now for any OOC. I don’t mean to, but hey, it makes the story more unique. Well anyway you will find out in this chapter: who is saving Raito. How L is doing and some other stuff.

Chapter 2: Making the cut deeper

The light seemed to shin in my face. It made me get a headache. It hurt so badly. I didn’t want to be here, wherever here was. I couldn’t be here.
My eyes were closed, I think. What the hell was going on? Was I in the hospital? I tried to move, my body didn’t respond at first. I couldn’t even move a finger. The rest of my body wanted to stay still, as if being controlled, and told to obey. That’s right! I had to be dead. Someone was obeying me to lie here, and just…nothing. I was going to just lie here and do nothing for all of eternity or how ever long death was. The feeling of being terrified was so immense. I thought I could cry.
‘Light…wake up…Wake up…it is not your time yet…’ I heard him say. Why was he talking to me? I didn’t want this. I knew the name, I knew the person, and I couldn’t say it though. Why couldn’t I remember?
He seemed to loom over my body, like, a spirit, or more dare I say to myself hoping that no one else could hear, a god.
My eyes shot open, the color of the world coming back to my lost soul. Only one thing was wrong, the world didn’t seem to have it’s once bright, and glorious touch to it. The colors and hues had no sway to them. They seemed dull, and tasteless. I gave a groan as I got up. Trying to sit up was hard. The pain in my heart was so bad, where the stab wound was. That hurt the most. I looked to my side, looking at the asshole that had brought me back.
‘Asshole.’ I thought as I saw his face looking down at me and laughing it seemed.
“Hyuk Hyuk, My Light, I have to say you gave me a fright.” He laughed as he said the words.
I sat there; too weak it seemed to do anything else, “Why?”
“Because, it is not your time yet. And, you can not kill yourself, I can only kill you.” He looked around, seeming to see if anyone else could see us. No one was around though.
I gave a scowl of hate and anger, “Leave me alone. Can’t I just die without you doing something that you forget to tell me.”
Ryuk only looked stunned, “Hmmm…”
“Kill me. Write my name, take my soul, what ever the hell you stupid demons do to us.” I yelled to the stupid god of death in front of me.
He gave a laugh, “You long for death…how sad.”
We where still in my room. I was too busy to look at the dead body that still lay on the bed, but I was able to go over to my desk, with much pain and difficulty, and then pull out the death note.
I began to write in it. I wrote my full name, first middle and then last. I put the time of death as now, and then I left the cause of death blank. I thought that if I died from a heart attack, then no one could blame me for being Kira, but then again, it didn’t matter. I could hear Ryuk still laughing at the words I wrote. I turned back to him, “In a few seconds, I die, and then we will see what the hell is your problem.”
Ryuk only watched me, his face was still, his body, limped over and watching me. He was silent.
I looked at my watch and then noticed that nothing was happening. I turned to him fully, “What did you do? What the hell did you do!?”
His laugh was ringing in my ears so loudly now. He was getting a fun thing out of this. “I told you. You can only die if I write your name into that book…” He stopped. I had the feeling that he had something else to say. I decided that I would have to ask him later. My attention was turned back to him.
The blood on the bed was still there, just like it had still been on my body. I walked over to him. I undid his bonds, and my eyes felt like crying again. I tried not to though. The blood had stopped coming out. It was all dried now. Nothing was left. A small smell had yet to begin to pulse from his body. His eyes were closed though, and I longed to see them, their wide-eyed craziness. I leaned over him, picking up his dead body and cradling it. It was warm, and soft. Not stiff yet. There hadn’t been enough time to get to that point.
I looked up at Ryuk, “Tell me how to bring him back.”
“Hyuk, hyuk, you can’t bring back people from the dead.” He said to me simply. But I could tell by the small flame in his eyes that he had more to say then that.
“Please. I made a mistake. Bring him back.” I pleaded. I don’t really know why. But the voice of L as he had said his last words rang through my ears. I closed my eyes, “What do I have to do? I know that there is a way, I need to know…please.”
Ryuk was quiet for such a long time. It made me almost crazy. The dead man in my arms though kept me at bay. I listened carefully as Ryuk said his next mixture of words.
“I can’t bring him back. No one but the LifeNote can. I can make him a walking corpse till then though. I could even have him talk and obey you if that is what you want.”
“What is Life Note?” I asked, almost scared to ask. I held the death note in my hand. Why on earth would they make another book called life note? That made no sense.
“It is a person with a book. Life Note is the only one in the whole eternal world. My world. The Realm of Shinigami. The person has a book that can bring the dead back to life, for a price though. But the person has to have died recently. It makes sense does it not? Who would want to return to a body that was all dead and decaying.” He laughed and I only thought things over.
“If I went, I would be able to ask for L’s life back.” I looked at the limp body, “Make him…” I didn’t know, “Zombie?”
“You could call it that. An Ento is a lot more caring though. Don’t you think?”
“Answer the question.” I sighed.
“Yes. If you go, you will probably get his life back.” He didn’t laugh. He only looked over my body. I could feel his eyes telling him how long I had to live. “Can you make him an Ento then.”
Ryuk smiled even wider, “Yes.” He leaned over L’s body, I was up close too. I was still holding L. So, I was able to watch as a mist of blue light came out of Ryuk’s mouth and said down into the body of the dead corpse. The body gave a wild jerk, and then seemed to glow with an outstanding white light. I had to close my eyes to block out the glow. I heard Ryuk laugh, and then L give a groan.
I looked down. His eyes shot open, and he looked up at me. My eyes where glued to the person, thing, under me. He only looked up. I think it was sad. I pushed him off and I walked over to Ryuk, who was looking at the dead walker. “He is now and ‘it’ and he has no feelings, no pain senses, no nothing.” He gave a laugh. “You have brought him back. I would think of this to be a fate worse then death, wouldn’t you?”
I gave it a thought. He was right. I didn’t think of it. I hadn’t. L, he once thought for himself, now I didn’t think he did that at all. He only looked dead. He had sat up, looking at me, watching. He didn’t see anything though. He couldn’t, could he? I thought that he could see he just didn’t know what he was seeing. He probably didn’t care. He saw things, moving, talking, things. He sat there, as if waiting. Waiting for me, or Ryuk to say something.
Ryuk held out his hand and said to me, “Here, you will need this.” It was a red gem that looked to be very valuable. I took hold of it, and it seemed to burn in my hand. I looked at Ryuk questioningly, “What is it?”
“It is called a Kistami. It is what you will need to use to communicate with him. If you want to talk to him, or have him do something, you will just have to hold the Kistami, and then think, or say what you want him to do. Try it.” Ryuk said in a very excited tone. I could tell that he was having fun with these ideas and the way he got to use them.
I gripped the stone and thought. I had to concentrate very hard. I knew I would have to, if it was anything like death note, then I would have to. ‘Stand up. Stand up…’ I thought. I was about to say it, but then something happened.
L stood, he raised himself slowly up, as if he was knew to the thing called, ‘standing.’
I almost dropped the stone then and there. I wasn’t sure how else to take it. I did realize though that this stone would be mine and L’s lifeline to each other from now on. But what else boiled into my head was that L was mine to control. But how could I be sure that he would do anything. I turned to Ryuk, “Okay, what now then?”
Ryuk grinned his big toothy grin that would forever be plastered onto his face, “I would change those clothes. If those humans come here, you will be in trouble.” He laughed.
He was right. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some clothes. What clothes would he wear though; I didn’t really have the bag-o-bon look. So, I just pulled out some of my older clothes and handed them to L.
He looked at me. He even just looked at the clothes when his head seemed to become too heavy to support its weight. I looked back at Ryuk, he only laughed gently. I said, holding the stone again, “Change your clothes.” At first, he seemed to not understand. I handed him the clothes and surprising enough he took them into his own hands. He only looked at them for a few minutes. I turned to Ryuk and glared at him, “Does he have to be a total idiot. What happened to the smart person?”
Ryuk laughed, “He is still there, kind of. He is just dieing slowly. Very painful. Look, he isn’t totally dumb.” He pointed to the person that had been behind me. I turned around.
My eyesight was taken in full. I was looking at an almost naked L. He had amazing stomach muscles, and he looked to have a young body. I could only watch. He looked so…odd. The whole in his body was so visible. Nothing was coming out of it though. It was only like a whole. I decided that I would have to close that up or something. He was slowly taking off his pants. I decided that I should turn around. Ryuk was face to face with me. He said to me, “You could make him do what ever you wanted.”
I thought it over. My face became warm, and I shook the thought away. I glared at the god of death and began to change my own clothes. When I had both of my clothes, and then helped L to get his clothes on the right way, I heard the sound that made my blood run cold. I heard police alarms. I looked at L. He only stared at me. He looked normal. He only looked more…dead and tired. He wasn’t pale. He didn’t smell. I think he didn’t smell. I looked at Ryuk, “Will they be able to tell he is an Ento?”
“Not unless they stab him, or he gets hit or shot. You just have to be his ‘voice.’ He can’t really answer questions on his own. I don’t know how to make them like that. What is before you is the best I can do.” He said it in a very serious way. I could take his word that he was being serious. I turned to the bloody clothes and my bed that had my mattress sheets on it. I gave a groan. How? I tore the sheets off, and I grabbed the clothes. I took them and put them in another dresser. I didn’t know what else to do with them. I heard a screech of cars outside, and I ran to the door of my room. I looked at L. He looked back at me.
I held the Kistami in my hand and I said to L, “Follow me.”
L sprinted over to me, he looked normal. I grabbed his hand and began to run down stairs. It was then that I had forgotten to put the Death Note back into it’s home. I gave a groan. “Stay here.” I said to the dead walker. He didn’t look like he was going to move anytime soon.
I ran back up to my room and put the death note into its place. I ran back for the Ento. The Kistami in my hand. I looked down the stairs. My dad was next to L. L was only looking up to where I was. My dad held a gun up. He had aimed it right at me.
I just stood there. I put my hands up, “What is the matter? Is everything okay?”
My dad looked at me, “Light, what…”
I gripped the stone, ‘Tell him everything is okay.’ I was praying to god that my words would slip out of the Ento’s mouth. Then, in a very low, and groggy voice, L said, “What is the problem here?”
My dad looked at him, “L, um…I thought that…”
“Everything is fine.” L said in his voice. It made me creeped out. I was so scared to hear his voice. I looked at him, he looked so real…so alive. His eyes locked with mine. I remembered the stone, ‘Tell him, that I was running a test. To show how easy it would be for Kira, the real Kira to catch you, and kill you.’
L moved away from my dad. The older man watched L. L spoke again, “Your son, Light, he was only showing me how much I had let my guard down. If he, or perhaps someone else could really be Kira. Look how easy it would be for them to catch me, and then kill me.” His eyes were locked on mine. I was so scared. The thought made me uneasy. He was dead, wasn’t he? Why did he look so alive? Why?
My own voice came out shaky, to play my own trick on my father, “Dad…you didn’t think that I was the real Kira, did you? You thought…”
My dad lowered his gun and dropped it, “I am so, so sorry Light. It is just that, all of the talk lately, I thought that…I didn’t mean to…” My own dad was falling for it.
I gave him a smile and began to walk down the stairs. I gave my dad a hug and then said to him, “It is okay. I am just glad that you didn’t pull the trigger.”
My dad sighed deeply, “Me too.”
“Can we go back up? I want to finish talking to you about the Kira case.” L said it. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I hadn’t told him to say that, did I? I don’t think so. Was he alive again? Maybe he was. If he was though, wouldn’t he have just shot me for killing him earlier? My dad only nodded and then said to us, “Go, I will talk to the others outside.”
I found myself left alone with the thing. He only stared at me. I watched him, “How? I didn’t tell you to do that.” I found myself saying.
L only sat there and then said, “Master…” He said it lowly, and it almost sounded as if he were sad. I knew that this couldn’t be true though.
I lowered my voice, “Thank you.” I didn’t know if he understood. By the way Ryuk was laughing told me that I was basically talking to an in-animated object.
L only looked away. I think he got the hint that I didn’t have anything more to say. I looked to L, “Stay here.” He looked at me. He kind of looked like he had no clue of what I was saying. I gripped the stone and said slowly, “Stay here.” He nodded.
I grabbed the bed sheets, and the clothes. I went down to the washing machines and began to put the clothes and sheets inside. I let them soak before I closed them tight into their new water home. My mom would wonder why I was washing clothes and sheets at the same time. But then again, she would be even more upset if she saw what was being washed from them. I turned to walk back up to the room so that I could go interrogate Ryuk more.

My room captivated the god of death and the ex-detective. Ryuk looked at me, “Well, do you want to go and see Life Note?”
I looked down. I wasn’t sure. Should I? I mean, if you had the opportunity to keep L with you, to be able to get him to do what ever you wanted, would you? I mean I would probably have a certain amount of time before he went dead on me again, but till then, I could have him do my bidding. I could use him on the Kira case. I could get everyone on the task force, and kill them off one by one. And in the end, I could even pin this all on L. I looked at him. No, I couldn’t.
“Ryuk…” I wasn’t sure what else to say except for, “Yes.” L’s eyes shot up and he looked at me.
Ryuk only turned to him and gave a laugh, “Hear that Ento, you’re going home.” I don’t know why, but I felt so sick after hearing that.

End of chapter 2. O.o I did not expect this. I had to twist the story so much. And this was just so that I could make this another short story. Well, I was hoping that this would only be a one shot, but now…I guess it is going to be more. I hope that you all liked this. Sorry for OOC. I don’t mean to do it, I just have to. Please no flamers. Reviews are loved. Down below are some definitions of words that have been made for this story:

Ento: The walking dead that obey it’s owner. They can be controlled by a stone that is given from the shinigami.

Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant. This is the stone that bind the dead walker to the person with the stone. The stone, if swallowed can be used in a power surge to use as extra life, or to bind the two forever together.


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