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Chapter 4. Go ahead and read, you know you want to. Oh, good news, I got up to book 6. But this story still takes place between books 1-3 and soon 4. But I don’t like that girl, so, we are going to pretend that she even exists. Hehe, don’t kill me. Oh, sorry for any misunderstandings. I don’t mean to, just, yeah…don’t mind them. Enjoy.

Chapter 4: My Blood and your love

The monster came at us at full speed. I was the first one to jump off Ryuk. He was looking at the beast and said, “It’s a demon.” He doesn’t look too scared now, but I am watching the thing more closely, it is now stopping short.

Ryuk gives a laugh. He just stands there, holding L. I am watching this whole thing happen as if it is just a show. The horse thing rears up and gives a scream. It’s hair comes down like a mane, only it is a gray like that pelt of the animal itself. And it’s eyes are black, blue in the pupil that should be black. I watch as the thing extends a hoofed foot, as a normal horse would do, but instead of having only hoofs, it has rather large claws on each one. They make me shudder and I get the feeling that this isn’t something that would be tamed by a normal human.

Ryuk only laughs. The creature watches him, as if forgetting that L and I were here. I watched as the thing took a step back, teeth showing fangs that would rip into our skin as if we were only fruit. I turned to Ryuk, “How do we kill it?”

Ryuk is silent. I couldn’t tell if he knew what he was doing, or if he was thinking of a way out. Then he spoke, “We wont have to.”

The thing then turned, running away in the opposite direction. It screaming as it ran off. I don’t think it was a scream of fear though.

“What the hell was that?” I could say to him now.

“It was only a low class demon. They sometimes get in here. There are others. We have to watch out for them. They don’t care if you are a death god, or a human, they will kill you.” He looked at me thoughtfully, kind of, “You and L will have to be extra careful.”

I looked at L. He now stood by himself, away from both Ryuk and I. I waved him over. He came to me. I gave him a smile. “Stay close L, you don’t know what will grab you out here.”

L only stayed close to me. I didn’t know if I could really protect him, but I felt for some odd reason that I should.

Ryuk was looking up into the sky. I looked up as well; there were things up there. I couldn’t tell what they were, but I didn’t think that they were good, or nice. I asked, “What are they?”

“They are the things that are going to slow us down. Since I have 2 more bodies to watch out for, I can’t just go fly over there and past them.” He looked down at me, “They are called Winsters. They roam the skies at night. And they only hunt in the skies. They hate everything. And if they even sense something coming close to them near feeding time, they will kill you. I even have to watch myself sometimes.”
I looked back at L, “So how are we going to get to our destination?”

“We are going to walk.” Was all he said.

I looked at him. I couldn’t really object. Being tarred apart was not something that was on my to do list. I simply followed him.

We were going to walk, and fly over a mountain basically. We would have to go through the woods, and then from there, we should be able to get to the ‘castle.’ But why would one god need a castle? Was it because there was only one god? That he needed a castle all to himself, or was if just because he was powerful? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t say that I want it to bug me much. There were other things that were bugging me. Like L.

I was thinking to myself about something. I was thinking of why I killed him. I was trying to think of the reason why I did all of this. And coming up with few reasons why I myself was still alive. But, I was also thinking if L could hear me. Since I wore the stone, could he hear my thoughts? Could he find out and realize that I was the one who killed him then brought him back.

I turned my head to look at him; he was already looking at me. Something made my insides turn, but I held down the fear and allowed the sense of something else settle in. I calmly asked him, “L, what are you looking at?” I wasn’t sure if I should ask anything else. I didn’t want to get him suspicious or anything. I could just ask Ryuk later anyway.

L snapped out of the forlorn look that had come over him. He looked up into my eyes, as if he could tell something about me, “I was only looking at you. I was thinking of you.” He said nothing more, but kept walking.

Did he know how he sounded just now? He sounded like a gay kid telling his lover that he wants to hold them close. I could only shake it off. I didn’t want to point this out to him. For some reason, it felt good, and I wanted more. Then again, I didn’t want to lead myself on. For all he knew, he could have just told me a lie. I must have been looking at something off into space, and not paying attention, because L said in a shy voice, “Is something wrong master? You look very…odd.”

I looked back at him. He looked like he did the day at the school. The day I had walked up on the stage, him behind me. I tried to put on a fake smile, “Nothing is wrong. I feel fine.” I lied to the Ento.

L only gave me a smile and then turned away. Walking beside me and behind Ryuk.
The night came here faster then I thought. We were to sleep in a small clearing in the woods. Ryuk said that we should stick close to each other. He had given a small laugh at the thought of L and I sleeping together. I was about to yell at him and tell him to shut up, but I decided to keep the words that I was about to speak to myself. Instead I took Ryuk to the side, “Can he hear my thoughts?”

Ryuk seemed to think of it for a while, “Well, a little.” He gave a look around, making sure that nothing was coming from anywhere, “Why do you ask?”

The fire that was placed in the center of the clearing was a big one. It wasn’t too big though. Big enough to let someone know that there were people here, and big enough to say that they weren’t afraid of what the woods had to offer. That was what Ryuk had said though. So I couldn’t be too sure. “I was thinking of him today…like his death. I was the cause, could that do anything to him? I was thinking about it, and when I looked over at him, he had been staring at me.”

Ryuk didn’t laugh, nor did he have something to say right away. Instead he just rolled over something in his mind and said slowly back to me, “I can’t be certain, but I have my odds that he may be possessed. I won’t say anything, and I can’t really. But I can say this, be careful of what you think. And watch him closely, be careful in general.”
He sounded serious. I could only give thought to the situation. I turned from him. I walked over to where L sat. He was watching the flame. I looked over at him. I couldn’t think without him knowing my thoughts. I had no choice. I removed the stone. The kistami was still glowing with a shin to it. When I set it on the rock next to me, L picked his head up. He looked at the glowing gem, he said, “Why did you take off the bond?”

I looked at him. I picked the stone back up and lied to him, “The thread was itching my neck. Why, did you want to talk?”

L looked at me one more time, “No, I can talk later.” He began to become more and more absorbed in watching the fire now. I was free to think about him now. My thoughts wondered to many things about him. He may be possessed, but by what. If could be some ghost? Are they even real? I gave a sigh, what would he do if he found out that I was his killer? Could he do anything? Would he even understand what was going on? I think he would. Even now when Ryuk said that he had no brain, L was acting odd. He was acting like he had a mind, a thought process. I grabbed the side of my arm, it was cold out here. Was this place always like this? I wondered if Ryuk felt air. If he could get cold, or warm. I guessed yes. I could just say that he was use to the cold weather here though.

Ryuk came up to us after a little while. He said to us, “I think we should get as much sleep as possible. I will be watch. I don’t need a lot of sleep anyway.”
I looked around. “Should we just sleep on the ground?”

Ryuk gave a nod. I took it as a ‘yes.’ I just lay on the ground, the dead grass under me seeming to feel prickly. I lay my head down and let the shivers become more and more becoming over me. I sighed as I allowed the fire to warm my front, my back feeling cold and lonely. I let my eyes shut. I didn’t know how tired I was till I closed my eyes.

I woke sometime during the night. The sound of the wind was all over. It seemed to be cold and I didn’t like it. I looked in front of me. The fire was still lit, but the cold was starting to take me over. I felt cold. I silently hoped that something or someone was next to me. Don’t ask why, you don’t need to know. Boys have different thoughts then girls. (haha, he is right. The asshole.) I closed my eyes and squeezed them shut. I wanted someone.

Seconds later, someone was up. I thought it to be a monster, then again, Ryuk was keeping watch though, wasn’t he? He should be near by, watching. I thought it over, watching us die…that sounded odd. I could see him doing it though, waiting to see if anything happened. I gave a shiver again as the footsteps became closer. I slowly began to search for the Lakten that Ryuk had given me earlier. It was under me though in my pocket. Oh good, I would die before I could defend myself. I closed my eyes, getting ready for what was to come I didn’t want to see this thing.
The Kistami landed in front of my face. I looked up, the glow illuminating his face. I looked up at him. I grabbed the stone, “L?”

He looked down at me and began to crouch lower, “Maybe you should keep it with you more often. I told you communication will be easier that way.” He bent lower. I could feel his body warmth. But the thing he did after I put the gem in my pocket, he began to lie down next to me. He pressed his chest up against my back. I could feel him. His breath was over my head, stirring my hair with warmth. I gave a shudder, “What are you doing L?” I asked in a hushed tone.

L only said gently, “Keeping you warm. Is this not what you wanted Master?” The last word out of his mouth was empathized. (Is that the right word? Is that a word?) The word was said as if it was being said to relax me. It was low, and sent a shiver down my spine. That was warmed though by the chest that was pressed against me.

L wrapped his arms around my waist. I could feel his hands and arms hold me against himself. He locked my body in place. I grew tired again. My eyes shut and I listened to the steady breath he took, trying to think that he was alive, and not dead.

The sun didn’t wake me. As much as I would have liked it to, it didn’t. Something else did. A scream. It was something that gave a scream of anger and hate. My eyes shot open and L was up next to me within seconds. I looked at the sight before me.

There it was, a monster. I didn’t think it till I saw it. It was tall, and it loomed over Ryuk himself. It was thin and it had fangs. One of it’s eyes had been cut out it seemed from a different fight it had with someone else. It had the body of a human; more so like a death god though. Tall, and lanky, very muscular. It…wait…He had fir on his wrists, and ankles. It seemed to seep out of his head, and his back. He had scales covered everywhere else. His tail was more reptilian then he himself. A long black tail, with a red tip was enough to make me think that it was poisoned at the tip. He had claws on the end of his fingers, they didn’t look that deadly though. The fangs that dripped looked like acid, from his mouth looked to make up for it. He gave another scream and said in a very twisted way, “Why if it isn’t Ryuk…” His breath became hard as he seen the rest of us. He gave a laugh, “I see you have friends. I am going to have a lot of fun.”

L got to his feet. I took out the blade. I pushed a button and the thing got bigger. Ryuk gave a groan, “Cant it be another time?” He drew out a weapon of his own. What looked like a scythe. It gleamed as it showed to us all how sharp it was. I looked at the monster.

The thing gave a smile to Ryuk, “Human’s Ryuk? Don’t you think that is a bit odd? Well I do have to say, they are good ones, attractive…” He gave a small sound. “Especially the one with the eyes of a killer.” Acid seemed to snap out of his mouth. He gave a yell and he hissed. The sound made L and I cover my ears. The eye he had left turned red and I saw him give a smile. How did he know?

He then came at us. Ryuk was in his way first though. Ryuk swung the scythe but was stopped when the monster used his tail to slam it right against Ryuk’s abdomen. He went flying back. His land was broken by a pile of rocks. He gave a small cry.

I watched as the monster came at us then. I let the sword come up, I stood in front of L. I held the blade up defensively. Damn it if he was going to just come and kill us. I looked back at L, ‘I don’t know how to fight him…He is huge.’ L only stood there, watching the thing that stood before me.

The monster gave a smile as he looked down at me. He was only a few inches taller then Ryuk. I could stab him under his throat though. It looked like a tender area. He gave a laugh, “Trying to find out a way to kill me, are you human?”

I was shocked, “Yeah…” I ran at him. His tail was more powerful then me though. It came across and tripped me. I fell to the ground but got up again. The blade seemed to glow. I didn’t know what was going on, but I suddenly had the will to thrust it. I thrust it and soon enough, it went forward and caught a few scales. He gave a small cry in surprise. He held the area. The scale had only come off. Leaving a small track of blood to come down and then a small area of exposed flesh to show. I gave a grin. I wasn’t sure what the hell had just happened but I liked it.

L was at my side, far away though. I didn’t like that, but as long as he was safe, I didn’t care. I held the blade up defensively again.

The monster turned a bit back to Ryuk who was getting up now. “You gave him a Lakten?” He turned back to me. There was malice in his voice. He said to someone, “You idiot.”
I didn’t know what he meant, but that couldn’t have been a good thing. I turned back to L, ‘Hide’ I said in my mind. He looked at me right away. He looked around. His hands went up. He monster looked at the man I had sent the message to. He looked at him then back at me. He laughed, “Well now…we have a dead walker, and a master…If I could guess, I would say that he was your servant.” He was silent for a second. Then his smile became full. He looked at Ryuk, “Then that means that you must have…” His eye seemed to pierce my flesh. He smiled knowingly. I cringed.

Ryuk drew up next to me, “Get out of here.” He was silent, yet stern with the monster. The monster looked at him with a smile.

“You think it is over. Well, I have yet to play this game. This is not the end, nor is it the end of me. I always get what I want.” He turned to me and gave another venomous smile, “You will be my victim. See you later.” He then seemed to seep away. He did only just turn and walked away though. He was smooth though.

I turned to Ryuk, “Who the hell was that. Why do I have a feeling that he is a friend of yours?”

Ryuk only looked at me with the grin he always has on his face, “Firota. It is his name. It is what he is. You know how they call you that…name…” he was sure not to say Kira. “He is a monster that dwells in the shinigami world. He was once a shinigami himself. But, they say that he went insane and now he does nothing but kill and feed on things.”

“Wouldn’t he just die from the old age, or not killing humans.” I asked.

“No, he still kills humans. He has just taken it to a new level. He kills humans with death note, and with out it. He also gets life out of humans by eating them. He consumes the flesh of the dead walkers, and uses means to torment his victims.” He was silent for a second.

I gave a shudder, “What did he mean when he said that before he left?”

He turned to me as I said this, “He meant exactly what he said. He hunts on things he finds attracting, or he hates. He finds it as a game.”

“How did he know?” I found myself blurt out.

“He can…read you…not the kind of read that responds in him knowing everything. He can only pick out a few things. He sensed you as a killer. You do have the eyes of a killer Light.” He looked behind me. L was there. He wasn’t listening. He was just looking around, making sure that there were no more monsters to be found. He looked kind of funny because he was looking around really small and thin trees. I shook my head in disapproval.

“Okay, so he wants to kill me…” I was cut off by Ryuk.

“We are not sure of that. Don’t count too soon. He may have other plans for you.”

A shiver of illness came over me. What else could he want to do? I quivered. Sick thoughts came to mind but I brushed them away, “How does he know you?”

“He was a death god, I told you this. A long time ago, we got into a fight. I tore out his eye and he got mad at me. Now he always tries to fight me. Gets tiring.”

“So tell him to leave us alone and pick on you.” I said to him in defensive way. Why did I have to put up with this crap? All I had come here to do was save L. And then go home. I would hope it to end with him and I. Together perhaps. Something in my stomach and head told me something else.

“I can’t. He won’t listen to me. Besides, he is after you now too. I can’t stop him Light. You have to fight back.” He looked down. I didn’t know if he was sad, or if he found this amusing.

“W- will L be okay?” I asked. I didn’t want anything more to happen to him.
Ryuk’s head looked up, “As long as he wants you…you who are able to think…he should be. In a way, it is better if he come along, tailing us.”
“Why do you say that?”

“Because, other things will stay away from us. They can sense him. Haha, probably the smell. Light…don’t worry, I will help you.”

I looked up at him, “I don’t care about myself. But, I ask one thing from you…”
Ryuk was silent. L even seemed to look over at me.
“Promise me that you will protect L. Put his safety ahead of mine. As you said before, I can think, he can’t.” A shiver ran down my spine. But, I could see inside of Ryuk’s eyes.

“Because you are my best and most funniest human friend, I will help you keep him safe. I will do my best to keep him here…alive…” His eyes seemed to light up. They made me shiver, but I couldn’t look away from those eyes. Just like the first day I saw them and I couldn’t. I saw something in them. I saw, fate. And I saw L.

End of chapter 4. Reviews are loved. Don't be scared. Just not any flamers. Here are some definitions.

Ento: The walking dead that obey its owner.
Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.
Lakten: A shinigami weapon that can kill almost anything. It can only be used for good, and used for the right reasons.
Winsters: A flying demon that roams and rules the skies of the Shinigami realm. They come out at day rarely. They are most active at night. They mainly stick to the skies.
Firota: The monster that dwells in the shinigami realm and feeds on the dead, and humans. He was once a shinigami god, now he is a monster. His past is not to be given away unless the story informs it. He is now insane and torments his victims. He is said to be the cause of the war. One of the causes really.

No matter how sad it gets the connection will always stay on the verge of death.

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