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Merry Christmas I thought that this would be good to begin on Halloween and cool to end on Christmas. Hope you enjoy. Bringing you joy for the holidays.(Yeah, I know it's past the time.)

Now…the moment you have all been waiting for. I think you will all like it a lot. Also I would like to throw in: Things are not what they seem. In this chapter: Who will give up their life…and who is going to walk out of this alive?


Chapter 12: Destiny Part 2: the final breath

My eyes shut quickly, “Are you kidding me?” I said in a low voice.

Sukana didn’t say anything for a little while. I had no reason to talk again though because she soon broke silence with a word. “No.”

I walked or more like stumbled out of the room. My hand slid to one wall of the hall and Life Note followed me out. She closed the door behind me and then walked over to my side.

My body trembled and I slid down, my one knee hitting the ground and taking a rest on the floor. I took a deep breath. My eyes closed and tried to see something, anything. I couldn’t though.

“Light…are you okay?” She asked me, as if I could give her a positive answer.

My head tilted back and I could feel the cold stone behind it and I sighed to myself, “He was once a human…wasn’t he?” I asked her with a low tone.

She gazed down at me, as if reading something…it was probably my life. She could do that after all, couldn’t she? Read my life like it was a book. I could sense her laughing to herself telling herself what a pathetic person I was being. And in a way, she was right. I wasn’t myself anymore. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t be the once smart and brilliant child I was. Why though?

“He was.” She said even lower then I had said my words. I could sense that she was thinking of something. Something that she shouldn’t tell me, or she should. I hated that. I faced her fully, “You have to tell me. I have to beat him…you…I have to get back home.” I said to her. I could see that she was about to cry. She only tilted her head at me and then said lowly, “You weren’t meant to go back home Light.”

I felt sick. Now that I had heard the words myself and was now comprehending them, I felt ill. I looked on ahead of me. I envisioned my parents being worried when I didn’t come home. When I wouldn’t come home, and L would. When the killings would stop, and then I would be the one blamed. Well I was in reality the killer, but still…I wasn’t supposed to go yet. Unless…

“L needs attention…NOW!” Said a voice. I looked over. It was Ryuk. He was looking down at us, and once again interrupting my thoughts. He was smiling down at us and looked to be flooded with joy. I would somehow have to get back at him for all of this. I would have to. I couldn’t take this anymore. I began to get up, as did Life Note. And she helped me up as well. I got to my feet and I looked up at Ryuk.

He looked down on me as if I were a lowly creature. I smiled at him, “You know…when all is said and done, and your apples won’t taste so good, will they?” I laughed at the comment.

Ryuk’s head twisted back and he gave a groan, “I know. I thought of that already. But don’t worry, I can take short trips there and come back.” He laughed in an odd way and then turned from us. I followed him as if he were the leader.

‘Becoming a shinigami will not be on the top of my list. I cannot and will not become one. On the other hand, if I do become one, I can never die.’ I thought that for a second. ‘No…who would want a life that they can never die from? That is insane. Besides, if I don’t die…I may become attached to L and then…before he dies, I kill him and then I end up dieing anyway. I already have a ticket straight to hell though…’ The thoughts were grim topics, but then again, I didn’t feel so happy with the whole idea of dieing today.

We came up to the large doors of the thrown room and I looked at them for a second. Ryuk began to open them and Sukana walked in past him. She had the look of a queen on her face and she looked rather angered. I walked in as well, followed by Ryuk who was looking over me and seeing something odd.

The room had a red tinge to it…or it was just my eyesight. I could tell that the sun was getting lower to the world. Casting a shadow that would enslave this world inside of darkness. Now I knew why this place was so horrible. I looked around the room and my eyes fell upon L’s body. I walked over to him.

L lay on the table, blankets under him, and a pillow to prop up his head. I bent over him, “L, can you hear me?” I said slowly.

L’s eyes didn’t open, but they made a small movement where the eyeballs were and I could tell he was looking for me. I smiled a little when I heard him gasp lowly, “Light.” He said.

I smiled. Oh how I wished I could be his light. The ray to shine down and then save him from what ever it was that made his life dark and gray. But for some reason, I knew that the cause was me. I touched my forehead to his and I asked lowly, “Do you forgive me?” I whispered.

L’s eyes shot open and I saw red in them. It was only a quick flash, but they cooled to a blue, and then back to their normal color. I listened to him gasp out, “Where are you going?”

I couldn’t answer him completely, “Somewhere…nice.” I said lowly.

L’s hand quivered and I took it into my own, feeling his grasp hold onto me with even more emotion then I could have gone with, “Don’t go.” He whispered.

I met his gaze, “I can’t stay with you. But please…answer me just that one question. Do you forgive me?” I felt a sting of tears run down my face and I could feel my heart begin to melt.

“I do.” He whispered. When I thought he was going to cry himself, I heard him say, “Do you love me?”

My throat felt like it was on fire. Yes I did. I loved him like I loved the Death Note and my family. I was here wasn’t I? I was saving him…I was going to kill myself for him. I couldn’t tell him that though. I just couldn’t. “I do.” I said to him.

His hand left mine and began to crawl up to his neck. I saw him tear off the necklace that had been there for a long time. It was some odd thing. I had never thought once about it. It looked to be like a small stone. It was black and it had a string made out of leather. He handed it to me. “Find me.” He whispered. Then his eyes closed and he fell back.

I didn’t have the heart to chime into his ear that I wasn’t coming back. I wasn’t going to be anywhere to give it back to him. I just couldn’t. Instead I pressed my lips against his and then lifted my head up. I touched his forehead with my own and then gently stroked his cheek. “Good night.” I said to him.

I put the stone in my pocket and then I turned around to face Ryuk who had been waiting with the others for my answer. I looked at all of them and then I said with a brave anger that flared in me, “I have made up my mind. I want to die.” I said simply.

Ryuk made a hiss and he said lowly, “Become a shinigami Light. There is no place for you in the land of the dead yet.” He spoke.

Life Note was going to say something, but she was quiet as well. I think we both had sensed the same thing, but didn’t dare to say it.

“Light…don’t make the choice of death. It is silly and selfish.” Said Ryuk.

My anger turned to him, “Selfish? Selfish is a person called Ryuk. I am not doing this to be selfish. I am doing this because I bring one person…the person I love so much pain. I have killed him twice, and I do not wish to see it done a third time.” I yelled at him, getting closer to him as I spoke.

Ryuk stood his ground where as Life Note and Vixen had backed away. Vixen pretending to go over to L and do something. And then Life Note was pretending to read something inside of her rulebook. Leaving me alone over on the other side of the room with Ryuk.

“Yeah…but…” He said to me in a failing attempt to make a point.

I drew acid out of my heart and I said to him, “I am tired Ryuk! I want nothing more then death. I have nothing now. If I go home…I will be caught as Kira…if I stay here in the shinigami realm, I will be killed when L dies. I rather die now, then be a pathetic Shinigami.” I said to him.

Ryuk was silent for a moment. But then his gaze turned away. “You long for death?” He asked, it was low. I almost couldn’t make out his words.

I said in a steady voice. “Yes.”

“You don’t want to be a Shinigami Light Yagami?” He said in a very low voice. I could hear bits and pieces. Something was going wrong with my hearing I think. I answered his question though.

“Yes.” I said simply.

Ryuk tilts his head up. He looks over to Life Note and he says loudly, “Did you hear him. He has given his answer.”

Life Note looks over. Her gave turns away though as if she knows something bad and sickening has just happened. She grabs her Life Note book and walks to Light. “You do understand that once you have given up your person for L…he will come back to life…but remember nothing?” She asks me.

I turn to face her. I didn’t think that he would forget. But then again, I didn’t think he would want to remember. “Yes.” I say.

“He will only remember going to meet you that day at the coffee shop, and you not being there. He will remember getting a message from Kira saying that he now has Light Yagami and that he will be killing him. The time of your death will be the time when you killed L in your room.” She looked down at the ground. “You understand that you are giving up your life…your body…and your love?”

I turn to look at L’s body. “Yes…I know and I accept all of these things.” I say to her again.

She leans over the book, “Then accept these: You will be given two drinks. You are to drink both, and then say you give the right of death over to Sukana, Life Note master.” She hands me two drinks. They are in small little veils and I can tell that they won’t taste good.

I look at her, “I accept.”

She turns away from me and she says lowly, “Do you accept the proposal Ryuk has given you?”

I turn back to him, “I do.” I smile at him and I wave good-bye. He only stares at me as if I were crazy.

Life Note brings out a rather odd looking pencil. Well, it was more like a large feather with ink dripping from it. She looks over at me. I can feel my heart race as I look at her. I can feel her cold dark stare and that odd feeling of nothing. I can feel an ice begin to coil around my heart and I take a breath. She mouths the words, “You may drink now.”

I look at them and then at Life Note. I had no clue which one to drink first. I didn’t think it would really matter anyway. Both would probably kill me. But I took one last look at L. And then walked towards him.

I began to drink the liquid as I walked over to him. Life Note…Ryuk…and Vixen didn’t stop me. I didn’t think they had to. I would be a threat to no one in a little while. The bottle fell from my hands and shattered onto the ground. The second one did the same after I had drunk that too. I felt the liquid begin to race through my body. But there was something odd about it. It didn’t seem to be killing me. It just seemed to be tearing out my body parts, and causing a rather large amount of pain.

My hand fell upon L’s chest and after a few seconds I could feel the heart begin to beat. Something I thought I would never hear…feel.

Ryuk came up behind me…or it was Life Note. I bet it was Ryuk though. But anyway…he came up behind me and stabbed me. It hurt really badly, but in a sick way I had felt it before. I had felt all of this before. And it hadn’t hurt so much now. I could feel nothing really. I didn’t know if it was because of the drink, or because I now knew L would live.

I couldn’t be swallowed up into that little world of darkness and decay because everything had been flooding over me. It all was like a flashback. My mistakes being erased and the joy I felt feeling that heart begin to beat again. It was such a good thing. It felt so good to know that he was alive. But not me. I wouldn’t be alive.

There was something missing though. I could hear something. In my darkness of my flashbacks that led up to that day, I could hear someone calling my name. It was L. He was awake? I was awake? Was I home? No…the pain in my chest was real and I could hear Life Note yelling something to someone.

“Light! Light!” I could hear L say. He screamed it and I could hear the tears in his voice. That dragged me out of that happy place I had been in. Then I heard nothing.

I wasn’t sure if I was dead. But then came that awful awakening that I wasn’t. I was alive because I could feel my chest rise slowly up and down. I could hear something in the background. A small laughter. And in that second I could tell that I had been tricked…again. And as if on cue I heard that evil laugh say in my ear… “You can’t die unless I say so Light. I will be your eternal pain.” He laughed and I knew once again that I was being saved.

- -- --


Oh, so it is over…yes? I am not so sure about that. I might make another one. It will be like…a sequel. Volume two. I don’t know if that is what you all want me to do though. I leave it up to all of you to decide. We are your dolls, your servants…tell us what you want and we will get it for you. But…if I do make another story to this…it may have a little Pov change from time and time again. It may switch back to Light…and then to L. Tell me what you want. PLEASE. I NEED TO KNOW IT’S WORTH WRITING. I hate spending time on stuff that nobody will read or even look at or comment on. But I do thank all of you who have been a great audience. You all are the best; you make me feel like typing. Does anyone read this? Well anyway…tell me how you liked it…tell me if it needs another story to it. And my last two things before I go to my chambers and sleep…thanks to Crimson2006 akari-hayashi Kiara Angel Seelenspiel Fallan Phantem Twilight Butterfly Sepsku, TheLustofkilling, Barranca everfire laineyue thenightwanderer : AND here are some definitions. I think I will put all of them.


Love nothing but Decaying dreams.

Ento: The walking dead that obey its owner.

Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.

Kinto: When the dead walker becomes too weak to go on it becomes a shell of nothing.

Firota: The monster that dwells in the shinigami realm and feeds on the dead, and humans. He was once a shinigami god, now he is a monster. His past is not to be given away unless the story informs it. He is now insane and torments his victims. He is said to be the cause of the war. One of the causes really.

Lakten: A shinigami weapon that can kill almost anything. It can only be used for good, and used for the right reasons.

Life Note: A person that has a book called the life note and can bring back humans or things from the dead for a price. The price is life.

Wicton: The stage before Synthic. It starts out slowly, and slowly becomes clearer. Its goal is to become a full Synthic so that it can become more powerful. Killing it’s killer is it’s main source to live.

Synthic: When the dead walker grows a mind of it’s own, but not for the better. They get this form when they are told how they died by their killer. They go through, sadness, anger, or jealousy; synthic is a mixture of all of them. They still do not really have a mind of their own, they only seek revenge, and hold grudge.

Qu: A fake soul. A soul that is used to be a fake controller of the body that is a dead walker. It takes a lot of power for a shinigami to summon it. The fake soul has more of a mind of its own and is a lot more independent. Making it a lot more dangerous, and more capable of causing death.

Synthic Ta: The same thing as a synthic only a lot more deadly. It has more of a grim spirit that possesses it. It can think, talk, and act on its own. The body is almost unable to become normal again, and can loose insanity to madness. The mind becomes alive once more, causing the previous owner to fight with it over the body.

Fitino: A soul that possess a dead walker, just some random soul. They are normally found in the human world. They are souls that are lost and can’t find peace anywhere.

Winsters: A flying demon that roams and rules the skies of the Shinigami realm. They come out at day rarely. They are most active at night. They manly stick to the skies.

Actids: Volcano’s that spit out acid instead of magma.

Rytos: Bugs from hell that dwell in the shinigami world.

Creston: A huge snake like reptile that lives in the body of the dead. It eats only decaying corpses. It is mostly friendly, but can be mean. It dwells in the cave of Firota.

Pestok: A snake with two heads, and is used to guard things. They are extremely poisonous, and hate everything except for their masters. They only need to bite you once to get you on the ground, withering with pain. The second bite is what really kills you. It has black and green designs on it that make its prey want to look at it for hours. This is how it keeps its prey in place, while it attacks them.

Asuck: A small whistle that can be turned into a small flute with power to fend off predators, monsters, and open up buildings and walls. This tool is most powerful when on the castle’s property. The castle of life note can give it immense power. There are only about 3 in the whole worlds. Life note gave one to Ryuk for winning the match and helping her during the war.

The Flute of Masters: The most powerful flute of them all. Life Note is the master of it. She keeps it with her at all times, and uses it for many things. As long as she knows how to use it, she is considered one of the most powerful beings in all of the worlds.

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