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I am sorry that I didn’t write in a summary for the last story. I am so damn lazy. I really don’t know why I still have all you awesome readers reading my crap. Haha…Well anyway in this chapter: Will more things from the past be unraveled? Will I leak my secret too much, and will L find out something that I might not want him to become? And lastly, if we have another run in with the Firota, whom will he take? Read and find out in this exciting chapter of a simple cut:

Chapter 5: If you love me, you’d kill me

The Kistami swung in the air, L holding it up so that I couldn’t reach it. Only a few inches taller then me and he was superior. I hated that. I jumped for the gem; he was holding it up high. I began to get mad at his childish games. Ryuk had told him to take the gem since we had stopped to pause on our journey, and he was board. For his own entertainment, he had L take my Kistami, and then not give it back. Well that was stupid, why would he take it? I do not know why really. All I was sure of was that I was getting mad. I finally just gave up. I gave a deep sigh and said to him, “Fine, if you do not want to talk to me, or to even give that back, then fine. You can talk to Ryuk for the rest of your life!” I was angry now. I saw him look at me with a baffled look. I could tell that he didn’t understand a word I was saying. He looked at me and began to tail after me. Ryuk only said, “Awww, you are such a spoiled sport Light.” He looked sadly at me.

L followed me, tailing after me fast. He said to me, “Light…wait…I didn’t know you didn’t like it.”

I turned back to him, “Give me the stone L.” I put out my hand. Although he couldn’t hear me correctly, I knew he could read my lips and then tell by my motion that I wanted it.

He only smiled devilishly. I looked at him, “Light…what will you do master, if I give you back the stone?”

“I will tell you to fuck off with verbal words.” I let my hand reach out further.

He only stuck up his nose and began to walk away. I ran at him, tackling him at the waist and bringing him down. He gave a yell of startle meant. I turned him over and looked him in the eyes. He wasn’t acting like an Ento. This was not how Ento’s acted. They were drones, weren’t they? Empty shells. I looked down at him, my knees on either side of his body. “L, are you alive?”

L looked up at me. I noticed he had no clue what I was saying. I took the stone out of his hand. I pressed it hard against my fist and chest, “L, are you alive?”

L looked up at me. He was silent. Nothing came out of him. I shook him hard, his shoulders hitting the ground and his head making a thump against the ground. He only watched me. “Please…are you alive…” My voice cracked and I thought I was going to get an answer. When nothing came, I got up and walked away, nearly bumping into Ryuk.

He must have been watching and I didn’t see him. I kept walking till I was far enough to where I knew I could be alone, but was safe from Firota. I pulled my legs up to my chin. I allowed a few tears to come down my face as I slowly began to accept more and more. Silently I wished that I had gotten an answer. What was wrong? Wasn’t he supposed to be dead and thoughtless? I gave it some thought. I decided that this was all too confusing for me to understand. I would just have to accept the fact that either this was normal, or it was a possession. I couldn’t do both though. I wouldn’t let my mind think that he was alive…or dead. He couldn’t be dead, he could think…not logically, or for long term. But he could think of things that seemed to be spawned from random areas. An image of a day ago passed by, “I STABBED YOU! YOU AREN’T ALIVE!” I found myself yelling.

My hands had been on my head, covering my ears. I didn’t want to hear the words myself, but they had to be said. I knew they did. I then realized something. I looked around. Had anyone heard me? I sensed something was watching me. I cleared my face and then I got up. There was someone watching me. It was probably Firota though. I glanced one more time around and made sure that my face was dry. I don’t think that the red went away though. It was cold enough to kind of chill my face though to help me relax.

When I got back, Ryuk was hunched over in his normal way, L was glancing in the opposite direction. If any of them knew what was going on, they didn’t say anything. “Ya ready to go Light?” Ryuk said to me in a very low tone.

I nodded. I don’t think that I could have spoken to him clearly.

That is how it was for about half of the day. It was quiet, and no one talked. I didn’t know if I should say anything, or to just stay quiet. I decided on the later. I trudged alone, only glancing in back of me to make sure that no one was following. I knew there was someone following us, I just didn’t want to believe it. We had been walking like this: Ryuk in front, L and I side by side in the back. We wanted to make sure that if Firota attacked, we wouldn’t be easy to pick off at least.

Ryuk grew tired of walking around really fast. I noticed something as well, my hunger starting to come back. I had some hunger this mourning, but Ryuk had gotten that taken care of when he offered me some apples. I took one. That I thought would be enough. I looked around, “Ryuk, is there anything safe to eat around here?”

He looked to his side. He then stopped. I thought he was going to pull something out of his pocket, but he didn’t. Instead, he walked over to a tree and looked up. There was nothing on the tree, but then again, who knows around here. He walked over to the edge of the tree, and stuck his hand into the hole. I watched as he drew from the tree a very odd site.

His hand had pulled out what appeared to be a rather large looking worm thing. I gave a gag. He walked back over to me. He handed it to me and said, “Eat.”

I think I looked repulsed, I had hoped I did. Why didn’t I just bring my own food? I instead took the worm and was about to set it on the ground when Ryuk said to me, “What? Have you never had honey before?”

I looked at him awe struck, “Yes I have, just, not a worm.”

“It is no worm. It is a honeycomb seed. They look different in this world, do they not?”

I looked at it again. It was quiet still in my hand. I brought it up to my mouth. I licked it a bit. It tasted good. Like honey. I was eating it on the way as we walked. Strange enough though, I wasn’t getting sticky. I was surprised to be full from a good half of the thing. (I had given the other half to L. Ryuk even took a bite.) It was sweet and made my mouth water for more. I was quiet though because I don’t think that I could have eaten another piece.

We walked about another few miles, and we heard a low rumbling noise. I looked up ahead of me at Ryuk. He glanced back, “We are close to the volcano’s.”

“What?” I asked him. Why would we be near volcanos? Well, I did have an idea of why, I meant more of a how were there volcano’s here?

“They have been inactive for such a long time. The only problem we have with them is that when they shake, they make the Actids get all active. It takes a lot to get them to erupt, but if they do, you don’t want to be in their way.”

I glanced around, “And what, may I ask are Actids? Monster bugs from hell? Or should I say from the shinigami world?”

He only laughed and said, “No, those are Rytos.” He gave another laugh, “Actids are somewhat like volcano’s, only, they shoot out acid, and not magma.” His laugh gave me the hint that they were dangerous.

I shrugged, “We're not going to be playing on any of them are we?”

“No,” He paused and began to laugh. Then he said slowly, “Where going inside of them”

I looked at him. He stopped laughing. I gave him a look of shock, I think that was what he wanted because then he turned back to me and said, “Just kidding. We are going to stay clear from them.”

I gave a sigh of relief. The last thing that I needed was the worry of L ‘slipping’ into a pool of acid and burning to death. Oh my god…I looked at him.

He looked back. I didn’t know if I should of told him my thoughts. I didn’t know how he may react to them I was silent instead. I felt something though. I looked behind me as Ryuk and L kept walking.

There was something watching us from the shadows. Well perhaps more of watching me then them. I shook. Looking at that one eye. I realized who it was then and there. The tall body seemed to be clearer in the darkness of the shadows. I watched that one eye, the only thing visible, as I began to walk away. It blinked at me. As if knowing that I were watching, which I am sure that it did. I kept watching till the eye closed one last time and then didn’t open up again. I turned away, not wanting to see that eye again, but knowing that I would.

L walked beside me. I looked at the ground, thinking of the monster that had been named Firota. L must have noticed, or heard, and he said to me gently, “I will protect you master.”

I looked up at him. My voice was low, “Don’t protect me. I don’t deserve it. I PROTECT you.” I said protect as if it were a very important thing. He only watched me.

“I feel less pain then you do.” He didn’t turn his head to me. He only watched Ryuk’s back, where his wings where tucked into his body. From here it didn’t even look like he had those demon black wings.

“You may not feel pain, but that makes you more vulnerable. You can die too.” I said to him more of a matter of factly. I knew that he couldn’t really argue with that fact. I had to be right.

“Why do you care master?” His head stayed still, but I could see one of those large eyes of his looking at me for a second. He did that when he was alive. I felt that oh so familiar shiver run down my back. That’s it, treat it like home.

“Because, you died once. I can’t have that again. Do you even know why you are here?” I questioned him.

He looked at me, “Not really. Why?” He seemed to look at me questioningly.

I shook my head, “We are here because I…” It shot through my head. I wasn’t supposed to tell him I was his killer. I prayed that, that little bit of info did not make its way to his head. I instead said, “I…am here to get your life back.” I looked away because during my pause, he had shot his head up to look at me. I think he was looking for truth. I turned. “Because that car that hit you…” I trailed off, “We need you for the Kira cause.”

He starred at me a few moments longer and then turned away, “I was hit by a car.”

“Yes.” I simply said.

“Then how is there a whole in my heart?” He lifted up his shirt and showed me the stitches I had made into his skin. Damn it. Why was he acting so damn smart and astute?

“Because, that is where the bumper went into you. Pierced right through your body.” I smiled lightly, hoping that he was believing it. Lie. Lie to him. The last thing I wanted to do. But then again, this wasn’t really him I was talking to. It was the real L I was lying to. They say that the best part of believe is the Lie that is in the middle. I smiled more, “It just didn’t go all of the way through.”

He smiled as well, as if accepting his grim death with a simple nod. He said to me, “Okay. I was wondering how I died.”

I think that was one of the things that made me think. It was one of the things that I could have used as a way to find out if he was possessed. In a way, I realized this because the second he began to use full sentences, and then the way he said ‘wonder’ I knew. If he were just an Ento, he would simply not even care, or ask. I think Ryuk already knew. I sighed. I would have to talk to him about this latter. Mean while though…

It was warmer up here. And, I was eyeing a pond that looked to be okay to bathe in. I smiled when Ryuk said it was okay. After he himself had wadded out to the very middle, I decided to stay close to shore. But nothing was in there, which was an extra boost of happy for me.

I took off my shirt. That was the first thing that left my smelly, sweaty body. I gave a sigh as I looked around to make sure that no one was looking. Then again, I really hated people, things, seeing me naked. I would even have Ryuk leave the room before I would change, or dress for school. I hated it when they had the camera’s set up everywhere. That gave me no privacy. I still cringe at the thought. L probably saw me naked then. I could feel my face turn red, and for a second, a dirty thought of L washed through my head. Him watching me, in the shower. Bathing. And what I would do in the shower. I thought for a second, ‘probably liked it too.’ I thought. I took off the stone.

My shorts finally fell from my body. The cold breeze making me shake a little. I got into the water. It was warm and it felt good on my body. I was sore from walking all day, my legs seemed to scream at me for working them like that. I could do it, I just didn’t like to. I scrubbed my body, my tooshie just covered by the water. The water was warm though. It was like a mini hot tube, only inside of a very dangerous place. I looked around again. The woods lined the edges, daring me to try and go into them. I kept my ground in the pond though. I felt so comfy here, and I felt safe. I slowly began to lower myself into the water. I closed my eyes as I leaned up against a stone side and let a long drag of breath out.

‘So nice.’ My eyes shot open. I looked around. I didn’t see anything. Who was that? I couldn’t see anything. I hadn’t said the words, but I had heard them. I listened to see if anything else came from the wind, or my head. Nothing. For a second, I let myself think it was L. He must have been thinking and I must have heard him. But, when I went to reach for the Kistami, I realized that it was gone. It was back with my clothes. My eyes tilted to the clump of clothes and I thought of killing myself. How could I have been so dumb.

He stood there of course. Why did I not bring Ryuk with me? But the worst thing of all was this: He held the Kistami. “Firota.” I said. One word.

His laughter could be heard, but I knew that he was not going to be too loud in cause someone might here. I began to move away from the edge of the stone and closer to the middle. I watched him. I didn’t really know what to say. So, he began.

“Hello…Light.” He gave a small laugh.

“Hi…” I didn’t know if I wanted to say his name. But he watched me all the same, that one eye watching me. Following me.

“Well now…I have to say…You seemed smarter then this Light. I thought that you would have brought your dead lover to your side, to watch.” He gave a laugh.

I glared at him, “He’s not my lover.”

“Oh…then perhaps that you just want to bring him back to life because you care for him as a friend. Or wait…Is it because YOU are the one that KILLED him?” He laughed much like Ryuk. The ‘Hyuk Hyuk’ kind of way.

My eyes shot at him what could be used as blades, “How do you know that?” In my thoughts deep down, I already knew.

“I am a shinigami, but I bet that Ryuk has told you other things as well.”

“Yes, he has. I believe them too.” One of my thoughts was this: L will come, and because he will sense that the kistami is in danger. He will see Firota and then get him away. I know it.

“They say the best part of Believe is the lie in it.” He laughed. Was he in my head? I didn’t know. I decided to stop moving as well. He noticed this.

“Why don’t you come here, come to me Light.” He smiled much like Ryuk. I gave a nod.

“I don’t think so. If it is one thing I do not have for you, it is trust.” I gave him a smile.

“O.o” I think that was the face he made. Wait, “o.0” It would have to be more like that. Haha. I watched him cross over to the edge of the water. He held out the gem, “I bet this is what you want. Come and get it, or I will eat it.” He lifted it up to his mouth.

I made a move to go forward, but I stopped. Why should I follow his orders? And where was L?

“Hyuk, hyuk, your friend. He will not come. You think that I put the rock in danger? You are wrong. Until I eat it, I will make it sense something is the matter.” He smiled, “Go on and tell me to eat it then. I will Light. I will.” He lifted it up again.

What did he mean no one was going to come? Did he kill them? “Did you kill them?” I asked.

“No. I have no reason to, yet. If you don’t come here though, I will.” He waited for me to make a move.

“Why not come in here?” I asked.

“Because, I rather don’t like the water. Besides, I don’t think you would like it if I were to come in there…” He sounded true. I didn’t know how to take it.

“Then at least give me my pants, so that I can cover up.” I said this. I really don’t think I myself wanted to see him come into the water. He would probably drag me under. I didn’t want to drown to death. It wouldn’t be very fun.

“Maybe.” He simply said.

I began to venture back to my clothes pile, and the shinigami that stood there. I looked the Firota up and down when I got closer. He wore pants this time, baggy ones like Ryuk. Thank god for that. Last time I saw him, he was wearing tight pants, and you could see some things. I shivered.

“What is the matter Light?” He asked me very quietly.

“Give me my pants. I really don’t like to be seen naked.” I could feel my blush coming on. I began to regret saying these words to him.

He smiled, “I think I found something to bug you with besides this silly stone.” He licked the stone, and then looked down at me, “Get out.”

I slumped forward. I drew my hands down to cover up the best I could. I think he liked it because when he laughed there was a special kind of tease to it. I cringed. I could feel my body becoming red. He was sick wasn’t he?

“You have a nice body for a human…boy…” He said looking at me.

“I am not just a boy, I am a young man.” Don’t ask me why I said that. “Can I have my pants now?”

Firota pointed to the ground where they lay, “They are there, no one is stopping you.”

I looked down. I would have to bend down to pick them up. I thought for a second. Was that what he wanted? I shook my head trying to not think that Shinigami, even crazy ones, had sex drives. I lowered my knees to the ground, which would make it hard for him to see anything, and then picked up my pants. I put them on with my boxers so quickly; you would have thought a new world record. When I looked back at Firota, he looked disappointed.

“Hmm…you seem, nervous around me Light…Why?” He looked questioningly at me.

I looked up at him, holding my rock. If I had it, I could tell L to tell Ryuk that Firota was here. I gave a sigh, “Can you please give me my Kistami back…” I was trying to be polite with him, but I could tell that he was going to be an ass about this.

He smiled, “For what? So that you can call your little Ento on me.” He gave a smile. “Wait, you have figured out that he isn’t a dead walker right?”

I looked up at him, his one eye watching my face, “You lie.” I said.

“I do not. Your friend is no longer an Ento…” He smiled down at me.

“What is he…is he okay?” I yelled up to him. Okay, I really didn’t have to yell up to him, but I was getting excited, and I think this is what he wanted.

He slowly reached up a hand to touch my chest. I allowed it for a second then took a step back. He laughed. “What will you give me if I tell you?”

“Nothing. I have nothing but my life.” I said. I was being half way truthful. I was hoping in a way that he would only want my life.

“No, I don’t want your life…Light…” He didn’t finish. He only came at me really fast. One of his claws extending out, and then coming down on my chest. Making a cut that hurt like a burn from fire. I stepped back, holding the cut.

“I will keep this stone till next we meet. I don’t think that will be too long from now.” He gave a smile, “If you won’t talk to me, then you won’t talk to that L.”

He must have inflicted pain to the stone, or it sensed I was in trouble. Because before I knew it, L was at the edge, looking to see if everything was all right, Ryuk was behind him. They came at me.

“Oh and Light…Yes Kira…Shinigami’s, even crazy one’s do have a sex drive.” He laughed in his eerie way and I watched as his body seeped into darkness once more. That one eye being the last thing to leave.

“He took the stone.” I yelled to Ryuk. Ryuk only looked back down at me. And I think for once in his life, he forced some sort of frown onto his face. L was the one who took my attention in full though. He didn’t seem to be right. The way his eyes seemed red under the moon’s glow. And the way he looked down at me. I thought that I was going to die right there. He must know I am Kira.

And that is it for this chapter. I need to know something. Do you guys think that Firota should do something with Light? (Something naughty?) Review. I don’t want flamers. I have thanks for more people too. Thanks you everyone who has been reading and reviewing this, those of you who are are my most fav. readers. Oh and, I have some new definitions for all of you too. Here, enjoy. Some will be for the next chapter too. Just want you all to have something to look for ward to. Well anyway, tell me how much you like. I think this is one of the best stories I have ever written.

Firota: The monster that dwells in the shinigami realm and feeds on the dead, and humans. He was once a shinigami god, now he is a monster. His past is not to be given away unless the story informs it. He is now insane and torments his victims. He is said to be the cause of the war. One of the causes really.

Synthic: When the dead walker grows a mind of it’s own, but not for the better. They get this form when they are told how they died by their killer. They go through either, sadness, anger, or jealousy; synthic is a mixture of all of them. They still do not really have a mind of their own, they only seek revenge, and hold grudge.

Synthic Ta: The same thing as a synthic only a lot more deadly. It has more of a grim spirit that possesses it. It can think, talk, act on its own. The body is almost unable to become normal again, and can loose insanity to madness. The mind becomes alive once more, causing the previous owner to fight with it over the body.

Wicton: The stage before Synthic. It starts out slowly, and slowly becomes clearer. It’s goal is to become a full Synthic so that it can become more powerful. Killing it’s killer is it’s main source to live.

Actids: Volcano’s that spit out acid instead of magma.

Rytos: Bugs from hell that dwell in the shinigami world

Ento: The walking dead that obey it’s owner.

Kistame: The gem that binds master and servant.


They took my name, and gave me this. They took my life, and gave me you.

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