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This is my first fanfic ever, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s an alternate ending to the anime, but will rewind the last few episodes, after the first chapter, for clarification on main OC and to set up the alt ending. There are a few OC’s, but you’ll recognize most of the cast. I don’t want to give too much away in the summary, so I’m not going to say too much. Plus not much is given in the first chapter

Disclaimers: I do not own Death Note, not the anime or the manga. Death Note belongs to Ohba and Obata. I also do not own Death Note Another Note: The LABB Murder Cases. If you are unsure about these facts, just ask if this is how the anime ended. If the answer is no…than I’m telling the truth.


Chapter 1: Funeral


The city is still sleeping. Street lights cast an eerie glow upon the ground. Four men were running down the street, coming from an old abandoned warehouse. The look on their faces was stern, as if they were keeping all feelings from coming to the surface. At the intersection they pause but for a moment.

“Where did he go?”

“He can’t have gone far. Keep looking, split up!”

The group whose job it was to capture Kira was out searching for him. They couldn’t let him get away this easy. Determined to bring him in at all costs, the men keep running. The sun was slowly sinking over the city, and all the men were exhausted from the events of the night. Near had won, Kira lost, but still Kira ran.

Matsuda was still troubled by it. He couldn’t believe it. ‘How could this have happened’ he keeps asking himself. But the truth was there, there was no denying it. Kira was Light, Chief Yagami’s son. Light had killed his own father, a man Matsuda admired. The only thing that kept him going was to make sure that Light would pay, and to ask him how he could’ve done it. He couldn’t let Light get away with this.

The final rays of day were shooting out of the sky. The group was closing in on Light’s location, and the air was thick with anticipation. The men run around a corner, each has the same thoughts going through their heads, ‘Did he have any more pieces of the Death Note on him? What would they do when they caught up him, if he was still alive?’


Back at the warehouse, Near sits in the middle of the room. He calmly continues to twirl his hair. He thinks ‘So Light ran.’ Near expected nothing else, after all Light was a coward. He never got close to the people he killed, just simply wrote names down. He wonders if the rest of them will catch up to Light. It doesn’t matter. He’s job is done; he caught Kira. There are no feelings of satisfaction, no feelings of remorse. He glances over at the body lying on the ground. Kira’s accomplice, Teru Mikami dead from a self inflicted wound. Mikami was such a fool, but Near owes him a debt of gratitude. After all, if not for his foolish actions, Near might never have been able to bring Kira down. Near feels the eyes of the members of the SPK. Near looks up at them. The three members of the SPK are standing around, waiting for orders from Near.

“What do we do now?” asks Linder.

Near continues to sit doing nothing but twirling his hair. He pauses for a moment, his finger still surrounded by his white hair, and states, “Do whatever you want. Your job is done here, as is mine.” Near takes his hand from out of his hair. The other members of the SPK look in shock at him as Near stands up, grabs his finger puppets, and walks out of the warehouse without saying anything further. At the door Near pauses and says, “Of course, I do need a ride back to headquarters.”


Light Yagami lies bleeding on the steps of an old run-down building. He still can’t believe what just happened. He thinks about what has happened and what went wrong. ‘Mikami! That idiot! He ruined everything!’ Light thinks to himself. The blood pools around him and he is finding it harder to breathe. He can’t understand how it could have come to this. He planned everything out. He thinks, ‘If only I could get to Misa. She would punish these small minded people for him, and she could carry on as Kira. Then he would never die, not really. That would throw Near out of his smug state.’ The last rays of sun peek through the dirty, broken windows of the building and he thinks he sees someone standing in the shadows. He focuses his eyes to get a better look and opens his mouth in surprise.

There looking at Light is a man that Light knows too well. His shoulders are hunched over and his hands are in his pants pockets. His dark hair is falling in his face and his eyes have the look of righteous justice, and sadness. There are no shoes on his feet, and his toes are curled inward. There’s a trace of a smile his on his lips, both sad and justified, as he cocks his head to one side.

Light stares at him. This has to be his imagination. There’s no way the L came back for him. Light looks at the figure, waiting for it to disappear. L just stands there, as if waiting. Light can’t stand that look on his face. “You didn’t beat me,” whispers Light. “I still won. The world will remember me as the vengeful god that wrought justice on those that were evil.” Light blinks his eyes and the image of L fades. “Do you hear me?” Light watches the figure of L slowly disappear. Just before L fades completely, Light, with his last breath, screams, “I BEAT YOU L.” Then, he feels the pain in his chest.


Nearby, on top of a building, Ryuk has finished writing Light Yagami’s name. He looks over at the building Light is in and closes his Death Note. A sad smile plays across his face. Not the sadness of losing someone you care about, but a sadness that comes when something has come to an end. He sits looking at the building for a few minutes before speaking.

“Well it’s been fun, Light.” Ryuk finally speaks. “As per the agreement between a Shinigami and the human that finds and uses the Death Note, I have ended your life. There is nothing left to do now.” Ryuk feels a sense of boredom as he says these words. “At least we kept each other busy for a while.”

Ryuk hears voices coming up from the street. These voices float up to him, as if carried by a breeze. Ryuk looks down and sees a small group of people running to the building. He understands. The other members of the Task Force must not have liked the fact that Light ran away. He knows that they planned on bringing Light in, alive. Ryuk smiles for real. Well he just couldn’t let that happen. There’s nothing interesting about another murderer being locked up.

He watches the men as they pause in front of the building Light ran in. “Yes, Light is in there,” Ryuk whispers. “Sorry, but he’s dead. There should be enough in there to keep you busy though. Have fun.” Ryuk spreads his wings and flies into the sky that is growing darker as the sun sinks. He flies of in a direction that seems to lead nowhere, just straight up. “Nothing left to do but go back home.”


The small group of men came running up alongside the building. The sounds of panting can be heard, as each man is running themselves out. Matsuda grabs his side and bends over. The other three men pause to rest on the side of the building.

Matsuda continues walking until he reaches the doorway. He stops in front of it and pants, “I heard someone yelling over here. I think that it came from inside this building.” He rests for a second and hears Aizawa behind him.

“Well, what the hell are you waiting for Matsuda? Get in there,” yells Aizawa.

Matsuda nods and enters the building. The other men follow him inside. By the time that Aizawa, Ide, and Mogi enter, Matsuda is all ready out of sight. Through the dirty windows the final rays shine inside, as the sun falls from the sky, and the men can see the trail of blood that Matsuda must have followed. The splashes of blood have all ready started to dry, as the other members of the Task Force follow the trail. They find Matsuda standing in an opening on the other side of the room. He stands there staring at the staircase.

Aizawa and Mogi glance at each other. Both men notice that Matsuda seems to be paralyzed. Aizawa is the first to approach. “Matsuda, are you o.k.,” he asks. Aizawa stands right beside Matsuda and notices that Matsuda is staring at something. Aizawa finds the spot that Matsuda is looking at and sees the body. Light is spread eagle on the staircase. His eyes are open, glaring at the ceiling. Blood has pooled on the steps and seeped down to the floor below.

Ide and Mogi join both men and see what they see. Mogi then walks carefully, so as not to disturb the scene, and reaches out to check Light’s pulse. Gently he touches two fingers on the side of Light’s neck, and waits for a pulse that he knows will not come. After a few seconds, Mogi looks back at Aizawa and shakes his head. All four men are silent at the realization that Light is dead, until….

“I did this. I did this!” Aizawa and Mogi look at Matsuda in shock, as Ide takes a step back. Matsuda’s scream sounds like those of a man about to lose his sanity. Matsuda even looks like he’s about to lose it. “I shot him. I kept shooting him. I wanted him dead. Oh God! What have I done?!” Matsuda screams and screams. Mogi can’t believe what he’s seeing; it’s almost as if he is unable to move. Meanwhile, Aizawa grabs Matsuda by the shoulders and shakes him. When that doesn’t work, he smacks him across the face.

Aizawa calmly but forcefully speaks to Matsuda. “Now you listen to me. This is not your fault. You hear me Matsuda. This is not your fault. Light did this to himself. This all happened because of Light.” Matsuda seems to focus on Aizawa, at any rate, Matsuda stops screaming. Aizawa releases Matsuda and steps back.

Mogi seems to be able to come out of his trance. He walks toward Aizawa and Matsuda, and takes it as a good sign that Matsuda doesn’t start screaming again. “Aizawa’s right. This is Light’s fault. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not the only one that wanted to kill him. Hell, if you hadn’t beaten me to it, I would have done it.” Matsuda listens to what Mogi says, but it doesn’t seem to sink in. Mogi looks from Matsuda to Aizawa. They both come to the same conclusion.

“You need to go home,” says Aizawa. Matsuda looks at him and starts to open his mouth but Aizawa cuts him off. “No. Listen to me. You need to go home. You don’t have to be here for this. Mogi and I can finish this up and call it in. Go home, Ide can take you.”

Ide nods his head, and places a comforting hand on Matsuda’s shoulder. “Yea,” he says, “I’ll take you home.”

Matsuda looks from Aizawa to Mogi. He slowly nods his head and starts to walk out of the building, with Ide following close behind. He stops dead in his tracks and turns around. A thought just occurred to him. “Who’s going to tell Sachiko and Sayu?”

Aizawa and Mogi exchange a look, and Mogi answers. “Don’t worry about that. Aizawa and I will take care of that. You just go home.”

Matsuda looks at them. The light shines on his face and both men can see just how much this has affected him. He has the eyes of a dead man. Matsuda nods again and leaves the building. Aizawa looks back at Light’s body and says, “Let's get this over with. I’ll call it in.”


Later that evening, Aizawa and Mogi drive over to the Yagami residence. Both men dread having to tell Mrs. Yagami about the death of her son. Sachiko Yagami has already lost her husband and daughter. While Sayu may still be alive, the events that had happened in the States took their toll. Sayu hasn’t spoken a word since her return, nor has she really done anything at all. Sachiko has been taking care of her, like Sayu was an infant.

They pull into the driveway and slowly walk up the path. It’s as if they take their time, they won’t have to tell her. They finally reach the door, and look at each other. Aizawa says, “I’ll do the talking.” Mogi nods and is relieved that he doesn’t have to. Then Aizawa knocks on the door of the Yagami residence. Both men have the look of wishing they were facing their own deaths, instead of giving the news they had. They clear their thoughts and straighten their ties, as if doing anything would help this to be easier. They hear someone’s voice coming from the other side of the door, and the door begins to open.

“Hello. Oh! What are you two doing here?” Sachiko looks much older than her years. The death of her husband and the disability of her daughter have taken their toll. Her eyes have the look of a woman who has suffered much, and her face looks like it has forgotten how to smile.

Aizawa clears his throat. “Mrs. Yagami, can we come in. There is something we need to tell you,” says Aizawa. The look on his face is all Sachiko needs to see. She quickly looks to Mogi, as if he might be able to take back what she knows is coming, but all she sees is her worst fear realized. She grips the door, for she can no longer stand on her own.

“No. No. No! No! NO! NO!” Sachiko falls to the floor. Her face is contorted and her eyes well up with tears. “No. Not Light! Please! Tell me not Light.” Sachiko begins to cry loudly.

Mogi is beside himself. He doesn’t know what to do. How can they tell this kind woman that Light was dead, let alone that he was Kira. That Light was responsible for all those deaths, including the death of his father, her husband. Mogi looks to Aizawa.

Aizawa stoops down and pulls Sachiko to her feet. He half carries/half drags her into the house. He takes her into the living room, where Sayu is sitting in her chair looking out the window. Sayu doesn’t turn her head, as her mother cries loudly in the background. Mogi shuts the door and joins them in the living room. Aizawa gently places Sachiko on the couch, hands her a tissue, and takes her hand in his.

Kneeling down in front of her, Aizawa begins. “Mrs. Yagami. Sachiko. I need you to listen. I’m so sorry to have to tell you this but Light died last night.” Aizawa glances at Mogi, as Sachiko’s cries get louder. Sachiko trembles from the force of her tears and takes her hand away from Aizawa. She hugs herself, as if she can protect herself from what he is telling her. Aizawa waits for a moment, places his hand on her leg, and then continues, “Light died during the investigation of Kira. We, that is the Task Force, the SPK, and Near, went to confront Kira. Kira was waiting for us.” Aizawa pauses for but a moment, as he looks at Sachiko, and makes a decision. “Kira killed Light.”

Sachiko raises her head. She looks at Aizawa, as the tears continue to fall. Her eyes are silently begging him to take back what he said. Aizawa holds her gaze. He doesn’t blink or look away. Sachiko lowers her head once again, and the tears silently fall to the ground. She weeps quietly now, as if Aizawa’s words have taken her voice away.

Mogi was a little shocked, when Aizawa said the Kira killed Light. His eyes had widened and his mouth fell open. But just as he was going to say something, Sayu got caught in his line of sight. Sayu is still sitting in her chair, looking out the window. She has not moved or made a sound since they came in. It’s as if she is not there, like her body is a shell that has trapped her mind and soul. Mogi looks a Sachiko, and in that moment understands what happened, why Aizawa did what he did. Aizawa decided that Sachiko didn’t need to know that her son was Kira. She didn’t need to know that Light killed his father, left his sister a vegetable, and committed a hundred other crimes. This wasn’t about protecting Light’s memory, but protecting those that he had hurt the most.

Aizawa continues, “Kira killed Light, but Light didn’t die in vain. He helped to bring Kira down. Light sacrificed himself, and his sacrifice allowed us to catch Kira. Kira is no more.” Aizawa finds it easy lie, but he isn’t lying really. Kira is dead, and so is Light. Why should he hurt this poor woman, who did nothing wrong, more than he has to.



The funeral procession follows the black hearse to the final resting place of Light Yagami. The sun is shining in the blue sky and birds are singing in the trees. In the third car sits a young, blonde woman. Misa Amane sits back in the seat. Silent tears are falling down her face, as she stares blankly out the window. She doesn’t understand how the sun could be shining. Her world has gone dark, since Light left this world.

This is the worst day of Misa’s life. Resting in the backseat, she thinks about how she ended up here. This past week has gone by in a blur. The last time she smiled was before the phone call. Aizawa called her from the Yagami house and Mogi went to pick her up. Mogi was quiet throughout the car ride; he refused to answer any of her questions about Light. Misa had a feeling of foreboding as they pulled into the driveway. She sat in the car, dreading the walk up to the house.

Inside, Misa hears Light’s mother crying from the living room. She silently followed Mogi down the short hallway. Sachiko Yagami was sitting on the couch, her head in her hands, and Aizawa was sitting beside her. It hadn’t looked like Sachiko had moved in a while. Sayu was sitting in her chair, staring out the window, just like she always has since the incident. Mogi went to stand by Sayu, as Aizawa stood up to greet Misa. Aizawa was the one to tell her what happened. Misa stood there in silence, listening but not hearing what Aizawa was saying. Even now, one week later, she still can’t believe that Light is gone.

The cars stop beside the graveyard. It seems wrong that the day is so beautiful, when they are here to bury the love of her life. Misa opens the door and steps out. In the car ahead of her, Sachiko Yagami is helped out of the car by Aizawa. Mogi is helping Sayu into her chair and wheels her up to the grave of her brother. Sachiko holds tightly to Aizawa, as he helps her to walk the final few steps to say her final farewell to her son.

Misa prefers to take this walk alone. Her friend offered to join her, on the ride here, but Misa declined. Misa turns her head and looks at the grave that has been dug. There are people sitting in the chairs, some she recognizes and others she doesn’t. She doesn’t care. Misa begins to walk to the gravesite, by herself.


In one of the chairs, sitting in the back, is a young man with white hair. He is just sitting there twirling his hair, watching the family come up. Mogi arrives first, pushing Sayu. He sets Sayu’s chair at the end of the first row. Aizawa and Sachiko follow behind closely. Sachiko sits down beside her daughter, the last remaining family member she has left. Aizawa doesn’t sit down beside her, but spots Near and walks toward him.

“Somehow, I didn’t think you would show up, Near,” says Aizawa. He stands beside Near and looks at the woman he helped to her seat. “This type of thing didn’t seem like your cup of tea.”

Near pauses in twirling his hair, and turns his attention to Aizawa. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. However, I wanted to meet Mrs. Yagami, and find out the reason you and Mogi lied to her.” Near’s expression is emotionless as ever, as if he can’t comprehend why someone would try to spare another’s feelings.

Aizawa narrows his eyes and looks down at Near. “You really are a cold-hearted bastard aren’t you? You mean to tell me you don’t understand why Mogi and I would want to spare Sachiko Yagami’s feelings. Her son is/was the worst killer any of us have ever known. He not only murdered countless people, some of whom were innocent, but Light is responsible for what happened to both Sayu and the chief. After everything that has happened, I felt the Sachiko didn’t need to know all of the details. This was more about Sachiko, than any type of feeling for Light.”

Near ponders what Aizawa said. “I see. I suppose that makes sense. However, I find that telling the truth is better than telling a lie. You never know when the lie will catch up with you.” Near begins to twirl his hair again, and focuses his attention on the casket.

“The only people that know what really happened are me, Mogi, Matsuda, Ide, you, and the members of the SPK. There is only one way for Sachiko to find out the truth and we aren’t telling her.” Aizawa takes one final disgusted look at Near and walks away.

Misa finally makes it to the graveside. She had a hard time moving her feet. It was if they had a mind of their own and wanted to be anywhere but there. The tears start falling again, and she long since gave up on trying to stop them. The world seems blurry and she wipes her tears from her cheek. Someone comes up behind her and places an arm around her shoulders.

“I wish you would have let me ride here with you.” The young woman has longish red hair and dark, green eyes. Her skin is pale and in sharp contrast to the black dress she wears. “I told you, you don’t have to do this by yourself.”

“I know. I just had to make this walk myself. Thanks for coming.” Even though Misa wanted to ride here by herself, she is grateful that her friend met her here. Misa rests her head on the girl’s shoulders. The tears just won’t stop coming and Misa doesn’t know if she can keep going. “I don’t know what I would do without you, Madie”

A sad little smile forms on Madie’s face. “Come on. Let’s find a seat.” Misa looks up at her, “O.K.”

Misa and Madie walk up to the first row, and Misa takes a seat beside Sachiko. Madie sits down beside her. Aizawa is standing on the other side of Sachiko, beside Sayu and Mogi, with Ide standing on Mogi’s right. Aizawa and Mogi exchange a look, and Mogi makes his way over to Misa.

Mogi stoops down in front of Misa and takes her hand, “How are you doing? I know this must be hard.” Misa looks at him and nods her head. She takes a tissue out of her purse and blows her nose. “Is there anything that I can do?”

Misa wipes her eyes, “No. Nothing I can think of.” Madie pats Misa’s arm, and Misa rests her head on her shoulder’s again. “Where’s Matsuda?” Misa asks. “I thought he would be here. He seemed to like Light, and was close to the family.”

Mogi stands up. “I don’t know. Aizawa and I thought he would show up to. We might have to go check on him later. Let me know if you need anything, O.K.” Misa nods. Mogi takes one last look at her, nods at Madie, and walks away.

The priest stands up and walks to the casket. The mourners finish taking the remaining seats. A hush falls over the gravesite, even the birds seem to quiet. The only sounds are coming from Sachiko and Misa, both women are crying. Sayu just looks straight ahead, as if she is trapped in her own world.


Matsuda is alone in his apartment. He has not left his apartment in over a week. He has not bathed, shaved, or eaten. All he has done is drink, drink and talk to himself. At this moment, he is destroying what is left of his living room, screaming.

“Kira killed Light! Kira killed Light!” Matsuda stands in the middle of his living room. He has a crazed look on his face. The room is trashed, as if a tornado passed through. In reality, a madman has been in this house since that fateful day. Little by little, Matsuda has been losing his grip.

After Aizawa and Mogi were finished at the Yagami house, they paid him a visit. They told him everything that they told Sachiko and Misa. Matsuda sat in silence, listening to everything Aizawa said, memorizing it. Someone else might have thought it was noble, what they did. Matsuda felt as if they handed him a death sentence.

Matsuda had stayed focused on the fact that he had played the role of Kira. He had judged Light, and passed his sentence onto him. He can’t make this feeling go away. He feels dirty, but no matter what he does, the dirt stays. He started by washing his hands, trying to get the blood he could see off. He scrubbed so hard that he caused his hands to bleed. This only made him more insane. Once the blood started to flow, the blood became real. He has been spiraling out of control ever since.

Matsuda doesn’t remember the person he was before he became a murder. The happy-go-lucky Matsada of old is gone. He has been replaced by a man who only sees a murder in the mirror. He has no sense of time.

Matsuda’s screams become louder. “Kira killed Light! Kira killed Light!” Matsuda falls into fits of insane laughter. “Then, I must be Kira. That’s it, I’m Kira! And Kira must die. I have to kill Kira, but I am Kira.” Matsuda pulls more chunks of hair out of his head. His fingers scrape across his face, leaving thin red lines that well up with blood.

“It doesn’t matter that I am Kira, Kira must die. I thought I killed him once, but I was wrong. That was Light. But Light was innocent. Light was never Kira. Because I’m Kira! That means that I killed the chief. I was the one that hurt Sayu. I left Sachiko a widow, with one child dead and the other mute. I killed countless criminals. But I also killed those that were innocent. For these crimes, I must be punished. I have to kill Kira, before he hurts anyone else.”

Matsuda gets up off the floor. As he stands up, he catches his reflection in the mirror. He doesn’t recognize the man staring back at him. This man is insane and as Matsuda smiles, the man in the mirror smiles. “There you are Kira. I see you. I am going to kill you.” Matsuda lunges at the man in the mirror.

Matsuda throws his entire body at the man, this Kira. The glass breaks, but it wasn’t a mirror. Matsuda was seeing his reflection in a window. His apartment was on the top floor of a fifteen story building. The force of Matsuda’s lunge propels him through the entire window. Shards of glass cut his hands and face, as he falls. The last thing that Matsuda says, as he plunges to his death, is, “I killed Kira. I killed Kira!”


Someone is sitting in a room, somewhere in Japan. The room is dark. The only light comes from a computer monitor, and it casts a soft glow onto the person sitting in front of it. The only thing that can be seen of this person is the lower half of a face. Nothing else can be seen, because this person is dressed all in black.

This person picks up a glass and takes a drink. After this person swallows, it says, “And that’s how it will play out, with death and sorrow. Only a few people will know the Light was Kira. The rest of the world will see him as another victim. The damn thing is that the world will remember Kira. He will still have followers for many years to come, even after his death. But there will be no one to pass judgment on those that commit crimes and crime will skyrocket.”

This person presses a key on the keyboard, and the screen splits to focus on two different locations. Near sits in the middle of a room, the members of the SPK surrounding him. He plays with his toys, as one of the members hands him a black notebook. The other scene shows two people, Mello and Matt, sitting in a room littered with cables and wires. Matt sits on a couch, playing with his handheld, as Mello watches a monitor.

This person cocks their head to the one side. Taking another drink, this person continues, “I can’t allow this to happen. Kira can’t die in this manner. It is unbefitting of a god.” The person turns around in the seat. “Don’t you agree?”

The individual that this person is speaking to can’t be seen, hidden by the shadows of the room. This individual doesn’t answer, but the person doesn’t need an answer. The person already knows what needs to be done, and has no problem with it. Actually, this person has been waiting for this moment.


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