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Chapter 8: Inquiry


Misa and Madie stand outside the apartment building. The crowd of people has gotten larger and now there are reporters mixed in with the lookers. The bright lights and commotion seem a bit much for Madie, and Misa rubs Madie’s arms in a comforting way.

“Are you going to be okay while I go call a cab,” Misa asks.

“Yea,” Madie replies, as she hugs herself.

“It’s going to be okay, I promise,” Misa tries to reassure her.

“Miss Amane! Miss Amane!,” the reporter screams, as the camera focuses more closely on the women. “Can you tell us what happened?”

“No comment,” Misa says, trying to shield Madie from the camera. Madie, for her part, attempts to hide behind Misa, and shields her face.

The reporter than focuses her attention on Madie, “Miss Idol, is this your apartment? What happened?”

Misa turns and blocks Madie from the camera’s view while looking furiously at the reporter. “I told you no comment!”

One of the police officers walks over and forces the reporter and camera man back behind the yellow crime scene tape. “Thank God,” Misa says. “I hope Light hurries up and gets here.”

“Misa,” Madie whispers, “You don’t need to call a cab. I have a car parked in the alley.”

“That will be perfect. Now, when Light gets here we can just leave,” Misa says as she puts her arms around Madie and gives her a hug.

“Well, it looks like we don’t have to wait that long,” Madie says, tapping Misa on the back.

Misa turns around and sees that Light has left the apartment. Light pays no attention to the on lookers, even though some on them are still claiming that Kira will set everything right. One of them is shouting that “Kira will punish all evil doers!”

“Light,” Misa says, as Light gets closer. She tries to give him a hug, but Light holds her off.

“I think we should get out of here,” Light says.

Madie nods her head and says, “I have a car parked in the alley.”

“Then we’ll use that,” Light says. The women follow Light as he walks to the alley. There is only one car parked in the alley, and Madie reaches into her purse to pull out the keys.

“I’ll drive,” Light says, “You’ve been through a lot.”

“Okay,” Madie says and hands Light the keys.

“Awww, how nice of you,” Ryuk says, chuckling.

Ryuu looks at Ryuk, but his expression is unreadable.

“Why don’t you sit in the back,’ Misa says to Madie. “That way you can lay down, it you need to.”

Madie nods her head. Light unlocks the car doors and opens the passenger’s side back door for Madie. Madie walks over to the open door and climbs into the car. “Thank you,” she says, as Light shuts the door.

Light then opens the door for Misa, and a smile breaks out on Misa face. “Thank you Light,” she practically squeals, as she plants a kiss on his cheek and gets into the car.

Light walks around to the other side, and gets into the driver’s seat. He starts the car up and drives out of the alley. They drive pass the front of the apartment, none of them looking back at the scene. At the corner, Light makes a right hand turn.

“Where are we going,” Madie asks.

“To the hotel,” Light answers.

“Yea,” Misa says, turning around in her seat. “You’re going to stay with us for the night. You should be left alone after something like that happens. I should know. I’ve had to deal with a few stalkers in my time.” Misa smiles reassuring at Madie, and Madie nods her head. “Why don’t you lie down? We should be there soon,” Madie says, turning back around.

Light looks into the review mirror, and watches as Madie rests her head against the window. ‘Yea, go ahead and rest now. I have some questions for you, and you will need to provide me with answers,’ he thinks.

Ryuk and Ryuu fly above the car. Ryuk is still smiling, and think, ‘Wow, Light. You seem to catch all the breaks.’

Ryuu expression is hidden by the white cloak that covers his body. He hasn’t said anything since the police should up, but he can see Madie through the back window, and he thinks, ‘You need to be careful.’

Almost like she can feel Ryuu’s eyes on her, Madie glances up at her Shinigami. ‘Don’t worry,’ she thinks.



Matsuda sits on the couch in his living room. He is having a hard time falling asleep. The events of the day seem to have finally caught up with him. He remembers the speech that Kira made back in the Wharf. He remembers what Kira said….

“I have no intention of showing myself, but I thought a little chat was in order. I don’t want any of you to have a false sense of security. The only reason that all of you are alive is at my mercy. Unfortunately, there are those in this world who still see me as a threat. They have been hurt too much by the actions of evil people. In six years since I made myself known, the world has become a much better place to live in. Soon the entire world will see me as the new God, and I won’t need you anymore.”

“You are a necessary evil. Until the entire world sees me as the only justice, you are still needed. Don’t worry. I intend to kill each of you in the end. Right now you are still needed in the world. It helps that all of you amuse me, too.”

“I have to say that you amuse me the most, Aizawa. ‘Is Light Kira? Light can’t be Kira? Light is Kira.’ You go back and forth between all of them. I find this highly amusing. Even now, you must be wondering if Light is me, if he somehow arranged all of this. This makes me smile. The way that Mogi follows your lead, like a lost little puppy, as if he doesn’t have a thought of his own, is amusing. Matsuada, the bumbling idiot, who never seems to do anything right, but keeps trying. Even Light, constantly thought to be me. He’s so sure that there is no way anyone can conclude that he is Kira; he just hands over evidence that makes it more probable. It is so easy to manipulate all of you.”

“Not one of you even considered the chance that I controlled the situation. That I made sure you stayed focused on Light, such an excellent scapegoat. So eager to prove that he’s not Kira, which only made some of you suspect him more, fit so well into my plans. While the Task force, Mello, Near, the SPK, and even L were focused on Light, I was able to continue my plans with little interruption. As a reward for this, I have decided to let you live a while longer.”

Matsuda sits and thinks, ‘Necessary evil. Kira views us as an evil because we stand in his way. He arranged for the deaths of Near, the SPK, and Mikimi-the one he handpicked. Kira is nothing more than a cold-blooded killer.’

‘At least, no one believes that Light is Kira anymore. The chief would have been happy about that. I know how hard it was for him when L suspected Light. Now Light’s name is cleared once and for all,’ Matsuda continues to think, taking comfort in that knowledge.

All of the sudden, a thought occurs to Matsuda. He jumps up off the couch, where he had been channel surfing, and says aloud to the room, “But how did Kira know so much about us. He must have been watching us, that much is obvious, but how did know about Aizawa and Mogi? How did he know about their contact with Near?”

Matsuda collapses back unto the couch. ‘I’ll have to tell Light about this,’ he thinks. He picks the remote back up, and points it at the television, to resume his channel surfing, but stops. There is a reporter on the television, and it looks like he is trying to talk with Misa.

“What!,” Matsuda says. He tries to turn the volume up, but it doesn’t work. “Stupid T.V.,” he says, as he gets up and goes over to the television and kicks it.

Looking down at the television, Matsuda notices that Misa seems to be trying to protect Madie from the camera. “What is going on,” he asks. Then he says, “I better call Light,” as he reaches for the phone, “I need to make sure that everyone is okay.”



The car pulls into the hotel parking lot, and Light parks the car by the entrance. The three of them pile out of the car, Misa helping Madie out of the backseat. Light walks to the other side of the car and hands the keys back to Madie.

Madie takes the keys from Light, and puts back in her purse. Madie and Misa follow Light into the hotel, and walk to the elevator. Nobody talks as they walk, but Misa has her arms around Madie in a protective way and Madie is resting her head on Misa’s shoulders.

When the elevator arrives, they enter it. Misa releases Madie and grabs her hand. “You can stay with us as long as you need to,” she says.

Light looks at the women and thinks, ‘That’s right Misa. Invite her to stay as long as she needs. That will make things easier on me.’

Madie nods her head, and closes her eyes. She leans against the back wall of the elevator and says, “Thanks, but I don’t want to be a bother. I’ll probably just stay the night.”

“Misa’s right,” Light speaks up. “Until we catch whoever did this, you should stay with us. I would hate for something to happen to you.”

“Light’s right, you need to stay with us,” Misa says. “You never know what these people will do next.”

“Thank you,” is all Madie can say.

The elevator stops, and Misa helps Madie to the room. Light unlocks the room’s door and switches on the light. A phone can be heard ringing, but it isn’t the room’s phone. Light walks over to that table and picks up his cell phone, as Misa helps Madie to the couch.

“Hello,” Light says.

“Light,” says Matsuda. “Is everyone okay? I was watching the T.V. and I saw a news story, and you, Misa and Madie were in it.”

“Everyone’s fine now,” Light replies. “Madie’s apartment was broken into, and Misa and I went over. She’s going to spend the night with us.”

“Madie’s apartment was broken into,” Matsuda whispers into the phone. “Is she okay?”

“She’s a little shaken up, but other than that she’s fine,” Light answers.

“Do you know who did it,” Matsuda asks.

“No, but we do have an idea. It seems that Madie has had some trouble with a stalker,” Light starts to explain.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to ask her right now. Madie needs rest,” Light says.

“I guess you right, but maybe I should come over. You know, to give her some moral support,” Matsuda says, looking very hopeful.

‘I don’t need you to come over,’ Light thinks, ‘I have everything under control.’ Light says into the phone, “I don’t think that’s necessary. Madie needs to sleep, and I don’t think she wants to talk about it right now.”

Matsuda is silent on the phone. After a minute, he responds, “You’re probably right. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Till tomorrow,” Light says as he hangs up the phone.

Misa get up from the couch. “That was nice of Matsu to call like that,” she says. “Anyway, I’m going to get Madie some blankets.” Misa walk into the bedroom.

Light looks down at Madie, but Madie has her eyes closed. ‘Now, I just need to find a way to question you,’ he thinks.



Matsuda hangs up the phone. He sits down on the coach, and throws his head back. “At least Madie’s alright,” he says aloud. Then he picks up the remote and switches off the television.

‘Madie must have called Misa after her apartment was broken into,’ Matsuda thinks. ‘It’s a good thing that Light was there, too. I’m sure Madie will be alright with him and Misa,’

Matsuda runs his hands through his hair, and turns off the light. “Tomorrow, I’ll be able to see her,” he says, as he gets up and heads to bed. He begins to realize that he’s really smitten with her.



Misa walks out of the bedroom, carrying a pillow and blanket. She walks over to Madie and brushes against her shoulder.

Madie opens her eyes, upon feeling Misa, and looks up at her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you,” Misa says.

“It’s all right. I wasn’t sleeping, just resting my eyes,” Madie says, sitting up on the coach. She takes the pillow and blanket that Misa hands her. “I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to sleep.”

“Well you should try,” Light says, walking over to the women.

Misa and Madie look up at him. He just stands there. Both of the Shinigami are in the room, hanging in the back watching the scene.

“Light’s right, you should try to sleep. So, you want us to stay here until you are,” Misa asks.

“No, that’s O.K. Both of you are probably tired,” Madie says, reaching for her purse. She pulls her phone out. “I just need to check something then I’ll get some sleep.”

Misa looks at her, “Well, if you’re sure,” she says, “then I’ll be turning in.”

“Me too,” Light says. “If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“I’ll be fine,” Madie says, hitting buttons on her phone. “Don’t worry.”

Both Light and Misa look at her. “Well, good night then,” Misa says, as she pats Madie on the arm. Then her and Light walk toward the bedroom.

As they pass, Light notices that Madie seems to be typing something into the phone, but Misa calls his name, so he doesn’t stay to investigate. Ryuk stays out in the main room with Madie and Ryuu. Light looks back at Ryuk and shuts the door.

After a minute, Madie closes her phone, and puts it back in her purse. She leans back into the couch, and picks up the remote. Turning the television on, Madie keeps the volume low. “There’s no way I can go to sleep now,” she says as she begins to channel surf.

One hour later

Ryuk has been silent ever since Light and Misa went to bed. He tried to talk with Ryuu, but all he could get was a blank look. Ryuk shrugged it off, as some Shinigami are weird. So Ryuk focused his attention on Madie, but she stared blankly at the television, not really watching it. It almost seemed as if she was waiting for something. ‘Well,’ Ryuk thinks to himself, ‘I suppose that’s only to be expected. She’s had quite a shock today.’

Just then, the noise of a door opening can be heard. All three members of the room turn to look at the bedroom door. Light emerges from the bedroom, and closes the door behind him.

“I’m sorry,” Madie says, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” She turns the volume down further.

“You didn’t,” Light says to her, as he walks into the main room and takes a seat in one of the chairs. “I’m having a hard time falling asleep too.”

Madie turns so she can better see Light. Ryuk and Ryuu watch the two of them closely. “I know what that’s like. Seem to be having a hard time myself,” Madie says.

“Are you okay? I mean about the stalker,” Light asks. ‘I should start by sounding interested in her problems,’ Light thinks, ‘then work my up to what I want to know.’

“It isn’t the first time I’ve had a stalker, though I admit, not one like this,” Madie says with at shaky laugh. “This is something different.”

“Yea,” Light says. “I guess having someone break into your apartment would be different.”

“You know,” Madie says looking at Light, “I really don’t want to talk about this right now. Can we talk about something else?”

Light looks at Madie. ‘Sure, how about we talk about what happened at the Wharf,’ he thinks. Instead Light says, “Of course, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well,” Madie starts, “I was wondering how I did at the Wharf? Do you think I did okay?”

‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Light thinks. ‘She brings up the subject. This makes things much easier. I just have to be tactful, so she doesn’t suspect anything.’ Light opens his mouth and says, “You did fine, though I would have preferred if you had killed everyone.”

Madie puts her head down. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure because you said to kill those that opposed you. So, when the others showed up with you and Mogi joined you, I didn’t know if you wanted me to kill them or not.”

“I see,” Light says. “But why did you set up that communication system?”

“The idea came to me on my way over. I wanted to get there early, so no one would see me coming. I was thinking about the Task Force and unsure if you wanted me to kill them or not, so I thought some way of communication would make it easier. That why, if it seemed like you wanted me to kill them, I could kill them with no problem,” Madie says, picking her head up to look at Light.

“Then what happened? I made it clear when we talking through that thing, that I wanted them dead,” Light asks, in a gentle tone. He doesn’t want her to think that he is unhappy about it.

Madie hangs her head again and says, “I’m sorry. I forgot their names. I thought I remembered some of their names, but I hadn’t met any of them before expect for Mogi. I thought I knew one, but I wasn’t sure. So, I came up with that story based on what I saw.”

“I see,” Light says thoughtfully. “You seem to have understood them pretty good.”

“Well,” Madie says, looking up again, “Matsuda was the easiest. The way he was acting, I could hear him screaming about dying, so I figured he was some kind of idiot. Mogi and Aizawa were a little harder, but I remember that Mogi seemed to look at Aizawa for before answering, or to confirm something, so I cast them into those roles. Mogi came with the SPK, but Aizawa was the one who confirmed Near’s appearance. I figured Aizawa must have been the one to contact Near. I guessed right, didn’t I?”

‘You made a guess,’ Light thinks. ‘The whole thing was based on a guess. No, that’s not right. The whole thing was based on deduction. She figured out everyone’s roles in a short period of time.’

Ryuk laughs in the background. “That was one hell of a guess,” he says.

“I have to agree with Ryuk,” Light says, looking straight at Madie. “That was one lucky guess.”

“I’m sorry,” Madie says with tears welling up in her eyes. “I was afraid you would be mad if I killed them and you didn’t want me too, and I was afraid that if I didn’t kill them, you would be mad. I thought I had everything covered. Misa called me earlier, and I told her I would stop by after my photo shoot was over. So when I killed the others, I thought I should go. I could still hear everything inside, and talk to everyone. I thought there wouldn’t be any problems. But I forgot their names, and I didn’t know what to do. Ryuu helped me with the speech. I’m sorry,” by now Madie is crying.

‘So, her Shinigami helped her,’ Light thinks. ‘I guess he might be a good judge of character, or maybe he’s been watching from the Shinigami realm. But if he did help her, does that mean he’ll be as hard to get rid of as Rem. Will he threaten to kill me too?” Light rushes over to Madie and hugs her. “It’s okay,” he says, “I know you tried your best.” While Light says this he thinks, ‘If he is like Rem that could complicate things.’

“I’m just so sorry,” Madie weeps into Light’s shoulder.

“Its fine,” Light says, pulling back from Madie and handing her a tissue. “Nobody suspects me anymore. We can deal with the rest of them later.”

“We,” Madie says, while wiping her eyes.

“Yes we,” Light says. “I can’t do this without you. Every God needs a Goddess by his side.”

Madie smiles up at Light. Just then the bedroom door opens again. “Light what are you doing,” Misa asks rubbing her eyes.

“I was crying, and Light heard me,” Madie says, turning around to look at Misa. “I’m sorry I’ve been so much trouble.”

Misa looks at Madie and sees her red eyes, and says, “You not any trouble. You’ve been through a lot tonight.” Misa then lowers her eyes at Light and thinks, ‘But is she tries anything I’ll kill her. What am I thinking? Madie is my friend and she’s just scared.’ Misa shakes her head.

Light stands up and looks at Madie. “You should really try to get some sleep.”

“You’re right,” Madie says. “I think I’m tired now. I’m so sorry.”

Light walks away from the couch and joins Misa by the bedroom door. “There’s nothing to apologize for,” he says, “Just try to get some rest.”

“Okay,” Madie says, lying back down on the couch. She pulls the covers up and buries her head in the pillow.

Light enters the bedroom, while Misa glances at Madie. “I’ll see you in the morning,” she says, following Light into the bedroom.

The door closes and the two Shinigami are left in the room with Madie. Ryuu sits in his chair, with his legs drawn up and covered by the white cloak. He keeps watch over Madie, as she falls asleep.

Ryuk has a smile on his face and he thinks, ‘So that’s what happened at the Wharf. It looks like Light might keep you around a little longer. You might still be useful, Madie, or at least he’s going to want to make sure that he won’t die if he kills you.’



Mello sits in front of the computer, with a half eaten bar of chocolate lying beside it. One the biggest televisions, the one on the wall directly in front of the computer, replays the footage that aired from the Wharf. This is nothing more than footage that aired earlier tonight. He watches as the Task Force leaves the building, but the reporter pays them no mind.

He zooms in on the faces of the members of the Task Force. He counts them and notices that every member that was at the Wharf is still alive.

‘Light is Kira,’ Mello thinks. ‘Why didn’t he just kill everybody, something must have gone wrong, but what?’

Mello hits a key on the computer, intending on viewing the footage again, but something happens. One of the small televisions, each television playing a different news story, erupts with sound.

Mello pauses the Wharf footage, and focuses more closely on the smaller television. It seems to be a news report of something that has just happened. He couldn’t care less about it, and tries to override the controls.

A message appears on the computer screen in front of him. MELLO. WATCH IT.

Mello reads the messages and picks up the chocolate bar. Taking a bite he thinks, ‘So I’m supposed to pay attention to this report. Fine’ Mello finishes eating the chocolate bar, and continues to think, ‘I just wish I knew what was going on, and what I’m supposed to pay attention too.’

Mello taps a key on the computer, and the footage on the one television conquers all the others. What looks like an old apartment building flashes onto the screen. There are two women standing in front of the door, one with red hair and one with blonde, and Mello’s eyes widen at the sight.

“Miss Amane! Miss Amane!,” the reporter screams, as the camera focuses more closely on the women. “Can you tell us what happened?”

“No comment,” Misa says, trying to shield Madie from the camera.

The reporter than focuses her attention on Madie, “Miss Idol, is this your apartment? What happened?”

Misa turns and blocks Madie from the camera’s view while looking furiously at the reporter. “I told you no comment!”

One of the police officers walks over and forces the reporter and camera man back behind the yellow crime scene tape. The reporter struggles a bit, but is placed behind the tape. “Well may be you can explain what happened here,” the reporter asks the police officer.

The police officer looks at the report and turns to walk away. The camera man follows the office and notices someone exiting the building.

Light leaves the building and walks over to Misa and Madie. The camera man continues to film them, until the reporter demands the camera back.

“Well, the police are certainly keeping their mouths shut about this. We have confirmed that the apartment in questions belongs to Madie Idol, an upcoming new actress. While there are no details about the incident to mention, it seems that Misa Amane has become friends with Madison Idol, as seen from here involvement here.” At this statement, the reporter signals the camera man to switch focus to the women, but they are no longer there. A car can be heard coming down from the alley, and it speeds past the on lookers. The camera man follows the car and is able to make out Misa in the front passenger’s seat and someone with red hair in the back, as the car makes a turn, going out of sight.

The camera man focuses on the reporter again. The reporter continues, “We will not leave until there is a statement by the police.” The reporter signals the camera man for a break, and focuses his attention on building.

Mello rewinds the tape, and begins to play it without the sound. He watches as the camera focuses on Madie and Misa. How Misa seems to protect Madie from the camera. How the reporter and camera man are forced back, and finally the appearance of Light. He watches as Light approaches the women, and seems to talk to them.

“I can’t make out what he’s saying,” Mello says aloud. He becomes frustrated as he keeps rewinding the footage and replaying it. “What is he saying?”

Mello allows the footage to play through to the end. He watches again as the car leaves. Light must be driving, as he can’t be seen but both Misa and the red head are on the passenger’s side.

Mello sits back in the chair and opens another chocolate bar. He brings the bar up and pauses for a minute, holding the bar close to his mouth. ‘What the Hell is going on,’ he wonders, as he finally takes a bite.



Libra de los Muertos

Not every human that uses a Death Note will become a God of Death.

Merely touching a Death Note is not enough to become a God of Death. Neither is using one. Certain conditions must be met, in order for a human to become a God of Death.


A/N These two chapter’s (7 & 8) might seem to be pointless, but they have a huge impact on the plot. Things will start to really pick up in the next chapter, and you might even get a glimpse of who keeps sending Mello messages.

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