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Happens after ep. 32 and before ep. 33

Chapter 3: Plans


Misa, Madie, and Mogi sit in the living room, pages of scripts

“Oh, John. What are we going to do?” Madie reads from the pages.

Mogi replies, “I don’t know Mary. I guess we’ll….”

The sound of a door shutting is heard. Light walks in and strolls into the living room. He takes the scene in front of him and notices the redheaded woman sitting in one of the chairs.

Misa jumps up from the couch, papers flying everywhere. “Light,” she exclaims, running up and hugging him.

“It’s nice to see you too Misa,” Light says, pulling Misa into a loose hug. “What’s going on here?”

“Oh,” Misa says, “We’re just going over some lines for an upcoming audition. Madie and I are trying to get the lead roles, and Mogi was kind enough to help.”

“Yea,” says Mogi, looking up at Light. “Misa got the scripts at the shoot today. Madie and her were really excited about it.”

“Madie,” Light questions, “I suppose that Madie is the woman sitting in the chair.”

“That’s right,” Misa says. “You haven’t met her yet. Light, I want to introduce you to Madie Idol. Madie, this is Light Yagami, the love of my life.”

As Madie stands up from her chair and walks over to Light, a voice that only she can hear says, “There’s another one.” Madie pays no attention to the voice and greets Light. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she says, extending her hand.

Ryuk’s eyes widen, as looks in the corner. He sees another Shinigami, with a white robe covering its body. ‘What this,’ Ryuk thinks, ‘another Shinigami in the human world. This should be fun.’

Light takes her hand and shakes it. “Likewise,” he says. “So you’re a friend of Misa’s.”

“Yea,” says Madie, shrugging her shoulders slightly. “We worked together years ago, around the time when Kira first appeared.”

“I see,” Light says, as Mogi watches.

“Yea, but shortly after Kira came I left,” Madie continues. “My agent didn’t think it was a good idea to be working in Japan, until Kira was caught.”

“But Kira hasn’t been caught yet,” says Mogi. “You returned to Japan anyway.”

Madie turns around and looks at “But I have nothing to worry about,” she says. “I am not a criminal. Kira is making the world a safer place for everyone.”

“Are you saying that you support Kira,” Mogi asks, looking alarmed.

Madie seems to think about it for a minute. “Yes, I suppose I do. After all, like I said, the world is safer now. We have Kira to thank for that.”

‘Another Kira supporter,’ Light thinks. ‘Still, Misa shouldn’t have brought her here. It’s too dangerous.’ Light says, “I can understand why people think that way.”

Madie turns back around and looks at Light. She makes a point of looking above his head. Light notices her looking there, and begins to wonder. ‘Why is she looking above my head,’ he thinks. ‘She can’t be trying to find out my name and lifespan, is she?’

“All you have to do is look at the world to see that it’s better now,” Madie says, throwing her arms out wide. “People’s lives are happier now. Their lives are lasting longer, without the murders and other criminals of the world. With them gone, people’s life spans are lasting longer. They are able to enjoy life more. Wouldn’t you say that that’s enough reason to support Kira?”

‘People’s life spans,’ Light thinks. ‘Is she trying to tell me something?’ He watches as Madie casually looks above his head again. ‘She definitely looked above my head that time.’

Ryuk laughs lightly at the scene in front of him. ‘I see,’ he thinks, ‘she has the eyes of a Shinigami. That’s the only reason she would have mentioned the words life spans.’

“You really should rethink your views,” Misa speaks up. “After all, sooner or later Kira will be caught. Right Light?”

Light looks at Misa and thinks, ‘What the hell are you saying, Misa.’

“What do you mean Misa?” Madie asks.

“I mean that Light is going…” Misa begins.

“That enough,” Mogi says standing up.

“Hunh,” Misa says, facing Mogi.

“It’s getting late,” Mogi says, “I should be going now.” He grabs his coat and starts to walk toward the door. He looks at Light and Misa as he passes. He pauses for a minute and turns around. “Madie,” he says, “would you like a ride home. I wouldn’t want you to have to walk there by yourself, at his time of night.”

“Sure,” Madie says. She picks up her things and says to Light, “It was a pleasure meeting you. If Misa and I are going to be working together on this new television show, maybe I’ll see more of you.”

“Of course we’ll be working together,” Misa says. “They wouldn’t dare not hire us.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you to, Madie,” Light says.

Madie smiles at them and looks at Mogi. “My apartment isn’t too far from here. We only have to go over about three streets. You sure you don’t mind giving me a ride?”

“It’s not a problem,” Mogi says, turning his back and heading out the door.

Light watches as Madie follows him. ‘So, she made sure to let me know where she lives.’

Ryuk watches as the other Shinigami floats behind Madie, leaving when she does. Even though the door is shut, the Shinigami fazes through it. Ryuk looks down at Light and says, “She certainly seemed interesting.” Ryuk breaks out in laughter.

“Light are you okay,” Misa asks, looking up at him with concern in her eyes.

“Yea, Misa, I’m fine,” Light says, though he has a calculating look in his eyes.


“Thank you so much for driving me home,” Madie says, entering Mogi’s car once again. “It really isn’t that far.”

“It’s no problem really,” Mogi says. Mogi thinks, ‘So this girl is a Kira supporter, and she just happens to show up now. Is this just a coincidence?”

“Is something wrong,” Madie asks, looking over at Mogi.

“It’s nothing,” Mogi replies. He thinks, ‘I shouldn’t be that surprised she’s a Kira supporter. Most of the world is.’ Mogi starts the car up and pulls out onto the road.

The Shinigami sits in the backseat, watching the two individuals in front of him. The Shinigami smiles at himself, and says, “So now it begins.”


Misa watches Light, as he sits down on one of the chairs. “Are you hungry,” Misa asks.

Light seems lost in thought, and ignores Misa. Misa begins to pout, until Light snaps at her, “Misa, enough.”

Misa takes a step back and tears begin to fill her eyes. “Its just I haven’t seem you a lot lately, and I’m just so happy your home.”

“Taking out your frustration on her again, hunh,” Ryuk asks.

Light ignores the Shinigami and addresses Misa. “I’m sorry, Misa,” he says. “I just have a lot on my mind. I need to take a walk.”

“But, but,” Misa says, “You just got home.”

“I know,” Light says, grabbing his coat and putting it on. “I just need to get out for a little bit. This Kira thing is getting complicated.” Light leaves the living room and Misa hears the door shut behind him.

Misa is left in the room by herself. She walks over and picks up the pages of her script. After she picks up all the pieces, she looks down at them, but she sighs and places it back on the table. She collapses on the couch and buries her face in her hands.


Mogi pulls up in front of Madie’s apartment. Madie jumps out of the car and calls back, “Thanks for the ride.”

Mogi watches as she runs to her apartment, a simple building that looks to house about 4 apartments. Once she reaches the steps, he pulls the car out of the space, and heads home.

Madie pauses on the steps and watches as Mogi’s car makes turns around the corner. She smiles to herself and gazes up at the night sky. The moon shines down on the small street, and she takes a breath. Her Shinigami watches her, with an intense look in its eyes.

Turning around, Madie walks up the final steps into her apartment. She enters her apartment and turns on the lights. It’s a small apartment with a tiny kitchen/ living room combo. There are two doors, one leads to a bedroom and the other leads to the bathroom. There is very little furniture, a small table with two old chairs, a couch, chair and T.V. She switches on the T.V and turns it to the channel that has Kiyomi Takada on and mutes it. There is still about half an hour till Kiyomi comes on. Then she walks into the kitchen and gets herself a drink.

After she fills the glass, she walks back to the living room and sits down in the chair. She takes one drink and speaks. “So, now all I have to do is wait?”

The shadow figure that followed her into the apartment answers. This Shinigami is male. He stands about 7 and half feet tall. His entire face is covered by a long, white cloak that covers his entire body. He stoops over a little and when he sits, he draws his legs up; which he does as he sits down on the couch. “Confident, are we,” he asks.

Madie smiles and casually looks over at her Shinigami. “Of course,” she says. “There’s no point in doing this if I didn’t think it would work.” Madie takes another drink and continues, “Right Ryuu.”

Ryuu looks at her. Her demeanor has completely changed since leaving Misa’s place, or more accurately Mogi’s car. Gone is the carefree, happy girl. Now here sits a woman that is in deep thought. There’s a hard look in her eyes, and her smile is more creepy than happy.

“I have every confidence in you,” says Ryuu.

“You should,” Madie says to the Shinigami.

“However,” Ryuu continues, “you shouldn’t become over confident.”

“Words of caution,” Madie asks, slightly amused.

Ryuu just looks at her, thinking. Madie is the one to break the silence. “You worry too much,” she says. “After all, I have you at my side.”


Light starts walking away from the apartment, Ryuk floating behind. “Where are we going Light?” he asks.

“We’re going to pay a little visit,” Light answers. Light thinks, ‘That little speech about life spans wasn’t an accident. That must mean that this Madie has the eyes of a Shinigami. It can’t be just a coincidence that she appeared now. More importantly, what does she know about Misa or me?’

Ryuk starts laughing again. “So you’re going to pay Madie a little visit,” Ryuk asks, still laughing.

“Yes,” Light answers. “She more or less gave me instructions to find her apartment, so she must be expecting me to show up. I need to find out more about her.” Ryuk can still be heard laughing. Light continues walking and says, “You’re laughter is enough to tell me that she must have a Death Note.”

“Oh,” says Ryuk, chuckling now. “Is that what my laughter tells you?”

“Why,” asks Light, stopping suddenly. “Is it meant for something else?”

“Why would I tell you that?” Ryuk asks, chuckling again.

Light looks up at Ryuk and realizes something about the Ryuk’s laugh. Light says, “That laugh reminds me of the one you had with that woman, the one that wanted to talk with the Task Force so badly years ago.” Light thinks back to that time and a picture of Naomi Misora comes to his mind. He remembers how Ryuk had laughed when she gave him that fake name, and how it almost ruined everything. “God, she was stubborn,” he says, “but I got her name in the end. I wonder if anyone has found her body yet.”

Ryuk looks down at Light. “Maybe you’ll get lucky and this girl will be smart. She might even be smarter than Misa,” Ryuk laughs.

Light comes out of his memories and looks at Ryuk, “A cow is smarter than Misa, so that’s not saying much. Anyway, I had a feeling it was a fake name, if that’s why you’re laughing,” he explains to Ryuk. “After all, it isn’t that uncommon for celebrities to use aliases for work. It’s entirely possible for the name to be fake, or at least a nickname. I need to find out her real name, and decide if she can be useful. If she has the eyes of a Shinigami, as well as a Death Note, then she could be an ace up my sleeve against Near.”

“And if she doesn’t?” Ryuk asks.

“Then I’ll just get rid of her,” Light says, turning around. He continues walking down the street, mentally calculating where Madie’s apartment is. He makes a turn, and concludes this must be the street. “Either way, I’ll find out soon enough,” he says, darkly.


Kiyomi Takada’s news report has ended, and Mello turns the television off. He casually opens a chocolate bar and takes a bite. ‘This woman is Kira’s spokesperson. Near will surely place someone in as one of her bodyguards,’ Mello thinks. He is completely lost in his thoughts when he hears the door open up.

Mello looks up and watches as Matt enters the room and plops down on the couch, taking out one of his games. “So,” Mello questions.

“Near does have someone tailing Mikami,” Matt says, furiously hitting the buttons on the game.

“I thought so,” Mello says. ‘It was only a matter of time before he does.’ He thinks about this for a minute and then continues, “What’s his schedule like,” he asks.

“Anal,” Matt replies. “Seriously, this guy has his day planned down to the last letter. He never does anything out of character. Near will have an easy time following him.” Matt smiles a little and Mello can only figure he just beat something in the game.

“That makes Mikami too easy to follow,” Mello muses. He turns toward the computer he was working on, and continued to write up his notes on the case he was reviewing.


Near sits in the middle of the floor, surrounded by his puppets. Rester comes through the door, carrying a tree. Near watches as Rester sets the tree down and begins to set it up.

“Make sure it doesn’t lean,” Near states, as he continues playing.

Rester looks at down at Near and says, “Of course.”

“Thank you,” Near states.

One of the monitors makes a noise, and Linder’s voice can be heard. “Near,” she says, “I just found out that Takada is going to be hiring a few female body guards.”

“Female bodyguards,” Near muses, not even bothering to look at the monitor. “Well, that certainly makes things much easier. Do you think that you could become one of those bodyguards,” Near asks.

Linder looks slightly taken back at being asked, and says, “It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I am certainly qualified.”

“I agree,” Near states. “Then, please do so. It will make keeping an eye on her that much easier.”

“Understood,” Linder says, cutting out the transmission.

“Do you really think that Takada is in contact with Kira,” Rester asks, standing the tree up.

“Yes, it’s just a matter of how,” Near states, looking up at the tree. “The tree is still leaning by one-eighth an inch to the right.”

Rester looks down at Near, who has gone back to playing with his puppets. He sighs and attempts to readjust the tree.

‘Could L-Kira be using Takada to talk with X-Kira,’ Near thinks. ‘If so, then what’s the connection.’


Mikami watches the television, as new criminals are being broadcast. The Death Note lies open on the desk in front of him. He picks up his pen and begins to judge the criminals for his God Kira. “Delete,” Mikami exclaims, with each new name.


Madie turns of the television and sits in the room, thinking. “I thought Light would have come tonight,” she says. “Well, that is a disappointment.”

Ryuu watches as Madie gets up from the chair and walks into the kitchen. After listening to her place the glass in the sink, he watches her walk back into the room. “Maybe you were too subtle,” Ryuu says.

Madie looks over at her Shinigami and says, “Too subtle. Don’t believe I’ve been accused of that before.” She chuckles lightly. “I suppose I could have just came out and said I had a Shinigami, but somehow I don’t think that would have worked.”

Ryuu smiles slightly at that and says, “True. That might have been too forward.”

“Exactly,” Madie says. “Well, there’s always tomorrow.” Madie begins to walk into the bedroom, when she hears the sound of knocking at the door.

Ryuu turns his head toward the door and says, “Perhaps you spoke too soon.”

“Apparently,” Madie says, walking to answer the door.


*Note: eps. 33 and 34 happen before the next chapter*

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