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Happens during ep. 35

Chapter 4: Following


The sun shines through Kiyomi’s bedroom window. The bed is made, with a floral print comforter, and the sun dapples the plush, blue carpet. The sound of water running is heard through a door on the left side of the room.

The water stops and Kiyomi enters the bedroom, through the bathroom door. She is wrapped in a pale yellow towel and her bare feet walk across the sun warmed carpet. She opens the closet door and selects the outfit she is going to wear. Laying the clothes on the bed, she drops the towel and begins to dress. She is happy this morning. Now that Light is putting his plans into action, she can prove just how useful she is to Kira. Once Light realizes that, and this whole mess is over with, she has no doubts that Light will drop Misa and begin to truly see her. She smiles at this idea as she finishes buttoning her top.

Kiyomi walks with a spring in her step. She leaves her bedroom and enters the small kitchen of her apartment. She hums to herself softly; as she grabs those few items she needs yet. She has already hidden the slip of paper where Light told her to, just in case. She can feel it. Mello will come for her today.

Light explained that Mello might try something, and she has no doubts, after all Light must be right. Since Near has made his move, Light concluded that Mello will try to one up him. If everything goes according to plan, Near and Mello will die and Light will be free to rule the world as Kira, and he has chosen her to be at his side.

Kiyomi glances at the clock on the wall. It’s almost time to leave for the station. Today will be the most important day of her life. She can’t wait to get it over with.


Mello wakes up and just lies on his bed. A half eaten bar of chocolate lays on the nightstand beside the bed. The sun is peeking around the dark curtains covering the windows. He closes his eyes for a minute, and tries not to think about what is going to happen today. He just wants to clear his mind, and enjoy the fact that at this moment he is alive. After a minute, he opens his eyes again and lets out a breath he hadn’t known he held in. Open beside him is the laptop. He remembers the message that had appeared last night, after he made his decision.

Mello sits up on the side of his bed, and holds his head in his hands. The message replays over and over in his head, and he doesn’t know exactly how everything is going to play out. He still can’t believe it; it all happens today, his life changes forever after this. He thinks about his options and decides that the only one he has is to go through with the plan.

Mello looks up slowly. Sunlight filters through the dirty window, around the curtains, and casts a shadowy presence over the room. Making his mind up, as if he really has a choice anymore, he begins to get ready. Today, he puts plan into action, the plan that will be Kira’s downfall. A smile plays across his face as he thinks about Near, and he wonders what Near would do. ‘The big-headed twit better not screw it up,’ he thinks.

Mello puts on his jacket and ties his boots. He walks out to the bigger room and notices the bike helmet on the desk. He glances around the room and sees Matt sitting on the couch, game system in his hands.

Mello sits down in the chair beside Matt, and opens a chocolate bar. Matt looks over at him, and closes his game.

“You’re turning the game off,” Mello questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t worry so much,” Matt says, ignoring the comment. “Everything is going to work out.”

“This is the only way,” Mello states, taking a bite of the chocolate. For the first time he can remember, it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“I know,” Matt says.

Mello nods his head and says, “Near better not screw up.” The statement was meant to be humorous, but neither boy smiled.

Matt and Mello sit in silence. Matt watches as Mello lifts the bar of chocolate, to take another bite, but simply sits it down on the table.


Near has just ended his communication with the Task Force. Aizawa turns around to talk with Ide, and Matsuda sits down on the couch. Light is lost in thought and thinks, ‘I told Mikami not to do anything, but what if he feels that I can’t take care of Takada myself.’ Light reaches down in his pants and fumbles with his phone. ‘I could use Madie.’

*Start Flashback*


“Light! It’s so good to see you.” Madie steps back and allows Light enter her apartment. “Is there anything I can do?”

“It’s funny that you ask that. There is something you can do. You can tell me everything you know about the Death Note.” Light turns around and looks Madie in the eye.

“So….that Shinigami was following you. I knew it,” Madie states, flinging her arms up in the air.

Light just looks at Madie. After a minute he says, “So you have the Shinigami eyes.”

“Of course. It’s the best way I could think of to help Kira. I came back to Japan in the hopes that I could be of use to Kira. Kira is God, and I want to be of service to him.” Madie looks innocently into Light’s eyes.

“I see. Is it O.K. if we go into the living room,” Light asks.

“Yea. Sure.” Madie lead Light into the living room. While Madie and Light take a seat, Ryuk notices the other Shinigami standing in the corner, hunching over slightly. Ryuk takes a closer look at him this time, and notices that he can’t name him. This is not uncommon, after all there are a lot of Shinigami and Ryuk is not on a first name basis with all of them. Ryuk focuses his attention on the two humans on the couch.

“I take it that you support Kira then,” Light says.

“Oh yes. Kira is the best thing ever to happen in this world. The innocent were afraid to walk the streets and Kira has made them safe. Anyone who doesn’t support Kira is crazy.” Madie smiles up at Light. “It’s my greatest ambition to help Kira.”

“Then why haven’t you tried to contact him,” Light asks.

Madie looks taken back by the question. “I haven’t tried to contact Kira because of the second Kira. The way he went about it was all wrong. I don’t want anyone to know about the Death Notes, the source of Kira’s power.” Madie bits her lower lip for a minute, thinking. “Anyway, I wouldn’t want to make Kira mad. All I want to do is help Kira; I don’t want to become a burden.”

Light looks at Madie. He can’t help but think how much like Misa she is. So willing to help Kira, why Madie even has the eyes and that might come in useful. ‘It should be no problem to get her to do what I want,’ Light thinks. “I want to tell you something,” Light starts and Madie looks attentively at him, “I’m Kira.”

Madie jumps up from the couch. “I knew it!” Madie gets down on her knees in front of Light and bows her head. “Let me prove my worth to you. I can do anything that you want me to.”

Light looks down at Madie. ‘She reminds me so much of Misa, it’s sickening. Still she might be useful.’ “There is one thing you can do for me, if you think you can do it.”

Madie raises her head and looks up at Light, with adoring eyes. “Anything,” she says.

*End Flashback*

Light sends a message to Madie.


In the back of an ambulance, which is idling quietly, sits two people, one male, one female. They check on the supplies in the back and wait until the ambulance moves.

The female has her long, brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She leans forward, so she can look out the front of the ambulance. Her eyes grow big as she witnesses the young man begin to exit the car, with his hands up. Her eyes cast around the scene, as the bodyguards all drawl their weapons. She can hear the sound of what sounds like furious writing, and begins to turn her head to look at the driver.

The man, who has dirty, blonde hair, which falls into his hazel colored eyes, reaches up and pulls the woman back. “We’re going out there soon. Get ready.”

“But,” the woman stammers, as the sound of gunfire bounces of the walls. Her eyes close at the sound, but the sound quickly dies down. Both people are thrown back, as the ambulance pulls out of its spot and rushes to the scene.

The ambulance stops right in front of the car, and they jump out of the back. Pushing the gurney, they race to the man and the woman gasps at the sight. His body is riddled with bullet holes, and the cigarette he was smoking is lying on his chest. The man pushes past her and checks him for a pulse.

One of Takada’s body guards runs forward, not understanding why most of them are merely standing around. “What the hell do you think you’re doing,” he hollers. Suddenly he stops running at the ambulance, and yells instead, “Just tell me he’s dead.”

The man finishes checking for a pulse, as the woman just stood there. “Don’t just stand there,” he hisses, “get the gurney over here.” He hears the bodyguard yell, and returns, “Yes! He’s dead!”

He picks the man up and places him on the gurney. Both of them place the gurney into the ambulance, and he starts placing an I.V. into the boy’s arm.

“I thought you said he was dead,” the woman questions, as the ambulance starts up. ‘How can he survive this,’ she thinks. She shuts the doors, and goes to assist.

The bodyguards move some cars out of the way, so the ambulance can make it through. The ambulance travels between the cars, but there are no lights or siren going. After all, there is no need to have them on for a dead man.

After placing the I.V., the man turns to the woman. “I lied. But if we don’t do something soon, there’s no way he’s going to make it.”


Mello slowly pulls the truck into the building. He doesn’t touch the brakes, as the truck slows to a stop. Mello parks the truck. He can hear Kiyomi in the back and knows he only has a little time left. He knows that she must have a piece of the Death Note on her, and he knows what she is going to do with it. That’s one of those things that make this plan so fool proof, the fact that Kira is so predictable. He opens the truck door and steps out. He moves quickly and runs to the corner, where he spotted the item covered in the blanket.

Mello takes a moment, before taking the blanket off. He knows that time is of the essence, but he has a problem with this. He still doesn’t understand how this is going to work. Mello takes a breath and rips the blanket off. His eyes widen at what he sees. The amount of work down is astounding. The body looks exactly like him, even down to the scar over his eye. He picks the body up and carries it back to the truck. He knows that his time is almost up.

Thanking God that he left the door open; Mello places the body in the driver’s seat. He shuts the door and listens as he can hear Takada attempting to break the glass that separates the front from the back. He listens as he hears her gasp, and starts dialing the phone. After a minute, Mello turns and leaves through back of the church. Just as he crosses the street, he hears an explosion. Turning around, he sees the flames, coming from the truck.

Mello stares at the burning building and opens a bar of chocolate and takes a bite. “How the hell am I still alive,’ he wonders. ‘Doesn’t matter,’ he decides, ‘I better just get out of here.’ Mello turns and walks down the street, as the fire begins to consume the entire building.

*End of Episode 35…the following takes place before episode 36*


“I can’t believe Kira killed Miss Takada like that,” Matsuda says, looking say. Ide and Aizawa sit on the couch beside him. “Death by fire.”

Light stands at the window, lost in thought. ‘I have to find out what Mikami did, if he did anything at all. I need to go see Madie soon.’

“Light,” Matsuda says, “are you okay?”

Light hears Matsuda’s question and thinks, ‘This might be the best opportunity to leave.’ Light says, “No, I’m not. I think I need to go for a walk.”

“Do you want some company?” asks Matsuda, as Aizawa watches.

Light turns around and looks at Matsuda. “No, I just need some time alone.”

Matsuda gives Light a sympathetic look. Aizawa just watches him as he turns to leave the room, as he thinks, ‘Should I just let him go. I don’t have any concrete proof that Light is Kira, but I know he is. Near told me not to do anything unnecessary.’ Aizawa sits there and decides that there is nothing Light can do. The Kira case should come to an end in two days.


Light reaches Madie’s apartment. He sounds the buzzer three times in a row, a signal that they had prearranged during his last visit here. The door opens for him and Light walks through. He walks up the three flights of steps that lead up to her apartment. All the while, Light thinks to himself, ‘Everything is going exactly as planned, and it’s all thanks to Near. I have been able to counter every move he’s made, and now I have just one last thing to check on.’

Ryuk follows Light up the steps. He can tell the Light is lost in thought and decides to break his concentration. “Are you going to try to find out Madie’s real name this time?”

“I don’t know yet. After all, I don’t know what she has been able to find out. I might need to keep her alive for a little longer.” Light stops on the steps and looks at Ryuk. “I don’t want her to become suspicious yet, and asking her for her full name would be like sending up a red flag. I would like to find out her name without her knowledge. Then I can eliminate her, and she would never know the difference.”

“Does it really matter if she knows,” Ryuk asks. “I mean if you’re going to kill her, what does it matter if she knows?”

“It matters because I don’t know if she will try to kill me first. I don’t want to die because some stupid woman decided that her life was worth more than mine. The only difference between her and Misa so far is the fact that Madie hasn’t offered to let me kill her. Until then, I don’t want her to become suspicious.” Light begins to walk up the stairs again. “It’s not like I choose her. I don’t know that much about her yet.”

As Light reaches the door, it opens from the inside. Madie is standing there looking very happy.

“Light, I did everything that you asked me to do.” Madie smiles at Light. She is so excited. Now she can prove her worth to Kira.

Light walks into the apartment and takes a seat on the couch in the living room. “Did anything unusual happen?” Light asks.

Ryuk follows Light over to the couch and looks at the other Shinigami. Ryuu just glances at him and focuses his attention back on Madie and Light.

“I think. After Miss Takada was kidnapped, Mikami left his office.” Madie sits down on the couch, next to Light. “I followed him just like you told me to. He went to the bank. I don’t think that is unusual, but he had someone following him.” Light gives her a questioning look and Madie puts her hands up. “Don’t worry. I stayed far enough away, so I wasn’t noticed. I don’t know what happened exactly, but a bank employee took Mikami back into a room. After he came out, the man following Mikami made a call on his phone.” Madie continues to look at Light as his eyes take on an angry look. “I did okay, right?”

“You did fine,” Light says. ‘It’s Mikami that screwed up,’ he thinks. He looks into Madie’s eyes and is reminded of Misa. He thinks, ‘Women are really stupid. But her showing up right now is perfect. I didn’t have anyone else to make sure that Mikami didn’t do anything stupid, and now that I know he has, I can plan around it.’

Light considers Madie for a minute, and then says, “I need you to do something for me.”

“Anything,” Madie says.

“You told me that you have the Shinigami eyes. I might need you to take care of something for me.” Light grabs a hold of Madie’s hands. “I need you to be somewhere in two days.”

“Just tell me where and what to do.” Madie gasps.

Light tells Madie about the meeting with Near. There is enough time for Near to change his plans to accommodate what Mikami did. If he does that, then Mikami might not be able to kill everyone. Light plans to use Madie to clean up the mess. Near won’t see her coming.

“So, if Mikami fails you want me to kill the SPK.” Madie’s eyes widen at the thought. ‘Here is my chance to prove to Kira how much I can help,’ Madie thinks.

“Yes. I want you to kill everyone that opposes me,” Light says with a formidable look in his eyes.


A smile crosses the face of the person in the room, though the face is almost completely hidden. ‘Everything is going according to plan. There is nothing that can stop the following events.’ This person looks at the computer screen and closes the laptop. ‘Soon everything will be made clear. I just wish things had gone smoother.’



A/N I know in the summary it states that things are not as they seem. A lot that happens in these early chapters does not get explained for a while, but it does get explained. I don’t want to give anything away (what’s the fun in that), so I’m not going to tell you if Matt lives or not. You’ll just have to keep reading. Yes, I am evil.

You’re also probably wondering how Mello is alive, too. The only thing I will say about that is…Takada did write his name on a piece of the Death Note. She also spelled it correctly. I am not ignoring that that happened, but as too how I worked around it…you’ll have to wait. You do find out, it just takes time to get to that part of the story.

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