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Chapter 6: Reprieve


The police have arrived at the Yellow Box, and are investigating the events. Aizawa, Mogi, Ide, and Matsuda returned from searching the nearby area just when the police showed up. Each is being questioned separately, by a different officer, and they explain as best as the can about the events that happened.

“So you showed up here for a meeting with Near, then what happened,” asked the officer questioning Aizawa.

“Everything that Near said would happen did, until…..” Aizawa begins.

“You came here with the deceased. Why,” asks the female officer questioning Mogi.

“I came with Near because….” Mogi explains.

“So what happened here,” asks yet a third officer, directed toward Ide.

“Well,” Ide says, “This was supposed to be the end of Kira and…”

“This Near believed that Light Yagami was Kira. Why, and do you think that Mr. Yagami is Kira,” asks the fourth officer to Matsuda.

“No. Light is definitely not Kira. I have no idea why Near thought that, but Kira was here after everyone died. He talked to us by…..” Matsuda does his best to describe the events that happened. He glances over at Light, who is talking with another officer.

This officer looks concerned for Light, as he just finished with his questions. Light sits with his head down in his hands and from the outside looks like he has suffered a huge shock.

“I know this must be hard. I’m sorry.” The officer lays his hand on Light shoulder and feels the latter’s body shaking. Mistaking this for grief the officer says nothing, but gently pats Light’s shoulder and walks away.

Light’s face can’t be seen, and this is a good thing. He sits, thinking about the events. He is shaking, not in grief or laughter, but in anger.

Even though Aizawa, Mogi, Ide, and Matsuada are still alive, they are able to provide an alibi. He wouldn’t need an alibi if Mikami hadn’t screwed up, or if Madie had just killed everyone. Then he would have finally defeated everyone that got in his way to creating his new world, and he could take care of Madie later.

‘It’s still funny to listen to each of them defend me,’ Light thinks, but there is no laughter. Light is lost in thought.

Ryuk stands beside Light. He looks around at the scene in front of him. ‘I thought everything was going to end here. It looks like there might be a few more chapters left in this tale,’ Ryuk thinks.

Ryuk looks down at Light. He is dying to ask what Light plans to do now, but knows that Light will not answer him, not with all these people around. He knows that Light is lost in thought, and he wants to know what Light is planning. Ryuk can’t wait till he can ask Light these questions, but instead he says, “Light, I need an apple.”

‘Give the damn apples a rest,’ Light thinks, in response to Ryuk.

The officers that were questioning Aizawa, Mogi, Ide and Matsuda look like they are done. They have walked away and are talking amongst themselves.

There is a man with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, the coroner, dressed in a black suit, with a clip board, standing beside the bodies of the deceased. The coroner has pronounced the bodies of the SPK, Near, and Mikami as dead, and nods to the officers standing around, letting them know that they can take the bodies away. The bodies have been placed in black body bags, and the regular officers begin to take them away.

Aizawa, Mogi, Ide and Matsuda start walking slowly towards where Light is sitting. On the way they pass two officers that are moving a body to the waiting vehicle, they over hear the conversation.

“I don’t know why these guys are even trying to catch Kira. Thanks to Kira, crime rates all over have plummeted. Kira is the best thing to ever happen,’ says the first officer.

His partner is about to reply, when he spots Matsuda coming over angrily. Both officers pause and look at each other, as Matsuda rushes over and grabs the offending officer by the shirt.

“How the hell can you say that Kira is the best thing to ever happened,” Matsuda screams into the officer’s face. “Do you know how many innocent people Kira has killed? The SPK, Near, L, Chief Yagami! What did any of these people ever do wrong? What crimes did they commit? You tell me,” he screams as he reaches back and punches the officer in the face.

Aizawa and Mogi run forward and restrain Matsuda. Matsuda looks down at the officer, the force of the punch had knocked him off his feet, and growls, “Say it again! Say it to my face!”

“Matsuda, you have to calm down,” Aizawa says, as he struggles with Matsuda.

Mogi is on Matsuda’s other side. It is taking the combined efforts of both men to hold Matsuda back. There is a wild look in his eyes, almost a murderous zeal, and all Matsuda can think is to punish this idiot for his remarks.

The punched officer gets back to his feet, as the rest of the police make their way over. They stand around looking from one man to the other, wondering what they should do.

“Matsuda, let it go,” says Mogi. Aizawa and he are still holding onto Matsuda, afraid to let go incase Matsuda tries to punch the officer again.

“I will not let it go! We risk our lives to try to bring Kira down, and this idiot praises Kira. Lives have already been lost. I want him to tell me how Kira is any different than any other murder that takes a police officer’s life,” Matsuda rants.

Everyone is silent. They just stand and look at Matsuda. Some have their mouths hanging open, others look down at their feet and there are a few of them that look guilty. Aizawa and Mogi’s hold relaxes a bit, and Matsuda shrugs them off. He doesn’t charge at the offending officer, he just continues.

“Even if Kira is right in the killing of criminals, how do you explain away the crime of killing police officers? Does the fact that Kira is producing results exempt him from all crimes? Even if the suspect turns out to be innocent of the crime we suspected him for, do we not prosecute if this person killed an officer? Kira has killed police officers, people whose only crime was doing their job. Do you really think we should let Kira get away with that?” Matsuda finally stops. He looks drained.

The officers stand around, shifting their weight from one foot to the other, looking uncomfortable. The officer that Matsuada hit is the first to speak. “I’m sorry.”

Matsuda nods in the officer’s direction, and walks over to Light. Mogi, Ide, and Aizawa follow.

“Let’s get out of here Light,” Matsuda says. “We’ll take you to Misa.”

Light looks up at them and nods. Together, they leave the Wharf.

‘I think Matsuda’s finally cracked,’ Ryuk thinks.



Aizawa and Mogi sit in the front seat, with Aizawa driving. Light sits in the backseat, with Matsuda on one side and Ide on the other. None of the members are talking as all seem drained of the events that transpired.

Ryuk follows the car. He thinks about how annoying it is that Light can’t talk to him. Back in the Wharf, after Light retrieved the Death Note from Near, he was going to write down everyone’s name, but something stopped him. Just when Ryuk was going to ask ‘what’s wrong’, the police showed up, and Light couldn’t talk.

Inside the car, Light stares out the window. Matsuda glances over at him, but doesn’t say anything. He figures Light is upset about what happened.

Light is lost in thought. ‘Because of Madie, I have to let them live awhile longer. She still can kill me, and I don’t know that she won’t, if I kill them. She might think that I will kill her next, and she might try to kill me first. However, that isn’t what is bothering me the most. I want to know how she knew that Aizawa suspected me. I didn’t tell her that. What exactly does she know?’



The car pulls up to Misa’s hotel. Aizawa puts the car in park, and all four members turn to look at Light.

“Light,” Aizawa begins, “I’m sorry I suspected you.”

Light looks at Aizawa. “It’s fine. I know that Near suspected me, just like L, and he was in contact with you. I understand why you thought that way.”

Aizawa looks at Light. ‘He really seems bother by what happened,’ he thinks. “Well, that doesn’t make it right. Considering what happened, I know you’re not Kira. I wanted you to know that.”

“Thanks,’ Light says.

“Come on, Light,” says Matsuda. “I’ll walk up with you. Just in case Misa’s not there. I don’t think you should be alone right now.” Matsuda gets out of the car and holds the door open for Light.

Light exits the car and says, “No, its fine. I’ll be alright. Anyway, I’m sure Misa is here.”

“You’re probably right,’ Matsuda says, shutting the door. “But, I’m going up with you anyway. If Misa is here, I just call a cab and go home.”

“I think Matsuda’s right, Light. You shouldn’t be alone right now,” Mogi says.

Light looks at them. ‘I don’t need Matsuda to babysit me,’ he thinks, ‘there are things I need to do.’ Looking at them, Light realizes that they are not going to let him go alone. “You’re probably right,” he says.

“Don’t worry Light. We’re going to catch Kira,” Aizawa says, through the open window. Light looks at him and nods, then the car leaves.

“Well, let’s get going. I’m sure Misa wants to see you,” Matsuda says. Both men enter the hotel.



“I wonder when Light’s going to get here,” Misa asks Madie. “He said he wasn’t going to be long.”

“I’m sure he’ll be here soon,” replies Madie, not looking up from the book she’s reading. “He probably has some things to wrap up.”

“Are you sure that you have everything under control,” asks Ryuu. The Shinigami sits on a chair, in the other side of the room, right behind Misa. His knees are drawn up and his feet, though covered by the white cloak, rest on the chair. His arms are crossed over his knees, and he looks intently at Madie.

At the same time that Ryuu speaks, Misa complains, “Yea, but it’s already dark out. What if something happened?”

Madie smiles, and looks up at Misa. “You worry too much,” Madie says, while taking a glance at Ryuu. Ryuu shrugs and looks away.

“Well, I just wish he’d hurry up and get here,” Misa pouts.

The sounding of knocking can be heard, and both women look toward the door.

“It’s about time,” Misa says, running to open the door. She opens the door and throws herself into Light’s arms. “Light, I was so worried. What took you so long?”

Light lightly hugs Misa back. “The meeting didn’t go as planned,” he says looking over Misa’s shoulder to stare at Madie.

Madie’s eyes open in surprise, but she quickly recovers. She notices that Light is not alone, a man she hasn’t met is with him.

Misa finally releases Light, and notices Matsuda too. “Oh, Matsuda! I didn’t know you were coming too.”

“Hi, Misa. I just wanted to make sure that someone was here. Light’s had a hard day,” Matsuda says.

“What happened,” Misa asks, practically blocking the door.

“We should probably come in first Misa,” Light says.

Misa makes a noise, sounding like surprise mixed with embarrassment. “Of course,” she says, stepping out of the way and noticing Madie behind her.

Light and Matsuda enter the room, and Madie steps back. Matsuda’s eyes open at the sight of her. He takes in her longish, red hair, her green eyes, and just her overall appearance. “Hi,” he says sheepishly.

“Oh, Matsu,” Misa says, “this is my good friend, Madie Idol.” She extends her hand out toward Madie. “Madie, this is Touta Matsuda.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Madie says, raising her hand for a handshake.

“Um, yea,” Matsuda says, blushing slightly. He takes her hand and shakes it.

There is an awkward silence after the introduction. Misa looks between Matsuda and Madie, a knowing look in her eyes. Light looks at the scene, but his eyes seem to focus on Madie. ‘I need her to stay here, but how,’ he wonders. ‘If Matsuda wasn’t here, this would be much easier.’

“We’ll come on in. This hotel room is great,” Misa says. Then she looks at Light and asks, “What happened?”

This seems to bring the men out of their thoughts. Light looks from Misa to Madie, but Matsuda is the one that answers. “It’s just been a long day. Light just needs some rest. I should probably get going.”

“I should get going too; now that Light’s here,” Madie states, grabbing her purse.

‘I can’t let her leave yet,’ Light thinks. ‘There are things I need to find out.’ Light says, “You don’t have to leave yet. I’m fine.”

‘How are you going to get her to stay,’ Ryuk wonders.

Madie looks at Light questionably, but Matsuda speaks up. “No, that’s O.K. I’ll take her home. You need to rest Light.” Matsuda looks really happy about the thought of taking Madie home.

Madie waits for Light to reply. Light thinks, ‘if I insist that Madie stays, Matsuda might stay too. I won’t be able to question her about what happened at the Wharf. Matsuda doesn’t look like he’s going to leave without her. Dammit!’ Light looks over at Matsuda and says, “You’re right. It’s been a long day. I just need some rest.”

Matsuda smiles sadly at Light. “Good,” he says, patting Light on the shoulder. “Madie are you ready to go?”

“Umm, yea,” Madie says. She glances at Light, and then looks at Misa. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Misa.”

“Yea. O.K.,” Misa says.

Light watches as Madie and Matsuda leave. ‘I’ll just have to ask her later,’ he thinks.

Ryuu gets up from his seat and follows the pair of them out of the hotel room. Ryuk watches as the other Shinigami leaves.

“You’re even more popular with the ladies than I thought,” Ryuk says, addressing Light. “She was right here waiting for you. Too bad Matsuda had to walk you up,” Ryuk starts laughing.



“So, I guess you had a hard day,” Madie asks.

“Yea, you could say that,” Matsuda replies.

Madie and Matsuda are in the elevator of Misa’s hotel, riding it down to the lobby. Matsuada looks tired and worn out from the events of the day, and his shoulders are slacked, but he tries to perk up in the company of a beautiful woman. Madie leans slightly against the back wall of the elevator, looking curiously at Matsuda.

“You must be tired,” Madie says.

Matsuda looks at Madie and a small smile plays across his face. “I’m not that tired. I could escort you home, it you like.”

Madie smiles back at him. “Oh, that won’t be necessary. I have my car here.”

Matsuda looks disappointed by this statement, but the elevator has reached the lobby. At the sound of the ding, Madie walks forward and exits the elevator. She looks back at Matsuda, who has not moved yet. “It was nice to meet you, Mr. Matsuda. I’ll see you later,” she says as she waves at him, and then turns around and leaves the hotel.

Matsuda looks startled by this statement and calls after her, “Not if I see you first.” Matsuda than face palms after saying such a stupid remark. Then, he gets off the elevator before the doors shut, and heads over to the lobby desk to call a cab.



Madie walks calmly to her car. Her Shinigami, Ryuu, floats along beside her. She smiles to herself, as she remembers the look on Matsuda’s face, and shakes her head slowly.

“I think Matsuda is taken with you,” Ryuu says.

“Really,” Madie replies. “I hadn’t noticed.”

Ryuu glances at her, just when they reached the car. Madie opens the door and climbs in. Ryuu phases through the passenger’s side, and sits down in the empty seat.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice,” Ryuu says in a flat tone.

Madie starts the car up and turns to look at Ryuu. “Don’t tell me you’re jealous,” she laughs.

The Shinigami looks at her, with no expression on his face.

Madie looks calmly at him, with a smile on her lips. “Awe, you’re so cute.” She shifts the car into reverse, and backs out of the parking spot. “Don’t worry. I have no interest what-so-ever in Matsuda. It is kind of cute, the way he looks at me. Anyway, it’s not Matsuda I want, it’s Light. Now, I just have to get rid of Misa.”

“That makes me feel better,” Ryuu states, a slight pout forming on his face.

Madie laughs as she pulls out of the hotel, not even noticing Matsuda waiting outside for his cab.



“Light is everything O.K.,” Misa asks.

Light is standing by the window, watching a small, blue car pull out of the entrance. He completely ignores Misa, as he stands there and thinks. ‘She was right here. I could have questioned her, if Matsuda hadn’t interfered. Now, I have to find another way to question her.’

Ryuk stands beside him, watching him closely. “So, Light, it was kind of unfortunate that Matsuda came up here with you. You could have asked Madie all those questions you wanted to ask her,” he says.

“Light?” Misa walks over to Light and tries to hug him from behind.

“Misa, it’s been a long day. I just need some time to myself,” Light says, as he pulls out of Misa’s grip, and walks away. “I’m going into the bedroom; can you leave me alone for awhile?”

Misa watches sadly, as Light leaves the main room. “Um, O.K.,” she says so softly that it comes out in a whisper.

Light shuts the door behind him. Ryuk follows Light into the bedroom, and lies across the bed. Light paces back and forth, at the end of the bed.

“So, what are you thinking,” Ryuk asks.

Light stops and looks at Ryuk. “I’m thinking that if it wasn’t for Matsuda, I could have the answers that I need. Everything at the Wharf went wrong. First Madie didn’t kill everyone.”

“I already told you,” Ryuk says in a smart way, “you only told Madie to kill those that opposed you. She might not have known that meant the Task Force, too.”

“Yea, but her speech says otherwise. Somehow she knew that Aizawa suspected me, that he was even working with Near, so why didn’t she kill him. For that matter, why didn’t she kill Mogi, too; since she claimed that Mogi was working with him? Then she could have killed Matsuda, and I wouldn’t have had to deal with them.”

Ryuk looks at Light. “Looks like Madie has some explaining to do,” he says.

“Yes she does,” Light says. “She has a lot of explaining to do. I just have to figure out a way to question her, without her becoming suspicious.” Light starts pacing again. “I also need to figure out what her name is, so I can eliminate her when I have to.”

“Well, until you do that, how about getting me some apples,” Ryuk says.

“Is that all you think about,” Light questions.



The sun shines on an old building. The laughter of children playing can be heard, from the sidewalk outside. There is a brass plaque on the concrete, beside the gate that leads to the entrance. This is the orphanage that produced L, and L’s successors, Mello and Near, as well as Mello’s accomplice Matt.

Sitting behind a desk in his office, Roger looks at the cell phone in his hands. He can’t believe the words that are texted across the screen. It wasn’t two days ago when he learned of the death of Mello, and now Near is dead. He wonders what he should do now.

He sets the phone down on his desk, and gets up from his seat. He walks over to the window and looks down at the children playing in the yard. He wonders if any of them is capable of bringing Kira to justice.



Madie parks her car on the side of the road. She gets out and locks the car, before heading up to her apartment. Ryuu follows her silently. Neither has said anything since leaving the hotel.

Madie opens the door and walks up the steps to her apartment on the third floor. She walks down the little hallway, as her apartment is at the end. Just as she reaches the door, she pauses.

Her door is open, not much but enough. She looks at her Shinigami, pushes the door open and turns on the light.



Libra de los Muertos

The rules in this book only pertain to human usage of the Death Note.

A God of Death that attempts to use these rules will die.


A/N While this fic uses the rules of the Death Note, there are three rules in particular that encompasses the entire plot.

In the worlds of gods of death there are a few copies of what humans may call user guidebook for using the Death Note in the human world. However, the guidebook is not allowed to be delivered to humans.

It is perfectly okay for gods of death to read the guidebook for him/herself and teach humans about its contents, no matter what the content may be.

Some limited number of Death Notes have white or red front covers, but they would make no difference in their effects, as compared with the black cover Death Notes

The Libra de los Muertos is the guidebook. Yep I made it up…well the rules anyway since I couldn’t find rules for it anywhere. I worked in the red and white covers into the rules, and there will be eyeshots at the end of each chapter from now on, as these rules play a huge role in the plot, so the reader needs to know them. I assume most of you are familiar with the Death Notes rules as they are known, and they will play a large part too. Some of these guidebook rules will come out in the chapters, but I will list all of them throughout the chapters, at the end of each chapter, until all the rules are known. Those are the first two rules.

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