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Chapter 7: Stalker


Madie slowly opens the door of her apartment and switches on the light. The scene in front of her is startling. The hallway mirror is broken and shards of glass litter the floor. Madie carefully steps over the glass and walks into the living room. The television lies in the middle of the room, and it looks like someone took a baseball bat to it. The furniture is over turned and the chair has been slashed, with pieces of stuffing thrown throughout the room. The lamp was smashed against the wall and the curtains tangle from their rods.

Turning around, Madie looks at the kitchen. The dishes have been broken and litter the tiled floor. The curtain from the small window is stuffed in the sink and water flows unto the floor. The microwave has had the same treatment as the television and the drawers are pulled out. The refrigerator door hangs open and is unplugged from the wall. Spoiled food reeks from inside, and blood from the hamburger drips onto the floor.

“Looks like you had a visitor,” says Ryuu.

Madie glances at the Shinigami as she turns and heads for the small bedroom. She carefully walks over the disaster of the living room, and cautiously opens the door.

As she opens the door, it falls off its hinges. Her closet door hangs open and her clothes have been ripped from their hangers and thrown around the room. It looks as if her clothes have been put through a shredder, as pieces lay across her bed, on the floor, and falling from the dresser. The mattress has been slashed, and just like the chair, stuffing litters the room.

Madie glances at the door the leads to her bathroom. Ryuu floats behind and looks at the scene. “Wonder what it looks like in there,” he says.

Madie doesn’t say anything. She heads for the bathroom, tripping ever a belt lying on the floor. Regaining her balance, she grabs onto the nightstand, where her hand lands on something wet. Lifting her hand to her face, she sniffs the smell of her perfume, and closes her eyes briefly.

Regaining her composure, Madie makes her way to the bathroom door. She puts her hand on the doorknob, and opens the door. The light is already on, and the scene in front of her is more disturbing than the entire apartment.

The mirror over the sink is broken, just like the hallway mirror. The contents from the mirror are strewn all over the bathroom. Talcum powder lies over the broken items as if a light snow has fallen in the room. The shower curtain has been ripped down from the wall, but the most disturbing sight is on the tiled surface on the back wall of the shower. There, written in bright red lipstick, is one word.




Misa lounges on the couch, absent mindedly flipping through the channels on the T.V. Light hasn’t said anything to her since he went into the bedroom. She has begun to worry about him, and wishes that he would confide in her.

While channel surfing, Misa comes across a news story about a murder. She sits up on the couch and turns the channel back. Turning the volume down, she watches in horror as Light appears on the screen.

The reporter is a woman, with short brown hair, and she speaks respectfully into the camera. “I’m here at Daikoku Wharf, where the bodies of five unidentified individuals have been murdered. While the police haven’t said anything, the word on the street is Kira has punished theses people. The exact reasons for the punishment are unknown; however, Kira only punishes people who have committed a crime.”

The reporter continues, “Taken that fact into account, we assume that these are no ordinary individuals, and they must have been murders themselves. It seems that the police do not want to comment on the facts of the situation, and we are left with speculation.”

“Let this be a warning to others that want to commit crimes. The police may not be able to find you, but Kira is always watching. Kira will find you and bring you to justice,” the reporter concludes.

Misa turns the T.V. off. “So this is what happened. No wonder Matsuda didn’t want to leave Light alone,” Misa whispers to herself.

Misa gets up off the couch and starts walking toward the bedroom. ‘Light shouldn’t be alone at a time like this,’ she thinks.

Misa is almost at the door when the phone rings. She pauses and looks at it, and decides to let it ring. ‘Whoever it is can’t be that important,’ she thinks.

She is just about to knock on the door, when the answering machine picks up and what she hears stops her dead in her tracks.

“Misa. Are you there?” Madie is crying into the phone. “Misa, I’m sorry but I didn’t know who else to call. I need some help. Someone has broken into my apartment.”

Misa is at the phone and picks it up as Light comes out of the bedroom. “Madie,” she says into the phone.

“Misa! Thank God!” Madie’s tear strained voice says from the other line. “I don’t know what to do.” Madie weeps into the phone.

“Madie, what’s wrong,” Misa says, starting to worry about her friend, “the answering machine picked up and I heard you say something about your apartment being broken into.”

Madie cries into the phone, “Yea. I came home and my door was opened a bit, so I came in. My whole apartment is trashed. Misa, I’m so scared.”

“Madie, did you call the police,” Misa asks.

There is a pause on the other side, “No. I called you first. I’m just so scared. I don’t know what to do.”

Light signals for Misa to hand him the phone. She does and Light starts talking with Madie. “Madie, listen to me. I want you to call the police. Don’t worry. Misa and I are on our way over.”

“O.K. But hurry,” Madie says.

“We’re on our way now. We’ll be there soon.” Light hangs up the phone, and a smile crosses his face. ‘Prefect,’ he thinks.

“Madie sounds really scared,” Misa says.

Light turns around and looks at Misa. “I know. Misa I need you to call a cab; we’re going to Madie’s.”

“O.K. Light.” Misa picks up the phone and calls for a cab as she asks, “Do you think you should call the other members of the Task Force?”

“No, I don’t think we need to bother them with this,” Light says, as he gets ready to leave. ‘Like I need Matsuda to show up and mess up my plans again. This is the perfect opportunity to question Madie about what happened at the Wharf,’ Light thinks.

Ryuk was standing along the wall during the conversation. “So, Light, I guess you get the chance to question Madie after all,’ he says.



Madie closes the phone, after the call to Misa. “It seems that Light and Misa are on their way over here,” she says to the Shinigami. “Looks like I have nothing to fear.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Ryuu replies.

Madie begins dialing the number for the police. “I just have to call the police now,” she says. Someone on the other side picks up and Madie starts speaking, “Yes, I would like to report a break-in…”



Light and Misa are in the cab, heading to Madie’s apartment. Misa hasn’t stop talking since Madie called, and Light ignores her, occasionally nodding or something, and just sits and thinks.

Ryuk floats above the cab, smiling to himself. ‘Light sure is a lucky guy,’ he thinks. ‘All these women following him, and doing whatever he asks. I would like to know his secret.’

Inside the cab, Light looks out the window. He thinks, ‘This is perfect. Now I don’t have to come up with a way to get Madie alone, so I can question her. Plus, with any luck, I’ll be able to find out her real name. Then, when the time comes, I can just get rid of her.’

The cab pulls up in front of Madie’s apartment. Light gets out of the car, while Misa pays the driver. Light takes in everything around him.

The police have already arrived, and have the entrance blocked off. Red and blue lights light up the night sky and a crowd of on lookers has gathered. A portly middle-aged man calls out from the crowd, “Kira will punish whoever did this. No one escapes Kira’s judgment.”

The man then rushes to the front of the line. A police officer grabs the man and pushes him back behind the yellow tape. “Don’t you understand,” the man says heatedly, “we don’t need the police anymore. Kira is all that we need.”

The police officer gives the man a look and returns to the entrance. A fellow officer is standing there and the first one says to him, “You know, he’s right. Soon we won’t be needed anymore. I think it’s time I started looking for another job.”

Misa climbs out of the cab and stands beside Light, as Light thinks, ‘That’s right. You should start looking for another job. Soon I will rule this world, and I won’t need any of you.’

“Light,” Misa says, “we should get going. Madie’s waiting for us.”

Light looks at her and nods. They walk up to the entrance and Light talks with the officers. “We’re here to see Madie. Light Yagami and Misa Amane.”

The officer looks at both of them and says, “Yes, we were told you were coming. Go on up.”

Light and Misa enter the building, Just when the other officer says, “That guy looks familiar.” He pauses and thinks for a minute before continuing, “He was at the Wharf earlier today. He’s a member of the Task Force.”

Both officers watch as Light and Misa walk up the stairs.



Madie sits on the ruined remains of the couch in the living room. A police officer stands above her, asking questions and jotting notes done. A second officer comes in to the room, from the kitchen, and offers Madie a drink.

“Thank you,” Madie mumbles, as she brings her shaking hands up to take a drink.

Both officers look down sadly at her. The second officer pats Madie on the shoulder and reenters the kitchen. Flashes go off, as the police photograph the crime scene, and little plastic baggies, containing evidence, cover the area.

“So, Miss Idol, tell me again what you did when you arrived home,” the officer asks.

Madie closes her eyes briefly. ‘How many times am I going to have to go over this,’ she thinks. Opening her eyes and taking a breath, Madie begins again. “I walked up the stairs and down the hallway. I got my key out and was about to open the door, when I noticed that it was already open.”

The officer jots down more notes and asks, “Then, what did you do?”

Madie takes another drink and continues, “I pushed open the door and turned on the light.”

“Why did you do that,” the officer asks.

Madie looks up at him, “I don’t know. I saw the door open and was curious about why it was, so I just came in.”

“And it didn’t occur to you that the person responsible for the door could be still inside the apartment,” the officer’s says with a note of impatience in his voice.

Madie’s eyes open wide at the thought. “No,” she says, “it didn’t occur to me. I mean with Kira out there protecting us, why should I have been worried.”

The officer shakes his head slightly and continues, “So, what did you do after turning on the light?”

“I noticed that the hallway mirror was broken, and pieces of glass were on the floor. I could see the living room from the doorway, and walked over the glass, on my way into the living room. The living room was completely trashed; it looked like a tornado went through it.” Madie pauses and looks around the room, “it still looks like a tornado went through it.”

“Oh my God, Madie are you O.K.” Misa stumbles over the wreckage. Light and Misa have arrived at the apartment. Misa hugs Madie, as she sits down on the couch beside her.

Light surveys the room. He notices the police officers milling about, and the bags of evidence. One of the officers notices Light, and Light nods at him.

“Whoa, what happened here,” Ryuk states. He has floated in behind Light and Misa and now stands right beside Light. “Looks like someone had one wild party.”

Light ignores Ryuk and walks over to the couch. Both women look up at him, and the officer holds up his hand to stop Light.

“We’re not done here yet,” the officer says.

Madie looks up at the officer, “but I’ve gone over it about five times now, how many more do I have to do to it.”

“Yea. Madie’s told you everything that she can. Light and I came to get her and now we’re going to leave,” says Misa in a firm voice.

“You’ll leave when I tell you can leave,” the officer says. Madie puts her head down, but Misa jumps up from the couch.

“How dare you!” Misa begins, but is cut off by the officer.

“I need to ask Miss Idol some more questions. Do you know anyone that might want to hurt you,” the officer continues, ignoring Misa.

Light stands back and watches the scene, as tears come to Madie’s eyes and Misa gets angry. “Why? Do you think it’s someone Madie knows,” Misa asks heatedly.

“It’s because of the word written in my bathroom,” Madie cries. “I don’t know who could have done it.” Madie starts shaking and her tears are making her voice crack. “I have been getting some strange mail at work, but I just throw it out.”

Misa looks down at Madie, with an understanding look on her face. The officer continues to write notes down and asks, “You don’t know who sent the mail.”

“No,” Madie says. “After awhile, I even stopped opening it and just threw it out.”

“When did the mail start,” asks the officer.

“A few weeks ago,” Madie answers.

“O.K. That’s enough,” Misa says, “Madie’s been through a lot tonight, and what she needs is a good night sleep. We’re leaving now.”

The officer looks like he is going to object, but Light goes over to talk to him. Misa helps Madie up from the couch, and Madie grabs a hold of Misa’s arm and slings her purse over her other shoulder. Misa leads Madie out of the apartment and down the stairs, where they’ll wait for Light.

Light finishes talking with the police officer and turns to follow the women out of the apartment. On his way out, Light pauses as something grabs his attention. There lying in a plastic bag is an old driver’s license of Madie’s. The name on the I.D. is Madison Idol.



Roger sits behind his desk, looking at the pictures in front of him. These are the four children that are in line for succession to Near. Normally, it would be another year before these children would be narrowed down to the top two. The death of Near has changed that, just as the death of L forced Near to succeed L before his time.

Roger picks up the first picture and looks it over. Here is a female, no older than 10, with brown curly hair and deep blue eyes. She is of Russian descent and goes by the name Élan. She seems to be the most socially adjusted of all four children, and Roger knows from experience that children like her don’t normally make it to the final two. In fact, as he sits pondering over her picture, he can only think one person who actually became the lead detective for a short time, but those were some trying circumstances. He puts her picture back down, knowing that there is no way she can succeed Near.

Roger picks up the picture lying beside Élan’s. This is a picture of a boy with black hair and green eyes, American by birth. Named Mire, this boy has little to no personality. Of the four children, this boy reminds Roger the most of Near, but he knows that Near would not have chosen him for sentimental reasons. Of the four, he has the least intelligence, and an inability to think outside the box. Just as Roger knows that Near would not have chosen Élan, he knows that Mire would not have been chosen. He places the picture back down.

Roger picks up the picture of the oldest child. He can’t be more than 12. The boy in the picture has blonde hair, grey eyes, and fair skin. Of Swedish descent, this boy would defiantly be one of the chosen two, though his intelligence is inferior to that of L, Near, or Mello. Thinking about it, Roger admits that even Matt had more intelligence than this boy, though Roger never knew Matt’s intelligence since he never really applied himself. He goes by the name Parin, and has the quirk of sniffing all his food before he eats it. He also has the unhealthy fetish of only eating food that is colored white.

Keeping a hold of Parin’s picture, Roger reaches out and picks up the remaining picture. Here is a girl of African descent, with caramel skin, straight black hair, and big brown eyes. She is the other child, only a little more than a year younger than Parin, that Roger is sure Near would have picked for the final two. She out scores Parin in every test, and has solved cases from years ago, cases used to test the children’s abilities. She goes by the name Osin, and had a habit of making words up. Her new words have no relation to what the actual word is, but she insists on others using them, and won’t answer anyone if they don’t.

Roger releases a deep sigh, and slowly sets the pictures back down. How is he supposed to pick the next successor, when he knows that none of them are ready? This is the question that has been plaguing him since the news of Mello’s and Near’s death.

Roger clasps his hands together, and rests his chin upon them. The eyes of the children seem to be staring up at him from their pictures. He contemplates again about the possibility of not choosing one of them, for now. Five lives, considering Watari, L, Near, Mello, and Matt, have already been lost in the pursuit of Kira, and he feels ill at ease of sending one of these children to their death.

The problem is that once they receive word of Near’s death, Parin and Osin will come barreling into his office, demanding which of them is to be the next detective. He had this feeling before, when L died, but both Mello and Near were older, well Mello was, than either of them. He is afraid that even if he tried to stop them, one or both will leave, just as Mello did.

Roger closes his eyes, unsure of what he should do. He wishes that Watari was here to provide some insight to what he should do now.

Roger’s cell phone vibrates on the desk. He opens his eyes and reaches for the phone. He is confused, this is the phone that only a few people have the number too, and he believes that all of them are dead.

He turns the cell phone over and reads the message. His eyes widen at the words, and he releases a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. The message is short, only seven words long, but relief washes over Roger at their meaning.

The message on the phone reads: IVE DECIDED TO TAKE THE KIRA CASE



Mello takes a bite of chocolate, and closes the phone in his hands. He sits in front of the computer, thinking about how things may play out from here. Now that he has contacted Roger, everything is in place.

Eating his chocolate bar, Mello types something into the computer. The T.V.’s come to life, and Mello watches the reporter commenting on the bodies found at the Wharf. Somehow he knew that Near wasn’t going to survive, despite his best efforts. He does wonder why a certain someone didn’t try to save him, but concludes that there may not have been a chance to.

Mello leans back, and watches the news. He realizes that he is upset over Near’s death, maybe not as much as Matt’s but then he didn’t cause Near to die. Still, he tried to keep Near alive. Tried to help Near win, even though he spent most of his life trying to defeat Near.

Mello sits and thinks about what might have happened. ‘Surely, Near found the real Death Note, so does this mean there’s another one. More importantly, how did Light manage to plan around Near,’ he wonders. “I have to find out what really happened,” Mello says aloud to the empty room, angrily taking a bite of chocolate.



Libra de los Muertos

A human that uses the Death Note is a God of Death in training.

The purpose of having a Death Note in the human world is to test a human to become a God of Death.


A/N Don’t really know what to say. Two new rules for the guidebook, and I’ve decided to just keep it two rules until all of them are shown. The only other thing I can say is that there are a lot of clues in the upcoming chapters, as well as some previous chapters, that will make more sense later on.

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