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Happens during episode 36 & 37

Chapter 5: Alternative


“Light doesn’t have time to talk.” Misa leans back on the couch. “I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do?” Misa looks at her phone and gets excited. “I know. I’ll call Madie and see if she can come over.”

Misa dials Madie’s number. The phone rings and rings. “Come on Madie, pick up,” Misa complains.


“Madie, it’s about time. You’ll never guess where I am.”

“Misa, this isn’t a good time. Can I call you back?”

“No! Don’t you want to know where I’ve been? I haven’t seen you in like forever! What are you doing that is so important!” Misa throws herself back on the couch.

There is a pause on the other end of the phone. Than Madie answers, “I’m finishing up a photo shoot. Why don’t you tell me where you are and I will stop by after I’m done.”

“But I want to talk now,” Misa pouts. “Well, I guess if you can’t talk now, that will have to do.” Misa tells Madie where she is and ends the call.

“I wonder what she is really doing. That didn’t sound like any photo shoot I’ve ever been to, it was to quiet,” Misa says to herself.


Madie closes her cell phone, and looks down at it.

“So, who was that?” asks Ryuu.

Madie faces Ryuu. “That was Misa. Looks like I’ll have to drop in and visit her.”

Ryuu smiles, his dark eyes flashing from under the white hood that covers his face. He looks intently at Madie. “Well, that works out perfectly. You’ll have an alibi, if anything goes wrong later.”

“I suppose so. Misa can be such a pain in the ass though.” Madie picks up the binoculars that she sat down when she answered the phone. She brings them into focus and smiles, “Looks like its showtime. Mikami’s here.” Madie thinks ‘I have everything in place, nothing can go wrong.’

Ryuu floats over to the window. He looks down at the scene. The building that they are hiding in is perfectly located so that they can see the door leading into the meeting place. When the door opens, they will be able to see inside, especially with the binoculars that Madie brought.

Madie peers through the binoculars. “There he is, walking up to the door. It won’t be long now.”

Madie patiently waits for the events to unfold. She can see Mikami writing in the Death Note. “Wow. He really seems to enjoy this. I think he’s laughing.” Madie says in awe. “He has no remorse about what he is doing.”

“Do you?” asks Ryuu. “I mean, you are going to do the same thing, right.”

Madie pulls the binoculars away, and looks hard at Ryuu. “No, I’m not doing the same thing. This is necessary. This is how it must happen. Kira can’t be allowed to die, not when so many people look up to him.”

Her eyes soften and a sad look crosses her face. “I’m bothered more by the events that led me here, than what I am doing. This doesn’t’ bother me at all, why it’s even going to be fun.” Madie pause for a minute and then continues, “After all, I can’t focus too much on those events or things will never work out.”

Ryuu thinks, looking Madie in the eyes. “I just don’t want you to lose yourself.”

Madie gives a little smile, and turns to look out the window, peering through the binoculars again. “Don’t worry. I have you to keep me on track.”

Ryuu watches Madie and says, “I hope that I am enough.”

The sound of voices talking can be heard. On the desk beside Madie sits a portable device, one that works with the system she placed in the Wharf before everyone showed up. With this device she’ll be able to listen and talk to the people inside, if that proves necessary.

“What is he doing?” Madie whispers. “It looks like he contorted his body.” Madie looks down at Mikami in disgust. “Wait. I think he’s getting up.” Madie watches as Mikami stands up and opens the door.

“Now we’ll see which of us is more valuable to Kira,” Madie says, smiling at the thought. She reaches for her Death Note and opens it up. She grabs a pen. Mikami has opened the door and he steps inside. She can see the members of the SPK, and smiles, as she begins to write.

A/N I’m sure if you seen the anime, you remember what happens after Mikami enters. That doesn’t happen, this happens instead. This would happen after the 40 second countdown, but before Mikami foolishly calls Light god.


‘What’s wrong Near? I thought you thought of everything,’ Light thinks, looking down at Near.

Near looks up at Light, his eyes widening with understanding. “How did you do this,” he rasps, and then he quickly glances over at Ryuk.

Light smiles down at Near and thinks. ‘How, you ask. I won because I am better than you, you poor excuse for a successor to L. L would have thought of this possibility, and made precautions for it.’

“Near!” screams Lidner. She rushes forward, to assist Near, only to grab her chest and fall down, too.

Near picks his head up and looks around. Every single member of the SPK is on their knees. He can hear Matsuda mumbling and he looks up at Light and whispers, “how.” This is the last word Near speaks.

Light looks down at Near. ‘This is one thing you didn’t plan on, Near. This is what happens to those who oppose me, who oppose God. You thought you were so smart, but you really are a poor successor to L. You were no challenge for me.’ Light just continues to smile at Near.

Matsuda is muttering to himself, “We’re all going to die. We’re all going to die.” The other members of the Task Force are standing around, wondering when it will be their turn to die.

Suddenly, Mikami screams. Mogi and Aizawa run toward him, but Mikami collapses to the ground. He is grabbing his chest while he looks at Light. “God,” Mikami says, “why have you forsaken me?

Light glances over to Mikami and thinks, ‘because you’re a fool. If you had done what I told you, then none of this would have been necessary. You have failed you’re God, and because of that, you will die.’

Mikami is the last one to fall. Near, Mikami, and the members of the SPK lay dead on the ground. The members of the Task Force stand around looking at the scene.

“What the hell just happened,” asks Aizawa. He looks to Mogi.

Mogi looks around. “I have no idea.”

“I have a better question,” Matsuda says. “Why are we still alive? Why didn’t Kira kill us?”

Ide looks at Matsuda in fear. “Is Kira going to kill us next,’ he wonders.

‘That might be the smartest question you’ve ever asked,’ thinks Light. ‘But why didn’t you die? I told her to kill everyone who opposes me.’

Ryuk looks at Light and thinks, ‘It’s your own fault. I know you wanted everyone here to die, but you told Madie to kill those that oppose you. Since most of the members of the Task Force came here with you, she probably thought that they were with you.’

Light ponders the reasons Madie might have left the Task Force alive, then he thinks, ‘Stupid woman. No, it’s my fault but how the hell am I supposed to explain this? Wait, I can do this. I just have to think.’

The men stand around as if waiting for something. Silence descends on the area. Matsuda looks at the dead bodies, and checks each pulse. He wants to make sure that they are dead. Ide gives Matsuda a hand. Mogi crouches on the ground beside Mikami, looking up at Aizawa. Aizawa stands, looking Light in the eye. Light calmly returns the gaze.

The silence is broken by the sound of a voice. All heads turn around as if to see where the voice is coming from.

“Hello, members of the Task Force. It has been a long time since I last spoke with you. I am Kira.”

‘What The Hell!’ Light thinks. He takes notice of the other members and sees shock on their faces. Light thinks quickly and decides on a way to use this to his benefit.

“Kira! You coward! Show yourself,” Light screams.

Aizawa looks taken back. ‘How can this be possible? I thought Light was Kira,’ he thinks. ‘Near was so sure that Light was Kira, but then so was L. Is Light really innocent? But if he’s Kira, why is he letting us live?’

“I have no intention of showing myself, but I thought a little chat was in order. I don’t want any of you to have a false sense of security. The only reason that all of you are alive is at my mercy. Unfortunately, there are those in this world who still see me as a threat. They have been hurt too much by the actions of evil people. In the six years since I made myself known, the world has become a much better place to live in. Even you have to agree with that. Soon the entire world will see me as the new God, and I won’t need you anymore.”

During Kira’s speech, the members of the Task Force have been searching the warehouse, trying to find where the voice was coming from. Mogi looks up into the rafters and points. Aizawa, Ide, and Matsuda look at where he is pointing, and see a speaker placed into the corner.

‘Maybe she’s not completely useless, depending on what she says now,’ Light thinks. Then he says, “But why not kill us now? Why let us live?”

“You are a necessary evil. Until the entire world sees me as the only justice, you are still needed. Don’t worry. I intend to kill each of you in the end. Right now you are still needed in the world. It helps that all of you amuse me, too.”

“What the hell does that mean, we amuse you,” says Aizawa outraged.

The voice in the speaker laughs. “I have to say that you amuse me the most, Aizawa. ‘Is Light Kira? Light can’t be Kira? Light is Kira.’ You go back and forth between all of them. I find this highly amusing. Even now, you must be wondering if Light is me, if he somehow arranged all of this. This makes me smile. The way that Mogi follows your lead, like a lost little puppy, as if he doesn’t have a thought of his own, is amusing. Matsuada, the bumbling idiot, who never seems to do anything right, but keeps trying. Even Light, constantly thought to be me. He’s so sure that there is no way anyone can conclude that he is Kira; he just hands over evidence that makes it more probable. It is so easy to manipulate all of you.” There is a pause, and then the voice continues.

“Not one of you even considered the chance that I controlled the situation. That I made sure you stayed focused on Light, such an excellent scapegoat. So eager to prove that he’s not Kira, which only made some of you suspect him more, fit so well into my plans. While the Task force, Mello, Near, the SPK, and even L were focused on Light, I was able to continue my plans with little interruption. As a reward for this, I have decided to let you live a while longer.” The voice finishes.

Matsuada eyes are wide throughout this whole ordeal. He keeps looking around at the other members. Mogi and Ide just stand in shock. Aizawa thinks, ‘I fell right into Kira’s plans.’

Light is the first to speak. “That’s generous of you,” he says in a sarcastic tone.

“I know,” the voice replies.

“You smug son of a bitch,” Light throws his arms out and screams at the ceiling. “You killed Kiyomi. It’s because of you my father died, and Sayu is the way is. You killed countless people. You are no God. You are nothing more than a murderer and I will bring you to justice.”

“No, Light, you’re wrong. I will force justice on you.”

The sound of a click echoes through the warehouse. “Don’t you run away! Come here and face me, you coward!” Light screams at the sound. Matsuda just looks at Light. Aizawa and Mogi glance at each other. Ide just stares around.

“Light, Kira’s gone,” Matsuda says.

Light looks at Matsuda. He lowers his arms and his shoulders drop. He hangs his head and turns away from the Task Force.

A smile forms on Light’s lips. ‘Kira will never be gone,’ he thinks, ‘but soon you will be.’


Madie takes out the ear piece she was wearing, and folds it up. “I think Light wanted me to kill the Task Force too. I hope he isn’t to upset with me.”

Ryuu sits in the passenger’s seat. He glances over at Madie and says, “You did great. Light wasn’t clear on who he wanted you to kill. He only said ‘kill all that oppose me.’ In any case, you gave him an out.”

“I hope Light sees it that way. I just wasn’t sure if those orders included the Task Force. I mean Light never made it clear. At least I came up with a plan B, in just case.” Madie smiles, and then she starts to laugh. “I guess it’s time to go see Misa.’

Madie pulls into the hotel parking lot.


The members of the Task Force stand around. Each of them is waiting for Light to say something. Matsuda is the first to speak.

“Light, are you O.K.?” Matsuada asks.

Light turns around and looks at him. “No,” he starts, “I’m not O.K. Kira was here and he got away.”

“Maybe not,” says Matsuada. “He could still be around. We should split up and look for him.”

Everyone looks at Matsuada. Matsuada continues, “I mean he probably is gone, but he might have left something behind. He had to be somewhere, watching and listening in on us.”

Light just looks at Matsuada. Aizawa is the one that speaks up.

“O.K. Light, you stay here and call this in. We have to report the death of Near and the SPK, and it would be a good idea is one of use was here when the police showed up.” Aizawa looks at Light and wonders what he should think. “The rest of us will check some of the surrounding buildings, just in case.”

Aizawa motions for the others to follow him. They glanced back at Light and Matsuda pauses. “Light do you want me to call it in,” he asks.

Light looks up at Matsuda. “No, I can do it.” He takes out his cell phone and starts dialing. Matsuda nods, and follows the others out of the warehouse.

Light finishes dialing the police. He tells them about the deaths in the Wharf and tells them to hurry up and get there, and then he hangs up.

“So, what are you going to do now, Light,” Ryuk asks.

“First, I need to figure out what Near did with the real Death Note. I want it back,” Light says.

“That shouldn’t be too hard,” Ryuk starts and Light looks up at him. “I mean he looked right at me before he died.”

Light walks over to Near’s body. He reaches down and feels around the back. After not finding anything, he reaches down the front of Near’s shirt and pulls the Death Note out. He smiles and puts it behind his back.

“I can hear the sirens. The police are going to be here soon,” Light says, as he begins to laugh.


‘When is Madie going to show up? It feels like I’ve been waiting forever.’ Misa thinks, as she flips through the channels. After another minute, Misa hear a knock at the door.

“It’s about time,” she says, throwing the remote on the couch. Misa gets up and walks over to the door. She glances at herself in the mirror, and puts her hair back into place. Then she opens the door. “It’s about time. You know, it’s not nice to keep someone waiting.”

Madie stands in the doorway, and she smiles at Misa. “Sorry. I tried to hurry up, but you know how these things can go on and on. Is it alright if I come in?”

“Of course.” Misa grabs Madie by the arm, pulls her in, and shuts the door. “I’ve been so bored. I called Light, but he was too busy. Then I called you, and you were too busy. I’ve been stuck in here, all by myself, bored out of my mind.”

The Shinigami, Ryuu, floats into the room, and takes a seat in one of the chairs. He sits down in an almost crouching position, and watches the girls.

“Well, at least it’s a nice hotel. Why are you here anyway, and where have you been,” Madie asks, crossing the room and sitting down on the couch. “I couldn’t believe that you didn’t show up at the T.V. station.”

“Well, I was taken away, against my will, and my bodyguard just let it happen. He said it was for the best. I don’t really understand everything.” Misa sits down on the couch, beside Madie. “The people that kidnapped me just said that I would be safe. They never did explain any of it. Then they just released me, and set me up in this hotel.”

“And they never told you anything,” Madie says.

“No, nothing. Isn’t that weird. My bodyguard only said that it was for the best. You know, I shouldn’t have to worry about my bodyguard abducting me.” Misa seems lost in thought for a minute. “I think I’ll talk to Light about it.”

Madie looks at Misa, and smiles sheepishly. “You should tell Light about it, but I don’t think he will be able to help you.”

“Oh, you don’t know Light. He can do anything, and has major influence,” Misa says, smiling.


Mello arrives at a tiny apartment. This is the place that the e-mail told him to go. He finds a key under the door mat, right where he was told it would be. He opens the door and steps inside.

Before Mello even switches on the light, he can see the pale glow of the laptop on the desk in the middle of the room. He turns on the light and glances around. There are no windows in this room, with a small kitchen on one side and door that leads to the bathroom on the other. He walks over to the desk and sits in the chair in front of it. Now he sees the many different T.V.’s lining the wall in front of him.

Mello opens up a chocolate bar and takes a bite. He hits a key on the laptop, and a screen appears. The only words on the screen are…..


Next Chapter: Reprieve


A/N The anime has come to an end, but the story isn’t over yet. Now the real alternative ending begins and I hope you enjoy the many twists and turns along the way.

These chapters were hard to write, since everything that happened in the anime, excluding the actual ending, still happened. I hope they read okay, and were able to be followed.

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