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Chapter 10: Invitation


The members of the Task Force stand in shock over this announcement. Their eyes are opened wide at the letter K and the sound of the distorted voice.

‘Another one,’ Light thinks. ‘And so soon after Near’s death. This can’t be a coincidence. This person must have been watching.’

“As I said, I am K. And you would be the members of the Task Force that L originally ran,” the distorted voice continues.

“Yes, we are,” says Light.

“And you are,” K asks.

“He’s Light, and I’m Matsuda.” Matsuda stands up from his chair. “The other members are Aizawa, Ide, and Mogi. It is a pleasure to meet you,” Matsuda says.

‘Matsuda,’ Aizawa thinks, ‘don’t be so enthusiastic. This could be Kira.’

“Yes, I am aware of the members of the Task Force. I was merely wondering which I was talking with,” K says.

“Oh, I see,” Matsuda says, sitting down in his chair again and looking slightly crestfallen.

‘Why aren’t you arrogant bastard,’ Light thinks.

“As I’m sure you’re aware that I know of the deaths of Near and Mello. After all, if they were not dead, I would not be here. However, I do have a few questions about Near’s death,” K says.

“Well, you certainly don’t waste any time getting to the point, do you,” says Aizawa.

“I see no point in wasting any time. Kira has all ready been given enough time, more than enough time. In fact, I would say that it’s about time Kira was stopped, wouldn’t you agree,” the K.

“Yea, I would say it’s about time,” says Matsuda.

“Wait a minute,” Light says, “don’t you mean it’s time that Kira was caught? Because it almost sounds like you don’t care how Kira’s stopped.”

“That would be,” says K, “because I don’t care. Kira’s reign of terror needs to come to an end, by any means possible.”

“What are you saying,” asks Aizawa. “We want to bring Kira to justice, but you seem to be implying…”

‘This guy seems more ruthless,’ thinks Ryuk. ‘He might be the most interesting opponent Light has ever had.”

“Perhaps I’m not being clear. It is time that Kira’s reign was brought to an end. Wouldn’t you agree,” says K.

“Well yea, but…,” says Matsuda.

“That wasn’t something L would consider. Not only that, I’m sure neither Near or Mello would either,” Light says. “Well, Mello might have.”

“Consider what,” asks K.

“Killing Kira,” says Light.

“Who said anything about killing Kira? You are still misunderstanding me,” says K. “I intend to change the world’s views on Kira, before Kira is brought to justice. I intend to make the world see Kira for the murder he is.”

‘Really,’ thinks Light. ‘How do you plan to do that?’

“How do you plan on doing that,” asks Matsuda in an awestruck voice.

“I’m not ready to reveal that yet,” says K. “First I need to know what happened at the Wharf; what happened after Near and the others were killed. I am looking forward to working closely with the Task Force. I am aware that L, Near, and Mello believed that Light Yagami was Kira; however, considering the events at the Wharf, I am willing to bet that you no longer suspect Light.”

“Why would you say that,” asks Aizawa.

“Isn’t it obvious? Each of you is still alive. If Light was Kira, he would have killed everyone, as there would be no reason to keep any of you alive,” answers K.

The members of the Task Force are silent. Each one seems to be taking in what K just said. All four of them are thinking the same thing, but Light is thinking something else.

‘Well, I guess you got that wrong,’ Light thinks. ‘You just made your first mistake K.’ A smile that no one else can see crosses Light’s face. ‘I must admit, I didn’t expect another successor so soon. Maybe it’s a good thing that Madie screwed up and didn’t kill everyone.’

“I guess that’s one way of looking at it,” says Matsuda. “So, does this mean that you don’t suspect Light?”

The voice is silent for a minute. Everyone in the room is waiting for a reply. Finally K speaks, “I didn’t say that. The probability of Light being Kira has significantly dropped, I’d say to 3.2 percent.”

“You mean to tell me that you still suspect Light,” Aizawa says.

“No, I don’t. I am merely telling you how likely it is that Light is Kira. There is still a chance; that being said, there is a stronger likelihood that someone else is Kira,” explains K. “However, it can’t be discounted that this was nothing more than the original plan of Kira, and for whatever reason, he decided to keep you alive.”

“Well,” says Matsuda, “Kira did give us a reason. He said we amused him.”

“He said you amused him,” said K.

“Yea,” said Matsuda.

“He also stated that we are a necessary evil,” says Ide. “That there were still some people who relied on the police, and until they no longer do, we are needed.”

“I see,” says K.

“Well, what do you make of that,” asks Aizawa.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t actually talked with Kira, or dealt with him directly. I have read the documents that L left, and have caught up with Near’s line of reasoning, so I would deduce that this statement is out of character for Kira,” says K. After a minute’s pause K continues, “However, Kira could just be getting bolder.”

“How can he be getting bolder,” asks Matsuda.

“Well, after 5 years of no one interfering with him, he could have developed a sense of security. His defeat of L, Near, and Mello would only have increased the security. I believe that Kira will continue to murder at an ever increasing pace. I plan on not only stopping this, but changing the world’s view,” says K. “The world must come to understand that Kira is a murderer.”

‘And how do you plan on doing that,’ Light thinks. ‘You’re nothing more than a minor road block, just like your predecessors.’

“I plan on implementing my plan later today, and I want to extend an invitation to the Task Force and the second L to assist me,” says K. “Of course; I plan on exchanging information with you too. I suppose you could call this my invitation to work together.”

“You want to work with us,” says Matsuda.

‘Are you really this stupid,’ thinks Light. ‘You’re going to share your information with us; I don’t even have to find a way to figure out what you thinking. This is going to be too easy.’

“Yes, I want to work with you. After all, each of you has been working on the Kira case for a number of years now. I’m sure that we will have plenty of information to share. I am even willing to share the information the L and Near had, though most of it centers around Light Yagami being Kira. I am hoping that this will help us to move forward and finally bring Kira to justice,” says K.

“I think that’s a great idea,” says Matsuda.

“I agree,” says Aizawa. “It’s about time we brought Kira in.” Mogi and Ide shake their heads yes.

“I’m willing to do anything that will bring Kira to justice,” says Light.

“I’m happy that we are all on the same page,” says K. “Now, I don’t see the point in wasting anytime, so I am going to confront Kira, as I said, later today over the television. Don’t worry, I have no intention of repeating exactly what L did, but I want Kira to know there is someone else trying to bring him in. I am hoping to put Kira on guard, and maybe he might make a mistake.”

“Kira’s been careful, and he hasn’t made a mistake yet,” says Matsuda.

“Yes, but pride cometh before the fall,” says K. “Kira’s heading for the fall. I’m going to make sure of that.”

Everyone is silent for a minute. Light is the one that breaks the silence. “Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say that it will be nice to work with another one of L’s successors.”

K is silent. The silence stretches out and starts to become uncomfortable.

‘What is this guy playing at,’ Light thinks. Light says, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Yea,” Matsuda pipes up. “You said that you really don’t suspect Light.”

“I’m sorry. This has nothing to do with suspecting Light. It just that I believed the new L, or Light, was intelligent,” K says.

‘What the hell,’ Light thinks.

Aizawa and Mogi stand back, looking flabbergasted. Ryuk starts laughing to himself and thinks, ‘I think K just called you stupid Light.’

“What do you mean,” Matsuda says. “Light is the most intelligent person I know.”

“I meant no disrespect,” K says. “It’s just that I thought anyone with any type of intelligence would at least know the English alphabet. Especially since English is taught in Japanese schools.”

Everyone’s eyes widen at this statement. Matsuda starts to whisper the alphabet to himself.

“You see, just as K comes before L, M, and N in the alphabet, so do I. I am not L’s successor. I’m L’s predecessor. I’ll be in touch.” And with that, K ends the communication with the Task Force.



Mello opens up a new bar of chocolate, and takes a bite. He sits in front of the computer, with a smile on his face. ‘Light must not have liked that,’ he thinks.

‘Everything seems to be going to plan. K has a sense of how arrogant Light is, and commenting on how he doesn’t even know the alphabet was,’ Mello breaks out in laughter. “It was great,” he says.

Mello looks back over the new instructions. ‘The only thing bothering me is that K had me do it. While I enjoyed it, why didn’t K just do it? What is K doing? Why can’t I be told?’

Mello thinks back on the times he met K. K was always nice and helpful to everyone. Always there to listen, unless away on business. K made time for everyone. He sadly remembers how K left Whammy’s, and never returned.

Mello opens up a new chocolate bar and takes a bite, but after this bite he lowers the chocolate. ‘That’s it isn’t it,’ he thinks. ‘This is part of the test. Figuring out what happened then and helping you to catch Kira proves that I am L’s rightful successor. It proves that I am better than Near, after all, K would have chosen Near if Near could have done it. I’m sure K could have found a way to save Near, if it was necessary.’

Mello puts down his chocolate bar, and grabs a piece of paper, to make a list of what he remembers about K. After all, if this is a test of K’s, then he better be prepared. Mello thinks, ‘I all ready know that Light Yagami is Kira, and I’m sure that K does too, so what’s K’s plan. Why did K take so long? Why did K let Near and me take over the case? Regardless, I have to solve this mystery and help bring Kira down.’



The members of the Task Force stand around. Nobody has said anything since K left. Light sits in his chair thinking, ‘K comes before L in the alphabet. What is that, some kind of joke? Does this guy really think that I’m going to fall for that. Why would they send L’s predecessor? He has to be joking.’

“Light,” says Matsuda. “We all thought that K was another successor.”

Light ignores him and continues to think, ‘and what the hell was that about? Saying he’s inviting us to help him with the Kira investigation. This guy is even more arrogant than L. Then he questions my intelligence, ‘You see, just as K comes before L, M, and N in the alphabet, so do I.’ I can hear the suppressed laughter of his voice. He’s baiting me, and I can’t do anything about it. I mean what am I supposed to do? Tell the Task Force that I think K suspects me.’

“Light,” says Matsuda, “did you hear me?”

A revelation comes to Light, and he thinks, ‘He got me. He’s backed me into a corner. Unlike L, when I was trying to find a way to work with him; I have to work with K. Worse, I don’t even know what he looks like. Given the deaths of L, Mello, and Near, nobody here is going to wonder why he doesn’t show himself. They’ll assume that he is just protecting himself. I’ll have to work with him, trying to find Kira; while he builds a case against me, and I know he won’t be sharing that information. DAMN IT!’

Matsuda walks up to Light and puts his hand on Light’s shoulder. “Light,” he says, “at least K doesn’t suspect you. I mean, he said there was a chance that you’re Kira, but there is a better chance that someone else is.”

Light turns around and looks at Matsuda. “I know that,” says Light. “But maybe K’s right. After all, I haven’t been able to bring Kira in. I even helped him to set me up, and I didn’t even realize it. Maybe I’m not as intelligent as I thought I was, or not intelligent enough to stop Kira. I should just step down as L.”

“What! No,” exclaims Matsuda. “You’re the only one that can be L.”

“But I couldn’t even recognize that K is L’s predecessor,” Light says. “I should have been able to figure that much out.”

Matsuda stands in front of Light, a shocked expression on his face. Light just look as at him, and glances at the other members of the Task Force.

Ryuk stands back, watching the scene. A smile crosses his face and he thinks, ‘So that’s what you’re going to do. Play it as if you don’t think you can bring Kira in. I don’t think anyone here is going to let you leave, but you all ready know that. Yes, I think this K is going to be more entertaining than Near.’

“Matsuda’s right Light,” says Aizawa, stepping forward. “You can’t blame yourself for thinking that K was another successor. It was logical. Who would have thought of the alphabet?”

‘I should have,’ Light thinks. Light says, “I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t know.”

“Light, you can’t start second guessing yourself now,” says Matsuda. “We need you, if we’re going to catch Kira.”

Light stands up. “You’re right. I just need to get some air,” he says.

“Light,” Matsuda starts, but Mogi puts a hand on his shoulder. Matsuda looks up at him.

“I think that’s a good idea Light,” Mogi says. “Some fresh air would probably do you some good.”

“Exactly,” says Aizawa. “Go out and clear your head. Take a walk.”

“Yea,” says Matsuda. “After awhile, you’ll realize that you can’t just leave this case. We need to bring Kira down, and we need you to do that.”

Ryuk notices that Light is going to leave, and he ducks out before him.

Light looks at all of them and nods. Then he walks out of the room. Before leaving Light over hears Aizawa, “You now, K reminds me of L, arrogant and unwilling to compromise.”

The members of the Task Force start getting to work.



Light walks away from the building, at a leisurely pace. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself, in case anyone is watching him. Ryuk flies behind, laughing.

“So you find this amusing Ryuk,” Light says.

Laughing, Ryuk says, “Yes. I think this K character might be very entertaining.”

“You would,” Light says.

“Come one,” Ryuk says, “don’t you find this K person amusing?”

“No, I think this K person needs to be taught a lesson,” Light says. “He openly challenged me, even if he said he didn’t.” Light thinks, ‘I can feel those chains around me again, but this time it’s different. Maybe he just wants me to think that way. That was the reason behind saying he was L’s predecessor. He’s probably just someone else in line to succeed L.’

“So what,” Ryuk says, “he challenged you. He isn’t the first person to do so.”

“That’s not the point,” Light says. “I’m getting tired of these annoyances. These people getting in the way of my world. Who do they think they are, challenging me?”

Ryuk looks Light and thinks, ‘And here I thought things were going to get boring again.’ A smile crosses Ryuk’s face.

Light continues, “This K is just another successor,” he says. “No, I can’t think like that yet. After all, there’s a chance that he really is L’s predecessor. It took five years before Near and Mello came after me. It is possible that no else is ready to take over the case, so it was handed over to L’s predecessor. That does raise the question of why he didn’t just take the case six years ago. I mean if there was someone else, why wait five years.”

Light stops walking, thinking about he just said, ‘why didn’t he take the case five years ago? Does this point to that fact that K really is another successor, or was there a reason for the time gap? If there is a reason, what is it? There has to be some way of finding out.’

Ryuk watches as Light just stands there. Finally, after he can’t wait any longer, Ryuk asks, “So, are you going to tell me what you plan to do?”

A thought occurs to Light, and he thinks, ‘That’s it.’ Light turns, looks at Ryuk, and says, “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to eliminate this K, and then I’m going to kill everyone at Whammy’s house, so I don’t have to worry about anymore successors. No, I better get rid of Whammy’s house first, then there won’t be anyone to stop me. But first, I’m going to check into some old cases. If K really is L’s predecessor, there must be a record somewhere of one of his cases. Finding it might answer both questions, is K really is L’s predecessor and if so, why did he wait so long.”

Ryuk starts laughing again and thinks, ‘Not only does Light need to find out who K is, but he has to find out whether K is L’s predecessor or successor.’

Light turns around and starts walking back to Task Force headquarters.



Madie sits on the couch, with her phone in her hands. Misa comes out of the kitchen and sits down beside her. She gives Madie a concerned look and asks, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m doing O.K.,” Madie says. She glances up a Misa and notices the small smile on Misa’s face and returns it.

Misa looks down at the phone and asks, “What are you doing?”

“Just cancelling some appointments,” Madie says. “I don’t feel like doing any work today.”

“Well that’s understandable, after everything that happened last night,” Misa says.

“Yea,” Madie says, closing her phone. She puts her phone back in her purse and looks at Misa. “So, what should we do today?”

“Are you sure you feel up to it,” Misa asks. “We can just hang out here.”

Madie looks at Misa and sighs, “I know, but I don’t just want to sit around here. If I just sit here, I’ll dwell on everything that happened. I rather just leave and do something fun”

“Something fun,” Misa’s says thinking. “Oh, I know, how about we go shopping?”

Madie perks up on the couch and says, “That sounds like fun.” Madie begins breaking into a smile.

Misa smiles at Madie, “Yea,” she says, “we could go shopping, and go out to lunch. I know this great little shop that sells the cutest clothes.” Misa claps her hands in excitement.

“You’re going to go shopping,” Ryuu states from the corner. “Don’t you have important things to do?”

Misa of course can’t hear Ryuu, but Madie hears him just fine. The smile on Madie’s face gets bigger, as she says, “That sounds like fun. I don’t have anything else to do, since I cancelled everything for today.”

“This is great. We two girls can just bond,” Misa says, jumping up from the couch. “I’ll be right back, I just have to finish getting ready.” Misa runs into the bedroom and shuts the door.

Madie watches Misa and the smile slowly leaves her face. She looks over to where Ryuu is sitting, on a chair with his knees drawn up, and cocks her head to the one side. “Don’t you think going shopping is important?”

Ryuu looks at her, “No I don’t. It seems like your losing it.”

“You of little faith,” Madie says, walking over closer to him and lowering her voice. “I have everything under control.”

“Really,” Ryuu says. “I thought you were going to get Misa out of the way, not buddy up to her.”

Madie takes a breath and says, “You know, I am capable of doing more than one thing at a time. I intend to take Misa’s place. Light will come to rely on me, and everything will fall into place. I just need a little time yet. Don’t see why I can’t go shopping.”

Misa comes out of the bedroom and says, “All ready. You know it’s only two weeks until Valentine’s Day. Think I’ll pick up something special.”

“That sounds great,” Madie says. “Let’s go.” Madie walks over and picks her purse up and smiles at Misa. Misa smiles back. “So, let’s get going,” Madie says.

Misa grabs Madie by the arm and leads her out of the room.



The man sits in the room, and looks over at the clock. ‘Mello should be done talking with the Task Force now,’ he thinks. ‘Everything is going according to plan.’ There are no lights on in the room, and the only light comes from the glow of the computer in front of him, tainting his white hair blue.



Libra de los Muertos

The surest way to become a God of Death is to kill other Death Note users. These are the only other humans that can become a God of Death.

The number of other Death Note users that need to be killed, in order to become a God of Death, is 5.


A/N HAHAHAHA…Light doesn’t know the alphabet, and I know he knows English because the rules were written in English. I know, it’s a childish way to get one over on Light…but I couldn’t resist.

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