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I want to thank everyone whose read this story so far. The next three, and part of the fourth, chapters take place during the anime, but these are scenes that didn’t happen, especially involving the OC’s.

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Happens around episode 32

Chapter 2: Rewind


Near sits in the middle of the floor, surrounded by his toys. He’s looks at the monitor that displays Linder and says, “Go behind my back and tell Mello that we suspect Misa Amane as the second Kira. I doubt he’s figured out that the new L is Kira, but this should point him in the right direction, while keeping him out of my way.”

Linder’s eyes widen slightly. “You want me to contact Mello,” she asks.

“Yes,” Near says. “Mello can consider it payback for not killing me.”

“I see,” Linder says.

“Thank you,” Near states, terminating the communication.

Near looks at one of the other monitors, and sees it displaying a person walking into headquarters. He recognizes the man as Rester and lets him in.

Rester walks in and finds Near on the floor, gathering his toys. “I’m here, Near,” he says.

“Yes, I see that,” Near replies. “When does the plane leave?”

“In two hours,” Rester answers.

“Then would you help me gather my things,” Near asks, placing his legos back into the container. “I don’t want to miss our flight.”

Rester bends down and begins to help Near pick up his toys.



“Light, I miss you. All you do is work.” Misa Amane is talking on her cell phone, as she sits in her chair waiting for her make-up to get done. Light has been working hard lately, to hard Misa thinks. After all, it seems like he has no time left for her anymore.

Mogi stands off to the side. He’s been keeping an eye on Misa for awhile now, and still can’t believe she could be, or had been, the second Kira.

On the other end of the phone, Light Yagami rolls his eyes. ‘Why can’t Misa be more sensible,’ he thinks to himself. “Misa, you know what I am doing is important. I can’t help all the hours I work. There are a lot of things that need to get done, and I am the only one that can do them.” Light says of the phone.

Misa starts to pout. “But, when are you coming home? I miss you so much. I want to see you,” she whines into the phone.

Light hates when Misa whines. He sighs over the phone. “I know Misa. I miss you, too, but I will probably be late again tonight. Maybe you should go catch a movie, and I will see you when I can.”

“I’m starting to think that you are seeing someone else,” Misa states. “I can’t lose you Light. What would I do without you?”

Light controls his temper. The other members of the Task Force are within hearing distance. Sometimes, most of the time, Light believes that Misa is more trouble than she is worth. He takes a small breath, “Misa, I don’t have time to see you, how could I be seeing someone else? You’re the only one for me, Misa. O.K.”

Misa listens to what Light says. It would be nice if he said he loved her, but she knows how shy he is around other people and there must be other people in the room. After all, he’s not the only one trying to catch Kira. Misa answers him. “O.K. I’ll find something to do, but it won’t be the same without you.”

Light is relieved that Misa gives in easily. Sometimes she can be stubborn. “I know it won’t. It’s not the same without you either. I have to go. I’ll see you soon.” Light hangs up without saying I love you. Misa whispers into the phone, “I love you.”

Misa closes her phone and looks in the mirror. The make-up girl has finished, and begins to put the make-up away. A blonde man, eating a chocolate bar, places some flyers on the table. Misa climbs down from the chair and picks the flyer up. She turns it over and reads it. This is perfect. This is what she can do. Then she won’t be so lonely when Light’s not around, and only Mogi to keep her company. She folds the flyer and runs off with it, her short red skirt and small red top clinging to her body. She runs to where her friend is getting her finishing touches done on her makeup.

“Misa, wait up,” Mogi yells, running after her.

“Oh My God! Look at this, Madie” Misa runs though the production crew. Madie is sitting in her dressing chair were the make-up artist is finishing applying her make-up. Madie hears Misa calling to her and smiles. Misa sounds so happy and Madie knows that that can lead to just about anything.

“What is it, Misa?” Madie looks at her friend in the mirror. Even though Misa is a few years younger than her, she can’t help but feel a connection to this girl. Madie thinks it has to do with her devotion to Light, after all, Madie has felt that same devotion before. “Oh what a woman wouldn’t do for the one she loves,’ Madie thinks. Madie is dressed in clothes that are the same as Misa’s, except for the fact that they are green. “Can you believe that we are doing Christmas commercials? It’s only a few weeks away!”

“That’s show biz for you. Look at what I just found.” Misa hands Madie a flyer about a new T.V. show. “Look at this. They are looking for actresses for fill the lead roles. I say we go for it.”

Madie reads the flyer and says, “Are you serious? You really think that we could land the parts?” Madie looks at Misa and smiles. “That would be awesome.”

Mogi finally catches up to Misa, and is slightly out of breath. “Misa, you shouldn’t run off like that,” he says.

Misa turns and smiles at Mogi. “Oh, I wasn’t going that far,” Misa whines.

Misa turns back around and smiles at Madie. “Of course. Only people that have no sense wouldn’t hire us. Look at the jobs we get now. It would be just great if we landed it. We could work together all the time.” Misa claps her hands together and jumps up and down.

A crease forms on Madie’s forehead. “That would be great, but they’re having auditions in a month. Is that enough time to practice?” Madie looks at Misa, seeing if that will deflate her enthusiasm. It doesn’t. Misa is just a bubbly as ever.

Misa looks wide eyed at Madie. “I know its short notice, but how often do opportunities like this come up, to be able to star in a new T.V. show. I’ve always wanted to do that. Now’s our chance.” Misa grabs Madie’s hand. “Come on. We can practice at my place. I’ll send someone over to get the scripts for us. We have to try.”

Madie smiles, “You’re right. This is the best time to try this, in fact I can’t think of a better time.” The make-up artist is finally finished, and Madie jumps up and down and hugs Misa. “If we land this, we will be working together for a long time.” Both women squeal in delight and jump up and down.

Misa pauses and says, “What do you mean if? There’s no way we won’t get the jobs. We just have to, or I’ll die.” Misa looks up at Madie. “This could be the best thing that’s ever happened to me, well besides Light. Come on. We’ve got to get to the shoot, before they call out the search party.” Misa grabs Madie’s hand, and they run to the stage.

Mogi is left watching them. ‘What, am I completely forgotten,’ he thinks. He opens his cell phone and makes a call.



Light sits in front of his computer, typing away. He’s wondering what Mikami is up to, and how long it will take him to find a new spokesperson for Kira.

Ide and Aizawa sit at their desks, looking at their monitors. Suddenly, Aizawa feels something vibrating against his leg, and reaches down to retrieve his phone. He chances a quick glance at Light, and answers it.

“It’s Mogi,” says the voice. “Thought I’d let you know that Misa Amane is inviting a friend over to practice for a role in a television show. I haven’t noticed anything about her, but I will keep my eye on her.”

The call cuts out, and Aizawa closes his phone.

“What was that about,” Ide asks, in a hushed tone so Light can’t overhear.

“It was Mogi,” Aizawa answers, turning back to his work. “Just an update on what Misa’s up to.”

“Anything suspicious,” Ide presses.

“Not really,” Aizawa replies. “It seems Misa has a friend that she will be working with.”



Mogi watches closely as Misa and Madie shoot the commercial.

“That’s a rap,” yells the director. Misa and Madie climb down from the set. Still decked out in their Christmas costumes, they head over to their trailers. Both women are chatting lightly, about nothing really. Mogi follows behind them, as a young assistant runs up waving some papers.

“I got them Miss Amane. There was no problem at all. I just told them that you and Miss Idol were interested, and they handed the scripts over.” The assistant hands one to each of them.

Misa and Madie take the scripts. The assistant looks at the two women in awe, still young and green around the ears, he can’t believe that he’s on the same set as them. Misa smiles and him and places a kiss on his cheek. The assistant puts his hand to his cheek and runs away.

Mogi smiles at the scene and thinks, ‘Misa really is a sweet girl.’

Both women laugh. Misa looks her script. “This is great. We can start practicing right now, now that we are done here. I know why don’t you come over to my house? Light is probable still at work, and we won’t be disturbed there.” Misa looks up at Madie, who is about three inches taller.

Madie takes a look at her script. “Wow! It looks like we have a lot to learn. I guess it makes sense to start now, but are you sure that your boyfriend won’t mind. I don’t want to become a burden.” Madie looks at Misa, but Misa just smiles at her.

“Are you kidding! Light loves me and only wants the best for me. He knows that my career is important, he never asked me to quit. If he wants me to quit, all he has to do is marry me,’ Misa says while laughing. “I know he won’t mind. Come on! We better hurry if we are going to get any work done.” Misa smiles at Madie, and Madie just laughs.

“O.K.” Madie says. “but maybe we should get changed first.” Misa nods and both women run into their trailers.

Mogi follows behind, realizing that he will probably be giving Madie a ride to Misa and Light’s apartment. He watches as Madie enters her trailer and walks over to stand outside of Misa’s.



Near sits and waits to board the plane. Rester sits beside him, watching as Near plays with his action figure.

“We should be arriving in Japan soon,” Rester states.

“Yes,” Near says. “Mello’s all ready there. I wonder how far he’s gotten in his investigation.”

“Do you want one of us to find out,” Rester asks, flipping open his phone.

“That’s not necessary,” Near says, pretending that the action figure can fly.

A voice comes over the loudspeaker, announcing that the flight to Japan is boarding. Rester stands up and waits for Near to join him. Then both men walk to the boarding area.



Mogi drives toward Misa and Light’s apartment, trying to fight down the headache coming on. In the backseat, Madie and Misa laugh around gossiping about various events.

“So, when are you and Light going to get married,” Madie asks, looking curiously at Misa.

“Hopefully soon,” Misa replies. “The case he’s working on keeps him pretty busy, so I don’t see him as much as I would like to.”

“That must be tough,” Madie says, placing a hand on Misa arm.

“It is,” Misa sighs, “but I know soon Light and I will be together forever.”

“It must be nice to love someone that much, and to have them love you back,” Madie says, wistfully.

“It is,” Misa says, smiling at Madie. “Have you met anyone like that?”

Madie looks out the window of the car. “Yes, I have,” she whispers.

Misa looks at Madie and asks, “What happened?”

Mogi glances in the review mirror, and looks at the women in the backseat. He notices how Misa looks sadly at Madie, and how Madie turns her head to look at Misa. Her green eyes catch Mogi’s in the mirror, and he focuses his attention back to the road.

“He died,” Madie says sadly to Misa.

Misa’s blue eyes swim with sadness, as she looks at Madie. “I’m so sorry,” she whispers.

Madie looks at Misa, and sees the genuine sadness in her eyes. Madie takes a breath and says, “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“I understand,” Misa says. She just sits there, looking at Madie, as Madie turns her head away. The car is silent for a few minutes, as Mogi drives them closer to Misa’s apartment.

“Let’s talk about something happier,” Madie suddenly exclaims, causing Misa to jump a little.

“Yea,” Misa says, clapping her hands. “How about how we’re going to beat everyone at this audition?”

“Exactly,” Madie says. “We’re going to take these roles to a whole new level.”

Both girls are laughing, as Mogi stops the car in front of Misa’s apartment. The girls jump out of the car and Misa turns to Mogi and says, “You should stay, Mogi. We could use some help on lines. You could do all the male parts.”

“That’s a great idea,” Madie says. “We need someone who can play off our lines.”

‘I was going to stay anyway,’ Mogi thinks, ‘is this Misa’s way of making look innocent. It’s possible. After all, this Madie knows she’s living with Light.’ Mogi says, “Sure. I can stay for a while.”

“Perfect,” Misa says, jumping up and hugging Mogi around the neck. “But you’ll have to leave once Light gets home, ‘kay.”

“Sure not a problem,” Mogi answers. Then the three of them enter the apartment.



Mikami closes his phone. “I just spoke with God,” he says in an awestruck voice. “I knew Kiyomi Takada was the right choice for God’s spokesperson.” Mikami starts to laugh; he cannot be any happier. After he calms down he thinks, ‘Everything is working out according to God’s plan. God is being watched, so I must be careful. I will follow God’s instructions. I will help God cleanse this world.’

Mikami sits down at his desk. He has the Death Note open in front of him. With pen in hand, he gleefully writes the names of criminals in the book. With each new name he shouts…“DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”



A plane descends from the sky, touching down on the runway. It pulls to a halt and taxies toward the loading area for passengers.

“We want to thank you for choosing our airline for all your needs,” says one of the female flight attendants, over the intercom. “Please wait until the plane has come to a full and complete stop before you begin to exit.”

Rester looks at the young man sitting next to him. Near sits staring out the window, twirling a lock of his white hair. In his other hand, he holds onto one of his robot toys, clutching it closer to his body. “We’re here,” Rester says.

Near turns and faces Rester. “Yes, I can see that,” he states.

Rester merely looks at him, as the plane slows to a stop. As the plane comes to a complete stop, Rester stands up and gathers the take-on bags. Near looks at him suspiciously and states, “Be careful with those.”

Rester grabs the two bags, and watches as Near continues to sit in his seat. A man pushes past Rester, and he nearly falls back into his seat.

“I think we’ll wait until the other passengers leave,” Near states, as he continues to twirl his hair. Rester nods his head and retakes his seat.

Finally the plane empties and Rester stands back up. Near follows suit and they exit the plane together. “Rester, you have found a place for us to stay, correct,” Near states.

“Yes,” Rester answers. “It shouldn’t take too long to get there.”

“That’s good,” Near states, twirling his hair again. He watches as Rester pulls out his phone and makes a call.

“Gevanni, we’re here,” Rester speaks into the phone. They wait as they watch a car pull up and stop in front of them. Rester opens the back door, and Near enters the car.

Near looks up to the front seat, and sees Gevanni behind the wheel. Gevanni looks into the review mirror and says, “Welcome to Japan Near.”

Rester gets in the passenger’s side and closes the door. “Let’s get going,” Rester says, nodding in Gevanni’s way. Gevanni nods back and pulls out of the airport.

Near rests his head against the window, and twirls a lock of his hair. His eyes narrow, as he thinks, ‘Kira is in Japan.’



A/N Hope it wasn’t too hard to follow.

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