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Chapter 9: Status Quo


Even though there are no windows in the room, Mello knows that it is morning, since the time on the computer tells him so. Mello stayed up the entire night, reviewing the footage over and over. He alternated between what happened at the Wharf, and the footage of the break-in.

Wrappers of chocolate bars litter the desk and floor. Mello opens a new bar, and takes a bite. He sits trying to put the puzzle pieces into place, but some just won’t go in. He knows he’s missing something, he just doesn’t know what. He reviews the information that he has been able to put together, written on a piece a paper.

1. I receive a message

2. Somehow I survive Kira’s attempt on my life

3. Kira arranges the deaths of Near, Mikami, and the SPK

4. I arrive at the place I was told to go to, it has everything I need

5. There is another message on the computer

6. Understand the fact that I need to remain hidden for now

7. I follow the list of instructions left

a. Notify Roger of Near’s death

b. Go to said address, trash apartment

c. Give message to Roger about taking the case

8. Review footage of the Wharf

9. Receive message that I should watch a news report

10. Watch report of break-in

a. Notice this is the apartment I was told to break into

b. Light and Misa are there

c. They take the woman away

d. Frustrated because I cannot see this woman’s face….but there’s something about her

Mello throws the paper down on the desk. He takes another bite of chocolate and thinks, ‘Why was I told to break-in to that apartment. Is this woman working with Kira? Is she the reason that Near’s plan didn’t work.’

Mello takes another bite of chocolate and now thinks about the person that leaves the messages. ‘How did you find out about this? How did you know that I could survive? How did I survive? What are you doing? Were you watching Kira? Do you know who this woman is? Were you at the apartment? What am I supposed to do now?’

Mello throws the empty wrapper on the floor, and runs his hands through is hair. He hates taking orders from someone. Even if this person somehow was able to keep him alive, and arranged it so Light believes that he’s dead, it still sucks.

“Why don’t you just tell me what the hell the plan is,” Mello screams into the empty room. “What is this, some kind of test!” In a rage, Mello stands up and sweeps the papers and wrappers off the desk. “I’m I just supposed to sit here on my ass, following your instructions.” Mello sits back down and rests his head in his hands.

Mello sits there for a minute, and hears the bing of the computer. He raises his head and looks at the message.





Mello reads the list of new instructions. A smile crosses his face, as he opens another chocolate bar.

The final message: THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN


Aizawa and Mogi pull in front of Matsuda’s apartment. Matsuda was waiting outside for them. After the car parks, Matsuda opens the door, and climbs into the backseat. Matsuda puts on his seatbelt, and says, “Did either of you watch T.V. last night.”

“Are you kidding? I left the thing off. I didn’t need to see the reports about what happened at the Wharf. I was there,” Aizawa says.

“Neither did I,’ Mogi says. “Why?”

“Because Madie’s apartment was broken into last night,” Matsuda explains. “I called Light, but he and Misa had already returned to the hotel. Madie stayed the night with them.”

“Yesterday was just a bad day all around,” Aizawa says. “Who’s Madie?”

“Oh,” Matsuda says, “That’s right, you didn’t meet her. She was in the hotel room with Misa when Light and I arrived. She seemed like a nice girl…” Matsuda trails off, his face turning red.

Aizawa and Mogi look at each other, a knowing glance about what happened. ‘Matsuda has a crush,’ they both think.

Aizawa looks in the rearview mirror at Matsuda. “Don’t worry Matsuda,” he says, “We’re going to pick Light up. You’ll be able to see Madie there.”

Matsuda blushes and mumbles to himself, but the two men in front can’t hear him. Aizawa and Mogi chuckle at him anyway.


Misa is standing in the little kitchenette, making coffee; while Light sits on the coach watching the news. The sound of water running can be heard in the bathroom, where Madie has been for the last hour.

‘Why do women take so long in the bathroom,’ Light wonders.

Misa brings Light a cup of coffee, and sits down beside him. Light drinks his coffee thinking, ‘Now, I just have to find a way to kill Aizawa, Mogi, Ide, and Matsuda. Madie will come in handy for that task, and after she’s done I get rid of her too. All I need now is an opening.’

In the Bathroom

Madie looks at herself in the mirror, and finishes brushing her hair. The contents of her purse are laid out over the sink, and she picks up her lip gloss and applies it to her lips. Ryuu stands behind her, not saying anything.

“There, all done,” she says and then puts the items back into her purse. She opens the bathroom door and steps out.

“Are you feeling better Madie,” Misa asks, walking into the room.

“Yes,” Madie answers. “It’s amazing what a hot shower can do.”

“There’s coffee in the kitchen. Would you like me to get you some,” Misa asks.

“No that’s fine,” Madie replies. “I can get it myself.” Madie walks into the kitchenette.

Ryuk walks behind Light and says, “She cleans up nice doesn’t she. I still can’t believe your luck, all these pretty girls falling all over you.”

Ryuu sits in the corner, in his usual position, with his knees drawn up. He calmly watches the scene.

There’s a knock at the door. Light gets up to answer it, saying, “That must be Aizawa, Mogi, and Matsuda.” Light answers the door to find those three standing there.

“Light, how are you,” Matsuda says when Light opens the door. Aizawa and Mogi stand behind Matsuda, and Matsuda looks at Light. “How’s Misa and Madie?”

“We’re fine,” Light says.

“Matsuda, Aizawa, Mogi, Hi,” Misa says, coming up behind Light. “Do you want some coffee?”

“Yea, that would be great,” says Matsuda, entering the room. Light stands to the side watching as Aizawa and Mogi follow Matsuda in.

“I’ll get you some coffee,” Misa says, as she heads for the kitchen.

Madie sits in the couch in the room, and Matsuda walks up to her. “How are you doing?”

Madie looks up at Matsuda and says, “I’m doing okay. A lot better than last night.”

“I heard about what happened,” Mogi says. “Matsuda told us on the ride over here. Is there anything we can do?”

Madie smiles at Mogi, “No, really, Light and Misa have been very helpful. Well maybe there’s one thing.”

“What,” Matsuda asks.

“Here’s the coffee,” Misa says, carrying a tray into the room.

“Thank you,” says Aizawa, as he Mogi and Matsuda take a cup.

“Well,” Madie says, “I was wondering when I could move back to my apartment.”

Aizawa pauses in taking a drink; Mogi swallows his drink and then begins to cough, while Matsuda spits his drink out. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Matsuda says, trying to clean up the mess.

“Why do you want to move back to your apartment so soon,” asks Aizawa.

“Yea, Light and I don’t mind having you stay, right,” Misa says looking over her shoulder at Light.

“No, we don’t mind at all,” Light says. ‘In fact, it would make things easier,’ he thinks.

“That’s very nice of you both, but I can’t just hide from this person. If I move out, then he wins,” Madie says. “I was thinking about it in the shower, and I decided that I can’t let this person control my life. If he scares me out of my apartment, then he wins.”

“But we don’t even know who it is yet,” Matsuda says, “I think it’s better if you stay with Light and Misa.”

“I have to agree,” Aizawa says, putting his coffee cup down. “It’s probably safer for you here. Anyway, it could take a week for the apartment to be ready for you move back in. It’s still a crime scene, and the police will want to examine it.”

“I understand that, but after their done, how soon can I move back in,” Madie says.

Light stands against the wall, with Ryuk beside him. ‘Why does she want to move back so bad,’ Light thinks. He says, “I agree with Aizawa. It’s safer for you here.”

Madie has a sad look on her face, “But I don’t want to put anyone in danger,” she says. “While it might be true that I might be safer, my being here might put you or Misa in danger.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Misa says. “I’m sure Light and I are safe, after all Light is a police officer.”

Madie looks around at all the worried faces. She takes a deep breath and says, “But it’s more than that. It’s like I said earlier; I want to take my life back. If I stay here and hide, then he wins. It’s more about this person having control over my life. I want to control my life.”

“Well, I can understand that,” Light says, “But I would feel terrible if something happened to you. How about you stay here until we catch the guy?”

“But what if you don’t,” Madie says. “I mean this doesn’t have to be the work of a stalker, maybe someone broke in to steal something. Then this could be nothing more than a onetime thing, with no guarantee of ever catching the guy. Kira could punish him too, then I’ll never know who did it.”

“Even if that’s the case, we don’t know yet,” Matsuda says. “I vote that you stay here until we catch the guy.”

Madie smiles at Matsuda. “Tell you what,” she says, “I’ll stay until the police are done with my apartment. Then, if it looks like someone broke in to steal something, I’m moving back. But if it turns out to be a stalker, I’ll stay with Light and Misa until the guy is caught.”

“I don’t know about that,” Matsuda says, “It still sounds risky.”

“Yea, I think Matsu’s right. You should just stay with us,” Misa says, smiling at Madie.

“I don’t know,” Madie says.

“Well, how about we just wait to find out what the police decide,” Aizawa says. “That will make the decision easier.”

“I think Aizawa’s right,” Matsuda says. “If it turns out to be the work of a stalker, then I think that you should just stay here, Madie.”

“Okay. I’ll wait to find out what the police say,” Madie says.

“Great! Glad we have that settled,” Matsuda says.

“Yea, Now I think we should get going. We have work to do,” Aizawa says. “Thanks for the coffee Misa, and Madie just rest for the next couple days.”

Mogi stands up and follows Aizawa. Matsuda stands up and looks back at Madie, “I’m glad you’re okay. If there’s anything I can do, you let me know,” Matsuda says, while smiling down at Madie.

Madie looks up at Matsuda and smiles, “I will.”

Matsuda’s smile lights up his whole face and he turns to follow Aizawa and Mogi. “You coming Light,” he says.

“Yea, I’m right behind you,” Light says. “I just have to grab my jacket.”

“Okay.” Matsuda says and leaves.

Light goes to the closet and gets his coat out. He pauses while putting it on and says, “Madie, you’re welcome to stay as long as you need to.” He looks back at the girls sitting on the couch and smiles.

“Thank you,” Madie says.

Light left the room with Ryuk following him.

During the entire scene, Ryuu sat in the corner just watching.


The four members of the Task Force enter Headquarters. Ide has all ready arrived, and seems to be hard at work. Light walks over to his usual seat, while the others fall into computers around him. Ryuk hovers in the air, on the other side of the room.

‘Looks like things are going to get boring again,’ Ryuk thinks.

After everyone is settled, Matsuda asks a question. “So, what are we going to do now?”

Mogi and Aizawa look at each other and then at Light.

Light continues to type things into his computer. Without pausing, he answers Matsuda, “We’re going to catch Kira.” Light stops typing and turns around to face the other members. “Kira killed a lot of people, some of them very close to me. He’s been playing games since the beginning.”

“I’d say,” Matsuda says. “Kira made that much clear in that speech he gave. I guess, what I mean is, how are we going to catch Kira? It doesn’t seem like anything we’ve done in the last six years has made a difference.”

“I know what you mean, Matsuda,” Ide says. “I feel like we’ve been chasing our own tails.”

“More like rats trapped in a cage,” Aizawa says. “We’ve been going around in circles, and coming to the same conclusions.”

“What do you mean, Aizawa,” Matsuda says, his eyes widening.

“Look at what we’ve done. When Kira first showed up, we joined L. L was convinced that Light was Kira, so much so that he never stopped suspecting him. After L’s death, we all believed that L was wrong, the Light wasn’t Kira. We even made Light the next L. We were more cautious in our investigation and for six years Kira became stronger. Then Near comes along and he suspects Light. The questions from L’s investigation were raised again and Light became the number one suspect in Near’s eyes.” Aizawa pauses here for a minute. Light, Mogi, Ide, and Matsuda wait for him to continue.

After a minute, Aizawa continues, “I even began to suspect Light again. Near had some very good reasons for believing what he did. Because of this, Near comes up with a plan, and ends up dead, along with those he was working with. Even Mikami died.”

There is silence for about a minute, as Aizawa words sink in. Matsuda is the one to break the silence. “Yea, do you think that Kira will kill us in the end?”

“I believe that Kira has every intention of killing us,” Light says. “We stand in his way. Maybe it’s because I chose to be more passive in pursuing Kira, that we are still alive.”

“I can believe that. After all, keeping us alive allowed Kira to deflect suspicion to Light. And we just fell for it,’ Aizawa says.

“Yea, but what do we do now,” Matsuda asks.

“What do you mean Matsuda,” Aizawa asks.

“How do we pursue Kira? He all ready knows so much about us.” Matsuda says. “Are we going to do the same thing that we’ve done for the last six years?”

Everyone is silent for a minute, thinking about what Matsuda said. Light is the first one to speak, “Well, I don’t think going back to what we were doing is going to catch Kira. I mean, we’re no closer now than when L died. Kira has made it known that he plans to kill us eventually, the only question is when.”

The Task Force members look at Light. Matsuda is the one that talks, “Do you mean that we should be more aggressive in trying to catch Kira? But won’t that get us killed faster?”

“It might,” Aizawa says. “But what’s the alternative? We keep doing what we’ve been doing and sooner or later Kira will kill us anyway.”

“I know, but still...” Matsuda says with a worried look in his eyes.

“Well, I don’t want to sit around waiting for Kira to kill us,” Aizawa says. “There’s no way of knowing if Kira will spare us if we give up, and I for one don’t want to. I want to find out who Kira is and bring him to justice, even if it’s the last thing I do.”

“I agree,” Light says. “If I’m going to be killed anyway, I want to know who is behind it. The only way to do that is to pursue Kira, and find him. So, are we all in agreement?”

“Yes,” Aizawa says.

Mogi and Ide nod their heads and say, “Yes.”

Matsuda looks at the other members. He doesn’t say anything and seems to be thinking.

“Are you in or not Matsuda,” Mogi says.

Matsuda shakes his head and says, “I’m in. It just I was thinking about something L once said, ‘its one thing to know you’re risking you life, and another to know that you’re going to die,’ or something like that. When I started on this Task Force, I knew I was risking my life, but I always thought there was a chance of surviving. Now it looks like no matter what we do, we’re all going to end up dead.”

Aizawa and Mogi look at him. “That doesn’t have to be. There’s still a chance that we might live,” Light says, looking at everyone.

‘Really,’ Ryuk thinks, ‘I thought you were going to kill them, in the end.’

“If we can catch Kira and bring him in, before he writes our names down, we still might come out of this alive. In fact, I think that that is the only way,” Light says.

“You’re right,” Matsuda says. “All we have to do is catch Kira. I know we can do it.”

“Good,” says Aizawa. “So Light, where do we go from here?”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Light says, as he turns around to face the computers. A smile crosses his face and he thinks, ‘I’ll have to thank Madie for making this so easy. Everyone is willing to follow my orders, since they don’t believe I’m Kira anymore. This will make it easier to keep an eye on everyone, till I decide to get rid of them.’

Just as Light is about to type something into the computer, it comes to life. The great big screen that dominates the front of the headquarters comes to life and a giant letter K, written in Cloister Black, is shown on the screen.

“What’s that,” Matsuda asks.

“I don’t know,” Light says. ‘It can’t be,’ he thinks, ‘it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet.’ Words begin to show up on the computer screen, in front of Light.


“What is this,” Aizawa asks. “You don’t think its Kira do you?”

‘I’m positive it’s not Kira,’ Light thinks. Light says, “I don’t know yet, but whoever it is he wants the speakers turned on.” Light turns on the speakers.

A voice that has been distorted can be heard. “Thank you for turning on the speaker’s. This will make communications much easier. Allow me to introduce myself. I am K.”



Libra de los Muertos

Only Death Notes that are active in the human world can be used. Inactive Death Notes, any more than six, will not take effect and as such cannot be used by a human.

It does not matter how many humans a human kills using the Death Note. Having a lot of kills does not make a God of Death, as killing other humans has been human nature since the beginning of time.


A/N I know, short chapter. They do start getting longer again, I promise.

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