Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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When Light realized he was fading into consciousness, he lurched upward, ready to fight, but he was held in place by something - his seatbelt.

As Light looked around franticly, Ryuzaki said, "Ah, you're awake. I wasn't sure what to do, but I was afraid to stay on that roof, so I've been flying in erratic patterns."

Light continued wildly looking around. Yes, he was still in the helicopter, it was moving, the cityscape was spread out below but it didn't look familiar, it didn't look like any section of Tokyo he was capable of recognizing from the air. He glanced at his hip and saw a new bandage there. Before, it had been painful, but now there was an additional problem. The soreness, the long-term deep aching throb, was beginning to set in. If only that guy hadn't shot! Fleeing with a serious wound was going to be more difficult. No, it wasn't time to focus on the past, but on the present and future.

Light looked at his watch. It had been about fifteen minutes. Ryuzaki could easily have turned him in, but he hadn't. Was the helicopter pilot truly a Kira supporter? Something about the entire situation felt suspicious. What other possibilities were there?

Light said, "You're not from the NPA. Where did they get you?"

Ryuzaki said, "L brought in many experts from all around the world for the Kira investigation. I was present at the scene and smaller than any NPA helicopter pilot, so I was sent up to you."

Ryuk was laughing again. He knew something. Odd that Ryuk wasn't making comments about the situation as well as laughing. Ryuk normally couldn't resist a sarcastic running commentary at times like this.

Light considered the options. It was possible that Ryuzaki hadn't been able to get back-up to arrive fast enough, and since it was unknown how Kira killed and therefore restraining Kira would possibly do nothing to save the hostages, Ryuzaki had faced a choice between killing Light and letting him go. Many men would balk at killing, especially if they'd never received training to help prepare their mind to deal with that eventual possibility. Also, to kill someone you couldn't be completely sure was Kira, would also add to the difficulty and potential guilt.

Light scanned Ryuzaki's face for signs of emotional anguish or conflict. The face did contain emotion, it certainly wasn't blank, but it was very difficult to read. Light wasn't sure which emotions were being displayed; only that Ryuzaki was, indeed, feeling something. The eyes were worse than the face. They were deep and the pupils were very dilated, almost overtaking the grayish irises entirely, and the eyes were even more unreadable than the face. There was something going on in those eyes, though. In the depths, there was a spark of intelligence, like countless wheels turning, little calculations being made constantly, ideas being tested and either accepted or discarded.

Light said, "Am I supposed to believe one of L's employees is a Kira supporter?"

"It's easy to figure that one out. If L puts out a call to law enforcement agencies for people to work on the Kira case, anyone who supports Kira's mission will think about joining. Of course, there was a screening process to try to weed out such people, but there is no way to be completely sure of what people believe, regardless of how you test them. It was inevitable that Kira supporters would end up working for L."

Ryuzaki's reasoning made perfect sense. Light wanted to relax. It would be great to have someone on his side for once, and he knew Kira supporters were out there. But, something felt wrong, something warned him to watch what he said. Was it Ryuk's behavior that was tipping him off, or was it something about Ryuzaki? Ryuzaki seemed manipulative, more intelligent than he let on. Something in Ryuzaki was like a coiled spring, tensed and waiting, almost predatory.

Ryuzaki said, "You're in a position where you need my help, Kira. If I'm not on your side, then I'll report you as soon as I've dropped you off and the pursuit will be after you very quickly. I'm sure that you know your threats against politicians will only make the pursuit stealthy, not stop it altogether. It will be a difficult situation for you. But, if I pretend I still have you in this helicopter for as long as I can, then it will give you a tremendous head start."

Light knew Ryuzaki was right. Even with the plan Light had, it would be a close call to shake off the pursuit. If he could have an additional person on his side working to confuse the trail, it would be a tremendous help. But, it was too convenient, too much good fortune, and this guy was L's employee. Light had the feeling that L's screening process was very rigorous... still, L probably had hundreds of employees working under him, and he might not have thought a mere helicopter pilot would be the one person to have power over a vulnerable, injured Kira.

Ryuzaki said, "I will be helpful, but only to the real Kira, or to someone who has a partnership with Kira and is not merely a controlled victim. Otherwise, I will call in back-up the moment you leave this helicopter."

What was this guy's game?

Light said, "Well, if you're a Kira supporter and I'm a controlled victim, then you should be in favor of letting me do whatever I've been forced to do, since that would help Kira."

"No, I'll only give that much help to Kira himself or to someone in a voluntary partnership with Kira."

Light said, "You want something."

Ryuzaki replied, "If you're a victim, Kira probably won't listen to your requests. You probably don't even have a way of contacting him. In that case, I see no reason to risk my career by helping you for one second longer than I'm absolutely required to."

Light said, "You want Kira to kill someone for you."

"Not all criminals get arrested or appear in the news. There are plenty of criminals Kira has no way of discovering. My sister was raped by a highly prestigious United States senator, and it didn't even get a hearing, let alone a trial. Instead, she was found dead, an apparent suicide by gun, two weeks later. I know my sister, and she would never touch a gun. It was a staged suicide to protect a politician's reputation."

Light wanted to jump on this opportunity. It was so perfect. It was... too perfect. It was the best possible scenario for him. And, all he needed to do was admit to being Kira. It was like the situation had been designed to get him to confess. Light's gaze traveled up and down the underwear-clad helicopter pilot. Ryuzaki could still be wired. Bugs could be quite small, and there was room in his underwear, or in his shoes, or maybe even in that disorderly mass of fluffy black hair.

There was another possibility; so obvious it could easily escape the mind. The helicopter's dashboard was a huge panel that was full of a bewildering profusion of dials, switches and gauges. Ryuzaki could have simply turned on a communication link, and L's employees could have been listening to the entire conversation all along. Was it a confession they wanted?

The case against Light was pretty strong, but not airtight. The idea of being a controlled victim was a useful loophole. If it came to a trial, Light might be able to use that concept to avoid being convicted. Also, if they were waiting for a confession, they might pounce the moment Light confessed. Confession was too dangerous, even with the advantages seemingly available only to an admitted Kira.

But, if he could somehow get the pilot to pretend he was still on board even after being dropped off, that would be a tremendous advantage. It was not something to be tossed aside lightly. Light considered the possibility of doing the deal for the shinigami eyes. It would help with this situation and also with being on the run, since he'd be able to convert anyone he saw into a helper.

But, no, half his lifespan was too large a price to pay for something he could probably accomplish with intelligence alone. His plan was pretty good even if Ryuzaki snitched on him the moment he stepped free of the helicopter. It would work. It had to.

Light said, "I will consider your offer. For now, fly east."

Ryuzaki complied. Light continued directing the pilot in an erratic flight pattern, designed to throw off any pursuit and keep the pursuers from guessing the true destination. It was lucky this was a holiday. All the streets were more crowded than usual and it would be easy to lose himself, but Light was taking no chances and heading for the biggest crowd of all. The New Year's outdoor concert. It would be positively packed, a writhing, jumping mass of humanity where anyone could quickly be lost, and he'd timed his arrival perfectly. At the end of this next song, many concert-goers would disperse and only the die-hards would stay.

Soon, they were descending into the thickest part of the crowd near the stage. A band was playing, and the lead singer stopped, looking annoyed at having his voice drowned out. Surprised concert-goers were making way, creating a space for the helicopter to settle down. As the rotors turned off, Light quickly fled from the helicopter and into the crowd. Light heard the helicopter lifting off again, but he didn't look back, he just kept slipping between bodies in an erratic zigzag pattern, making his way mostly in one direction. Then, after he was sure the pilot couldn't see him any more, he doubled back and headed for a different exit from the park. By the time he got there, it should be a scene of massive confusion from all the people leaving at once.


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