Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Aizawa showed his badge to bewildered office workers to let him into their high-rise building, Soichiro, Matsuda and Mogi at his heels. L had landed on the roof and he'd said Light was unconscious but would wake up before too long. The three of them had a very limited amount of time to get to the roof, but still, Aizawa followed L's orders and confiscated a number of random notebooks on their way up.

When they came out onto the roof, Aizawa saw the helicopter and ran for it. Was this it, the arrest of Kira? He wondered how the chief was holding up. Soichiro looked horrible, but there was a terrible determination on his face, and maybe that would see him through this event, give him the strength he needed.

Aizawa opened the pilot-side door and caught L deep in conversation with... who? Light was slumped unconscious in the other front seat. Aizawa glanced around, seeing nobody. Well, it was probably over a communication link, such as with Watari.

L paused and then turned to them all and said, "Chief Yagami, I'm afraid I have terrible news for you. According to what Light has written on his paper, Light had a killing notebook at home, and I'm sure that is where he gets his killing paper. He controlled his mother into moving it. Her death is scheduled for more than three weeks in the future. I'm hoping to find out if she and the others who haven't died yet can be saved."

That shit! Killing his own mother! Aizawa saw the chief's shoulders slumping hard, and a tremor ran through the man's body. In a surprisingly brave-sounding voice, Soichiro said, "What are we to do?"

L produced a folded-up piece of notebook paper mostly covered with tiny writing and, dangling it delicately in a two-fingered grip, said, "Aizawa, please look through the notebooks you have and find an exact match to this paper. I'm going to put a fake copy of it into the secret compartment of his wallet. And, if you see anything frightening when you touch the paper, try not to be too frightened."

Aizawa reached out and took the paper, then tried to bite back a scream and resist the urge to grab for his gun.

Ten feet tall, yellow-red eyes, bluish skin. Smiling, it's smiling and looking right at me. So many small, pointed teeth, filling that huge mouth.

It said, "You're surprised to see a shinigami, aren't you?"

L said, "Don't waste time talking to it."

Aizawa said, "Is it... is it safe?"

L said, "The shinigami appears to be neutral. It sees this as a game, and is concerned about not cheating. I think it won't help Light very much. Now, hurry."

Matsuda said, "What are you guys talking about?"

Aizawa ignored Matsuda and began comparing the killing paper to the paper in the notebooks they'd snagged. On this one, the ruled lines were too bluish, on this other one too thick... this was almost right, but the paper was too bright a shade of white. Finally, Aizawa obtained a match that was almost perfect. It shouldn't be possible to detect the difference except by holding the two papers directly against each other to notice the exceptionally subtle difference in hue.

Aizawa handed that notebook to L, and L immediately unfolded the killing paper and used a pen he snatched from Light's pocket to copy Light's writing. Aizawa watched the process, amazed. It seemed like an exact copy, the same handwriting and everything. Sadly, he noticed several men he knew well who had already died or were scheduled for a later death. The entire time, the shinigami hovered over L, making weird comments about death and destruction, but not saying anything that directly implicated Light.

Then L carefully studied the folds in Light's killing paper, and as he duplicated those folds in his fake, he said, "The shinigami does not admit Light is Kira, and even if it did I'm not sure it would be considered a reliable witness. What we have on Light already is probably enough proof to convict him as Kira, but there is a less than one percent chance that Light uses his killing paper as a communication device to the real Kira. I will make one more attempt to get Light to confess in the helicopter. After this incident, he may trust me, but if I fail to gain his trust we will let him go to see what he does. Whoever the real Kira is will retrieve that notebook. If Light tries to do so, the case is closed."

Aizawa said, "You're letting him go? Even if he doesn't have weapons, isn't that dangerous? We should arrest him now."

L replied, "If we have absolute proof he is Kira, then he will be forced to negotiate with us. This shinigami won't tell me if there is any way to avert the upcoming deaths, but if Light knows he is in a situation he cannot talk himself out of, he will be more willing to, for example, have a death sentence changed to life in prison for showing us how to save those people. Also, I have placed the tracking device within his bandage. We can follow him wherever he goes easily."

Soichiro said, "We can... we can save her?"

L said, "I do not know if that is possible, but we should try. Please do everything you can to take Light alive. Now, go to the park described on the killing paper as the place Mrs. Yagami will bury the notebook. It is possible she hasn't gotten there quite yet. Stake it out and place cameras there. If we can get video both of her burying it and of Light retrieving it, that would be ideal. Watch Light's location on your GPS monitors. If there is enough time, dig up the notebook yourselves and replace it with a fake that looks the same at least as far as the cover, but if Light is too close, don't bother. I will meet you at that location as soon as I can."

Aizawa looked at the shinigami and said, "Are you sure that thing won't just tell Light our plan?"

L said, "The shinigami might do so, however in that case there are only two possibilities. One is that Light will remove the tracker and run for it, but without any weapons and without any power other than flying, it will be easy to put every officer in the city to the task of finding him and he won't go far. The other is that Light will turn himself in and hope to negotiate for something better than execution."

Matsuda said, "How do you know he doesn't have a second killing notebook, or even a third?"

L said, "It is extremely unlikely. If the shinigami would simply give him another notebook, he wouldn't have killed his mother or gone to so much trouble to write tiny on this one page. He would simply ask for the notebook I see hanging around the shinigami's waist."

Soichiro said, "I would like to see the shinigami."

L said, "Touch the killing paper, but don't stand around gawking. I need to leave right now. Put the killing paper into an evidence bag and guard it carefully. It is the best proof we have."

Aizawa passed the paper first to Matsuda, who let out a yelp at seeing the monster, and next to Soichiro, who stepped backwards suddenly and stared bleakly. The helicopter was lifting off then, but the thing stayed a few more moments, leering at them as Soichiro handed the paper to Mogi. Mogi's eyes went very wide, but he had no other reaction. Then, some puffs of black feathers on the monster's shoulders suddenly grew out into long wings. It said, "My name's Ryuk. I guess I'll be seeing you around."

Then it crouched down and leapt into the air with considerable force, flying along after the helicopter. Aizawa stood there stunned, and then he looked at the death written for Sachiko Yagami and said, "We need to hurry to get to Bochi Park. I have no idea how long those two will be in the air and it isn't far."

Aizawa looked at the chief to see how he was doing. Lines etched his face. He looked like he'd gotten older just since this whole fiasco began, but his face was also angry, terribly angry. To have your son not only be Kira, but to also kill your own wife...

Aizawa shook off his thoughts and led the other three back to the roof exit and through the office building. Ten minutes later, they were at Bochi Park, trying to set up cameras. There was no obviously dug area in the place indicated, so Light's mother must not have arrived yet. Matsuda was on lookout for Sachiko Yagami while Aizawa, Mogi and Soichiro placed cameras on tree trunks to record the area from several angles, trying to make them as inconspicuous as they could. By the time they'd retreated away from the area, Watari had arrived in a black van full of surveillance equipment. They all went inside, listening to L's conversations with Light and watching the video from the park at the same time.

L's little story was so convincing that for a few moments Aizawa was sure this had to be it. Light would confess, and they'd simply arrest him. But, Light avoided the trap. How? Was he really that smart, or had the shinigami told him the plan? Aizawa wasn't sure if it would now be possible to hear the shinigami's voice through the communication link to the helicopter or not. Maybe that was something you could only hear in person. But, no, if the shinigami had told Light of the plan, wouldn't Light have tried to attack L and then flown away?

Aizawa said, "L is a genius. That plan he pulled off... it should have made anyone confess. But, I'm uncomfortable letting someone as smart as Light go free. If he didn't fall for that trick..."

Watari said, "I'm sure Light can't escape. He needs his weapon, and even if he thinks this park is a trap he really has no choice but to try to get the killing notebook and hope he succeeds against the odds. If he does refuse to come here and runs instead, we can put his face on the news constantly and he'll be caught in no time."

Just then, in a quiet, eerie voice, Soichiro said, "There she is!"

It was Sachiko Yagami, shown from several different angles. She had a bag with her. She studied the trees and, seeming satisfied as to which was the largest, measured five paces from its trunk and then began to dig with a little trowel she must have gotten somewhere.

Aizawa gazed at the chief and saw his face looking like it was about to crumble to pieces. The man's emotions were so raw, the pain shining from his eyes.

Aizawa said, "Maybe you shouldn't watch this."

Soichiro said, "I have to know. I have to know what my son is, what he's become. If I cannot save her..."

Aizawa didn't know what to do. Seeing your child and your wife pitted against each other, to the death. He couldn't even imagine it. If his daughter Yumi, well, an older version of Yumi, killed Eriko... it was just completely unthinkable, a horror beyond words.

Soichiro was going to lose at least one family member. Even if they could save Sachiko, Light would be gone. It was now virtually certain Light was Kira, so he'd be executed or in prison for life. Aizawa couldn't stand seeing the chief like that, so he placed a hand on the man's shoulder and a few moments later he felt a small amount of tension leave the tight muscles under his hand, but none of the pain left Soichiro's eyes.

As Sachiko buried the bag that must contain the killer notebook, L let Light loose in the middle of the worst crowd in Tokyo, the outdoors New Year's concert.

Aizawa hoped that Light didn't have any more killing paper that hadn't been found. There wasn't any way L had had enough time for a truly thorough search, right? What if Light had some paper in a capsule up his ass, or what if Light had some hidden in a location he could change course to and obtain if he thought Bochi Park was a set-up? Even one page could give enormous trouble, and then they could be right back to the situation of Light taking important politicians hostage.

L might be a genius, but he was also a risk-taker, and the combination wasn't entirely savory. L was too concerned with closing the case completely. If both Naomi and Light had been arrested immediately, the paper with Naomi's death written on it in Light's handwriting, with his fingerprints, probably would have been enough proof. Men had died, good men such as Masato Hayashi, because L wanted perfection.

Sure, L couldn't have known that Light had physical evidence on his person at that time, but, looking back, it hurt horribly to think at how things had played out, how they might have been different.

But, I went along with L's decision. I could have demanded an immediate arrest for both of them, L told me I could make that demand, but I didn't, because with the information we had then, I knew L's idea was the best. I could have stopped this, but I went along with L because none of us knew how Kira killed or if Light were a victim. If only we'd guessed that Kira might be using a weapon that we could easily take away...

There was no room to pace in the back of the van with all the equipment and screens, but Aizawa tried to do it anyway. Staying still just seemed wrong. He eyed the dot that showed Light's location on a map of Tokyo. It was slow-moving; Light was still on foot but very close by. Sachiko was almost done burying her bag. As soon as she moved away...

Aizawa said, "Watari, is there enough time to get the killer notebook? I don't want Light's hands on it for even a second."

Watari said, "It will be close. Matsuda, take this earpiece and the dummy notebook and go there and dig. We'll call you back early if Light moves in too fast."

Matsuda grabbed the proffered items and rushed out the back of the van and then it was just waiting, seeing that dot move closer. Matsuda might get caught, but he was slender and young and probably the fastest runner among them. If anyone could beat Light and switch the real killer notebook with the dummy notebook Watari had supplied... but they didn't even know what the real one looked like, unless it looked like a copy of the one that had been hanging from the shinigami's waist in a holder. L must have already given Watari a description before they'd reached the roof. Matsuda wasn't visible quite yet, though Sachiko had moved off.

Aizawa turned on the microphone that connected to the earpiece Matsuda was wearing and said, "Hurry up! He'll be here soon!"

Just then, Matsuda became visible on the video. He ran to the correct spot and began digging frantically with his hands.

Aizawa swore. This was too damn close! That dot representing Light was in Bochi Park already. Sachiko had actually buried her bag deeply, and though she'd loosened the dirt by the act of having dug it, Matsuda didn't have her trowel, just his fingers, and it looked like he was doing a rather incompetent job of it. Hadn't Matsuda ever dug with his hands before?

Just then, the doors at the back of the van opened and L jumped in. He took a quick look at the screens and said, "I think Light will catch him. I need to talk to Matsuda."

Aizawa pointed at the microphone, and L immediately pushed the button and began telling Matsuda what to do.


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