Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Aizawa rushed out the front entrance, going in the direction the outdoor surveillance video had shown the woman to be heading. It had been such a short time that it was extremely unlikely she'd made it to the subway entrance that was probably her destination in that direction.

Someone so insistent to talk with the investigators could easily be Kira's spy. Aizawa knew, if he were Kira, that's exactly what he would do: send people with supposed tips on Kira to try to get as close to the investigators as possible. That the woman had left as soon as she found someone willing to blab investigation secrets and then hadn't returned was all the more suspicious.

It was as if she'd reached her goal already: getting secret information on the Kira investigators. Aizawa briefly considered whether the woman might be directly controlled by Kira, paid by Kira, blackmailed by Kira, or acting entirely on her own, but decided it didn't matter. The same actions needed to be taken in any case.

Even if she wasn't Kira's spy, she was probably some nutjob who intended to sell the information to the media or to publicize it on a Kira website. At the very least, she needed to be talked to. At the most, she needed to be taken into custody. Aizawa slowed down when he noticed the woman some distance in front of him. He got out his cellphone and called Chief Yagami. It was still turned off from being at L's secret meeting, so he left a brief message explaining the basic situation and asking to be called back immediately.

As Aizawa put the phone away, he had a funny feeling, a foreboding, so he pulled the phone out again and left the same message on the recording machine at the Kira hotline. Only then did he remember the belt he was wearing. Two pushes on the buckle, and Watari would call his cellphone immediately, but Aizawa felt like taking some action instead of being on the phone a third time, so he slowly increased his pace to catch up with the woman. As he did, his heartbeat speeded up. If this woman was dangerous... but, no, he'd already decided to risk his life to catch Kira, and this could be a tremendous break in the case.

It was then that Aizawa noticed Light. The chief's son was still following the woman, albeit at a discreet distance and from the opposite side of the street. What was he, some kind of sexual predator or something? Hoping to catch the woman alone and rape her? Aizawa sighed. It seemed it was always the nice, clean-cut kids from good, well-to-do families who turned out like that. It was the exact opposite of what people expected, so the sexual predators could get away with it easily. Kira was probably innocent-looking too.

Aizawa tried to decide if he should go over to Light and tell him he was interfering in an investigation and should go home to await a scolding by his father. No, that would waste time and might alert the woman that she was being followed. The most important thing now was not to lose her. Aizawa agreed with Nakahara; Shoko Maki probably was an alias, and with nothing more than her face on video, they might never again locate her if she got away. As Aizawa drew close, the number of people in the vicinity started to slowly increase. The subway entrance was just a few blocks away.

Then Aizawa noticed the woman taking out her cellphone. If she was Kira's spy, this call might confirm it. He increased his pace yet more, just another worker anxious to get to the subway on time. Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. As he passed her slowly, he heard her side of the conversation. She had already bought plane tickets to America, and was trying to get the date changed from a few weeks in the future to immediately. She was fully willing to pay any extra charges. Fleeing the country? Yes, this woman had to be Kira's spy, to switch so quickly from insisting on seeing the investigators no matter what to leaving Japan entirely.

Aizawa secretly pushed his belt buckle twice and at the same time pretended to receive a call on his cellphone. This way, he could fall behind her once again unsuspiciously. As Aizawa waited, the woman passed, and he also saw Light Yagami beginning to catch up, but still lurking on the opposite side of the street. Light was eyeing him in an odd way. Aizawa tried to ignore it and, a few moments later, his cellphone rang for real.

At hearing Watari's greeting, Aizawa said, "Put L on. I'm following a woman who is Kira's spy and also the chief's son, who is leaking information to her."

Then L's voice said, "You are following Light Yagami and, who else? Are they aware they're being followed?"

Aizawa said, "The woman gave her name as Shoko Maki, but I'm pretty sure that's a lie. Light was caught on video at NPA headquarters leaking investigation secrets to this woman, and after talking with him out of range of the cameras, she suddenly switched from insisting she needed to see the Kira investigators to fleeing the country. Light knows I'm following but I don't think the woman does. They are not walking together at the moment. I'm following the woman and Light is also following her at a distance."

L said, "Are you aware that Light Yagami was one of the people investigated between the fourteenth and nineteenth of December, when we concluded Kira must have noticed surveillance?"

After a flickering glance to make sure Light was still on the opposite side of the street, Aizawa lowered his voice and said, "Are you saying he's Kira?"

"He could be. Or, he might be controlled by Kira, either directly or through other means such as bribes or threats or even friendship."

Aizawa said, "Then, send back-up. We need to arrest both of them immediately."

L said, "I agree we need to arrest the woman, but we have no solid evidence on Light unless the woman dies of a heart attack soon, and we can't be sure that will happen. Please approach the woman and try to prevent her from entering the subway, by talking if possible, and observe what Light does. Try to convince Light to leave the scene if he approaches. I will have people there quickly to arrest the woman, but they will hold back if it seems you've got the situation under control."

"Just arrest them both now. Why wait?"

L said, "By acting too quickly, we could destroy valuable clues. One last thing. Does Light know your real name?"

Aizawa sighed. "I don't know. I've never talked to him in person, but we've both seen each other multiple times. There are so many faces at the NPA, but Light is smart. He might know everyone's names."

"I am grateful you've decided to risk your life for this case. If you decide you're in too much trouble, press your belt buckle twice again and officers will move in with no delay."

Aizawa put his phone back into his pocket with a feeling of foreboding. L was so difficult to trust. He was a freak, and his methods stank. Aizawa considered signaling with his belt buckle immediately. But, in this instance, Aizawa had to reluctantly admit it probably was best to try to get a few more clues before the arrests. Even if Light were Kira, how could you prove it just by arresting him and questioning him? Kira left no physical evidence; he killed from a distance with some kind of psychic power. How could you prove anything about that? And, if Light were just a friend of Kira or Kira's pawn, he'd die as soon as Kira realized he'd been arrested.

Aizawa got out his fake badge L had just given him, and ran up to the woman, holding out his badge, saying, "Ms. Maki, I'm from the NPA. We are ready to take your interview at headquarters."

The woman turned, an incredibly blank look in her eyes. Everything about her facial expression and body language was entirely different than it had been in the video. Either she had been acting, or, mission accomplished, she was now being controlled to return to Kira with the secrets she'd learned.

In a monotone, the woman said, "There's something I need to do."

Then she turned and was trying to leave once more.

Aizawa grabbed her arm and said, "I really must insist. It's a rule of the investigation that anyone who tries to contact us with a tip must give a full statement."

The woman replied, "There's nothing to say. I don't want to bother anyone."

"You wouldn't be bothering anyone by giving the interview. You'd be bothering us by not giving the interview."

With that, the woman agreed and let Aizawa pull her along the sidewalk back in the direction of NPA headquarters. Aizawa was surprised at the sudden change. Was this a trap somehow? Perhaps the woman had already informed Kira of all the secrets she'd learned, and her agreement to return was because she was hoping to assassinate the investigators.

At that moment, Aizawa saw Light Yagami crossing the street, and he tried to decide whether he should push his belt buckle right then, or not.

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