Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Aizawa saw that Light immediately noticed the four men with face-obscuring helmets running toward him and the woman, and in response Light sprinted the last few steps to the NPA building and inside. Aizawa had his gun out and was after Light in a flash. He wanted to shoot, but he hesitated because he still didn't know. If Light was simply being controlled by Kira, he was just an innocent kid. In that moment of hesitation, Light managed to get far inside the lobby, but he wasn't behind any cover yet.

Aizawa burst through the front doors, pointed his gun at Light and said, "Stop right there, Kira, or I'll shoot!"

There were gasps from the receptionists and from the few NPA officers who were also in the lobby. Aizawa didn't have time to explain the complexities of the situation, and this way at least those present would be on guard.

Light said, "There's been some kind of mistake."

Light stopped, raising his hands above his head, looking slightly smug. Aizawa advanced on Light slowly, trying to simultaneously keep an eye on the woman who had entered the building right behind Aizawa and was unconcernedly walking forward, toward the reception counter.

Light was still clutching that stupid piece of paper, folded up and mostly hidden in one palm. Aizawa's eyes were drawn to it for some reason. It seemed suspicious. A smart kid like that should have more than one sheet of paper with him to take notes, or none at all. Just one was odd. And, though Aizawa couldn't read the writing at this distance, it was incredibly tiny. How much was there to write about what had just happened? Was it evidence of some kind?

Just then, the four helmeted gunmen from the black van entered the lobby behind Aizawa, and at the same moment every NPA officer present except the two receptionists began shooting. Aizawa hit the floor, creeping forward slowly, but Light was running into a back hallway and the woman was walking nonchalantly through the hail of bullets, that eerie blank look on her face.

Aizawa shouted, "Get down! Are you suicidal!"

But then, he realized that all the NPA officers present were actually shooting at the walls, and they moved their aims away from the woman as she walked. Could Kira not force his controlled victims to kill others? Aizawa jumped up and ran in the direction Light had disappeared, bullets hitting near him but never on him. There were computers back there with names and faces on them, including his own, and if Light accessed those computers...

Aizawa saw Nakahara the receptionist come out from behind the front counter and follow after him, but the four gunmen from the van were still apparently bogged down in the fake gunfight in the front lobby.

Aizawa realized what he should have done, and belatedly yelled, "Kira can't force them to shoot you!"

He hoped they could still hear him in the lobby. As Nakahara ran beside him, Aizawa saw what looked like Light's foot just disappearing around a bend up ahead. He shot at it, but it was already gone.

Aizawa panted, "Go back and shut down the computer system. If Kira gets our names, we're all dead. L's men are the ones in dark helmets."

Nakahara ran back, but Aizawa could tell Light wasn't running for the computers just yet. He was running for basement... for the equipment lockers? To get what, a bulletproof vest? Light couldn't hole up here forever. For that matter, why hadn't he just gone home?

Gunshots and other noises could be heard in every direction, most of them sounding as if they were at least several rooms away. Aizawa could barely hear Light's footsteps ahead of him. Light was always around a corner, he was fast, and Aizawa couldn't shoot him. Just then, Aizawa saw another NPA officer step around a corner in front of him with a teargas gun, shooting it so the canister skittered along the hallway, leaking its smoky contents along the way. Aizawa ducked into a side room, an empty office with glass walls, and then he saw teargas filling up the hallway back in the direction he had come from as well.

Just then, the alarm went off, and a voice over the intercom said, "Kira is in the building. Please cover your faces completely and evacuate."

The intercom voice always sounded kind of unidentifiable, but this time Aizawa thought he could detect a hint of Light's voice, and the kid was now in an area where he could possibly have broadcast that message himself. Teargas and evacuating the building... suddenly, Aizawa had a picture in his mind of many NPA officers fleeing the building in every direction, some with gas masks, others with their faces covered with makeshift barriers such as jackets, and Light hidden among them. Aizawa pushed his belt buckle twice, cursing L for not having simply given him a phone number to call. L was so irritating.

Seconds later his cellphone rang. It was already in his hands, at his ear, and he said, "Light is using an announcement and teargas to get everyone to cover their faces and get out. I think he's trying to escape the building unseen. He has a piece of paper with him that I think is evidence. And, I'm pretty sure I saw proof that Kira can't force his controlled victims to shoot others."

L's voice said, "Understood," and then Aizawa could hear L giving out orders in the background, so he hung up. What was the best course of action now? L would probably seal the building quickly, trying to prevent anyone from leaving, but did L really have enough personnel to do that? And, what if Light created more dangerous distractions in the meantime? Aizawa suddenly realized that he had decided Light was Kira. If Light were merely Kira's pawn, Kira wouldn't worry about whether Light escaped or not, he'd simply kill Light. For all this effort to be put forth for Light's escape - Light pretty much had to be Kira.

Aizawa rushed out the back door of the office into another hallway that was free of tear gas, and tried to figure out what to do. He knew the room Light must have used for the announcement. There were three places Light could exit the building, and the front entrance was probably out because the opposition had already arrived there. That left the side entrance and the parking garage entrance.

Would Light want to leave on foot or in a vehicle? A vehicle would get him further, faster, but it would be more conspicuous and might lead to a car chase, which would probably get him caught. Aizawa imagined that most officers exiting the building would do so on foot, so it would be easier to leave the building that way, although getting very far from it might be a different matter. But then, if Light expected to be shot at, he'd want to leave in an armored vehicle. A bulletproof vest by itself wouldn't be good enough if everyone was gunning for him.

No, there was a better way to do this than intercepting Light on his way out. Aizawa ran for the room where he could send out messages over the intercom. He just needed to tell everyone to unmask. He encountered a number of officers fleeing in the opposite direction, all with faces covered. He had to act quickly. Aizawa burst into the room, and flicked on the switches for both the internal intercom system and the speakers at the entrances.

Into the microphone, Aizawa said, "Light Yagami is Kira. He sent out the previous message and is using it to try to escape in the confusion with his face covered. Everyone, uncover your faces and if anyone you see refuses to uncover their face, shoot in the legs to disable. Otherwise Kira will escape and kill us all."

Aizawa remembered that L's men were wearing those helmets, but he couldn't make a special exception for them or Light would likely escape wearing a helmet. He tried to think of Light's next move. Either he was already at one of the entrances, being arrested right this moment, or he was trapped within the building, trying to think of a new plan. What could someone with Kira's power do? Aizawa knew what he would do in this situation. Get more names and faces for a new plan. Had Nakahara truly shut down the computer system? In any case, Light might be able to turn it back on, especially if nobody was in there.

Aizawa rushed in that direction. He passed a few fleeing officers, but these all had their faces uncovered. In the middle of a major hallway, Aizawa suddenly ran into that woman again. She was wandering around unsupervised. She snagged his arm and said, "Let's do the interview. I need to go quickly."

What was wrong with her? An interview at a time like this? If she were on Kira's side she really should have been doing something to help Light, so why turn him in as Kira? Was she a controlled victim fighting against the control? Just then, Aizawa noticed that one of the elevators was pretty far up and continuing to ascend. The indicator lights were going right up to the top floor. Who would be going up when the plan was to evacuate? Light? Did Light think he could somehow get off the roof?

Aizawa pushed his belt buckle twice and said to the woman, "A moment please."

He flipped open his phone and held it to his ear, pushing the button to answer as soon as it rang, saying, "I think Light is heading for the roof."

L's voice said, "Is there any escape from there?"

"There are three helicopters, but I'm sure he can't fly them. He could be loaded with weapons and hoping to snipe from the roof. L, should I pursue him or just guard the elevators so he doesn't come down that way?"

The woman said, "L," in an amazed tone, and in the next moment she'd snatched the phone from Aizawa's grasp and was saying into it, "I'll interview now. I am Naomi Misora, Raye Penber's fiancée, he was on a bus hijacking with Kira where he was forced to show his identification. Kira can kill in ways other than a heart attack, and Light Yagami told me he is Kira. I really must go. Is my interview over now?"

Aizawa snatched back the phone and said into it, "I'm sorry. It's the same woman."

L said, "Don't let her get away. Guard the elevators and let me interview her. If anyone comes down on the elevators, tell me."

Aizawa handed the phone back to the woman. Naomi? Was that her real name or another fake one? He couldn't believe L's priorities. Light was almost certainly Kira, and was within reach, but L wanted to conduct an interview! Aizawa kept his eyes on the lights that showed which floor each of the elevators was on, but he was also listening to Naomi's quiet, sad voice relate her story of encountering Light, speaking quickly as if she wanted to get it over with but obviously being prompted by L into quite a bit of detail. Aizawa couldn't help but have a creeping spooky feeling come over him as he noticed how much Light checked his watch and took notes with Naomi as well.

Then Naomi held out the phone and said, "L wishes to finish my interview in a little while. You need to talk to him now."

Aizawa grabbed the phone and said, "What are you doing wasting time like this?"

L said, "He is trapped on the roof. He tried to fly away and our snipers injured him, so he flew back."

"He can fly a helicopter?"

"No, his body flies directly. Now, I need to hear exactly what he did."

Aizawa gave his own account of every event that had happened since he'd first seen Light, speaking as quickly as he could but trying to make sure he left nothing out.

When Aizawa finished, L said, "He uses that paper to kill. I expect that not just any paper would work or he'd have more paper on his person at all times. Since he does not seem to know your name, I would like you to approach him as part of a trick."

Aizawa had a sick feeling about this, but he wanted to help, to solve the case and catch the bad guy, so he said, "I'll do it. Tell me the plan."

L said, "We will use loudspeakers to tell him we are sending our unarmed negotiator with medical supplies to hear his demands. You will prove to him that you are unarmed even at first glance by showing up in your underwear. You will bring a first aid kit and attend to his wound if he asks you to. Bring this phone. I expect he will attempt to make demands, taking important hostages he knows the name and face of such as world leaders. When he is distracted, tackle him and get the paper away from him, or if you don't know where the paper is, simply pin his hands so he can't get it. I've tapped into the video feed at the roof entrance. If you tackle him within view of that, we'll see and send officers to help you subdue him immediately. Otherwise, scream loudly and we'll send officers."

"What is the point of that? We could overwhelm him now!"

"If we don't catch him unawares, he might kill another person or two while we're in the course of subduing him. Also, if he does verbally threaten hostages, it would be good evidence he's Kira, which we may need in court since we could run into a snag trying to convict him if he claims to be a controlled victim."

Aizawa said, "Yes. I'll do it."

L replied, "Good. In less than a minute I'll have someone there to take Naomi."

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