Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Aizawa kept his grip on the woman's hand and debated what to do as Light approached. Could this kid really be Kira? Aizawa wanted to summon help immediately, but if Light weren't Kira, there was little danger in the situation and it was an excellent chance to gather clues. Conversely, if Light were Kira, Light shouldn't be able to do anything unless he remembered Aizawa's name, and if he did remember it, calling in help now would probably only cause a faster death.

Reluctantly, Aizawa kept his hand away from his special belt buckle. He'd have to deal with this himself. Light came close, checking his watch and getting out a folded piece of paper and a pen.

Aizawa held up his fake badge and said, "I'm Ai Aihara. Light, I think you should go home. You've done enough."

The woman pulled in the direction of the NPA headquarters building and, in an eerie monotone, she said, "I don't want to bother anyone. Let's get the interview done quickly."

There was something incredibly heart-breaking about her voice. It shook Aizawa, and he wondered if she were being blackmailed. Had Kira threatened to kill her entire family?

But then, Light was writing something down on the folded scrap of paper. Odd that he didn't at least have a pad of paper to use for writing down his notes. This must be a rather improvised "investigation" Light was conducting. Maybe he wasn't Kira after all, but just a hotshot kid running high on his own ego.

Aizawa said, "It's time to stop playing investigator, kid. You're risking other people's lives. You can't talk to just anyone about what your father does."

A dangerous-looking emotion flashed across Light's face and was erased very suddenly. It gave Aizawa the creeps.

Light said, "Anyone who wants to can investigate Kira. There's no law against that. What would you say if I beat L and caught Kira first? Wouldn't that be a great service to society?"

Light checked his watch again. What was he, an obsessive-compulsive too? Aizawa was liking the kid less and less. Light probably had nothing to do with Kira, but he was going to be a lot of trouble. Aizawa could just feel it.

Aizawa said, "This isn't an insurance scandal or money laundering. You're way out of your league. Kira is a mass-murdering psychopath and the slightest slip-up will cause the entire investigation team to be slaughtered, including your own father. Is that what you want?"

Light's face went very ugly for just a fraction of a second. It was so brief Aizawa almost didn't catch it. Then Light checked his watch again, his face cool and impassive.

Aizawa said, "Light, why don't you go home? Your father will arrive after a time and have a talk with you about leaking secrets."

Then, in a very quiet monotone, the woman said, "Light is Kira."

All at once, the hairs on the back of Aizawa's neck prickled and he was reaching for his gun instinctively. Light jumped back a few steps and said, "I've been following this woman because she's an obvious risk to the Kira investigation. She's completely insane and her behavior is quite erratic. I want to help my father."

Aizawa's hand closed over his gun, and he felt comforted by its firm weight. Light's story was plausible. This woman acted exactly like she must be Kira's spy, so why should she out the real Kira? Someone like that would only point fingers at a fake Kira.

Light smiled, all charm and innocence, and said, "I assume the investigation team will want a statement from me as well? That would be more efficient than just going home and waiting."

Aizawa agreed, though he insisted on herding both Light and the woman in front of him. He wanted to watch them, so they wouldn't try anything. Light's story made a lot of sense, but there was something very wrong with the entire situation. Aizawa could feel it. There was a terrible, lurking danger. Which one of them was the danger? Or, perhaps it was both?

Light was taking notes again, always being the investigator. Aizawa resolved that when they reached the interview room, the first thing he would do would be to take away Light's notes. And it was still the same folded piece of paper. Light must be writing on it very tiny to be able to fit things on it.

Aizawa felt things were reasonably under control, as good as they could be under the circumstances, so he didn't press his belt buckle. If an arresting force rushed in now, they might not get as good of answers when they interrogated Light and the woman.

Then, just as they were climbing the steps that led to the entrance of the NPA building, Aizawa saw Light checking his watch one more time.

Suddenly Aizawa realized that they were walking into a trap. Kira could control people's actions and their times of death. If Light were so concerned with the time, he either was Kira or had somehow sent a message to Kira to do something. And, Light knew the names and faces of many people inside the building they were about to enter. Anything could happen in there. Aizawa quickly pressed his belt buckle twice, cold sweat drenching his body.

Immediately, a black van pulled up and four men with face-obscuring helmets jumped out, holding guns, heading in the direction of Light and the woman.

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