Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

BY : sashocirrione
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Sachiko was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the inside of the oven. It was only half-done, but she suddenly felt an urge to check on Light's room. She glanced in the oven. It wouldn't take that long to finish it. Just a little while. But, something was really gnawing at her about Light's room. Was it mother's intuition? It had been a couple of months since he'd asked her to stop cleaning it and to no longer go in there, and he'd started leaving his door closed all the time. Maybe it was a terrible mess, or maybe he'd started doing something bad in there. Would his shelves be full of pornography instead of books?

Sachiko felt naughty, but the curiosity was just too much. She took off her rubber gloves, dropping them onto the floor next to the open oven. Light might return soon, and if she was going to do this, it needed to be fast. Sachiko had a stab of guilt as she opened the door and saw a pristine room. Everything looked the way she'd always left it. She couldn't help but walk into Light's room in admiration. If anything, it was cleaner than when she had been in charge of it.

She stopped next to his desk, sat down in his chair and just took in the lovely sight. What a good boy! As her eyes swept over the room, her hands idly played with some pens in a container on his desk. Before she knew it, she'd taken one apart and had the plastic ink-case in her hand. She thrummed it idly on the desktop.

Just then, she became very curious about exactly how clean Light's room was. Had he gotten the dust out of every nook and cranny? Did he have wads of old gum on the underside of his desk? Sachiko knelt down, pulling open a desk drawer and looking at the underside. It was so clean it looked completely new. But, then, her eyes were drawn to a tiny little hole, something that looked like it had been drilled. Was there a missing screw?

Sachiko looked inside that drawer, but didn't see a hole in the bottom of it on the inside. Odd. There was a hole on one side, but not on the other. She looked underneath again, and then became aware of the plastic ink-case she still held. It looked like it would fit exactly in that hole. She should push it in. Maybe a loose screw would suddenly fall down from wherever it had lodged?

Sachiko inserted the plastic ink-case, and then there was a grating sound and suddenly it felt like the whole drawer had shifted in some strange way. Maybe she'd broken it? Sachiko quickly looked inside the drawer again, and saw that the bottom had come loose. She pulled at it, and it entirely came away, revealing a secret compartment with a notebook in it. The black notebook had something on the cover, written in English, she thought. It had been so long since her classes, she wasn't sure what it said. Something about a notebook?

She opened the front cover to find more incomprehensible English written inside the front cover, and then lists of names on the pages, or at least she knew the ones written in Japanese were names and assumed the others were too, though there were many different languages in there. Light was keeping records of some kind? Maybe it related to his amateur attempt to follow the Kira investigation.

Sachiko closed the notebook, and suddenly she had an awful feeling about it. Her son had been keeping this a secret, so it had to be bad. She didn't want her son to have secrets, to hide things. Sachiko resolved to destroy all evidence that showed Light had been hiding something in his room. If there was something imperfect about Light, it needed to be expunged. Sachiko left and quickly returned with two bags.

Into one bag, she put the false bottom and she pulled away all the wires and the bag of... gasoline?... that Light had put in the bottom of the drawer and placed them into that bag too. Now the drawer was normal again except for that tiny hole. She already knew she would throw away this bag far from home. Nobody would ever know about it.

As to the notebook, she placed it in the other bag. Then she went downstairs and left. She already had a plan in her mind. She would take the subway to a park where Light used to play as a little kid. There, she would bury the notebook. She would never speak of it to Light or anyone else. The notebook would simply disappear. Light wasn't allowed to have secrets, and this way he would learn his lesson. If he was going to do things, it must always be in the open. Devious hiding places were not allowed, and anything placed in them would quietly disappear, denied forever, erased and never spoken of.

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