Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Ukita paced back and forth, watching the roofline as he'd been told. He was the only one at the west side of the building, and he felt horribly vulnerable since L had told all of them to remove their helmets. It seemed Light Yagami planned to escape among a large number of people who all had their faces covered, so unmasking was the only way to go, or else their fellow NPA officers would be shooting them in a panic.

There had already been far too much shooting of friends. Mogi had severely wounded Yori Fukada during the gunfight in the lobby before they had found out that Kira's controlled victims merely shot at the wall. Did that mean if Light actually shot someone, it would prove he really was Kira and not merely a controlled victim? Still, that would be a horrible way to have it proven.

Everything about this case was awful. Ukita had thought it would take much longer than this to get close to Kira, and that they'd be mainly chasing a paper trail. After all, Kira killed from a distance so it made sense that the investigators might never encounter him personally. But it was a horribly depressing process even so. Each day the case wasn't solved brought in at least a dozen more deaths, and it seemed that each new clue required at least one death of someone other than a criminal, and L did not seem too squeamish about those deaths.

True, L had profusely apologized for the deaths of the twelve FBI agents, explaining that he hadn't thought Kira would kill them, or otherwise they would have had better protection, fake IDs, and additional undercover agents watching them as they watched the Kira suspects. By failing to do any of those things, L had doomed those FBI agents to death, and L had said he'd failed, that he was sorry.

But, Ukita knew L had risked further lives by not arresting both Light Yagami and the mysterious woman the instant that Aizawa had discovered there was something odd going on with those two. Perhaps it was justified because pinning down Kira securely with as much information as possible would prevent Kira from going on to kill hundreds or thousands, and if Light weren't Kira, then the real Kira might be very elusive and they'd desperately need every clue they could get from Light. L was the greatest detective in the world, and he'd never failed to solve a case, so he had to be right, didn't he?

Even so, it was scary to have everything going according to L's directions, and Ukita knew if he'd been in charge instead of L, he'd never have been able to hold off on the arrests, to make a judgment call like that. And, now look what was happening. Kira was controlling more people, and Kira's victims always died, didn't they? L's decision had brought more deaths.

Still, when disaster struck, L had changed his position about holding off. L had said Light was probably Kira, and if Light wasn't Kira he was somehow telling Kira whom to target. Since there was no way to be sure if restraining Light would stop his killing power or not, Light had to be killed on sight. Chief Yagami's face had been a terrible mask of despair and grim determination at that news, but the chief had told L he could still work on the case even against his own son. Chief Yagami was determined to see justice done; he admitted his son was most likely Kira and in any case, Light was too dangerous to be allowed to continue to operate.

So, Ukita was watching the roofline on the west side of the building, with orders to shoot to kill if he saw Light Yagami leaning over the edge. There was a chance Light had weapons and was hoping to snipe anyone he couldn't control, or that he would scan the ground for his best escape route. Just then, Ukita heard screams from the north side of the building, and someone yelled, "He killed himself! Hayashi killed himself!"

A sick feeling washed over Ukita. Was it Masato Hayashi? He was a good friend and an excellent cop. Kira really was a monster, a complete bastard, to force people to do things like that. Ukita wanted to rush over there, see if he could help, but he remembered his orders and kept his eyes on the roof.

Then Ukita saw Light, not leaning over the edge, but seemingly higher up, hurling through the air. Suicide jumping? Wait, he was moving horizontally! Yes, Light was... flying.

Ukita raised his shaking gun arm and shot, feeling prickles on the back of his neck and all the hair there standing on end. Just what the hell was Light Yagami? Would he sprout tentacles next, or shoot fire from his eyes?

Ukita thought he heard Light say something like "Take me back," but it was too high up, and the wind was blowing, snatching away the words. He couldn't be sure. Ukita shot again just as Light changed direction, and then was going to shoot a third time, but Light was already out of sight, protected by the roof.

Ukita pushed his belt buckle twice and when Watari answered, he said, "Light tried to fly off the roof. I mean, really fly, like a magical power. I shot him and he flew back."

Ukita could hear L talking to someone in the background, and then could half-hear Watari telling L what Ukita had just told him.

Then L said, "Stay on the phone, there may be changed orders soon."

Ukita could only wait, holding the cellphone to his ear with one hand, his gun in the other hand. What was L doing? Light was possibly going to kill everyone in the NPA that he knew, which could easily be half the people working in this building. Ukita hoped a force was being sent to the roof right this moment. He watched carefully, intensely, unable to rid himself of the prickly feeling on the back of his neck. His aim had been off, or this whole fiasco would already be over.

Ukita suddenly had a memory flash into his mind, of when he'd first told his mother of his intention to join the NPA. She'd made him promise that he wouldn't get killed. But, he just couldn't keep himself from joining the Kira investigation. What Kira did completely subverted the concept of justice, of even having laws and a constitution to decide how criminals should be punished. And, for anyone to have that much power, deciding who should live or die regardless of what the law said, it was terrifying. Everyone could be held hostage by Kira's whims. Ukita didn't want to die, he didn't want to imagine his mother's face looking down into his coffin, but Kira had to be stopped. There were so many cowards at the NPA.

Ukita heard a loudspeaker say, "Light Yagami, we wish to negotiate with you. We know you are on the roof. We will send an unarmed negotiator with medical supplies to hear your demands."

In the next moment, Ukita heard L on the phone, saying, "Ukita, how likely is it that Light knows your name?"

"I've never spoken to him or seen him close. Unless he got into the computers, I'm safe."

"He was unable to access that system. I need you to recruit Kenta Nakahara and Naoto Tomonaga, two receptionists, to help you control the chaos at the entrances. I am sure Kira does not know their names. Nakahara will arrive at the north entrance with Naomi Misora, the woman Light first talked to. Secure her in a cell and also subdue and lock up anyone who has been controlled. Find out who Light does know the names of and lock them up as well. Using only officers Light certainly doesn't know, search and secure the entire building, and then begin video interviews of Kira's controlled victims. They could die at any time, so we need their stories fast."

"The rest of the task force can't help? Have they died?"

"All of them are fine for now. We will be on another mission. Kira will be allowed to escape in a helicopter and they will chase him. Do not fire on the helicopter or let anyone else do so, and make sure the media is not notified."

Ukita said, "But, more people will die unless he's neutralized immediately. Isn't that what you said?"

"We have discovered his method of killing and we can prevent him from murdering even one more person. Pretending to let him escape is the only way to gather more clues. I am hoping we might be able to save those he has controlled who aren't dead yet, but getting more information is the only way to discover a method of saving them."

Ukita said, "Understood," and began running toward the north entrance. He could still hear screams, and there had been periodic gunshots from every direction. When he came around the corner, he saw a scene of chaos. Nearly everyone looked frightened, nearly everyone had a gun out, and there was a guy with blood running down his face who was jogging back and forth in nothing but his underwear, screaming out, "Kira is killing me! Kira is killing me!"

A shock went through Ukita as he saw that the dead body on the ground was indeed his friend Masato Hayashi, a gun in his hand, and his brains splattered across the concrete sidewalk. Ukita tried to put an authoritative expression on his face and said, "I work for L. Everyone, put away your weapons and calm down. Kira cannot force his victims to shoot others."

Nearly every face turned toward Ukita and some officers put their guns away. Ukita felt sick, overexcited and inadequate all at once. Nearly everyone here was older than him. Would they even listen?

One guy called out, "How do we know Kira isn't controlling you to say this?"

Ukita said, "We need to gain control of Kira's victims and secure the building. If even one of Kira's victims escapes, that victim could be controlled into giving out files with our names and faces. Then we'll all die. If you value your lives, you must be in favor of securing those who are already controlled or might be controlled. Everyone, raise your hands if you are completely sure Light Yagami does not know your name."

About a third of the people raised their hands.

At that moment, Nakahara and Tomonaga arrived, bringing a woman with them who had to be Naomi.

Ukita said, "This woman is the most important of Kira's victims to secure. L is working on a way to cure Kira's victims, so if you are one or think you could be one, please do not resist arrest. Your life may depend on having you in custody. Everyone who has their hands raised, please turn to your neighbors who do not have their hands raised and arrest them, along with anyone who is behaving oddly whether they have their hands raised or not. Put at least two people in each cell and watch for attempts at suicide. I will be there shortly with instructions for a search of the entire building."

To his surprise, Ukita saw nearly everyone obeying his orders, though some of the oddly-acting people were putting up strong resistance to those attempting to handcuff them.

Naomi said, "I've already told L everything. Isn't my interview over yet? I really need to leave."

Ukita said, "It will be soon. We'll need to arrest you for the moment."

Naomi tensed, and looked as if she might kick, but then she allowed herself to be handcuffed. Ukita made sure he sent three guys with her, since she was one of L's most important witnesses.

Ukita said to Tomonaga, "I'm going to the east entrance. You've heard what I've said here; can you go to the south entrance and give those same orders to everyone there?"

Tomonaga said, "I'm just a receptionist. Is Light really Kira? He's such a nice boy."

Ukita said, "Go, and give the orders, or we could all die."

Just then, Ukita heard the helicopter taking off and a moment later saw it. He said, "Don't shoot! This is all part of the plan!"

Several officers had their guns drawn already, but they lowered them at Ukita's words. This felt funny. Everything that was happening was so surreal, and all these much older, more senior officers were just obeying him easily, without much protest. Of course, it was really L's orders they were obeying, and they were afraid for their lives if even one controlled victim escaped, so their obedience made sense, but it still felt somehow wrong, not like things should be. Everything normal had been twisted or turned upside-down.

With one more glance to assure himself things were under control at this entrance, Ukita hurried to the east entrance and gave the same speech. Things were more chaotic there, with three suicides and two severely wounded officers, but it was easy to use the fear of Kira to establish some order over the chaos. Ukita was able to find two dispatchers he was sure Light didn't know the names of, and he sent them inside with orders to determine which people should be at work but had fled the scene, and to organize a system of contacting those people and convincing them to return, or, if they were unwilling, determining if they needed to be pursued or not.

Then he went inside and organized the small number of officers he trusted into a grid search of the entire building, and then while they searched began the long process of producing video interviews of every person who had been acting oddly during the entire incident. He really hoped L knew what he was doing, and that the rest of the task force members weren't heading to their deaths.

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