Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Light had been gloating, sure he'd removed the last obstacle to keeping the Raye Penber incident secret.

He'd even said, "I'm Kira," to Naomi Misora after writing her death, and then claimed she could now talk to his father, and she'd merely replied, "There is nothing to say."

Yes, he'd written that she'd commit suicide without bothering anyone, and now, even knowing he was Kira, she wasn't going to say a word to anyone. She would just disappear and kill herself. It was so perfect, it was so unbelievably beautiful, that Light couldn't help following her at a distance from the opposite side of the street. He wouldn't see her kill herself, of course. She'd hide herself well first, and that was two days in the future, anyway. It wasn't like he could possibly follow her for that long.

But, she was his prey, his perfect victim, and he couldn't let the moment end quite yet. He loved watching her swaying walk in the distance, and thinking about how he had conquered her completely, controlled her destiny, and he'd done it without sacrificing half his lifespan for the shinigami eyes. He hadn't cheated or taken the easy way out. He'd outsmarted, flattered, used his charm and thought on his feet like a genius. Sure, he'd been lucky too, but it wasn't all luck. He'd really needed to put forth everything he had to pull off this feat. It wasn't easy.

But, he hadn't been too deep in thought to notice a man rushing toward Naomi from the direction of the NPA building, and then falling into step at the exact distance behind that would be perfect for following. Light was sure he recognized the man. What was his name? He remembered other NPA officers calling this guy "Afro" because of his hairstyle, but no other name came to mind.

More importantly, what would an NPA officer be doing following Naomi? The only answer that occurred to Light was that the surveillance video of them talking must have already been viewed, and it must have seemed suspicious in some way. Was it just because he'd leaked a couple of minor investigation secrets? Then why follow Naomi instead of approaching her directly?

Suddenly another possibility occurred to Light. He realized he should have controlled Naomi to talk with the investigators with a bunch of random lies to make her sound like a crackpot. Being so insistent and then abruptly leaving once a couple of secrets had been leaked to her must have made her seem like Kira's spy.

In any case, the investigators couldn't be allowed to talk to her. Light hadn't made it impossible for Naomi to speak at all, and there might be some way to get around his restrictions and trick her into saying incriminating things. Light resolved to watch the situation closely. If Naomi wouldn't go with "Afro" and the guy didn't forcibly arrest her, then the situation was still dangerous but not too bad.

Light knew he would need to find a way to destroy the surveillance video and kill everyone who knew about this, but as long as he did it intelligently and precisely, his plan would most likely be back on track. He had originally counted on the idea that the surveillance video would be considered of no consequence and taped over in a few weeks, but that was obviously no longer the case.

But, the other situation, if "Afro" could get Naomi to return with him, that would call for much more drastic action. Light hoped it wouldn't come to that but, in case it did, he started assembling several different plans in his mind, poking and prodding at each one for possible holes or weaknesses. If Naomi were able to tell her story, Light Yagami was done for. It would be completely obvious who Kira was. He would be arrested, and even if they didn't find his death note or inadvertently destroy it, the fact of Kira's judgments stopping once he was arrested, along with Naomi's story, would reveal his identity.

Then, Afro lingered near Naomi while she made a phone call, and shortly after that he took out his own phone. Even Ryuk had noticed by now. Ryuk said, "Light, are you sure you don't need the eye trade?"

Light replied, "Shut up, Ryuk."

Light could just barely catch a few words from the guy's phone conversation, but he was pretty sure he heard "L" and "Kira" and "arrest" along with his own name several times. This was incredibly bad, much worse that he'd thought, if suspicions were already so far along. Light tried to decide what to do. What was this guy's name? If only he knew it, he might, just might, be able to separate Naomi from him and send her on her way, and then mitigate the damage at headquarters. But, as Light thought it over, he had to admit that even that much was perhaps too much to hope for.

Getting that video destroyed and killing everyone who knew about it might be impossible now, if investigators were passing information back to L, and even if it could be done, it would only prove Kira's identity. Damn! The more Light thought about it, the more he felt there was probably no solution except one: Kira would need to come out into the open. But, before committing to that plan, he needed to at least evaluate the situation a bit. Light kept watch and, moments later, saw "Afro" hold out a badge and talk to Naomi briefly, and then she was coming with him in the direction of the NPA building.

Light crossed the street, neatly intercepting them. The look on the guy's face was scared, and that was enough to confirm to Light that, yes, he was a serious Kira suspect even though Naomi hadn't been interviewed yet.

The guy held up his badge and said, "I'm Ai Aihara. Light, I think you should go home. You've done enough."

Ryuk laughed.

Naomi tried to pull Aihara along and said, "I don't want to bother anyone. Let's get the interview done quickly."

So, that's what it was! Light had written that Naomi wasn't to bother anyone with her theories, but if this Aihara guy had convinced her she'd be a bother if she didn't do the interview, then he'd inadvertently found a loophole in the instructions. Light suspected that "Ai Aihara" was an alias, because Ryuk had laughed at the name and also because, if this guy worked for L, L should have been smart enough to tell his underlings to use fake names.

Still, Light wrote down a hiding away suicide death just like Naomi's for "Aihara" and waited to see what would happen.

Aihara said, "It's time to stop playing investigator, kid. You're risking other people's lives. You can't talk to just anyone about what your father does."

Light was angry with Aihara for treating him like a kid, and not like the intelligent adult he really was. Well, Aihara would likely die one way or another. If Kira came out into the open, there would be a massive offensive against everyone who had sinned against the god of the new world. People like him would be rounded up and killed. It really was better this way, to take over by force. Someone with Kira's power could bend entire governments to do his will. Nobody would dare to oppose him.

Light said, "Anyone who wants to can investigate Kira. There's no law against that. What would you say if I beat L and caught Kira first? Wouldn't that be a great service to society?"

Light checked his watch again. No, Aihara must be an alias. He should have suicidal despondence written all over his face by now, just like Naomi did, and he shouldn't be interested in doing his job at all.

The guy said, "This isn't an insurance scandal or money laundering. You're way out of your league. Kira is a mass-murdering psychopath and the slightest slip-up will cause the entire investigation team to be slaughtered, including your own father. Is that what you want?"

Psychopath! Light felt a blaze of anger inside him, just as when L had called him "evil" right after he'd killed Lind L. Tailor. Nobody had a right to treat their god this way! Light resolved that this guy would be hunted down and then would receive an exceptionally painful death as soon as the Japanese government was completely under his control. To hide his facial expression, Light checked his watch one more time, noting the time carefully, other pieces of his plan falling into place. He knew just how long it should take to walk back to headquarters.

The guy said, "Light, why don't you go home? Your father will arrive after a time and have a talk with you about leaking secrets."

Right then, Naomi said, "Light is Kira."

The guy was reaching for his gun! This was bad! Before he could stop himself, Light took a few steps back from fear. Then he said, "I've been following this woman because she's an obvious risk to the Kira investigation. She's completely insane and her behavior is quite erratic. I want to help my father."

The guy had his hand on his gun, but he wasn't drawing it. Light could see the guy's facial expression, conflicted at first, but then accepting the logic of the story. Of course an amateur Kira investigator would be concerned about a woman like this, who was so determined to discover secrets about the investigation team and had such erratic behavior. Light was obviously just a son fearful for his father's safety. It all made perfect sense.

Light knew he needed this guy to stay calm and not to call in back-up for just a few minutes, and then his plan would be in place. Light put on his most sincere, charming face and said, "I assume the investigation team will want a statement from me as well? That would be more efficient than just going home and waiting."

Yes! The guy was accepting it! Light was perfectly fine with walking ahead as the guy had asked both Light and Naomi to do. Let him think Light was being watched and couldn't do anything. He hadn't noticed the trick with the death note page before, so he wouldn't do anything now.

Light started writing, implementing his plan. He couldn't simply go home, grab his death note and run, because he was going to become the prime suspect very, very soon even if he wasn't already. The investigators would expect he might go home, and they'd have a force there quickly. Perhaps they were mobilizing already. What he needed was for someone to move his death note to a secret hiding place he would specify. Then, there would be no need to gamble on racing the investigators home. Light knew of only one person capable of doing that for him.

He wrote:

Sachiko Yagami Heart Failure

Goes to the upstairs bedroom on the east side of her house. Sits down at the desk in that room. Gets the plastic ink case out from inside the black pen. Pushes the ink case into the tiny hole in the bottom of the upper right drawer, pushing up the false bottom without triggering the trap. Takes out the false bottom and discovers the notebook inside. Takes two bags, putting the notebook in one and everything else that can be removed from the drawer in the other, determined to erase all evidence that anything was there. Throws away the bag without the notebook far from home. Takes the bag with the notebook to Bochi Park and buries it five paces past the east side of the largest tree in the wooded area behind the sandboxes. Never tells anyone about any of this. Never tells anyone about any monsters she might see or acknowledges them in any way. Dies 23 days after this is written.

Light had to write incredibly tiny to get all that and to leave room for the other things he needed to write. Now, he needed a big distraction that should produce enough chaos that he'd be able to get away cleanly. They'd be on his track right away, but he'd be a few steps ahead of them, and that's all it would take. He'd go into the NPA building all docile and cooperative, and then in the hell that would follow, he'd slip away, running to a place they'd never predict he would go, and then he'd go into hiding and take over all the governments of the world, starting with Japan. Nobody would ever stop Kira.

Light wrote name after name with precise instructions in tiny writing, making sure all aspects of his plan were in place, even with a few back-up people in case some weren't in the right places to act fast enough. As they ascended the steps to enter the NPA building, Light checked his watch. Yes, he'd timed it exactly. In thirty seconds, it would begin to happen.

That's when he noticed gunmen with face-obscuring helmets spilling out of a black van that hadn't been there a second ago and running his direction.

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