Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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L studied Light Yagami as he approached him, mentally reviewing the facts in his head. Light had been just one of many suspects less than an hour ago, but L already had a file on him, and he'd filled in some of the details since by talking to Soichiro Yagami. Light was brilliant, particularly in school, but his actions lately had shown he was also a practical genius, someone who could think on his feet and fully apply his intelligence to real-world situations, a very rare type of genius. A person in the same category as L himself. And, Light had avoided the trap of confessing to being Kira on the phone, a trap that nearly anyone would be likely to fall into.

L knew they probably had enough evidence on Light already to get a conviction, but there was still a small amount of doubt. Even in L's own mind, he thought there was a chance of perhaps three percent that Light wasn't Kira, but in that situation, Light was probably more deeply involved than merely being a controlled victim, or else Kira should have killed him by now.

After hearing about the experiences of Naomi and Aizawa in detail, L was sure Light needed paper to kill, and that meant it was safe to continue fishing for clues because Light could be easily deprived of his power at any time. Furthermore, L was more than ninety percent certain that not just any paper would do. There was something special about the page Light was currently using, and since he was writing very small and had already used most of it up, there must be more of that paper in another location, or else there had to be a way of converting ordinary paper into killing paper. Otherwise, Kira never would have been able to murder so many criminals.

How did that paper work? Obviously, it wasn't anything within the laws of science, to kill at a distance with paper. Kira needed a name, and Light wrote while killing or attempting to kill. Did Light write the name down? Was that all he needed to do? Or was the paper perhaps a communication device to the real Kira? If Light wasn't Kira, he must have some way of sending messages to the real Kira, and he hadn't been seen using a cellphone or any other normal way of communicating.

As L drew close, he took in the physical details. Light was wearing a suit, and despite what he'd been through he still looked well-groomed. He was concerned with his appearance, concerned with perfection, just like the profile L had developed for Kira. Light's wound was obvious, on his lower torso just below the hipbone. Ukita was an excellent marksman; he probably would have got in a fatal shot, except that he'd been so surprised to see a flying man.

L could tell Light was trying to hide how much it hurt. If it came down to physically subduing him, it shouldn't be much of a challenge, except that such a fight could take place in the helicopter itself, producing a risk of crashing. And, Light might not care if the helicopter crashed, since he could fly. That's why L had a hidden weapon. He should appear obviously unarmed, being in nothing except his underwear and shoes, and Light shouldn't think to look for it.

L had already decided to call himself "Ryuzaki" since he knew Aizawa had never actually called him "Ryuzaki" on the phone, so it was safe to use that alias around Light. Anyone he might speak to during the helicopter trip had been instructed to call him that as well, though L didn't really expect that to happen.

L said, "I'm your pilot. You can call me Ryuzaki. These police helicopters only have enough fuel for a two-hour flight, so you'll need to pick a destination within that range."

Light said, "I'll tell you where we're going after we get some distance away. Go north to start."

L walked to the helicopter, noting that Light was deliberately falling behind, trying to make sure he wasn't unobserved at any moment.

L opened the door and said, "I think you should sit in the front. That way, you can clearly see what I'm doing at all times, and I can see what you're doing."


Yes, Light was intelligent, and there was no way L would let him out of his sight for even a second. The additional evidence L hoped to get wasn't worth risking that Light would kill even one more person. The only reason L was even doing this much was because he was sure he could do it safely.

They both got into their respective seats, and L checked all the gauges, making sure things were in order. Then they lifted off and headed north. L could see Light looking out the window and downward on his side, checking for pursuit vehicles. L knew Light wouldn't notice any. They were civilian vehicles that wouldn't stand out among the other traffic, and they had been ordered to hang back quite a distance.

After L had waited long enough for Light to get settled a bit, he said, "Light, they tell me you're Kira, but that you can't kill me if you don't have my real name. Is that true? Am I safe?"

Light stared for a bit and then said, "You're pretty uppity for a hostage. If I said I was Kira, your bosses would use it as evidence even if I was just trying to keep myself alive by claiming so, and if I said you were safe, you might decide to attack me no matter what orders you've been given."

L said, "It's only natural for me to wonder if I'll live through this. Though, since this might be the last day of my life, I may as well satisfy my curiosity. Can you really fly?"

Light hesitated and then said, "Yes, I can fly."

"It must be wonderful. I became a pilot because I just couldn't stop daydreaming about flying, but the way you do it is what I really dreamed about, not being inside a bulky machine, but flying directly. Could you show me your flying? Just rise up from your seat a little bit?"

Light said, "No," and then his eyes flicked back to an empty space beside him and he said, "no, really."

What an odd mannerism, almost as if he's talking to someone who isn't here. Is he communicating with Kira? Is Kira somehow loaning power to Light?

L said, "If you're not Kira, then you must be a controlled victim, and I feel very sorry for you. Kira would be keeping you alive for a reason, such as bringing him information. Once your purpose has been accomplished, you would die. Isn't that how it works?"

"If I'm not Kira, how should I know how it works, and if I am Kira, why should I tell you?"

L put a hint of envy and admiration into his voice and said, "You're right, of course. I keep failing to think about what I say until after I've said it. Well, anyone would be nervous and curious in this situation. To think that I might be in the presence of Kira! If I live, it'll be something to tell everyone I know, a story to treasure and tell my grandchildren someday far in the future. Kira is going to be the biggest celebrity the world has ever known."

"You're a Kira supporter?"

"You're pretty smart! Of course I'm very unhappy to be Kira's hostage, but if I were not in personal danger, I'd be cheering him on, just as so many others do. People are afraid to support Kira publicly, but I'm sure many of those who criticize him in public secretly hope he'll succeed. How could it be any other way? Kira is accomplishing the secret fantasy that many people have, to punish evildoers so severely that soon none will be left. Isn't that kind of world worth a little chaos and some innocent lives? Still, I don't want to be one of those innocent lives. I don't support Kira enough to lay down my life for him."

L stayed quiet for a while, trying to observe Light without seeming to observe. Light's body language was friendlier; he was a little more relaxed. But, he was still suspicious, still stubborn. Pretending to be a Kira supporter wasn't working, or if it could work, it would require a long time period of gaining trust, or some specific act that proved the support was genuine.

L said, "Even without the police following us, it isn't that difficult to keep track of a helicopter. We're showing up on radar, and if I fly too low for radar there will be citizen reports coming in. I'm not sure how you hope to escape, but I know of a good plan."


"You should have me land at multiple places, such as roofs or parks. They might think that you've exited at one of those places and then forced me to go on without you. To be sure, they'll need to search each of the places I briefly stop, and it will slow them down, especially in the case of large buildings."

Light said, "I will incorporate that into my plan. Don't land anywhere unless I point it out to you. You might have pre-arranged spots for an ambush. Also, start going west now."

L changed direction and said, "I understand. I also have some medical skills, more than Aihara. At one of the decoy stops I could remove the bullet and clean your wound better. That way, you wouldn't need to risk capture by seeking out a doctor right away. If the bullet is left in too long, it could be extremely bad."

Light got an angry look on his face and said, "I know that. I'll decide later."

Yes, Light was still considerably suspicious. It might be impossible to get him to confess. But, there was still one more trick to pull before resorting to threats, and L was sure Light would give in to at least the first part of that trick. Light needed to disappear quite thoroughly into Tokyo. He would need to flee far and fast, in a complex pattern, for perhaps a day or two in order to be sure he'd thrown off all pursuit.

Stopping for real medical treatment was too risky, but so was letting his wound fester with only the rudimentary bandaging Aizawa had given him, just enough to keep him from bleeding to death or getting a really horrible infection quickly. Light would be too tempted, and so he wouldn't turn down L's offer to remove the bullet and clean the wound better. Light would accept that much, at least. It would be quick and it wouldn't involve additional people.

Sure enough, on the fourth decoy stop, Light said, "I'll let you clean the wound, but don't try anything or I'll kill the prime minister of Japan."

L got out the first aid kit from the helicopter, never letting his eyes off Light for even a second. He carefully removed the things he'd need and explained each of their uses to Light and exactly what he'd be doing. Then he pulled off the old bandage and began applying a topical numbing agent on and around the wound. At first, Light's face was tightened in pain from having the area touched, but then the numbness set in and he relaxed.

L held up some forceps which he began sterilizing and said, "I will use these to grab the bullet. Despite what I've given you, it should still hurt, especially since it looks as if the bullet is lodged against your pelvis and anything that scrapes against bone is painful. I suggest you bite some cloth. Tell me when you're ready or if you need more numbing first."

Light struggled out of his suit jacket, rolled up the sleeve and bit it. Then he indicated with his head for L to grab the bullet. In a quick hidden movement, L palmed the tranquilizer dart he had previously concealed in his own underwear, and then in conjunction with the same motion that he used to thrust the forceps inside the wound, he stabbed the dart into the numbed area. Light shouldn't be able to either see or feel what had happened.

L twisted the bullet out roughly to add a bit of realistic queasiness to the whole experience, then began cleaning and disinfecting the wound. He had the dart palmed again and surreptitiously dropped it on the floor while his hand was below the level of the seats, where Light couldn't see. Light's eyes were already beginning to lose focus, his eyelids fluttering; he was fighting the tranquilizer.

A few moments later, Light slumped. L slapped his cheeks, calling to him, with no results. When L was satisfied Light was completely under, he said, "I've rendered him unconscious. I'm going to search him for the paper. We have perhaps twenty minutes maximum. Get here quickly. Do not communicate with me unless it is within the safe time and I've authorized you to do so."

Watari's voice came from a speaker in the helicopter, saying, "Are you sure he will trust you after this?"

L replied, "He won't trust me; he'll still be suspicious. I don't think he trusts anyone."

L began searching Light, continuing, "However, he won't have any reason to be particularly suspicious unless he realizes I've taken his paper, and he won't be willing to look for his paper as long as I'm with him, so he shouldn't know. If Naomi is telling the truth, he is overconfident and likes to gloat, so he might tell me he's Kira after he realizes he went unconscious in my presence and I didn't turn him in. If he doesn't confess then, I'll resort to threats."

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