Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Light noticed the gunmen from the van running toward him and Naomi soon enough to sprint the last few steps into the building and inside. He could hear Aihara or whatever-his-name-was hesitate and then rush after him. Light was pissed. Where had these other guys suddenly come from? He had been hoping to dispose of the Aihara guy in the confusion and be away before anyone was sure what was happening. Well, it would be harder to deal with additional people and L apparently being closer behind that he'd initially thought, but the plan would still work.

Light was immensely glad he'd made the judgment call to have his mother move the death note. He'd been right. L had been far too close for a run home to be anything other than a tremendous risk. Now, there was only getting away from here, picking up the death note, and going into permanent hiding from which to take over the world. Governments would not like to be forcibly taken over, and Kira's location would always need to remain secret, or Kira would simply be assassinated. Fortunately, Kira's power worked from a distance.

Before Light could get entirely through the lobby, the Aihara guy said, "Stop right there, Kira, or I'll shoot!"

Ryuk chuckled and said, "I wonder if they've caught you. It would be a shame for our game to end so soon."

Light said, "There's been some kind of mistake."

Light slowly turned, hands in the air. He could see some of his controlled victims already in place, and he was counting down the seconds in his head. The Aihara guy couldn't be sure he was Kira, or he probably would have already shot. After all, Kira could kill in some unknown way, possibly while his hands were in the air or while he was being restrained, so a docile-acting Kira was no guarantee of safety. The guy's words were a message, a warning, to the other people present.

Then the four gunmen from the van burst through the front doors, but at the same time the chaos erupted with the controlled victims shooting at the walls. Just like the hijacker in the bus incident, people would take them as serious threats even though they couldn't hurt anyone. Light saw his enemies hit the floor, and chose that moment to run for it. Just slightly around a corner and then nobody could shoot him.

Ryuk said, "So, hey, what's the plan?"

Light didn't bother to answer. He had no breath to spare and he didn't want to chance a surveillance camera picking up his plan anyway. But, Light could now hear the clatter of shoes behind him. He stayed off the main hallways, deliberately taking a twisted path so that they shouldn't get a clear shot, but still, whoever it was did shoot and just miss his foot. Light could hear a voice saying something about shutting down the computer system. It sounded like the Aihara guy's voice.

Well, the computers were not the goal. Light put all his effort into sprinting ahead. If only these hallways were carpeted instead of tiled, he probably could lose the guy easily. It was probably the sound of his shoes giving away which direction he was going. After running past a controlled victim with a teargas launcher, Light stopped just around a corner, shed his shoes, and continued silently running with his shoes in his hands. A few more twists and turns, and he was there. The office where the intercoms could be operated. Three workers looked up from their desks as Light entered.

The worker closest said, "Light Yagami! What are you doing back here?"

Light began writing on his piece of death note. Each of the workers had a nameplate sitting on their desk, and Light wrote down for each of them to leave without asking questions and then start causing trouble at one of the entrances, one worker to each entrance.

Waiting for the forty seconds to kick in, Light said, "There's a gunfight in the front lobby. I ran here because I didn't know what else to do."

One worker moved to speak through the intercom, but then suddenly stopped before saying anything and left. Another worker said, "Hey! What are you doing?" and then left himself. The third worker opened his mouth to say something, but then suddenly ran out.

Light moved to the central controls for the intercom system and said over it, ""Kira is in the building. Please cover your faces completely and evacuate."

Ryuk said, "You just gave yourself away! What are you doing?"

Light began rummaging through the storage locker of supplies, quickly producing a paper bag that fit over his head and poking some eyeholes in it. He said, "No, Ryuk, I'll easily disappear in the panic. Nothing is better than a panic where everyone's face is covered."

Then Light left the office, joining the stream of officers fleeing down the hallways toward the exits. It was fortunate he usually wore suits, just like NPA detectives generally did at work. He was indistinguishable from the crowd. There were only three ways out of the building. Light knew there were a lot of people around for New Year's. He just needed to get far enough from the NPA building that he could remove his paper bag and mingle with the flow of pedestrians, slipping away to the subway and then getting his death note. And, considering the chaos that was about to erupt at the entrances, there should be officers fleeing in every direction, not just clustered around a short distance outside.

Then, Light heard the intercom say, "Light Yagami is Kira. He sent out the previous message and is using it to try to escape in the confusion with his face covered. Everyone, uncover your faces and if anyone you see refuses to uncover their face, shoot in the legs to disable. Otherwise Kira will escape and kill us all."

There were four other people in the small hallway with Light, and he saw them beginning to remove their face coverings. Light darted into a conference room and then out the back entrance of the conference room into a small kitchen. The entrances were out, unless he could come up with some plan to fight his way out, and that didn't look good. Maybe, finding a really excellent place to hide, in the ventilation system or something, and coming out a day or two later? No, L would certainly order a thorough search. Going to the roof and trying to fly away in a helicopter? Light didn't think his chances of learning how to fly a helicopter intuitively were too good, and besides with a helicopter it would be obvious where he'd gone. They'd arrest him upon landing or simply blow the helicopter up. It's not like he could fly away secretly...

There were no surveillance cameras in here. Light said, "Ryuk, if I pay you with many apples, will you fly me off the roof to the next building? It's just a short trip. Nobody should be looking up so carefully as to notice something so quiet and small leaving the roof, and if I can just get to the next building I can hide there and slip away while they are searching this building."

"Yeah, but it'll cost a lot of apples."

Light waited a little for those evacuating to disperse. It wouldn't do to meet someone in the hallways who had orders to shoot if he wouldn't remove the bag covering his head and also knew Light Yagami had been identified as Kira. Then, Light slipped away toward the elevators through empty hallways, and rode an empty elevator to the roof. Light carefully walked toward the edge, keeping himself invisible from the ground but scanning the landscape. He pointed at a skyscraper that was far enough it shouldn't be on the list of places to be searched by L, at least not right away, but close enough that the few pedestrians who might look up wouldn't have much chance of seeing a flying man during Light's short trip.

Light said, "That one. And, take me off the west side of this building, where there aren't any entrances so none of these cops should be there, and even if they are they shouldn't be watching the roof unless they hear a helicopter or something like that."

Ryuk said, "Okay, but you'd better pay me soon, with a lot of apples."

Then Ryuk grew out his wings, grabbed Light under the armpits and took off. Light was only just past the edge of the roof when a shot rang out and he felt a burning, agonizing pain in his hip.

Light just barely bit back a scream and said, "Take me back!"

There was another shot, but it missed and then Ryuk was dumping him on the roof. Light collapsed in agony, staring in horrified fascination at the blood welling up from his left hip for a few moments before he realized he needed to do something and pressed down on it hard with his hands, trying to slow the blood flow. If he didn't lose too much blood, he could have it fixed later. It would be fine. He tore strips of cloth from one pant leg and pressed those to the wound. He felt dizzy but he kept pressing hard, and then he didn't see any more blood seeping out, but kept the wadded cloth there and tried to think.

He was woozy, and his blood was pounding in his ears, and his perfect plan had been so badly messed up by one guy, just one guy, who happened to be paying attention. What to do now? Light knew where his death note was. He just needed to get rid of pursuit and collect it. He thought about the helicopters. If he tried, could he figure out how to fly one? If he managed to not get shot down, and landed in a big crowd somewhere and slipped away... no, it was too risky. He probably wouldn't be able to fly it, and they'd just shoot him down even if he could.

No, the best plan was to take an armored van. It would likely be a desperate car chase at first, but Light knew he could mess up the pursuit, pull ahead, and then once they'd lost him ditch the armored van for a series of civilian vehicles. Light thought hard. He needed a way down to the basement parking garage without being recognized, and a way to make sure very few people pursued him once he was on the road. He carefully wiped the blood from his hands and withdrew the folded piece of death note paper from his pocket.

There were a few more places to write extremely tiny, probably enough to kill a dozen people yet. Light knew where he could get a gas mask on the upper floors. Then he just needed to make sure the lower floors were completely filled with tear gas. And, he needed a guy to slash all the tires on every vehicle in the garage except for one armored van, and to leave the keys in that armored van, ready for immediate take-off.

He'd come down with his face hidden, and he'd meet nobody or only other people in gas masks because of the teargas. And, he needed a new suit, something neither ripped nor bloody, so they'd assume he was one of them if he did get seen. That was the easiest part. Just have a guy go to a certain bathroom and take off his suit, then go elsewhere and add to the confusion.

So, three guys at least, maybe one back-up for each task in case the original three were prevented from accomplishing what was written. Light went over his plan once more in his mind before writing, looking for holes or weak points. He didn't want to waste precious paper space if he suddenly decided he needed a new plan. He could see it wasn't ideal, there were serious problems, but he couldn't think of anything better, and he was running out of time. Soon, they'd call in substantial back-up from elsewhere, and then even this plan would become almost unworkable.

Light began writing, but after he'd only finished writing two deaths, he heard a loudspeaker saying, "Light Yagami, we wish to negotiate with you. We know you are on the roof. We will send an unarmed negotiator with medical supplies to hear your demands."

Light stopped writing. Was this a better way to escape? They still didn't know how he killed, how easy it was to prevent him from killing. He could claim to have hundreds of hostages, important hostages such as the prime minister of Japan. Every officer involved in the negotiating process, and even L himself, should be afraid to mess up and have those sorts of deaths on their hands. That was a way to forever ruin your career and reputation. Kira was potentially the most powerful hostage-taker who had ever existed, and Kira's hostages didn't need to be anywhere near him.

Yes, this was a workable plan. He'd still need to go into hiding, so they didn't defeat him by simply dropping a missile on his location, but he could force them to give him whatever he needed to successfully slip away and confuse his trail. Light carefully folded the piece of death note paper, put it in the secret compartment in his wallet, and waited, thinking of what he should demand. It was not long until the negotiator appeared. It was that Aihara guy, in nothing except his underwear and shoes, holding a small first aid box in one hand and a cellphone in the other. He looked positively freezing in the January chill, but his face was set in an expression of grim determination.

Light let him approach carefully, then said, "Open the box slowly. You could have a gun in there."

The Aihara guy opened the first aid kit and used his fingers to shift the contents around a bit, showing that there was nothing inside except what should be.

The guy held out the cellphone and said, "L wants to talk with you. Do you want that first, or medical attention?"

Light said, "Medical attention. If you make any sudden moves, I'll start killing important politicians."

Light shifted uncomfortably where he was sitting on the gravel of the roof. The bullet wound really, really hurt, and he was afraid to take the pressure off it. He slightly eased back the hand that was holding the cloth to the wound as the guy knelt next to him, and was met with fresh waves of pain, along with a shock as the cold air hit the sticky, cooling blood. Light felt as if he might black out for just a split second, but then the feeling passed. He'd need to get a real doctor soon, but for now staying conscious and stopping the worst of it was the only thing to do.

The Aihara guy used little scissors to cut a hole in the side of Light's trousers just below his hipbone, right around the wound, and then painfully ripped away the bits of cloth that had stuck to the drying blood. Light gritted his teeth and hissed, seeing a fresh surge of blood leaking out. The guy quickly poured antiseptic on the wound, and then bandaged it tightly. In the next moment, the cellphone was being thrust into Light's hands.

Light motioned for the guy to move off a little bit, and as he did, Light said, "Light Yagami speaking."

L's electronic voice, just like the one on television, said, "I am L. I understand you have some demands, Kira."

Suddenly Light was afraid, his throat very dry. This was it, the big moment. He was openly admitting he was Kira, implicating himself, and there was no going back. He felt cornered. What if it were a trap? But, it was already almost completely obvious he was Kira, so it shouldn't matter to admit it, and also how was he supposed to get any demands met if he didn't claim to be Kira? Still, his mouth didn't want to say it, and he could at least try to be a bit obtuse about it.

Light said, "L, I want to escape from this place. You're going to help me escape. I think you're smart enough to know what will happen if you don't cooperate."

L said, "I'm afraid you'll need to be specific. Are you Kira? If you're not Kira, if you do not have the ability to kill with a face and a name, then we will simply take you into custody."

Light said, "You're still wondering if I am Kira or merely one of his controlled victims. Well, in either case important politicians will die if I'm not allowed to escape cleanly. I don't think you want to take that risk, L."

"What are your demands, then?"

"Take away this negotiator and send an unarmed helicopter pilot, some little guy, not anyone who could overpower me. Do it right away. If you delay, I'll know you're using that time to call in more police, and politicians will die. If there is anything about this on the media or the slightest sign of pursuit, politicians will die."

"Why don't you just fly away, Kira? Why do you need a helicopter?"

"Your snipers might believe they can kill me so fast that hostages wouldn't die. I need to get far from them before I fly on my own. And, if I'm in a helicopter, the helicopter itself will protect me, and also anyone who thinks of shooting it down will be reluctant to kill the pilot along with me."

L said, "A pilot will be up quickly. Please give this phone back to Aihara."

The guy took the phone from Light with a wary expression, and when he heard whatever L said to him, he looked very surprised, but he left.

Ryuk said, "Light, it will cost you plenty more apples if you decide to jump out of the helicopter and have me carry you, and I'll only carry you to the ground, not to anywhere special. I'd say unlimited supplies for about two months. You'll have to give me apples whenever I ask with no holding back."

Light said, "I haven't decided if that's the plan yet or not. However, I will pay you that much if I need to fly out of the helicopter."

While Light was waiting, he got to his feet, testing how well he could walk. His hip hurt like hell, but he could do it. Light placed himself as near to the helicopters as possible and resolved to walk normally no matter how much pain he was in. It wouldn't do for the pilot to think of him as a weakling and jump him.

But, when he saw the pilot they'd sent, he wanted to laugh. They'd taken the "small guy" part seriously. It was a skinny man who either was a teenager or not much older, and he didn't look as if he weighed more than about a hundred pounds. He was pale and sickly-looking, with a hunched back and bags under his bugged-out eyes. Though he had stringy, well-formed muscles rather than being flabby, he was incredibly slender and didn't look as if he could fight well. Just as the Aihara guy had done, he was wearing nothing except boxer shorts and some shoes, though his were untied ragged tennis shoes, and he was shivering slightly in the cold of New Year's Day. He had incredibly untidy spiky black hair that fell into his eyes.

Ryuk laughed too as the man began walking their way. Ryuk said, "Hey, Light, this guy has the most hilarious name. Are you sure you don't want to do the deal?"

Light said nothing.

When the man came close, he said, "I'm your pilot. You can call me Ryuzaki. These police helicopters only have enough fuel for a two-hour flight, so you'll need to pick a destination within that range."

Light said, "I'll tell you where we're going after we get some distance away. Go north to start."

Ryuzaki walked in his strange slouched manner to the nearest helicopter, and Light followed behind, determined to keep him in his sight at all times. Ryuzaki might just try something despite his slender physique.

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