L After Beyond Birthday

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​Author's Note: This fan fiction was originally written and posted on FanFiction.net under my account name BeyondLawlietBeyondCompare. I've decided to post here as well since this site is specifically for this kind of fic. Please enjoy.


The crisp, clean breeze of spring air filled Beyond's nose, stimulating and invigorating him.

It's a pleasant change, he thought to himself, as he took his first steps of freedom from the asylum. He had been there for four years, placed in solitary confinement under strict 24/7 surveillance, an edict put in place by none other than L.

L, thought Beyond to himself allowing the anger to swell inside him. The bastard responsible for my capture, he and that Naomi bitch, the bastard responsible for all my pain, my torment, my insanity, but more importantly…

"The son of a bitch responsible for A's death!"

His outburst scared away a flock of birds resting in the tangled branches of a nearby tree. They flew away, squawking loudly. B shook himself slightly.

Calm down, old boy. The murderer chortled to himself. You didn't spend all that time faking your recovery from murderous insanity just to walk out three feet from the door and ruin it all, did you? You must remain calm and composed, and above all patient. L WILL go down in crushing defeat. You WILL savor his anguish and spill his blood before his precious successors eyes…all in good time.

He composed himself and headed out the gates of the asylum, eager to get started with his new plan for revenge against L. He had mulled it over, time and time again during his imprisonment, crafting it carefully in him mind like a doll maker creating a perfect masterpiece.

"I'm coming for you, L."


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