L After Beyond Birthday

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Glass flew everywhere. Beyond could hardly believe his eyes.

"They…jumped…" he whispered.

B ran to the window and looked down. The waves were crashing against the rocks and the two men were nowhere to be seen. B stood frozen in the window for a while, a dark scowl began to form on his face.

"Damn them! Just when I had the chance to eliminate L, he pulls a stunt like this! Jumping out of a goddamn building!"

B sank to the floor, his head in his hands.

"I worked so hard for this…all those years of planning…ruined!"

He got up and looked down again at the waves, then something caught his eye. He peered closer and caught a glimpse of a something brown coming up out the water. The figure was moving around in the water frantically, splashing about here and there. Just then another figure popped up out the water, this one was black and moved much slower. The two figures moved towards each other. B's eyes lit up with anticipation.

"They're alive? The black one must be L and the brown one must be Light. L's moving around pretty slowly, he must be badly injured."

B's crooked mouth curled into a cruel smile.

"The dream lives on."


L's head shot through the surface of the water. As he gasped for air as he started frantically searching for Light.

"Light! hhaw Light, where are you?"

L searched for about 10 minutes before heading towards the rocky shore. His clothes were soaked and he was freezing. L pulled himself up onto the rocky banks, L's bare feet scraped up against the rocks, peppering them with tiny cuts, they began to sting from the saltwater.

"I need to find Light..." he murmured quietly, resting. His chest slowly rising and falling as he struggled to catch his breath. L tried to stand but his legs gave way and he sank to the rock below him. He was beginning to feel light headed and fell asleep. L's eyes flew open when he heard the roaring of a motor boat. He tried to stand up and held onto the rock for support.

"Hey! Hey! Coast Guard! Over here! Over here!" screamed L as loud as he could. The boat was still for a moment and shined its headlights towards L. The boat roared again and sped towards L. It got to the banks and man stepped out. L limped over to the man, clutching to the man's shirt and gasping frantically.

"Thank you! Thank you! Please...I was taken hostage...by a madman...he's after me...please...don't let him kill me...he murdered a girl...another boy was with me...we jumped from the window...I couldn't find him..." L's breathing became labored. He buried his head into the man's chest and started sobbing. As his tears fell on the man's shirt he noticed odd splotches...red splotches. He took a step back from the man and noticed that he was wearing the exactly same sweater he was, but it was covered with blood. L looked up at the man's face, which was covered by his shaggy black hair, he began to smirk.

"No...no...NO!" L screamed as he turned to run. His feet torn and bleeding. Beyond started up the bank after him, cackling maniacally swinging his knife around L's legs.

"KYA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Give it up L! You're mine now."

L tripped over a rock and fell, as he hit the ground his hand fell on a sharp rock he wrapped his hand around it. Beyond, stood up over him and kicked L onto his back. BB's evil smirk was outdone only by his red glowing eyes.

"You haven't got very long, L. Any last words?" B licked the blade of his knife, all of a sudden L's numbers suddenly stopped going down.

"What?" whispered B.

"Go to hell you bastard!" shouted L, he threw the rock at B's head as hard as he could. B didn't fall but it was enough of a shock for him to drop his knife. L grabbed it quickly and slashed B across the chest.

"Ahh!" B's blood spurt onto the rocks. He glanced up at L. His numbers were increasing, rapidly.

"You silly little fucktard." said L. He kicked B in the stomach. B fell, he stared up at L. His eyes were wild, the look of insanity washed upon L's face as he spun the knife between his fingers. At that moment B felt something he hadn't so many years, fear. L hovered over him and smiled a sickly sweet smile.

"Think you're tough shit now huh L?" B slowly got up to his feet, trying to intimidate L. L clutched the knife in his hand, he was standing at his full height which was 6 inches taller than B. L smiled again.

"I always was."

L rushed into B and stabbed him in the stomach. Blood spurted from B's mouth and onto L's shirt. B backed up, holding his wound. He looked up at L.

"Heh...heh..heh...ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA!" laughed B. L smirked and licked the blood off the knife. "How does it feel, L? The velvety texture is heaven on the tongue isn't it?"

L frowned slightly.

"You're just ahh...you're just like me, L...and I'll live forever inside you..." B's wound began to bleed even more, he sank to his knees.

"You're a liar. I will never be you!" L shouted. He began to stab wildly at B. Blood flew everywhere, L began to laugh and pick up the pace. He was so into what he was doing, he didn't even notice the Whammy's House helicopter descending near him.

"Is that L or Beyond?" asked Aizawa. Watari looked down at the man.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA! Die Beyond! Burn in hell you bastard! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"What has happened to my L?" murmured Watari.

The helicopter landed, L looked up and began to smile. Matsuda hopped out and called to L.

"L! Are you ok?"

L dropped the knife and ran up to Watari, who had gotten out of the plane.

"Watari...I did it...Beyond won't bother us anymore...let's go home Watari..." L rambled. Watari took a step back and simply stared at L.

"What have you done?"

"I-I got rid of the evil..."

Soichiro got out of the helicopter.

"Where is Light?"

"Light? Light is dead...at least I think so...he never came back up...out the water."


Watari pulled out a blanket and wrapped it around L. L was shivering and babbling on about blood.

One Week Later

"How has he been?" asked Watari as the nurse led him down the long hallway.

"He's been quiet in the mornings, its the nights when he's a problem. He screams about how Beyond Birthday is inside him, telling him that they're just alike."

"I see."

They stopped in front of a room, 626.

"This is his room."

The nurse opened the door, Watari walked in and sat in a chair in the corner of the room. The white padded walls sent a chill down Watari's spine. L was sitting the opposite corner wearing a straightjacket softly banging his head against the wall.

"BB lives inside of me...BB lives inside of me...BB lives inside of me..." L chanted to himself.

Watari forced a happy tone. "L, I came to see you! Everyone at the Task Force and Whammy's House sends you their prayers and hellos. They'll come see you."

L turned his head slightly. "Am I still L?" he asked.

"To me you will always be L, but Near is going to take over you're position as The World's Greatest Detective."

L smiled to himself and turned back to his corner.

"But I'm still L...BB is lying...BB, Watari proved you're lying...I'm not you BB..."

"Does BB talk to you, L?" asked Watari.

L turned around full circle to face Watari.

"BB lives inside me..."

Watari got up and hugged L. He fought back tears.

"That bastard did this to you...I'll never forgive him...I'll never forgive him for taking my son away from me..."

L began to rock back and forth and resumed his monotone chanting.

"BB lives inside of me...BB lives inside of me...BB lives inside of me..."



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