L After Beyond Birthday

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Light stared in horror at Misa's bloody corpse. The woman had died with her eyes open, her face permanently fixed in an expression of fear. Light's face paled and his head started to bob back and forth, he fell to the side, unconscious. The shock of witnessing a brutal rape and murder had proved too much for the teenager.

"Hmm…he took it rather well wouldn't you say L?"

L's expression had not changed but inside he was truly sickened by what he had just witnessed. He knew that Beyond was sadistic but he had never realized how much so, having just seen it for himself he really did begin to fear for his life. However; L was confident in his thinking abilities. B is out for blood, that much I can deduce, the only way out of here is to kill him. But how? He's my backup and specially trained by Whammy's. Perhaps I could find a way to contact Watari…no…Beyond is anything but stupid he would never slip up as to make it possible for outside contact. I wish Watari was here…he always made me feel so much better…much safer… I have to try something to buy Light and I more time…

"Beyond…I somewhat understand your dislike for me. But what about Watari?"

"What about him?"

"Why do you blame him for A's death?"

"He's the one who started that accursed Whammy's House in the first place! That old geezer got rich off raising orphans like livestock and forcing them to abandon their own hopes and dreams and aspirations in order to be like you! His prize winning steer!"

"What are you talking about? Watari loved each and every one of us."

"Loved you maybe. Every time he came to see us it was always 'L did this' and 'L did that' as if the sun didn't rise and the Earth didn't turn until you gave it permission!"

"Beyond…" started L.

"Aww hush, I'm tired of talking to you…I'm tired period. I'm going to bed and you don't you dare try to pick that lock, cuz if you do it'll be your last miserable day on this earth."

Beyond turned and walked towards the door.

"Nighty-night, L."

The door slammed shut.

L was left alone with his thoughts. Lawliet, what are you doing to do? Dammit, I've never been at a loss before! Beyond probably has this place filled with wire taps and surellance cameras. Think L think…you need to get Beyond in a position where he'll untied you…wait I got it! This will be dangerous but if I play my cards right then I can finally get the chance to bring this nightmare to an end. However I must be fully functional to do this…I haven't had sweets for a while and it's sheer willpower that's keeping my awake right now…I need to go to sleep…I'll be rested and focused tomorrow, B won't make a move tonight so I don't have to worry about a sneak attack. Yes…tomorrow…tomorrow…

L allowed sleep to wash over him. He slept peacefully that night, dreaming about cakes and cookies and other sweet treats.

The sun's golden rays never got the chance to wake Light or L the next morning. Light's hazel eyes opened to the sight of a clean but dim room. He could no longer make out the shape of Misa's body, which indicated that she had been moved. Misa…

Light lifted himself up and looked over at the detective. L was curled up in the fetal position, his bangs blowing with every deep exhale from L's lips. L's deep eye bags and pale skin made him look like a sleeping panda bear. Light decided not to wake him just yet, he looked so peaceful, the man deserved to get some rest. Light yawned and scooted closer to L. L was no shoulder to cry on, but having him there made Light feel much better he supposed it was the fact that L was another human being, as he did not consider B to be human.

That…thing that murdered Misa wasn't human, nobody could be that cruel and unfeeling, except for perhaps Kira, but he's not Kira. Those eyes of his, they really were red…just like Misa had told me…but why…maybe L knows…yes he had to know…they lived in the same orphanage together.

Light nudged L with his foot.

"L! L wake up! I have to ask you something!"

L grumbled and opened his eyes.

"What is it Yagami-kun? I'm still sleepy." said L, groggily

"Tell me everything you know about Beyond Birthday."

"He was one of my successors…his best friend killed himself and he blames me for it."


"Yes, and that is all the information you need…anymore and you might uncover my true identity."

"I don't give a damn about your identity! All I care about is avenging Misa, and saving our lives!"

L rolled over, his back facing Light.

"Leave it alone, Light."

"What? No way! Not until Beyond Birthday is dead!"

"Leave it be, Light, please trust me on this."

Light thought about it for a second and nodded. Appearently L had some sort of plan and Light wasn't about to pry into the situation further, he was sure it was going to work, it was L's plan after all.


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