L After Beyond Birthday

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"Mmm…." moaned L delightfully as he bit into a piece of succulent strawberry shortcake.

"Watari, you really outdid yourself this time."

The old man smiled modestly. "Thank you, Ryuuzaki."

"You really must tell me secret to such moist and delicious cake."

Watari smiled again, this time with a hint mischief. "I do believe that is my little secret, Ryuuzaki."

"Ryuuzaki, if you would like to get on with the matter at hand…" said Soichiro impatiently.

L glanced over at the police chief. Soichiro Yagami was a stern yet compassionate man who took his job seriously. L was glad to have him on the Kira case, however he did wish he would lighten up a bit.

Even I like to have fun with my job sometimes, mused L to himself. Aloud he said:

"Quite so, Mr. Yagami. Anyway, I have concluded that Kira resides in the Kyoto region of Japan and that he is in fact a student. I have also deuced that he is a childish person with false visions of grandiose and that he hates losing. I know that because I am also a childish person who hates to lose."

L proceeded to devour his cake. Aizawa took this time as an opportunity to ask some questions.

"Ryuuzaki, have you compiled a list of suspects?"

"I have." L replied absentmindedly.

"Are you going to share your suspicions with us?" asked Aizawa, slightly annoyed.

"No." answered L. "Not yet anyways. I tend to not go off half-cocked if you know what I mean."

At that moment a slight knock came at the door and was soon pushed open to reveal a rather worried-looking Watari.

"Ryuuzaki…" he started nervously. "I have a letter that requires your immediate attention."

All eyes turned to L as he scanned Watari before beckoning him to come. Watari did as he was told and handed L a smooth, off-white colored envelope with "For L" printed on the front.

L examined it closely. "Where did you find this?"

"It was given to me by a bellhop, sir."

L was nervous. Who could possibly know I was here? Or that I even am L?

He opened the letter tentatively and pulled out a sheet of folded paper, he opened it:

From Backup.

Who knew that two little words could make a man shudder in fear? L sat there, mouth agape with large ebony eyes fixated on the paper he held in his hands. Everyone else started in confusion. It was finally Matsuda that spoke.

"Uhh…Ryuuzaki-kun what's wrong? You look like you just found out you're the father!"

Soichiro gave Touta a sharp look.

"Please, Matsuda." said Soichiro said with a bite in his voice.


"Everybody out." said L suddenly.

"What?" said Mogi.

"Ryuuzaki, we haven't finished talking about-" started Ide.


Shocked, the task members left without delay, with Watari following behind.

"Stay Watari." murmured L. Watari stopped where he was and turned towards L.

"Is it…..is it truly from him?" asked Watari, trembling slightly.

L gave an exhausted sigh.

"I'm afraid so, Watari." L got up and moved over to the window. He looked down amongst the people in the streets, he noted their hustle and bustle and wondered what was all the rushing for at this time of night. Which one of you will he have next?


"Beyond Birthday…" L began "is free from the asylum I personally hand picked for him. I…I thought he would learn to let go of this unfounded and unnecessary hatred of me. But apparently it isn't so." L sighed deeply.

"He will stop at nothing to see you dead." said Watari quietly.

"Indeed." agreed L. "I can sense that this will be a showdown between B and I."

L straightened his back, a move Watari had not seen in over a decade, and turned towards his mentor.

"Beyond will NOT win…" said L, gravely . "I AM JUSTICE."


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