L After Beyond Birthday

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"Welcome one and all to Beyond Birthday's House Of Horrors!" announced Beyond to his captive audience. While under the affects of anesthesia B had moved L, Light, and Misa to yet another room. When the three woke up they saw B, dressed like a ringmaster bellowing into a loudspeaker. All three were bound.

"Heh heh heh…wait no…ha ha ha….naw…ho ho ho…nope too jolly oh I got it kya ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah that'll work."

"Birthday-san please let us go." Cried Misa.

"Not a chance, oh and thanks for reminding me."

B snatched up Misa and ripped off her clothes.

"Kya ha ha….so nice.." said B, running his eyes along Misa's bare chest.

Misa's eyes filled with tears. "Please no." she whispered.

Light tried to get up, but with his arms being tied behind his back his equilibrium was completely thrown off and he fell back down to the floor.

"LEAVE MISA ALONE!" screamed Light.

B ignored his request and forced Misa to bend down. He then put his hand up her nightgown and began to slowly and gently finger her.

"How does that feel honey?"

"Stop you bastard!" Misa wanted to kick B so bad but her legs were handcuffed together making it extremely difficult to move.

B chuckled as he stuck his fingers further inside her. Misa whimpered softly. B stuck another finger and then another. Misa was starting to sob and turned her head from L and Light, too ashamed to look her friends in their faces. B took notice of this and removed his fingers he snatched Misa's underwear down to her knees and began to lick at her wet hole, lapping up all of the juices.

"No! Get your tongue out of there!" Misa screamed.

Light was twitching all over, he didn't recpricate the feelings that Misa had for him but he did like her as a friend, and as her friend he felt guilty about being powerless to stop this abuse. Light tried to lunge again at Beyond but at his present state moving was difficult. Tears began to swell up in Light's eyes, he felt that he had failed her. B had started to lick with even more intensity, Light could not bare to watch and turned his head while letting the tears come.

B had finished with the oral stimulation and had rose to unbutton his pants. He looked over at L and smiled, his mouth dripping with Misa's fluids.

"Mmmm….she tastes great L. Completely delicious. Light, have you had the pleasure of tasting her yet?" taunted Beyond.

Light began to sob softly, keeping his eyes fixated on the wall next to him. L just sat there with his usual deadpanned expression, inside he felt extreme pity for Misa but he would never let it show, instead he turned to Beyond.

"I am not impressed by this show of sexual cruelty, Beyond. It will take a lot more than witnessising rape to envoke a reaction out of me."

B gritted his teeth angrily. Damn you, L! You WILL beg for my mercy if I have to burn this city to the ground! B yanked his pants down and rubbed his hard cock. He pulled Misa by her hips and rammed himself into her.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Misa, it felt like razor-sharp knives had just pierced her vagina.

B was ramming into poor Misa like a rocket, with every thrust blood gushed out of her.



Light could keep his resolve no longer. It was like a flood gate had burst inside his heart, hearing Misa's desperate cries for help was the tip of the iceburg. Light collapsed to the ground, wailing loudly.

"I'M SORRY MISA!" Light screamed/sobbed. "I….I CAN'T HELP YOU!...MISA!"

L simply looked at the floor.

Beyond's thrusts and rough handling proved to be too much for Misa and she simply lost conciousness. B paused and looked down at her. He got angry and pulled out, B walked over to Misa's face and began to jack off, he came all over her face and then spat on her.

"Weak ass little bitch! Couldn't even hold out enough for me to properly cum."

Light had stopped crying and was rocking back and forth looking at Misa.

"So…sorry….so…..terribly….sorry." he muttered as if in a daze.

"Light are you ok? Snap out of it! This exactly what Beyond wants us to do, don't give in to him!" scolded L.

"SHUT UP!" screamed Light. "Misa was totally violated and you don't even care! I didn't love Misa, but she didn't deserve this!"

"What's done is done, Light." Replied L quietly.

Light looked at L in awe.

"What's done….is done?" repeated Light. "A girl was brutally raped and all you can say is 'what's done is done?'"

"Umm excuse me, if I may correct you Light…" said Beyond.

He pulled out his favorite blood soaked knife and stabbed Misa in the middle of her back. She eyes flew open and she stuttered with mouth agape. Light and L watched in horror as B pulled the knife out of her back and began to stab her repeatedly in her back, arms, legs, and finally the back of her head. The knife made an ear-wrenching sound as it bore through her skull.

"Brutally raped AND murdered." Corrected Beyond with a smile.


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