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Beyond Birthday was tired, yet he could not fall asleep. The room he had rented at a small motel smelled of musk and mildew, but it was all he could afford with the little money he had. I can't look for work because it would interfere with my goal.

B got up and went to a small refrigereator in the corner of the room. He opened it and grabbed a half eaten jar of strawberry jam off the shelf. He dug into it thoughtfully as he ambled back to the bed. To keep money I suppose I would have to rob the next victim. The thought repulsed him. Humph, to think that I, Beyond Birthday, the world's greatest serial killer would be forced to stoop so low as to petty theft, however it must be done. He looked out the window as he leaned against the headboard of the bed. It was starting to rain, at first a slight drizzle, then a complete downpour. The weather reminded him of a memory long cast aside, the death of A. It was a night such as this one when he discovered his best friend's body hanging from the Whammy House attic rafters. He closed his eyes and let the memory creep its way back into his mind.

B had been looking for A all day long. He went and asked C if she had seen him. She shook her head no and gave B a peck on the cheek. B blushed, he had always liked C and she had always liked B. She was sweet and caring and accpeted B despite his outbursts and his eyes. As B, kissed her back he thought about his crimson red eyes. They scared Roger so much he began to treat B badly, not that he treated him or any other child with genuine kindness. Roger hated children and made it a point to let them know that, only reason he even had the job as caretaker when Watari was away was because Watari pitied his old friend for being layed off from his previous job. When B first came to Whammy's everyone was apprehensive towards him, he had only been there a week when A and C both came to talk to him together. They immedeatly bombarded him with questions about his eyes.

"Why are your eyes red?" asked C.

"Because they are."

"Hmm…do you wear color contacts?" asked A.

"No, they're naturally this color."

"Can't be!" exclaimed C. "No way a person can be born with red eyes! No matter how cool they look!"

"Listen you little witch! My eyes are naturally red, and you and the boy can just fu- wait….did you just say my eyes were cool?" asked B, surprised.

C and A had cowered back from him in fear.

"Y-yes. I-I like them." she replied meekly.

B looked at the girl. She had straight black hair and green eyes. He turned his gaze to A. He had blond hair and big brown eyes. He looked little like a rather familiar anime character, he just could not place right now.

"I'm sorry, you two." said B. "I'm just used to catching a lotta flack about my eyes." He turned towards C again and flashed her a big smile. "Please forgive me" he offered.

The girl examined him for a minute, then she too smiled. To his shock, she bounded right up to him and wrapped her arms around him. He looked at the boy for clarification. A just shrugged and said "That's just how C is man."

Soon afterwards the three played together nearly everyday, when C wasn't with D of course. He had met D, but he took an immediate dislike to her, she was bossy and crass, the only person she ever was nice to was C. She seemed especially disturbed by his red eyes.

"Umm…B we can stop kissing now."

"Huh? Oh sorry." B pulled himself from C's lips. She smiled. "You're a good kisser, B."

"Thanks." he blushed a little. "Well I'm gonna go look for A."

He walked off to continue the search for A. He might be in the attic, he thought to himself. As he headed up the stairs to the attic, he could feel a sense of dread and worry. He figured it was only because he was in a dark scary attic. He hoisted himself on the top step and padded around for A.

"A? You up here man?" called Beyond. He walked around the large attic, not daring to go near the piled up boxed on the sides of the walls. He looked to the left and saw a humanoid sillowette. He got closed and saw no one, something told him to look up and there it was. A, hanging from a rafter, an old piece of rope wrapped around his neck. B saw this, and released a scream that tore across time and space. A scream so loud and penetrating his own ears began to hurt. He ran from the room and fell down the stairs, he was badly hurt but the shock of seeing a dead body propelled him towards Roger's study. He burst into the door screaming bloody murder.

"What do you want you little cretin?" yelled Roger.

"A!….A!…He's in the attic! He hanging from a rafter! Please come!" cried B. He ankle was throbbing horribly and gave out on him. He winced and whimpered in pain. Roger stood there, not knowing if this was true or not.

"Beyond, I swear if this some sort of sick joke…" warned Roger.


Roger scrambled to his feet, scooped up Beyond, and raced to the attic stairwell. He took the steps two at a time and rushed to the corner where B, said A hanged. He looked up and saw the body.

"Mary, mother of Christ, please give me the strength."

Roger carried B down the stairs and set him on a nearby couch.

"Stay here, B." Roger said softly. "Your ankle might be sprained and you'll make it worse by putting weight on it. I will tend to A and let Watari and L know." He walked back towards the stairwell. "I'm sorry for your loss B, I know you two were close. Please leave it to me to tell the others, you just rest."

B could sense real kindness from Roger this time. He simply nodded and sat there. Eventually, he fell asleep.

Beyond opened his eyes. Tears began to stream down his face at the memory. He hadn't cried since the day after it happened. He set the jam aside, he, at this moment didn't want to indulge in its pleasures.


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