L After Beyond Birthday

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Since the challenge posed by BB, five new victims had been talked about in recent news. The first victim had their eyes scooped out with an ice cream scooper and replaced with buttons sown into their eye sockets. The second victim was decapitated and had their head mounted on a church steeple. The third victim had her arms and legs cut off and had been ran through a meat grinder. The fourth victim suffered a blow to the head and had their spine cut out, and the final victim had been strangled to death with rusty barbed wire. L knew that Beyond was growing more and more violent and his crimes more blood soaked and gory. He continued to send L threatening letters and the occasional body parts. Meanwhile in the Kira investigation, Light had joined the task force and was now assisting L. L had handcuffed Light and himself together to keep a watch over him, L deeply hated Light Yagami, especially with this "innocent" act he had recently acquired. Light had only been briefly informed about L's problem with BB, he wanted to help L in hopes of clearing his own name, also he wanted to help because the case simply fascinated him. Light was very nervous around L, sensing the older man's dislike for him. The two men were sitting at L's laptop, and Light was the first to break the silence.

"Ryuuzaki-san…" began Light.

"What is it, Yagami-kun?" asked L, wearily.

"Um…I hear that one of your fellow orphan friends is stalking you now…something about…eliminating you."

"A dream come true for you, eh Light?"

Light tried his best to ignore the snide remark.

"Anyways, I also hear that he challenged you directly and you're going to try to solve the case on your own… you don't want any help….I mean…I really want to solve both these cases with you."

L veered his swivel chair towards Light.

"You want to help me find Beyond Birthday?"


"The 'fellow orphan friend' you spoke about earlier."

"Yes, Ryuzaki, I do." Replied Light

"Fine by me, Light." Said L "We are chained together, and trust me you won't be going anywhere anytime soon, so I suppose I can't really stop you from assisting me."

"Thanks, Ryuzaki." Replied Light "I really hope that you and I can become best friends someday…when you start trusting me that is."

Light smiled warmly at L.

Best friends? L thought to himself. Light, what on Earth is your angle here? Is this some kind of trap…I just can't shake the feeling…

L's thoughts were interrupted by a shrill squeal and a very familiar high pitched voice.

"LIGHT!" screamed Misa, bounding over to Light and throwing her arms around him, trapping him in her vice grip.

"Oh…hello Misa…what are…you doing up this late?" asked Light between gasps of breath.

"Misa-Misa has a slight case of insomnia, so she came here to talk to her darling Light." She gushed. She glanced over at L. "Oh and the perverted detective too." She added.

"For the millionth time, Amane-chan, I am not a pervert."

"Yes Ryuzaki is!" she said adamantly "Ryuzaki-san is a pervert and a liar."

"Misa, can you please release Light, I don't think he can breathe."

Misa turned to Light, his face was a very bright shade of blue and he looked like was going to pass out.

"Oh!" exclaimed Misa, and she immediately let go of Light's neck. He collapsed to the ground struggling to breathe.

As much as I can't stand these two they really are a cute couple, mused L to himself. It kinda makes me wish I had a girlfriend…Misa is annoying as hell and twice as stupid but I must admit she is cute. I really wouldn't mind hitting that. At this point a smile started to play across L's lips and did not go unnoticed by the other two in the room. However, L was unaware and continued to think to himself. Yes, Misa Amane is very cute, however so is Sayu Yagami…she's about 14 and she's filling out very nicely….very nicely indeed I can't wait to see her as an adult… Naomi Misora…damn that woman was sexy…those hot leather boots with the chains…in fact she wore nothing but leather…I remember I loved the way her outfits clung to her body…she had curves in all the right places…

"Uh….Ryuzaki…are you….ok?" asked Light, puzzled. "You're…starting to drool a little."

L snapped out of his thoughts and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"Oh..I was just thinking about our next move to catch Kira."

"And the idea was so good it caused you to drool…am I right?"

L ignored the remark.

"I told you he was a perv." Whispered Misa to Light.

"Ya know I think you're right." Light whispered back.


Just then a loud crash resonated throughout the building, the lights went out and the trio tried to look around in the darkness for the source.

"Misa-Misa is scared! Hold me Light!" Misa jumped into Light's arms.

"What happened?" asked Light.

"I have a very bad feeling in my stomach." Said L.

"Indigestion?" asked Misa.

"No, I mean I think…" L was cut off short by a stunning blow to the head. He blinked twice and collapsed onto the floor, bringing Light and Misa with him.

"Ryuzaki? Are you ok?" Light let go of Misa and shook L violently.

"Help me Light!" screamed Misa, before she too, was knocked unconscious.

"Who are y…"

Light lost consciousness before he could finish.


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