L After Beyond Birthday

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L was still asleep when Beyond entered the room. B noted how peaceful L looked when he was sleeping. L Lawliet, thought Beyond, you look so innocent, so serene, so at peace with the world…A never had the chance to have peace…he was always too busy trying to walk in your miserable footsteps, we all were back at Whammy's. L gave a contented sigh, almost as if he were having the most pleasant dream one could have. Beyond grimaced at the thought, HOW DARE THAT BASTARD HAVE THE NERVE TO DREAM SO SWEETLY KNOWING FULL WELL HE RUINED THE LIVES OF OTHERS!.

B stamped over to the sleeping man and punched him in the face. L woke with a start, his eyes as big as saucers when he saw who was standing over him.

"B…Beyond?" stammered L.

"That's right, L." said Beyond with a smirk.

L gritted his teeth. He had suspected that Beyond was behind all this when he was first knocked unconscious. He was formulating a smart aleck retort when his mind flashed to Light and Misa.

"Beyond! Where are Light and Misa?"

Beyond threw back his head and laughed. If L had his eyes closed he would've swore it was the devil himself letting loose from the fiery pits of hell. Beyond was clearly enjoying his little game with L. Heh heh heh, I wanna taunt Lawlipop some more…I love making him squirm.

"They aren't dead….yet…I want your death to have an audience Lawlipop, what fun would it be to kill and not get to see the look on the witnesses' faces?"

"Don't play games with me Beyond!" snarled L. "Those children have nothing to do with this!"

"SHUT UP, L." commanded Beyond, he spoke L's name like it was poison.

"Why are you doing this?"

Beyond actually looked surprised. He turned around to L as if to say 'I know you don't really mean that?'.

"Why am I doing this?" Beyond began to chuckle like a madman. "WHY AM I DOING THIS?"

B grabbed a knife out of his back pocket and began to swing it around wildly, making gestures to match his story.


"Backup, I never did anything…"

Quick as a flash, Beyond grabbed L and pinned him on the ground, holding the blood stained knife to L's neck.

"Don't you ever, ever refer to me by that name again, or so help me Lawliet I will slit your throat from ear to ear."

L could very well get out of Beyond's hold but he knew that could prove to be fatal, all he could do now was keep B calm until the perfect opporitunity came to fight him. He knew that if push came to shove he might have to kill Beyond Birthday. L shuddered at the thought and he hoped it wouldn't come to that, but if it did he had to be mentally prepared to take his life.

"Ok, I'm sorry…Beyond is your name after all." Surrendered L.

Beyond loosened his grip and got off L.

"How much do you and I look alike, L?" asked Beyond.

"Uh…I'm not sure…very?"

Beyond looked over at L.

"Take off your shirt." commanded B.

I don't know where Beyond is going with this but I had better comply.

L removed his shirt. He felt the cool air brush against him, he shivered slightly. Beyond's eyes raked over L's bare chest. L was scrawny sure enough but his pecs and stomach were perfectly sculpted, his arms were still just as muscular as he remembered them from long ago. Once when B was 12, L was visiting the orphanage while taking a break from the case he was working on at the moment. Beyond had been sent by Watari to bring L his lunch. L had just come out the shower and was still wet with shower mist, just as L came out the bathroom Beyond walked in with the food. B remembered how he had stopped short when he saw L's fully naked form, his young supple body glistening in the afternoon sun. B couldn't help but point his eyes towards L's slightly erect length, as he gazed he could slightly feel his own throbbing with lust. That was how he was feeling now, as much as he hated L he still could not shake this attraction to him, however B never let his bisexuality stand in the way of his goals.

"Such a perfect body you have L." spat Beyond.

B began to remove his own shirt. L winced as he saw the burn scars that covered B's chest. B looked over at L, accusingly.

"Look at what you and Watari did to me...it wasn't enough that you murdered A was it L?" yelled Beyond.

"You know damn well YOU LIT YOURSELF ON FIRE. Watari and I had nothing to do with it." L crossed his arms across his chest.


"A, regrettably, was weak. Do you know how much pressure I, as a detective, am under? However I have never once thought about killing myself! Only those with weak constitutions even consider taking their own life."

Beyond swung the knife at L's throat, L dodged the maneuver and dealt a nasty punch to B's face, causing him to stumble and fall.

"Damn you to hell, L." retorted Beyond wiping the blood from his mouth with his shirt sleeve. He lunged at L and tackled him to the ground. He stared into L's deep pools of blackness, only he could read those soulless eyes, they screamed defiance even though L's face was fixed into in his usual deadpan expression. B could feel himself becoming more aroused by the minute. However it bothered him that L was not stuggling against him.

"Why aren't you struggling?" demanded Beyond.

L let out an exhausted sigh. "Because it would only anger you even more than you already are, I don't want to cause an unnessesary fight. I need my strength for later."

Beyond kept staring. L's lips were so plump and soft-looking. Maybe if he could steal just one kiss from those pillowy lips... NO! scolded B to himself. Don't you dare let this tiny hint of lust destroy all what you've worked for! Avenging A and the other kids at Whammy's if your first and only priority. L must die!

B shook his head to clear his thoughts. By this time Beyond had a full on erection and it was beginning to press into L's flaccid member. L had noticed this and began to feel sick to his stomach.

"You're getting hard off this? God you're such a sick bastard Beyond."

B smiled. He pulled a small syringe out of his pocket filled with slow-acting sleep drug and stuck into L's theigh. He watched as L winced in pain. B leaned over and whispered in L's ear.

"Lawliet, I told you before that everything that happened in my life was your fault, of course with the exception of my parents' death. You're right, I am hard, but not at this situation but at you. Don't get me wrong, I don't love you L, I despise you with every fiber of my being, but I am sexually attracted to you. That being said just take a nice rest until showtime, ok? Don't worry you won't be ass-raped."

L's eyelids began to get heavy.

"But Misa will."


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