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Beyond traipsed through the Kyoto region, hunting for two things: Jam and a victim. The stage had been set for B to prove that he was better than L, no SUPERIOR to L. The note was just the beginning.I wonder what's going through your mind right now L. mused Beyond. He came to a quaint little "ma and pop" type store and went inside.

An old woman and young girl were behind the counter chatting idly.


Akiko Sato 380283 and Chiyoko Sato 102329

Neither of these women were due to die anytime soon, however that wasn't Beyond's MO any more. He could care less about the accursed numbers floating above people's heads. They no longer dictated when he were to take a life. He would do so at his own discression. He wanted to kill as many people as possible. He wanted to mix their beautiful red blood with his beloved jam and feel the velvet concoction between his fingers. He wanted L to notice these murders just like he had with previous ones, so that he would take the case. He wanted to pile dead corpses before L and fantasized about L watching him gut his victims and dissect their entails. He wanted to witness L be filled with the sick feeling he did when he found A's hanging body all those years ago. He wanted to show L how he loved to violate and dismember the human body.

Beyond walked up to the counter, and said in a charming manner.

"Excuse me, but to you happen to sell strawberry jam?"

The women chuckled and blushed. Despite being burned all over his body, Beyond was still quite handsome. His pale skin and panda eyes were a hit with some women. He laughed to himself, he did at least have something to thank L for. B looked at the young girl, he began to hunger for her. I want this girl to be my first victim, I'll rape her before I kill her though, I bet her pussy is so nice, inside and out. The girl looked at him seductively and said:

"We sure do sir. But you can have it half price." She leaned towards him, revealing her cleavage.

"How fortunate for me." said Beyond, gazing at her. "However, let us cut to the chase dear, would you like to go to my place?"

She smiled. Stupid bitch, thought Beyond. I won't even have to force her. Ha! This whore deserves to die, plus if I play my cards right this might bring my closer to my ultimate goal. Beyond purchased the jam and escorted the girl out. The old woman smiling and cheering her friend on.

They walked to a small house Beyond had found shortly after he had left from the asylum, he fetched a skeleton key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. As soon as they got inside, Akiko pushed Beyond up against a wall and immediately began to unfasten his pants. B worked off her shirt and bra and suckled on one of the soft breasts underneath. Akiko breathed in sharply, she then relaxed and pulled out B's cock.

"Scars?" She said as she stroked Beyond's shaft gently.

B pulled his white long-sleeved shirt off to reveal more scars. Most were healed and blended in with his pale completion.

"I'm a burn victim." he stated quickly and proceeded to lick the other breast.

"Fine by me" replied Akiko. "Your cock is huge, want a little head baby?"


As Akiko began to orally pleasure Beyond, he began to think about just how he would kill this woman. He looked down at her. She's quite good at this, B said to himself. He noticed the rosary around her neck, and smiled. He knew how he wanted her to die. Beyond came in her mouth and Akiko graciously swallowed every last drop.

"Mmm…sweet." said Akiko, cum dripping out her mouth. "Let's move to the bedroom."

On the bed, Beyond entered her. He could hear her moan and squeal with every rough thrust of his cock and his balls slap up against her body. As she closed her eyes, preparing for the climax, B pulled a small syringe from a hidden spot near the bed. He stuck into her thigh and pushed the clear liquid into her body.

"Hey! What the hell?" yelled Akiko. "What the fuck is this? What the hell are you doing?"

Beyond pulled out, and put the syringe inside his pants pocket. Akiko could feel her body get heavy and she soon lost consciousness.

Birthday smiled to himself, as he handcuffed Akiko's hands and feet to the bedpost and waited for her to awaken. I think a snack might be in order.

B got up and went to fetch a fresh jar of strawberry jam. He opened it up and stuck his fingers into the gelatinous substance. He pulled out a large chunk and devoured it greedily.

"It stains so beautifully" said Beyond to no one. "Just like blood…both are so pleasing to the senses."

B heard someone stir in the bedroom. The girl must be up.

"Showtime." said B as he put the jar away and wiped his hands on his shirt.

B entered the room and grinned like a Cheshire cat when he saw the fear in Akiko's eyes.

"You're awake. Good."

"You sick bastard! What the hell have you done to me?"

"I'm going to kill you Akiko."

Beyond sat down in a chair next to the woman.

"My name is Beyond Birthday, and Akiko before you pass on I just want you to know that this is nothing personal. I have no dislike for you, you are simply the first step towards my ultimate goal."

"W-w-w-what ult-t-t-imate goal?"

"I want to kill L."

Akiko had to process the name for a bit.

"L? The detective L?"



"It's none of your concern dear. Besides it would take more time than you have left."

Beyond stood and pulled a knife from an unknown place. He stood over Akiko, her eyes laced with fear and dread.

"Again, nothing personal."

B stabbed Akiko through her right hand. Her scream echoed throughout the building. It was like music to BB's ears. She looked over at her hand and saw the large knife protruding from her blood soaked hand. Beyond saw this too and leaned down towards her hand. The red blood made B's eyes light up like a Christmas tree. God, do I love blood. He stuck out an eager tongue and lapped up some of Akiko's blood as she watched in horror and excruciating pain.

"Mmm…coppery…and strawberry-like." mused Beyond.

Akiko had never felt so sick in her life. Beyond glanced down at her.

"Your rosary gave me this idea of how to kill you." said Beyond absentmindedly. "Dying like your Lord, how sentimental. Don't you agree, Akiko?"

By this time B had made his way to the opposite side of the bed. Akiko's eyes refused to leave him. Beyond stabbed her left hand and again Akiko's wails were heard throughout the building.

"Please stop!" cried Akiko. "Please have mercy on me!"

Beyond stopped and appeared to be in deep thought about the matter.

"No." he said and he maneuvered her feet so that they would be one on top of the other. He then stuck the knife down through both feet. Akiko could take no more and began to plead with him for the sweet release of death.

Akiko was starting to feel drowsy again. She had lost volumes of blood and Beyond occasionally would taste the drips.

"Are you a cannibal?" Akiko asked hazily.

"No, I don't eat people." assured Beyond. He looked out the window at a bird. "But I do dismember them."

Akiko was erieely silent. B looked over only to see that the girl had died.

"Oh well." B sighed. "Now let's leave some clues for L, shall we Akiko?"

B pulled yet another knife from under the bed and made a Y incision on Akiko's chest. He inspected her organs, trying to decide which one to remove. Gallbladder? No. Heart? No, too stereotypical. Lung? No. Ahh, I know….

B took the knife and very carefully cut out the stomach. It was slimy and bloody. I never knew the stomach was so small.

B gingerly set it aside. He then proceeded to stab the rest of her organs. Blood flew everywhere, on his face, his hands, his shirt. But B didn't mind, he liked the way blood and jam looked on things, it was beautiful in his mind. After he had finished he carefully wrapped the stomach in tissue paper and put it inside a small box.

"Christmas is coming early this year." B said with a smirk.


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