L After Beyond Birthday

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Beyond was walking towards the room he kept L and Light in. Last night while the two were sleeping, B had cleaned up their room and removed Misa's body, carefully buring her in a shallow grave. Beyond was looking forward to today, because It was L's last day alive, Light's too but he cared more about L. Beyond pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

"Hello my little ones." Greeted Beyond.

Light growled deep in his throat, he threw B a threatening glance.

"Heh heh heh." Chuckled B. "Light…my little Abercrombie model…its very good to see you too this morning."

"What do you want you evil son of a bitch!"

"Watch your tone, or I might have to wash your mouth out with soap." Chided Beyond. B slinked over to a silent L, who was still curled up in a fetal position however his black-grey eyes were open and staring into nothingness.

"Mmm….L….you look so sexy in this position…" whispered Beyond. He bent down and patted L's head. L looked up at him and cradled his head in B's hand.

"Beyond Birthday…" purred L softly. He gently placed his lips on the palm of Beyond's hand. B quickly snatched his hand back with a look of pure confusion on his face.

L rolled over onto his back and stared up at Beyond, he tried his best to put on a sexy face. L wasn't familiar with such things; however the girls in his personal collection of adult magazines did know, and so he decided to copy their expressions.

"Can I have some sweets now? L has been a good boy like BB wanted." L said, his voice was pure velvet as he spoke.

Light had been looking on with horror at first, but it slowly began to sink in what the older man was trying to do and now it took Light all he had in him to keep from bursting out in laughter at L's attempts to be seductive. Beyond was very much confused and could only stare at the detective. What the hell is going on here? Stockholm Syndrome?L wasn't like this yesterday…is this some sort of joke? A million questions raced through B's mind. L pulled himself up on his knees and pouted, his plump lips stuck out as far as possible.

"L wants to have some fun with B-kun and Light-kun…" L stopped pouting and looked at B, his head cocked to the side. "But B-kun doesn't wanna have fun with L-kun and Light-kun." His voice dropped to a whisper and the velvety tone once again accquired. B was at a loss for what was going on here, but seeing L pouting and sprawled out on the floor was turning him on. He glanced over at Light, who was scowling at him. B put on his signature smirk, I don't know what L is up to, probably trying to seduce me…however…I can't resist the urge to mess around with him…L is scrawny and he hasn't had any sweets for a while so he won't put up much of a fight if I untied him…besides…if he does, I'll just kill him. I haven't had any decent ass since that Akiko girl, I deserve it for coming this far…

Beyond took out a key and uncuffed L. L flung his arms around B and adopted a sweet innocent tone to his voice.

"Yay! B-kun and L-kun are gonna have so much fun!" L slide his hand down B's chest, making his look-alike shudder with anticipation. "Does Beyond-kun like it when L-kun touches him like that?" L whispered in B's ear.

"Nnnmmm…" moaned B. His face becoming flushed. Light looked on completely unfazed. Play it for all its worth L, thought Light to himself. L began to kiss B's lips and cheeks. As L rubbed B's back and continued to whisper about how he'd let B be the seme, he slowly worked his hand towards the knife in B's back pocket. I hope I can get this knife and kill him and end this ridculous charade.Just as L, had grabbed the knife handle,B pushed L away with such a force that not only did he lose his grip on the knife but that he was flung directly into Light.

"Nice try, L. I knew something was up…you really think I'm some kind of moron don't you?" spat Beyond, angrily.

L shuffled to his feet and helped Light up to his.

"You must be some moron, Beyond. You just let your captives free." L grabbed Light by the arm and took off running towards the open door with Beyond in hot pursuit.

DAMN YOU TO HELL, L! But this is my fault…I shouldn't have fallen for that crap…although a part of me wishes you were serious. No matter…I caught you once and I can catch you again…nobody has ever escaped from Beyond Birthday. I do enjoy a good chase Lawlipop, and when I do catch you…you can be sure that we'll have some "fun".


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