L After Beyond Birthday

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"That is…a truly sad story, Ryuuzaki." Said Soichiro sadly.

"I'm sooo sorry about your mom, Ryuuzaki…" sniffled Matsuda. "I mean I thought I had it hard with my mom being a hooker and all, but your mom got torched in a blazing fire!"

Aizawa gave an exasperated sigh. "Did you really have to say it like that Matsuda?" he asked.

"It's fine." Replied L. "It happened 20 years ago. I don't dwell on it."

"So, Ryuuzaki." Started Mr. Yagami "This…Beyond Birthday person…you believe he is responsible for this woman's death and presumably her stomach being mailed to you?"


"Then why is he going through all this trouble? Why doesn't he just track you down and kill you? Why shed all this innocent blood?"

L poured himself a cup of coffee. He then began to drop sugar cubes in two at a time; he picked up a spoon and began to stir the coffee.

"Because that is not how Beyond Birthday operates." He replied, deadpanned. "He is most likely copying the LABB murders, the first set of murders he committed, and it is probable that he is trying to get my attention. He knows that I am very picky about what cases I take and by murdering people and dismembering them and by sending me their body parts he's telling me that he intends to challenge me. I feel that this is no longer about surpassing me. No…this is something else…"

L took a sip of his coffee. He winced, it was far too bitter for him. He dropped in four more sugar cubes. He then began to speak again.

"Beyond has no desire to beat me. He wants to eliminate me permanently. I'm 95% certain that he faked his recovery in the asylum in order to be released. Please do not underestimate Beyond Birthday, he is, by his very nature a manipulative person. Convincing others of his sanity requires little to no effort on his part, the very same can be said about his ability to suck you into his madness. Because of this, I will not ask anyone's help in finding and arresting Beyond."

L set his cup down and looked at the task force members.

"I now have two people to bring to justice, both of which who could kill me. I must say I have never been more fearful for my life."

"Allow us to help you." Said Aizawa. "You don't have to be in this alone. We're all already here to help with the Kira investigation. Don't turn away from us like this; you need as much help as you can get what with two people out to kill you."

"I'm sorry, Aizawa." Replied L. "I simply cannot allow any of you to be involved in the new BB case. This is a personal matter for me."

He turned to look at Watari.

"Not even you Watari."

"Ryuuzaki! How can you say that this is only a personal matter for yourself? You forget it was MY orphanage that Beyond grew up in and he is MY responsibility!"

"Please Watari. Let me do this on my own. All my life I have had you by my side, and I appreciate you for it. However, Beyond presented this challenge to me and me alone."

"I understand." Said Watari sadly. L is an adult now and I'm just going to have to learn how to let go, he thought.

L ambled towards the window.

"This is war, Beyond Birthday."


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