Skeletons in the Closet

BY : Violent Rose
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A Tsuzuki/ Muraki fic

{ Before you go on and read. Please note that this story is going to be based in present and past tense. My past tense is in Italic but you will not be able to see it here. So if you get lost I do have this story up at }

Skeletions In The Closet

1: To Help A Foe

Tapping his fingers away on the calculator, Tatsumi looked over his papers. His eyes wide with fright as though it were a death threat he was reading.
"I have never seen so many zeros in all my life. We will never catch up..."

The secretary pinches the bridge of his nose. He pinches it even harder as the phone rings.


Tatsumi coughed. "This is Seiichiro Tatsumi, Secretary of the Judgment Bureau.
Whom may I ask is calling?"

He could hear soft breathing. Then a long sigh.

"I need your help, Shinigami. That is, if you are willing."

"Oriya!" The secretary was shocked to hear his voice. He had not heard from him since that unforgettable night in Kyoto. Why was he calling now? Better yet, how did he get this number?


Tsuzuki threw himself down next to Watari and took a sip of his black coffee. His posture was sluggish. His hands fumbling over his coffee mug.

Watari knew this gesture way too well in the violet-eyed shinigami. Tsuzuki wanted his attention. Something the brunette played well with him.

"Tsuzuki, is there something bothering you?Ē

The brunette guardian was thrilled to see Watari paying attention to him. Sitting upright he looked at the scientist with sad eyes.

"Hisoka is being mean to me again!" he exclaimed.

Watari rolled his eyes. He had witnessed this a million times already.

"Really, Tsuzuki! What is it this time? Did you come in late again? Not share any of your sweets? No, no wait," the blonde couldnít help but chuckle. "Perhaps itís because you didnít say good morning to him and was just tapping your fingers on the papers that were assigned for you to work on today? No. Wait, wait. This is even better. Instead you were eating your castello cake that you got from the bakery that made you late this morning which caused you to rush into the office not saying hello to him until finally you realized his presence and by then he was already annoyed by you being late and...Hold on. Iím not done yet. You got crumbs from your cake onto the paperwork and from that he called you a baka. You gave him a puppy dog look, only for him to call you a baka even more. Which caused him to walk out throwing his hands in the air saying to himself, 'This is hopeless! Iím working with a idiot!' Right?"

Tsuzuki looked at him speechless.

"Wow, Watari! I never knew you could read minds."

Watari shook his head. "I canít, Tsuzuki. This just happens all the time between you two. It's like deja vu."

Watari put down his newspaper as Tatsumi walked in.

"We're having a meeting."


Tatsumi sits down in the chair next to Chief Kanoe. The accountant looked troubled.

"Gentlemen, I have called you in here today to say that we have a new case," he began.

"Is it another poor soul refusing to leave the land of the living?" Watari looked ecstatic from the sight of being able to go out and venture the streets for a poor soul to bring back and be judged.

"No, Iím afraid this case is not that simple."

Hisoka sensed the secretary's discomfort.

"Tatsumi, you look disturbed. What's wrong? What is this case about?"

Tatsumi looked over to Tsuzuki. He knew what he was about to say was the last thing any of the Shinigami wanted to hear, but more so it was Tsuzuki that he was most concerned about. Clearing his throat he stood up.

"I receved a phone call today, it was from Oriya."

Watari cocked a eyebrow. "The man who owns the brothel in Kogakuro?"

Hisoka looked at Tatsumi, disturbed as well if not more. "Yes. The man I fought in Kyoto. Murakiís friend."

Tsuzuki was unaware who Oriya was, but when he heard the name Muraki, he could do nothing but shiver. He had thought that Kyoto was in the past. That the events that happened on that day were long forgotten. At least he hoped that they were. He questioned the secretary himself.

"What is it about, Tatsumi?"

The brown-haired man sighed looking at Tsuzuki. He didnít want to bring it up anymore then Tsuzuki already knew. But, too late, the purple-eyed Shinigami answered for him.

"Itís about Muraki, isnít it?"

Tsuzuki clenched his fists. Why now? Why does it have to be him? He could still feel the graze of that knife as it embedded in his chest, raking down his skin and seeing pearls of red blood drip down his torso as the cut closed back up again. Why couldnít those cuts just stay open? He remembered stabbing Muraki's side and twisting the knife slowly, so that the doctor could feel just how painful it really was. Then the mad man reach up to him smiling, telling him as the flames of Touda appeared, "You wish to die with me, Tsuzuki-san? It is truly an honor, my guardian."

Suddenly, the blonde scientist stood up, breaking the purple-eyed shinigami from his thoughts.

"But I thought he died."

Hisoka opened his shirt to reveal the scars. "No, Watari. He never died."

Watari fell back in his chair, dumbfounded.

"But why? Why am I the last to know?" Watari wondered.

Hisoka shook his head.

"Iím sorry, Watari. But I only told Tsuzuki, no one else knew. I didnít think it would have mattered. From what happened in Kyoto I thought that Muraki would be out of commission. I even hoped that maybe he was dead and that the scars just have not faded yet."

He looked down dejected that his hope was just in vain. "But I was wrong."

Tatsumi pulled his glasses off. "It doesnít matter now anyway. Muraki is alive and needs our help."

Tsuzuki looked at Tatsumi. "What do you mean?"

Tatsumi cleaned the small glass frames and placed them back on.

"Apparently, after the event with you and him in Kyoto, a demon entered his body. What kind of demon, Iím not sure. But it has taken possession of the doctor."

Hisoka interrupted. "The light. The light I've seen envelope Muraki. It must have been that of the demon."

"The light?" Kanoe asked.

"It happened when we were being pulled out of the fire. I could sense another presence but couldnít quite get what it was. Touda was too powerful and there was so many things happening at once. But I saw a light. It was strange because it was there for a moment and then it dissappeared. I tried to see if Muraki was still there but the fire was too strong in that area. I couldnít see anything passed it," the youth replied.

"I see," Tatsumi looked at Watari. "Watari, you are the one who knows more about demons. Can you offer anything on this?"

Watari pulled out his laptop and began tapping at the keys.

"It's pretty hard to say what kind of demon it is without any idea of a description. I need more information. Where is Muraki now?"

"He is in Kogakuro in Oriyaís care now," Tatsumi replied.

"You mean..?" Watari pushed the return button. A list of names came up on the screen.

Tatsumi looked around. "Muraki is unconscious. Apparently, this demon has been wanting a piece of Muraki for some time. From what Oriya had told me, Muraki has been able to avoid it until Kyoto."

Tsuzuki put his hands to his lips. The brunette frowned. "That demon must be pretty powerful to possess Muraki. So, as Hisoka said, it must have been when we were in Kyoto. That is when it got a hold of him. Perhaps in that weakened state..."

"Or through a deep wound." Watari turned the computer towards everyone.

A script so tiny and long displayed a demon in the name of Humatri. The demon of Fear.

"He is the Demon of Fear. He uses the four senses of emotion to subdue his host," the blonde explained.

"Which are?" Hisoka asked.

"Love, hate, happiness, and sadness. They are the most powerful emotions a human can have and they all can contribute fear within them."

"Is this the demon then?" Tsuzuki wondered.

Watari tapped at the computer displaying more characters. A shadow a form of many. In no particular case does it have a shape or body.

"Iím not quite sure. There are so many that can enter a body through a wound of a human with a source of light," Watari replied.

Hisoka squinted to try to read the tiny print.

"Then why do you think this is the demon?"

"Because he is the only demon powerful enough to enter an inhuman body even an immortal's."

Kanoe stook up and cleared his throat.

"So then it is settled. All of you go to Kyoto to investigate this case. If Muraki is indeed possessed by a demon, this demon, there is no telling how dangerous he really could get. I want it stopped at any cost."

Chapter 2: Most Trusted

Well there you have it. first chapter. It looks like the shinigami are in up to their heads on this one. being that the demon is powerful enough to enter Muraki. There is no telling what it will be capable of if it possess his body completely.Next chapter. enters Oriya home sweet home.

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