Skeletons in the Closet

BY : Violent Rose
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The story so far...

Tatsumi recieved a call from an unexpected caller, Oriya.They find that Muraki has been possessed by a demon called Humatri. The demon of Fear.Which invades the body using it's hosts emotions to weaken them and posses them fully.

They go to Kyoto to see Oryia and the unconscious doctor . Whom the guardians agreed to help destroy the demon inside him. Only because of the dangers it could cause if Muraki is completely possesed by it. The only thing is that in order to get to the demon. Someone had to enter into the doctors mind.Out of disappoval from Tatsumi Tsuzuki slowly convinces the shadow master that he should go.Tatsumi finally agrees. Tsuzuki becames the subject and was sent through Hisoka's empathy into Muraki's mind.

There Tsuzuki meet up with a younger Muraki who had told the shinigami that he was going to be his guide.That he was going to show Tsuzuki his past. A child Muraki is confronted with his mother and her doll collection. She tells her son that none of the dolls could ever compare to his beauty and gives the young child one of her oldest collection dolls Veronica.

Meanwhile back in the real world. A nerves Tatsumi paces the floor.Worried about Tsuzuki his friends tell him it is ok.Both Hisoka and Watari then go to get something to eat.With Oriya s appoval ofcourse.Tatsumi sits outside next to Oriya trying to relax but becomes even more strained as Oriya reveals his feeling for the doctor to the shadow master and then explots Tatsumi on revealing the secretaries own feelings on his ex-partner.Oriya knowing he hit a very deep spot with the secretary also reveals that there is more then one reason he didn't want Tsuzuki to go into Muraki's mind.Having to do with Tsuzuki s own hidden feelings for the doctor...

Bully Me

Part Two

The building was three stories high, covered in red brick and panel windows. Another mansion, yet this one had a bell tower. The yard was filled with sakura trees otherwise known as cherry blossoms. The white petals were falling to the ground covering up the bulk of the cobble stone path leading to the entrance.
There were kids all round a large courtyard and they were all dressed in the same uniform. Blue jackets with white collar shirts. Their slacks also matched their jackets.

Tsuzuki scanned the area walking through the courtyard passing the children as they jumped, laughed, and ran through him as if he was a ghost. He came to realize that from the little logo on the kids jacket that he was at a private school.

Young Muraki passed him holding Veronica at his side. The tiny angel skipped in the crowd of children. He twirled around looking at the guardian.

"Mother always said I was smart enough to be in Japan's most elite private school, where only the most gifted children go."

Sadly the blonde child looked down. Veronica hanging from one arm.

"But I donít see anything elite about it. Especially when youíre the only one that was different."

Tsuzuki observed the younger Muraki looking over at a bench closer to the building.

On that bench sat a young boy nose deep within a book. He seemed to be very interested in whatever it was he was reading. So much so that not even the children around him distracted him from the leather-bound book.

On closer observation, Tsuzuki found the boy to have platinum hair. He noticed the boy was sitting by himself. This told Tsuzuki that the child must not have had any friends, but the book seemed to be good enough company for him. Soon The shinigamiís stare on the boy was interrupted as the book flew from the childís hand. The unruffled child looked up giving the aggressor a stare with his pure silver orbs. A stare that looked all too familiar to Tsuzuki. Yet, these eyes still had a warmth about them. An annoyed, innocent stare rather than one of hatred.

"A freak like you shouldnít be here," A much larger boy demanded the smaller one as he towered over him. The boy had a shock of red hair and looked to be much stockier than most of the other boys in the courtyard. His eyes were a dark blue which harbored a cold, mean glare.

Though the larger boy was very intimidating this didnít seem to phase the much more smaller pale boy who Tsuzuki now realized was Muraki.

"Well, at least I was enrolled here because they did find that I was above average on my scores, unlike you, Huikai, who came in riding his daddy's paycheck."

The much larger boy laughed. A mocking laugh that gave Tsuzuki chills. More children gather around the two.

"Face it, freak! Look at you! Only a devilís child would have pale skin and grey eyes like yours. Your not even human," The bully named Huikia snorted back.

"Thatís not true. I..." The small pale boy knew he was different than the rest of the kids and he was now saying those words more for himself to believe than at Huikia.

"Your mother is a whore who slept with the devil and conceived a demon child!" Huikia contuined his insults. "That is why you donít even have a father!"

Muraki looked at the other boy. His eyes narrowing as anger rose in his voice. It was true he didnít have a father. But it wasnít because he was the devil it was because he was on leave all the time. He was a doctor.

"You take that back!" he growled.

Huikia just laughed at him.

"I said take it back, Huikia!" Muraki snapped.

The larger boy knowing he hit a nerve, laughed even more.

"Make me!"

Muraki threw the larger man onto the ground. Straddling the larger boy Muraki started punching him in the face with all his might.

The other children all just stared in fright. How could a much smaller kid overpower the biggest kid in school?

"He must be a demon. Look at him!" a kid tells another child in the crowd.

"Somebody help! The demon is going to kill, Huikia!" one of the other children shout.

"I didnít care if I killed the boy at that time. I just wanted him to shut up Stop saying such lies about me. I never did anything to him. To any of them! All I wanted to know was why." Tsuzuki heard young Muraki's voice as he watched the scene in front of him'.

Blood stained the blondes hair as he just couldnít stop. It was like his hands had a mind of their own.

"Iím not the devil's child! Iím not!" His fist was caught and he was aggressively pulled off the larger kid who was now crying and shaking.

"I was taken out of school and had to start home schooling. I didnít mind it, though. It was better this way. To be alone."

All the kids disappear from the courtyard leaving only Muraki and his mother walking up to him.

"Kazutaka! What the hell were you thinking? Look at you! Just look!"

She shook him as Muraki was not paying attention. She shook him harder as tears started to well up in his eyes. He looked at her.

"They called you a whore, Mother. They said that you slept with the devil. And that I am the devil's child. Is it true, Mother? I've never seen my father. I donít even look like you. No one has eyes or skin as pale as mine. Mother, am I the devil's child?" He stared blankly at her.

"I..I really hurt that boy, Mother. I didnít mean to, but he said such things. I just wanted him to shut up. Iím sorry. So sorry. I wanted him to stop saying those things about you, about me. But he just wouldnít! Mother, am I a demon?" He was sobbing furiously now.

"Am I?"

She fell to her knees pulling him. Her eyes water as well.

"No, Katzuaka! You're not a demon! You are an angel. No one has eyes or skin like yours because you are an angel. DidnĎt I tell you that? That you were a gift from God? My gift."

"So, Muraki had a tortured childhood, too. All because he was different." Tsuzuki thought wildly.
"But unlike me he vented out his fear and almost killed that boy."

Young Muraki skipped in the now empty courtyard and picked up a handful of sakura petals, throwing them in the air. The sight was truly beautiful as the petals matched his skin perfectly.

"You couldnít get away from it could you, Suzu? I mean the kids. When you ran they caught up with you and hurt you, didnít they? Kids can be so cruel, Suzu. But me and you, we are not evil. We are fallen angels. And you, Suzu, you are my guardian angel."

"There he goes with that me being his guardian angel again. Why did he have to bring up my past and why does he keep calling me that? Damn it, Muraki! Why do things always have to be so scripted with you?"

The blonde child just smiled and grabbed the brunetteís hand, pulling him into the falling petals.

My protection

My scar

When things go bad

There you are

He grabbed the guardian's other hand and unknowingly Tsuzuki finds himself swinging in circles with the young angel.

I close my eyes

And see your face

To block out those nightmares

To a imaginary place.

Tsuzuki felt like a kid again swinging and laughing with the young child before him. He could see the laughter coming from the angel and thought.

"Could this really be Muraki? So full of life and happiness? What changed you? Was it those kids or was it something different? Why do I feel so close to you, yet so very far away? Muraki, what is it about you that has drawn me in?"

You will protect me

My guardian angel

You will heal my wounds

Scare away the shadows...

The child abruptly stopped looking seriously at the shinigami.

In a low whispering voice, Tsuzuki could barely hear it.

"And him."

Tsuzuki looked at the serious boy as he pulled a petal out of his hair. Tsuzuki at that moment seen a slight glimmer of the Muraki he was to become. The older, more calmer man Tsuzuki had known him to be.

ďWhat do you mean?"

But before he could finish they were back in the hallway of doors.

Chapter Five: The Perfect Picture :Part one

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