Skeletons in the Closet

BY : Violent Rose
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Very mild content in chapter involoving male / male themes, also bad language.

Young Muraki/ Tsuzuki

Open Closets

Part Four



Tsuzuki understood all to well what it was like to be broken. He stared down at the boy wanting nothing more then to hold him in his arms, comfort him like he was by his mother the days he came home bloody and bruised from those horrid walks home from school. His mother was there to hold and comfort him, to tell him everything will be all right. Muraki did not have his mother.

As Tsuzuki bent down to comfort him, the child-like guide looked up smiling. It ruined the illusion of a sad child needing comfort, seeing Muraki beam back to life and grab Tsuzuki’s hand instead. The blood had completely disappeared from his face and hand, as if what happened just minutes ago was never there to begin with. Tsuzuki was beginning to think he was the one going crazy, not Muraki’s mother.

“Would you like to see my new school?”

Tsuzuki really didn’t have a choice either way because suddenly they stood in front of a very large building covered in heavy snow. From certain areas Tsuzuki could see dark brown bricks and white shutters for windows, all completely closed probably from the winter season. The children were all dressed in different clothes, some in jeans and shirts, others dresses and suits. All to fit the fashion of this particular era. They were also much older then the children were when Tsuzuki saw Muraki’s first school. Realizing that this must have been a high school of some sort.

“Father thought it best to enroll me back into school, just not a private one, .besides if things were to go bad I had Saki there. He was always there. Like a protective brother he was always by my side. Though in this school I was not haunted with the name calling or teasing. The boys from the school where intimidated by me and my brother, the girls awestruck. I guess the older you get the more different people view you. My brother was a beautiful counterpart to myself with his light blue eyes and warm welcoming smile. He always had a way with the ladies and they seemed to melt into it. I, on the other hand, was ogled by my beauty alone. I didn’t think anything of it, my mother always gave me enough praise on my unique looks that I found the sighs and dreamy looks towards me to be more annoying than anything. My brother didn’t seem to like it either. I could tell by the faces he made as the girls stared. Even when one of the boys from school tried to fight me, my brother would step in to protect me. It was a security I felt comfortable with my brother, I felt safe around him. But sometimes his protection over me made me seem weak.. It seemed to get out of hand.

Then things changed.

There was a new student who had come into our class a very tall boy with long black hair fitted into a ponytail. He seemed out of place, much like me and my brother. It was always interesting to me to see new students. But this one seemed to be a kid who spent much time with himself. I was once that child before Saki came into my life. Now I was one of the popular kids. The one everyone wanted to be friends with, despite my reputation my brother would never let anyone get close."

A gust of wind passed through them and Tsuzuki quickly shielded his eyes from the oncoming snow that had jetted towards them. On opening them back up he seen that they were now in a large playground where a bunch of kids were seen standing within a circle. The child-like guide pulled Tsuzuki over and the purple-eyed guardian could see that there was two teenage boys within the circle without there coats on. A face off it looked to be. One of the boys was a short blonde haired teenager which looked pretty buff, maybe he was a school athletic, the other was the new kid from the classroom, though he seemed to have a athletic build himself, he was much skinnier then his opponent .They seemed to have all ready started the fight because the blonde boy was clearly bleeding from the mouth.

“You think your so tough, huh? You new kids need to learn some respect towards your betters.”

“Respect? What respect does one have on trying to fight the new kid ? I have done nothing to any of you but you decide to attack me unfairly? That’s injustice. I’m only one person. What you can’t fight me alone?’

And it was on, the bigger guy didn’t hold anything back but the other kid for his size sure was giving him a run for his money. Just as the smaller kid got the advantage another kid jumped in and then another. It was four against one, A very unfair number, but still even with every blow he gave it all that he got and fought.

He lay beaten, the snow covering his clothes that were stained with blood giving the snow a pinkish glow.

"I was just coming home from school, my brother had to stay after for a student council meeting, being that he was the president of the student body. I did not have to attend it. Even though I was the vice-president , it was only for him and the teachers. On my walk home, that is when I saw him lying on the ground. I couldn’t just leave him there. I knew how it felt to be the odd one out I was once like him and so I ran over to see what had happened."

“Are you okay?”

The badly beaten teenager batted Muraki’s hand away.

“ I’m fine!”

Slowly he tried getting up, without much success.

“Well you certainly don’t look fine to me. Who did this to you?“

“ Why should you care? Just go back to your high-class world and leave me be. I said I was fine!”

Muraki pulled the boy up roughly, causing the other to cry out.

“ What the hell did you do that for!?”

“You did say you were fine, I didn’t think it would have mattered much”

The kid looked at him in disbelief. The boy even though tightly buttoned up and having a hat and scarf covering most of his face had the most particular eyes he’d ever seen. They were beautiful, especially when the snow complemented them even more so.

Taken quickly out of his trance by a sharp pain admitting from his arm.

“ It’s dislocated.”

He noticed the angelic boy examining the shoulder area with extreme measure.

“ Hold still and I will pop it back in place.”

The long haired boy just nodded. and within seconds heard a loud crack and even sharper pain throughout his whole arm which caused him to hunch over and scream out.

“ Did you have to do it so hard?!”

“ Well, it would have to be popped back into place eventually now wouldn’t it of. Here.”

Muraki pulls off his scarf and wraps it around the other bloody hand.

“This will staunch the bleeding if you hold it tight. I see you must have gotten a few good hits in.” Muraki looked over the swollen hand.

“ How do you know all this stuff?”

“My father is a doctor”


There was an awkward silence as Muraki continued to examine the boy for any more injuries.

“What’s your name?”

“ What’s it to you?”

A little annoyed. Muraki tightens the scarf tighter then it should have been making the other wince slightly.

“Usually when you meet someone you introduce yourself. It‘s called courtesy. At least that is what us higher class people know it as.”

The other boy grumbled

“ All right. I get I get it. The name is Oriya.”

“See that wasn’t so bad now ,was it? my name is Kazutaka. You know you need to take better care of yourself. The streets are much safer then these back areas.”

“ Well ,thank you for the kind advice but I didn’t think I was going to get jumped by a angry mob of bullies from my school ,”sounding more sarcastic then anything.

“ We must always be cautious of our surroundings . Not everybody is as friendly as you would like them to be and even less excepting .You’re new to the school so it is easy for people to point the finger at something they don’t know much about. You have a unique look about you. I can tell you are not from around here.”

Oryia just stared at him bewildered . Of course he was unique but not as distinctive and different as the boy next to him. He had never seem features so pale and flawlessly angelic. Perhaps it was because his so called uniqueness was not of beauty like this guy’s that he was attacked so violently. Some guys have all the luck.

“Have you ever...”

“I have had my moments.”

Oriya could see the distraught look in his face. But believed it couldn’t be any worse then having girls flock to his feet and him having to choose which one he wanted to date. The teenage boy had to be something of an attention getter with his beauty no doubt and apparently had to have come from a higher class family to be dressed as he was and with such profound manners. People probably stopped in their tracks to lay out a red carpet and sprinkle sakura petals in his walk to school. This guy truly had it made.

“There seems to be nothing else wrong. Can you stand?” Again thrown out of his thoughts, Oriya pulled away from those warm hands around his arm.

“Of course I can stand!.”

He wobbles as he tries to stand having Muraki catch him .


“I’m fine really”

Muraki tucked his arm under the others shoulder and lifted him up all the way. Ignoring the pull the other boy did and gripped tighter.

“Don’t be so pig headed, you’re too confident in yourself. Clearly you’re having trouble getting up. Let someone help you at least this once. Now where are you heading?”

Oriya gave in allowing the boy to assist him. He had never once had someone so determined to help him, especially after a fight. Normally anyone who would of tried helping him would of stormed off by now from all his ranting. He wouldn’t even blink an eye back at them He was so used to taking care of himself. All of his life he had to learn discipline in training to do it by yourself. It was the way of a warrior. The way his father had taught him. It was weird allowing someone other then himself to help him, but it felt comforting, nonetheless. And he smiled as the boy dragged him to the train station.

“You will be able to make it from here, right?”

“ Yes. My father will be waiting at the train station in Kyoto.”

Muraki smiles at him.

“If you meet me tomorrow morning at the school entrance I will give you a tour of the school.”


“Good, I’ll see you then …bye”

Before Oryia could protest the angelic boy left. Angelic that is what that boy was. An angelic angel that saved his life.

“ So that is how you and Oryia meet.“

Tsuzuki thought to himself as the scene faded away causing them to end up back in the hall of doors.

The child-like guide tugged Tsuzuki along ignoring the slight pull back his guardian angel did. They ended up going into a door that was cracked half open. There were no lights on. Just a dark silhouette of a bed and a child sleeping in it but there was something else too. Something else in the corner that moved slowly over toward the bed.

The shadow sat down near the window and looked over the sleeping body. There were no words passed through his mouth just two dilated pupils staring directly at his brother. The scene was quite strange. Tsuzuki walked in more to take a closer look noticing that it was Saki who was staring at his brother.

Puzzled, he takes another step only for the scene to quickly change again bringing them back to the school yard. Tsuzuki was getting fed up with all these sudden changes and it was making him quite dizzy He pulled at the boy hard to get his attention , but halted his action as he heard someone’s voice yell out. It was an uncommon tone he had never heard the boy make before, angry and deep. Words that demanded more then asked came out of the familiar voice from its owner, Saki.

“Where were you yesterday?”

The guardian heard the voice from behind him and turned to see both Saki and Muraki walking toward the school, toward him. He moved out of the way as they passed him by. The child guide walks over toward the shinigami and grabs his hand pulling him to walk behind the other two. Tsuzuki really puzzled now especially with what happened in the last scene he hesitates for just a moment before willingly following.

“ I was helping the new kid.” Muraki shrugged his shoulder from the cold air.

“You were suppose to go straight home.”

“ He needed my help. He was….”

“I don’t care! I was worried…. father was worried. I had to make up a lie for you, Kazu.”

“ I’m sorry, Saki. I was just trying to help.”

“ Well, don’t next time!”

Muraki stopped abruptly. Turning to face his brother. The child-like guide stopped as well almost causing Tsuzuki to slam into him.

“ How could you say that. He was hurt really bad.”

“ It is not your concern. When if something was to happen to you. Then what?”

“ But it didn’t.”

“But it could have!” The rage in Saki’s voice made his brother move back slightly.

Saki calmed his nerves softly touching Muraki’s cheeks making his brother look at him.

“ Kazu, I promised to protect you, don’t make this difficult on me please.”

Muraki pushes the hands away irritated.

“Saki, you’re acting like my mother. I’m not some fragile doll that always needs protecting. Ever since mother had gotten sick you have not left my side. You push my friends away, you give me no room to breath, to have a life of my own.”

“ Have you forgotten I was the one there for you when your mother tried to hit you? I was there for you when you needed comfort and a safe place to go. Me, Kazu! Only me!” The older boy spat out.

“ Well, I don’t need it no longer. I don’t need you following me all the time.

“Then what, Kazu? What do you need?”

Saki seemed to be pleading, but showed no action towards it. Just a desperation in his voice

“ What I need is my own life.”

Muraki backed up and looked at his brother with hurtful sad eyes. He knew that what he said probably tore his brother’s heart. But it was the only way. If he just turned around and walked away it would be easier then looking into those confused eyes and so he did leaving his brother to just stand there.

The child-like guide pulled Tsuzuki again leaving the scene before them and ended up walking to where Muraki was standing at the front of the school building. They stood there for what seemed like over an hour. Tsuzuki didn’t see the point in just standing around . Strange enough the weather did not seem to bother them one bit despite the windy chill that blew past them. He could only imagine how cold Muraki must have been just standing there waiting. Waiting for what? Finally the child-like guide moved pulling a piece of icicle from off a tree branch.

"This was going to be the big change in my life. Starting here I decided on who I wanted my very first friend to be besides Saki. I waited and waited for Oriya to show, but he never did."

Tsuzuki looked over toward Muraki as the bell rang for class. The teenager pulled his school bag onto his back looking one more time out into the streets and then walked into the building.

So he was waiting for Oriya. Tsuzuki flashed back to when he came here with the others. The hatred the swordsman had for him. Why didn’t he show up? What was his purpose in your life, Muraki?

Tsuzuki is pulled hard on his coat.

"Come, Tsuzuki! Stop thinking so much, it will all come into play soon enough."

The child-like guide throws a snowball at the shinigami laughing as it hits him in the face. Tsuzuki could not help but laugh either and grabs a snow ball himself throwing it at the child, completely missing and hitting a tree instead. The child-like guide picked up another snowball but was soon hit with one knocking him down into the snow.

Tsuzuki quickly ran over to him and tried to lift him up but the angel pulled him in the snow as well. They both laughed as the guide wrote something in the snow in the shape of a heart. Tsuzuki looked at the picture with sad eyes. He knew what the boy meant when he drew it, Tsuzuki had grown a deep attachment to the child. but he also knew he would never reciprocate those feelings for the real Muraki. This child, this world was all just a by-product of what Muraki was before he became the murdering bastard he is today. He still was a murdering bastard who killed and raped his partner. Tsuzuki smiled half-heartedly at the boy.

“Everything seemed normal for awhile. My brother had laid off my back and only stood in the background as a watchful eye. In that year I was granted a girlfriend. Whom I grew very found of to say the least. She was not like the other girls who seemed to think being popular was the only way to make it through high school. She was very down to earth, being that she had asked me out instead of all the other girls who were to self-conscious to do so. Saki was not very found of her though, every time she was around he would completely ignore her, but it didn’t matter Things were finally looking up in my life. I had a wonderful girlfriend and my mother was even getting better, despite her taking mounds of pills to keep her grounded. She was able to speak with me and even met my girlfriend. There were even times I wondered what had happened to that boy, Oriya. Did he get taken out of school as I did.? I guess one would never know. I would have liked to of known him better. but that part comes later. But would you believe it was only the surface that I was happy. In my heart I was crushed.

The one thing that made me the happiest was nothing but a piece of paper that I cherished with all my heart. Nothing made me happier then seeing that picture every night before I went to bed, yet so sad and miserable. I wondered if you had a lover yourself while you were alive, if you did I’m sure they were sad when you left this world. I was. I couldn’t help but feel jealous at knowing you might have had a lover . Did you?”

Tsuzuki became quite poignant at the question himself. Where would he have had the time for romance being chased and accused of being a monster all his life?

“No. I didn’t have a life that would allow me that pleasure.”

“I bet if you did have one, your life would have been different.”

“Would it of. I highly doubt it.”


“Tsuzuki. Do you believe in things happening for a reason?”

“It depends on what things are happening and at what moment. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering.” The child-like guide starts tracing his fingers through the snow again. Tsuzuki looked at the boy noticing his face downcast making it hard to see the expression.

“In all honesty I thought it wrong to have these feelings for another man, but every time I looked at your picture I could not help but be attracted to it. It was a sin to find desire towards the same sex. And though I liked my girlfriend she did not give me that same excitement as it did when I looked at your picture. I started to question my sexuality but kept it hidden from anyone knowing. It was not hard considering that I found few men attractive within school. Unfortunately my sin had surfaced unexpectedly.”

Tsuzuki found himself outside a narrow bridge where sakura flowers floated within a small pound trailing underneath the arch of a bridge. There was no longer snow on the ground so it must have been near spring or summer time. The place was filled with flowers and trees symmetrical designed purposely for viewing eyes, which lead Tsuzuki to believe that they were in a park of some sort or more so a garden, a botanical garden.. On the bridge were two boys. One was sitting on the edge of the bridge while the other was throwing gravel into the small pound. .

“So you like boys, do you?”

Muraki froze as the stone in his hand carelessly rolled down his fingers and fell into the small pond below.

“ What ….what did to say?”

“You know full well what I’ m talking about, Kazu I see you looking at him every night. You would look over that picture that…. that picture of that man.”

You could here the anger in his voice at the mention of the picture. Muraki turned to look at his brother trying desperately to look calm.

“I…I don’t know what you are talking about..”

“Oh really? Well, then maybe he does.”

Saki pulled out the familiar picture of the beautiful angel laying on the hospital bed with his one eye covered in bandages.

Muraki gasped.

“ How did you get that!” Muraki tried to grab it but Saki exchanged it in his other hand. Holding the photo away from his brother’s reach.

“ I found it..” He seen his little brother’s panic as the wind shifted the photo within his hand.

“ Give that back to me!”

Muraki lunged for it but missed as Saki quickly shifted away. Saki stared at the picture eyes narrowing as he examined the paper in close proximity.

“What is he? Some kind of wacko?”

“No he’s not! He is…..”

“Your what? Boyfriend?” There was a tinge of sarcasm and anger within his voice.

Muraki blushed

“Shut up, just give it back!” he lunged for the picture again and was stopped with Saki grabbing his wrist.

“ So you don’t deny it. Well in that case in order for me to give it back to you, you have to kiss me for it first.”

Taken aback Muraki tried to pull away.

“I’ll do no such thing!”

“And why not you… you would do it for him!” Saki squeezed the wrist harder making Muraki wince from it. He finally pulled away. Muraki turned from his brother his face redder then a tomato as he rubbed the pain from his wrist away.

“Oh , I see ….. .”

Saki rubs his fingers through the soft tresses of silver blonde hair.

“ You know, Kazu, you are such a hypocrite. You would go for hours just staring at this picture but would not even give a thought to your own brother. How very rude of you to hurt my feeling so.”

“But ..but you’re my brother. I would never…I mean….I wasn’t trying to ….”

A finger silenced his words.

“ Kazu, it’s okay. I understand.”

His hand slides to his collar unbuttoning one of the buttons.

“No one has to know.”

He comes in close to Muraki’s face inches from his own lips. The hand on his chest slides lower.


Muraki defenses go up and he punches Saki in the face. The silver haired boy stood up stunned as blood started to drip from his brother’s nose. There was so much going through his head that he did the only thing he could at that moment…….he ran. Tears started to fall down his face.

How could his own brother touch him like that? It didn’t matter either way he was not about to let it happen and for his brother to even think such a way about him made him nauseous.

"I was lost at that moment. I could not understand why my brother would do that to me. Later that day I was called to see my father."

Tsuzuki and the child-guide where now in his house within a room filled with books and an office desk. There was a man sitting at the desk with his arms folded and against his forehead. Muraki walked in.

“What is it father? What’s wrong?”

He looked disappointed at the child as he got up from off the chair and walked passed him closing the door.

“Saki told me all about it, how you tried to touch him.”

He slaps Kazu in the face.

Tsuzuki gasps as he sees the child fall to the ground clutching his left cheek .The man raised his voice loud and deep toward his son. The tone in that voice alone would have any man hiding within the darkest corners to get away. Tsuzuki clinched his heart at the scene.

“You will not show this sick display of affection in my house, Kazutaka! Is that under stood.!? Especially towards your own brother!”

“ I ..I ..”

“I don’t want to hear another word from you. Go to your room. You disgust me.”

The scene changes again and they stand within a dark room again. Sobbing sounds are heard from a bed that was only lit faintly by the light of the moon outside. The door is heard closing and another shadow is found walking over toward the bed..

“What are you doing in here, I have nothing to say to you.” The figure on the bed sobs out.

“Oh but I believe you do little brother. Why are you sad?”

Saki reaches the bed and sits down on it next to Kazu.

“You know damn well why I a, Saki! Why would you tell father such a lie about me?”

“But I didn’t tell him one Kazu. I just reworded them, I’m sure you wouldn’t want father to take that photo you have now would you ?.I was only helping you out.”

“You call telling my father that I made an advance toward you help! To make father think such thoughts about me.”

“I don‘t see the harm in telling the truth.. I mean you are attracted to a man, a dead man at that.”

“No, I am not.”

He laughs. Tsuzuki felt a shiver go up his spine at that simple laugh. There was something so familiar in it.

“Oh, then I was mistaken. My brother does not take a liking towards men?”

“No, of course not! It’s you that does” Saki goes to his brother’s ear. That mocking smile still painted on his face.

“You are wrong, brother.”

“What do mean, then why did you do that to me outside earlier?”

Muraki’s tear-streaked eyes look up at him confused.

“I wanted to see how you would react. I was merely testing you. I do not mind if you have that picture it is you’re after all. I was just curious.”

“Curious of what?”

“Well you are always looking at that picture. I just wanted to make sure my brother was not gay.”

Saki gets under the covers next to Muraki and holds him close.

“ Shhh. Don’t cry, Kazu. I will tell father that it was a misunderstanding tomorrow .”

His fingers run through the soft strands of silver smiling at his brother.

. “You don’t need that picture to protect you, Kazu…that is what I am here for,. But if it makes you feel better then here. Though it is never as good as something real.”

Saki hands the picture back to his brother then wraps his arm around him

Tsuzuki was all ready starting to dislike Saki from the little stunt he pulled. But there was something else there as well. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“ Why would you let him do that to you and then accept him so quickly back in.”

The child guide was silent. He had no answers to give his guardian angel..

“ Muraki answer me!” Tsuzuki retorted.

The guide looked up at Tsuzuki indifferent.

“There is no turning back, once the hand has been set. The events of time will take it’s place. These changes will create a world in which I am no longer me but a shell of my former self. Tsuzuki it was only ever you who had kept me from ending my life completely. But you couldn’t save my soul. Only my heart. Is it enough?

“ I don’t understand. Why won’t you just tell me!? You just keep giving me these damn riddles that I can’t make any sense out of. What is it about me? What is it you want? Why me?! Why can’t you just give me a direct answer?!”

Tsuzuki couldn’t help but scream out in frustration. Nothing made sense.

What was the boy trying to tell him and why did it have to involve him in it of all people?

Tsuzuki pulled at his hair as he paced around the now visible room of doors.. He thought he would go insane with the constant change and outrageous riddles being thrown at him. But he wanted so bad to continue. To find out more about Muraki’s past. He should of know that even being inside Muraki own memories he would eventually probably more or likely go insane. No.. no he wasn’t going to let this happen… This is why he wanted to do this in the first place. He wanted to know why Muraki was the way he is now, why he murdered and raped his partner…why he was so obsessed with him.

Tsuzuki abruptly stopped remembering that the child-like guide was in the same room with him. He looks around noticing the boy clutching to his doll against a far wall. There was a slight fear in his eyes and his voice trembled when he spoke.

“Tsuzuki are…are you mad at me?”.

Tsuzuki couldn’t believe himself for acting so childish. He looked apologetically towards the boy.

“ No…of course not, I’m just confused is all.”

The child-like guide diffidently walked over toward the guardian.

“ Is it getting late for you? Do you need to go home? Have I kept you too long?”

“ No.. no. I want to stay…. please.”

Tsuzuki bends down to meet the child ‘s eyes with his.

‘ I am sorry if I scared you.’

“You didn’t scare me, I just thought you didn’t like me anymore.”

Tsuzuki pulls the boy’s hair from his face seeing two lightly colored gray eyes staring at him with such sincere virtue. They were truly beautiful eyes. Lost of any filth of the world the boy was to become a part of.. The murderer he would soon come to be.

“ I just don’t understand.’

“You have to crawl before you walk. To know my past is to know what I am and why it is I have done the things I did. Not everything will make sense at first. I can‘t even explain it, but if you can be patient with me for a little longer I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

Tsuzuki knew he wasn’t going to give up on knowing about Muraki’s past so easily. Grand treasures were difficult to come by and always have a price to pay in attaining them. Muraki’s past was a treasure worth more then his own sanity, if it were to even come to that. Somehow he doubted it would. He smiled at the boy as he rubbed his fingers through the fine feather like tresses of silver hair.

“ Okay.”

Chapter 7: Petals in Blood, Part One Back to the KouKakuRou and a Surprize visitor.


A beautiful doll which is placed upon the highest shelf to never be touched, only looked upon with fascination.

Kept sercurely within the confines of a box or glass case to ensure that dust is never to come in contact with it.

To protect it from predatory eyes, thieves who's very thought would be to steal all that is precious of that one treasure.

To stare at that beautiful piece of porcelain , untouched by even your hands.

So pure and fragile.


Does not the urge hit you to rip the doll from it's shelf and touch it all over claiming it as yours only.

To break it and smash it to pieces. Tarnished and scattered about so that they could never fit back together again, at least not entirely.

Complete and utterly broken.

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